Ex PTer Hall of Shame


 I love you Julz, but I have to post this.  LOL

I know a lot of you guys were Tracy’s friends, and she screwed you over.  I really feel bad for you guys.  Especially since a lot of you defended her over and over again.  I wanted to post this comment Julz made on the MLM blog not just because it made me laugh, but because all the second and third generation PTer’s are going around spouting the same crap. 

Anyone who has questioned why the “trash blogs” exist need only look at the people posting and commenting.  Has Tracy done NOTHING to elicit this?  Is she really so popular that everyone is jealous?  It makes no sense.  Why have so many of her friends turned on her? 

Here’s Julz’s comment.  PTer’s should read it and ask themselves whether or not they agree with what she is saying here.  Would YOU defend Tracy and say the very same things that Julz’s says? 

“Wow, I can’t believe there’s yet ANOTHER site where people don’t know shit about Tracy. For all of you who don’t have a clue, Tracy is NOT “psycho” or “mad” or all the other things people on here have said. Tracy has provided a place for women to be enlighted about the TRUTH of the Mary Kay Flopportunity. There was a time, yes, when there were very angry women posting on that site. What do you expect when so much hurt and deceite has gone on? The site is now evolving, and for the most part you will not find as much anger. Though they do still give their opinions and some can be high spirited at times, for the most part it is just information being put out there. With the exception of “hate mail” because Tracy does share that information and people do respond, as they should!

Also remember that some of your posters here are pretty “psycho” themselves, have you checked out their blogs? To me it’s amazing that PinkTruth gets such a bad rap, but look at all the other sites??? They’re just as mean and hateful as the rest of them! Wake up people! You all just need someone to bitch about and Tracy is an obvious choice because she puts herself and her time out there. But take a step back and look at the big picture.


  1. How far up one’s ass can one get???

    NPH – It’s not my intent to rag on you. Glad you are away from PT. I truly hope some others over there come out of TC’s grasp.

  2. Meow Mix said

    Yes, I am very embarassed that I made that comment on the other blog. This was WAY before I learned the truth about Tracy. Although I disagree that Tracy and I were ever *friends*. More like fighting for the same cause. At least that’s what I thought at the time. DUH asked me what I thought about her using this for a post. While it is very embarassing, I think it serves to show that we don’t always see everything the way it really is. I sure have learned a lot since then!


  3. MM – Now I realize a bit better who you are. 🙂
    I think it’s great that you told Duh she could use this. If it helps someone see the light, it was worth it.

  4. Zoe said

    oh SURE they’re calming down. Cause they all run around going MLM is MLM is MLM and act like you are somehow brainwashed if you sell part time as a hobby. Yeah, that’s real rational and not anger filled at all. Anytime someone doesn’t toe the party line? MLM is MLM is MLM. Well yeah, it’s my personal opinion that MLM isn’t a great “opportunity” to build an empire with your very own minions but come ON. This reminds me so much of ex-religious people. THEY were abused by religion, they get out, then not only do they just decide to never get involved with religion of any stripe again, they make it their mission in life to act like all people with religious beliefs are duped abused morons no matter how casual the belief.

    Yeah it’s real logical to go from one extreme to the other. Some people are just zealots no matter what their view is, they can’t find a middle road. I’ve been guilty of it too, but jeez.

  5. Zoe said

    Sorry Meow Mix hehe. I had to respond to the comment content. 🙂

  6. Duh said

    Thanks Meow Mix for giving me your blessing on this post. You shouldn’t be embarrassed! You were standing up for what you knew at the time. Ain’t no shame in that game.

  7. turdontherun said

    Meow Mix, I am sure you have LOTS of company.

    Catnip to you!


  8. ScrewU said

    We have all had our moments where we defended someone thinking they were the ‘good’ person that we thought, only to find out that they were all the things that people said. Maybe not all of us have experienced that, but I would dare say most. After all, a lot of people on here were at one time just like that. Tracy defenders.

    Don’t be embarassed. You can only make judgements and decisions on the information that you have at the time. You were acting in accord with the information that you had about Tracy. The thing that I admire about you is that once you had MORE information, you were able to swallow your pride and say you were wrong. It takes a lot of character for a person to do that and even more to let it be published so that other people can have the same information you do too. It might save them some emotional trauma and hardship.

    Catnip to you too and maybe a scratch on your head behind the ears. (Is that you purring or are you just happy to see me?)

  9. Meow Mix – did you ever feel like Tracy was getting you to ‘rah rah’ behind her also? I get the creepy feeling that she grooms people to think along certain lines… that way, they will all generate similar emails to defend her.

    If you took your name off of that email and added Sickie to it, or Mrs.Metaphor, or any of the other minions over there, I would have believed it was from one of them. They are all cookie cutter Tracy Cheerleaders.

  10. Meow Mix said

    Thanks for the catnip and behind the ear scratching. Yummy.
    SWMNBN ~ The funny thing is Tracy never really said to do this or do that. What she was good at was fear. I wouldn’t say I feared her, but more feared being banned because I made a lot of *internet friends* and wanted to have the priviledge of getting into chat. In addition, Tracy never did anything to me personally to make me believe the things people were saying about her. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to let others dictate who I do or don’t like. Once I got wind (via email) of what she was really like, I got out. I’m all the better for it!


  11. Shewouldmustnotbenamed:

    I do not think I have ever been considered a “cookie cutter” anything. If you have questions about me or my motivations, personality, commitments, judgement…I’d be most willing to engage with you by email mrsmetaphor@mrsmetaphor.com

    To criticize me publicly without the benefit of having “spoken” to me about your concerns or judgements seems a little off base, wouldn’t you say?

    I extend this to anyone here who posts or reads. I am available and willing to engage with you.
    mrs m.

  12. Me said

    I find it amazing that we as individuals can’t see ourselves as others see us, don’t you? There are certain characteristics I have and behaviors that seem to ME to be obvious to others, but oftentimes when asked, a completely different perception is relayed back to me by someone.

    MM, you are definitely a cookiecutter cheerleader when it comes to Tracy. Your words may be a bit more lofty but you defend her and hers just as vehemently as the rest. I’m with SWMNBN on this one.

  13. Cookie cutters (I luv to bake) and cheerleaders (I have one and she is the cutest), so 2 of my favorite things, now tainted. 😦 Couldn’t we just say “paper dolls”? They are cut-outs and they will follow wherever you drag them. I am not such a big fan of those either. They always ripped and had to be thrown away, or they melted when they got wet (you have to bathe your dolls, don’t you know? 😉

  14. Me:
    Again, I say..if you would like to “know” me then perhaps you should just contact me privately. For you to place your judgements on me without that interaction makes you as bad as those you accuse.

    My email is mrsmetaphor@mrsmetaphor.com

    How else will we know ourselves, really, if we do not engage? I promise I do not bite or insult. You can ask anyone who has emailed with me.

  15. Meow Mix said

    Ok yalls. For the record, I personally have not had an issue with MrsM. I have emailed and spoken with her and she’s been cool. Like anyone else, I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt unless she proves to me otherwise that she’s not cool.

    Besides, it’s much more fun to dog on Tracy because everyone KNOWS how wacked out she is. Don’t ya think? Let’s keep our focus on the task at hand. Wacky Tracy yo!!

    Semi Charmed ~ I too like using cookie cutters, at Christmas. I am so not a homemaker type, but I do dig baking during the holidays. The oven warming up the kitchen and that smell of cookies and things baking…….DAMNIT……..I can’t WAIT for October!


  16. Duh said

    Mrs. Metaphor-
    I agree that by personally e-mailing you, Me may change her opinion of you.

    BUT she has every right to judge the comments you’ve made on the blogs since the assumption is that you were honestly giving your opinion on that particular subject at the time.

    I don’t think she is saying that YOU are a cookie cutter person, but that your defenses of Tracy have been the same as the other’s.

  17. mkrealist said

    I have to say, that outside of basic support of the anti-MLM movement, I’m surprised Tracy has allowed Mrs.Metaphor to stick around and have a voice, un-banned. She doesn’t seem to cotton to women smarter and more articulate than she, and Mrs.M is definitely all of those things. Mrs.M and I don’t always agree but I love the fact that she makes you think. Again, I’m surprised Tracy hasn’t banned her (yet).

    Maybe the old saying is true: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer…Mrs.M all I can say is keep making TC and her blog look good, but watch your back!

  18. I should probably chime in here about my previous comment. It was in no way meant to offend anyone or call Mrs. M any thing. I don’t know who she is (other than having read a few posts on some blogs), have never had any personal dealings with her, nor have I read her blog. I was merely trying to be funny (obviously I was not).
    I do however, happen to like cheerleaders (I am the assistant coach for my daughter’s team) and was only trying to refrain from using the term “cheerleader” as if it was a bad thing.

  19. Duh said

    I thought your comment was funny, Semi Charmed.

    Don’t worry about offending anyone here! I don’t like these apology comments. They make me feel squirmy.

  20. Duh
    I see your point and to some extent I would agree with that. My preference is to be left out of the blog war if at all possible. If you have concerns or questions about my involvement with Tracy or Pinktruth then I would just prefer to hear that directly rather than read about it as a subject of debate “about” me. Does that make sense?

    I have no trouble hearing criticism, I would just welcome the opportunity to dialogue about it privately if at all possible. My point would be that if you do not care enough to engage me privately to get satisfaction then why make remarks about me at all in public, yes?

    MKrealist, thank you. I appreciate your words immensely. I think I’ve covered on all sides now…only time will tell. I can live with that.

  21. Ok, so no apologies. We can’t be leaving Duh feeling all squirmy.

  22. ScrewU said

    Damnit Semi!!!! You stop being all soft and apologetic on this blog! We’ll not have any of that here. We aim to offend and to make fun of everyone. Thats how we roll. Shape up

  23. Meow Mix said

    Yeah Semi, get wit the program sista! There is NO room for warm and fuzzy nonsense, it detracts from the purpose yo. Bring in the bitches!


  24. MK4ME said

    First, thank you for the laughs, when one can not sleep, and you really don’t want to work anymore and there is nothing on tv but reruns and don’t get me to sit still for more than 5 minutes to read anything, and exercising at 3:00am isn’t condusive to attaining sleep, and well anything to get out of more housework, your site as well as Me’s site(PTLies too) has been my comic relief. (PS Don’t go there either, hubby works third shift! 🙂

    I don’t post often and being a pro MKer know I am in the minority but I am proud to say and figured you would all get a chuckle out of this. So let me share, I have been a director for 13 years. Love it, love my unit and they are my family. (In or out of Mary Kay.) I have never frontloaded. I come from a National Area where we were taught to sell and build a good foundation (aka -customer base) before we really started recruiting. As with any structure if you have a strong foundation, you can build a solid house. However, if you put a house on a shaky foundation, it won’t be long before it collapses.
    My unit sells and orders, new consultant production brings in very little of our production. I have had many consultants with me for the entire 15 years. Got to love it. Anyway a consultant making money is a happy consultant and a happy consultant will stay a consultant. And a consultant making 50% off a costomer sale is better than earning 4% of nothing.

    I have a very full life outside of Mary Kay, sometimes too full. I don’t miss CSI, or Survior and right now my daughter and I must watch “So You Think You Can Dance?”.

    Well, yes I am getting to my point. I am in a very rural area where all of us are truly go-give. The last year or so we have had a newer, moving fast Executive Sales Director trying to build in our area because “it is wide open” needless to say the find a way, make a way attitude started being demonstrated. Many clients were taken and then of course recruited. Never having this really happen, it hit us hard. I was in shock and so were the other area directors. It was starting to happen so often I began to feel like a firefighter putting out forest fires all the time trying to comfort the consultants that were getting wronged. I was getting so sick of it not, to mention emotionally spent, I was seriously thinking about stepping down and going bak to life as an Accountant/Financial Anyalst. (Sorry gang, don’t have an entire alphabet after my name) And yes we were making production and then some. ….Drum roll please….
    Heard about Pink Truth, yup, and of course had to check it out. After reading it, I must thank TC and PT because it got me so angry that things were being done like this, that instead of quitting, my feathers got ruffled and I thought, this Company was built on the concept of the Golden Rule, any old timers can tell you how great it was and yes there have been changes but the world is changing too. I thought why in the world should I quit something I love because some are not doing things the way they should be done and no one was going to run me out, I will continue to do things right and set the example for others to follow. If I love this Company, I need to fight to maintain integrity and morals, I can’t give up and walk away!!

    So yes, I owe alot of me still being here to TC and PC, how’s that for a story?
    Hey do you think maybe she would like to post it over on her site for another PT Success Story??

    And, yes I sell lots of this “drek” – don’t have enough openings for the parties that no one wants to have and……(11 years straight Court of Sales and zero credit card debt). I earn a great income. Now I must confess, I don’t make six figures but…..Couldn’t make anymore in any career around here. When you read PT it sounds like they think everyone should make six figures or they aren’t making money. Well, I borrowed this quote from PT
    “oh that is soooooo tragic when the average income in America is about the mid 40’s (average household income)”

    So does that mean if I am making the average HOUSEHOLD income and my hubby makes more than me, does that mean I am not successful?? I’m confused.

    I try not to read PT too often but if you read long enough, one finds that for every post that everyone rah rah’s about, keep reading and you will find a contradiction. You can’t have things both ways.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. But had to say thank you for the entertainment and for balancing the playing field. Keep up the fight!!

    Later All!

  25. MK4ME said

    Yikes!! So sorry for going on and on and on… But it felt great!:)
    Hey if I can’t get to sleep tonight I can just come over here and read my post. Brilliant idea! lol

  26. Duh said

    Wow MK4Me, that could be your “I” story. LOL

  27. Meow Mix said

    Hey DUH we don’t DO “I” stories here. Only YOU do them. But that’s because it’s funny. No, I’m not laughing *at* you only *with you*. Oh, you’re not laughing? Mybad. No really I am laughing at you. 😉


  28. colleen said

    Hey MK4ME you will find that on the anti tracy blogs and the PRO MK blogs nobody over here is PINK PINK PINK and just like Pinklighthouse they will allow a PROMK comment to come through as long as you dont try to change their mind or stuff MK down their throat. Gotta love it

  29. MK4ME said

    My apologies to all, won’t do it again. Sorry.:)

  30. Duped said

    Hey, MK4ME – don’t apologize. Shit, that’s what makes this blog so much better – anyone can post. Sure, most here are un-pink, but we are not going to try and demand you quit MK and all that bullshit like they do on PT. If it makes you happy, I raise my glass to you.

    Now, off to find some pharmaceuticals that will kick this cold’s ass…fucking receptionist making me and my whole family sick…there is going to be an ass kicking on Tuesday… 😛

  31. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    I liked your story. I’m totally anti-MK and anti-MLM, but I love to hear when someone’s got it together, doing something they love and it’s working for them. That just doesn’t happen enough in real life.

    Stick around.

  32. Meow Mix said

    I must agree with the last two posts. I am sooooooooooo not diggin the MK or MLM shit, but if you have had success, more power to ya. Just try not to get too serious over here, we’re a bunch of potty mouths that make fun of random shit. IT’s fun.


  33. Black Sheep (MK4ME) said

    Hey Hitches and Bo’s ..ooops, Bithches and Ho’s can’t type too much zinfindel (aka pink koolaid).

    I lurve my cats, I lurve my dogs and most of the time I lurve my kids.

    Duh, PTIS, Colleen, and Duped, Thanks…Duped I will raise a glass with you, want to make it a Yager Bomber??
    Meow Mix, thanks for the slack but don’t make it a habit, I don’t want to ruin your rep and have people thinking your getting soft on the pinkies.

    This is just plain ole BS (nope not b*ll sh*t) … Black Sheep

    Did I do good?? Can I stick around?

  34. ScrewU said

    Very good, Black Sheep. We’ll work on the slang. I see you have not hung out in the ghetto very much and need some training in that area.

    Isn’t it funny how the truth always comes out? It may take a while and it may take some convincing but eventually, it does come out.

    Meow Mix, I’m so glad you stopped drinking the formaldehyde of PT. I know kitties are attracted to it cuz it smells sweet. But it’s toxic none the less.

  35. Meow Mix said

    Black Sheep, now you’re startin to fit right in with us bitches. Now listen ScrewU, I did not drink the formaldehyde, but I AM attracted to antifreeze. It smells like honey.

    My mom finally cleaned out my litter box, I feel so much better now.


  36. Black Sheep (MK4ME) said

    Hey ScrewU, I don’t want to mislead, still pink, just really enjoy reading y’all and want to be welcomed. You all are so funny and yes, my slang ain’t so good. Hey I am a old grammy and until a few months ago didn’t even know what a “blog” was. So now I just need to learn what to post or not post and yes, help me with me slang! (I’m not your typical kaybot either, I like to have fun too, I like me dress pants, and I like my wine! :)) Guess I am a black sheep in both places.

  37. Black Sheep fka MK4ME, You are fittin’ right in here! Your slang is better than mine already and I think I have been hanging around these parts a bit longer….lol. PT had a similar effect on me, too, and no, I don’t think PT/TC would post your success story. (tee hee)

    BTW, thanks for your post on my page! I hope you stick around for some fun.

    Back to the bitchfest, ladies!

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