Hate Mail Again

Here’s the Hate Mail from Wed.:

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OfflineSomeone sent me about three pages of the comments, but it was on a word document that was sort of FUBARed when I got it.  The graphics were all messed up a

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     Hate Mail – June 13
« on: Today at 02:11 PM » Quote 

Yet another eye-opening email from a concerned Mary
Kay supporter. *sigh* The author is married to a
director who debuted on January 1. She was #1 in her
class… let’s see how long that lasts.

I read your posts and I came to the conclusion that
you are totally clueless
to the business world.

I work for twenty US manufacturers as a Manufacture
Representative.  These
are Household names which every household buys weekly
in their trips to the
stores.  The marketing techniques which you are
critical of are used in
every business that is successfull.  The businesses
that don’t employe the
knowledge of sales techniques have long since closed.

I have my own agency which I have operated
successfully for twenty years.
The difference between your prejudice for this company
and others is that
they actually share their profits, instead of paying
the Board of Directors
and CEO’s millions of dollars, in stock options and
bonuses.  Frankly you
were not willing to put in the work necessary to
succeed.  You left but you
can’t leave it alone.

This is the common thread of disgruntled exworkers in
every business.  You
are not unique.

Get a life, if you couldn’t succeed maybe you should
get a real life by
finding a worthwhile activity or JOB.

Every complaint listed on your website had one
solution something that the
American Worker has forgotten.  Success takes WORK,
dedication and

I have reviewed many business plans and looked at alot
of opportunities and
work everyday with reputable firms.  The Marketing
discounts and buy
allowances offered by this company is directly inline
with every manufacture
of consumer goods in the US today.  Rubbermaid,
Palmolive, Glad, Eveready,
Lennox, Calphalon, Gerber, Del Monte, Stanley, Irwin,
Porter Cable, Black
and Decker, Dewalt, Ames, GE, Maytag to name a few.

The sales techniques used are the same as implemented
by Sears, Walmart,
Target, Office Max, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot,
Staples, Gap Stores,
Old Navy, Macy’s to name a few.

Get a real working knowledge of business not some of
the crap that is spewed
on the college campuses around the country by
individuals who are so stupid
they cannot succed in business so they teach what they
don’t understand.
College is a starting point for ideas.  Success has to
be accomplised by
WORK, dedication and committment.

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The PINK TRUTH will set you free. 

I know you guys want it fast, but if I post it as soon as I get it Tracy may find out who is sending it to me.  I’m trying to hold it at least a day or so.  I know it’s hard to wait because it is SOOOO riveting, but you’re just going to have to.  Here are some of the comments:


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Re: Hate Mail – June 13 « Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 02:15 PM » Quote

yeahbut…don’t those companies (with such steller sales people) pay…benefits???  That is the first thing that comes to my mind upon reading this lovely message.  The second thing is 


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Re: Hate Mail – June 13 « Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 02:17 PM » Quote

    I’m first!!!   

and another thing…….I doubt that these companies would get anywhere treating their sales force with the same intimidation and self-confidence destruction as is practiced in Mary Kay.

sick of lies

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Re: Hate Mail – June 13 « Reply #9 on: Yesterday at 02:33 PM » Quote

Wow, this is definitely a nice change from the usual hate mail.  

First of all, how does he know we don’t HAVE JOBS?  Doesn’t his job allow him enough leisurely time to read and post on forums while getting paid?

“The Marketing discounts and buy allowances offered by this company is directly inline with every manufacture of consumer goods in the US today. ”

That IS should be ARE.  A mistake too commonly made in the English language.  And the word manufacture here should be MANUFACTURER.

The sales techniques used in Mary Kay are the same as Sears, Walmart,
Target, Office Max, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Staples, Gap Stores and
Old Navy??  REALLY?  Last I checked, Walmart representatives weren’t calling me on the phone trying to get me to hold a party.  Nor do they have to PAY for walmart’s goods out of their own money and give them away as FREE gifts to get me to hold the party.  I have NEVER been stocked by a representative from ANY of these companies begging me to have a party.  These companies don’t have to BEG people to buy their products- the customers just flock to them.  They don’t go house to house, or try to get people to join the Walmart team, and place big orders.

Oh, and the namebrands you listed?  They can advertise their products ANY WAY THEY WANT.  Do you think MK consultants are allowed to advertise at all??  No, they can only do the stupid parties.

“College is a starting point for ideas.  Success has to be accomplised”.  Really?  I guess your college education didn’t help much, so I can see a point there.  Success can be in whatever we chose, and maybe we’ve chosen to be successful in saving homes and families from the scam of Mary Kay.


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Re: Hate Mail – June 13 « Reply #12 on: Yesterday at 02:39 PM » Quote

These companies do not require $3000 worth of crap to be stored in the basement of a tiny home.

First of all, Wal Mart treats their employees like shit!  They make NOTHING and get the crappiest benefits available.  Now PTer’s, before you say “Well, at least they get benefits” consider the profit level of Wal Mart compared to Mary Kay.  Also consider the fact that one of the reasons people with little to no skills goes for a job at Wal Mart is because it is one of the few places they can get any benefits whatsoever.  At least with MK you know going in that there are no benefits. 

Wal Mart also has a nasty habit of hiring illegal aliens and paying them below minimum wage off the books. 

The fact that these women think that Wal Mart is some noble company compared to Mary Kay makes me question not only their intelligence, but also their ability to see past their own problems.  Since they were treated badly in MK, then MK is the WORST company in the whole world?  How narcissistic is that? 

If they think the Mary Kay business model is flawed, then the Wal Mart business model must be straight from the bowels of hell.  


  1. What What said

    I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would say Walmart is a good company…but I guess the key words are, “right mind.” Ugh! Walmart better than MK – LMAO, puhleeze!

  2. consider the source... said

    you’re talking about the same women who have read ptlies (we all know you all read, deny all you want) and all the dirt tracy has committed and STILL worship the ground she walks on?? Doesn’t that speak volumes upon their character! Over half the shit she’s done is creepy as hell! Obviously, they see nothing wrong with any of the shit she has pulled. Maybe she’ll fuck them the same way and they can taste a dose of her medicine for themselves. Dumb asses!

    To the pters — just because the people on this blog like to curse and talk shit doesn’t mean their message doesn’t make sense. Get a fuckin clue!

  3. yeah.. said

    consider the source — ain’t that the truth. These people she sent emails to were obviously closer to her than any of the pters. Why would they all be against her now? Because they got an ‘up close and personal’ view of her true colors. Even if I wasn’t sure before about who’s telling the truth, I wouldn’t take that chance with her after reading PTLies and her OWN words. Me? I would immediately distance myself from anything that has to do with her, just in case she IS as psycho as they say.

    She seems like the type of person that would use everyone close to her in an attempt to save her own hyde. Notice how she forwarded ME’s info to someone else? Yeah, she didn’t want to get HER hands dirty. So to anyone who’s doing her bidding for her, I feel so sorry for you, cuz that’s yo ass!


    see how pt crack affects the brain? Some don’t know their ass (or blog, lol) from a hole in the ground!

  5. ScrewU said

    Ok, WTH!!! How can the PTers criticize MK because they don’t offer benefits? Don’t they ever think by themselves for 2 seconds and consider the fact that TRACY COENEN, FRAUD INVESTIGATOR has to pay for HER health benefits!!!!!!! How don’t they get the hypocrisy!?! SHE is a small business owner! Either she pays it directly out of her pocket or her business pays for it AND that is money that she DOES NOT earn then. Ergo…. SHE PAYS FOR HER OWN HEALTH INSURANCE JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SMALL BUSINESS OWNER AND JUST LIKE PEOPLE IN MK!!!!!!! Stop saying MK sucks because you don’t get benefits you stupid women!!!!! I don’t get benefits at my JOB either! Geez, they are dumb. How can they be so freakin stupid?

  6. Zoe said

    I’m not pro-mk or pro-mlm or saying it’s a great opportunity or anything, but one thing most of these women on PT seem to have in common is an almost repulsion towards any kind of entrepreneurship. They are willing to enslave themselves to jobs they hate for the comfort and security of a regular paycheck.

    There is nothing wrong with that…but it’s not necessary to put everyone else’s goals down too. The common thread on PT is, no one there can understand that not everybody thinks exactly as they do. Anyone with a different opinion or experience, must just be lying.

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