Check out the latest thread over on PTlies!


  1. whateva said

    psycho is right.

    i hope ME takes her down.

  2. Holler! said

    I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Semi~Charmed said

    you all find the best pictures :o)

  4. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    yeah where the hell do you find these pictures? this shit cracks me up

  5. Semi~Charmed said

    Does this new post mean Duh is close to her puter???

  6. Ok Duh don’t be gettin my hopes all up with this new thread and then turn around and abandon us like we got cooties. That shit ain’t cool man!

  7. See what i’m sayin!! It’s been ten minutes and no Duh! How the fuck am i supposed to worship in these kinda conditions? PT crack is starting to look good again. 😦

  8. Duh said

    I didn’t post this one. It must have been one of my minions. I’m sick. 😦 Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Sorry no new posts today.

  9. Oh thank goodness! I was this close to lightin up the pipe.

    Feel better duh.

  10. Duped said

    Hope you feel better soon, Duh.

    As for that post – wowzers. I do hope ME gets some legal advice – I am not a lawyer but wow – this TC chick really has a few nuts loose.

  11. Zoe said

    Apparently she’s done crap to more than just one person. A lawsuit would be stronger if several got together in a class action. Unless they are thinking of pursuing criminal charges. Many states have anti-stalking laws. So she wouldn’t have to actually harmed someone in order to be prosecuted and spend some time in jail.

  12. Semi~Charmed said

    Sorry your sick, Duh. Hoping you feel better soon.

  13. Figured It out said

    I hope some of her inner circle figure this out real quick. If I could talk to a few of them, here’s what I would say:

    Raisinberry– she’s using you. You draw an audience with your posts. She knows that and you’re being used.

    SuziQ– you’re way too smart and too NICE to be involved with her, but like Raisinberry, she knows you draw an audience. Your writing is catchy and engaging. Dare I say her site might die without your posts? Yes. I dare say it.

    Sickie– your relationship with Tracy reminds me of the junior high bully girl leading the insecure wanna-be around by the nose ring. You are so being disrespected by her. And everyone around you thinks its pathetic. Get out.

    HighHopes– IF you’re real and not Tracy, I recommend you reevaluate. You sound too smart to fall for this shit.

    PinkBeefs– You’re a solid Christian and you’ve fallen prey to this woman? you’ve been deceived, my friend.

    Mrs. M– Tracy uses you because of your notoriety and your softer, gentler edge.

    PRDiva– What the hell are you thinking? (You know exactly what I mean.)

    PUR– I can’t believe that someone with your intelligence would be so stupid to align yourself with such evil. She hated you. Now she needs you. Wow.

    Baroness VonSugarScrub– Like SuziQ, you’re way too nice for this.

    Am I missing anyone?

  14. Holler! said

    I agree with FIO on those first two! Raisenberry and Suzy Q would be better off to start their own site and I honestly wish they would! There are several people that go to PT just to read what they’ve posted, that’s it! Tracy’s using them as bait but they’re the ones that have to do something about it.

  15. prdiva4 said

    Figured out,

    You can take me out of that list.

  16. indenturedservant said


  17. What What said

    PRDiva – you seriously made me happy! Yeah!!

  18. You all are reaching them if this means PRDiva has left PT.

    FIO, I hope HH is not TC and I hope she too, sees her way away from there.

  19. yeah... said

    OMG! PRDiva left?

    That speaks volumes.

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