Pink Lawnmower, You’re being summoned.

pink-lawnmower.jpgOn the previous post there was a comment from Pink Lawnmower who said, “Wow. I missed the rest of this entire thread!! I think I said this on another thread about these other blogs. I looked. If I wasn’t curious I would never of found PT. I stopped looking when it had violent threats to Tracy. That is beyond what I am willing to overlook.”

What violent threats is Pink Lawnmower talking about?  Maybe she can elaborate.  If not, I may have to call her a liar.  Now I don’t want to have to do that, but this is more than just a difference of opinion.  No one on my blog has threatened Tracy.  I haven’t read anywhere that there has been a physical threat. 

So Pink Lawnmower, you little rascal, either e-mail me an explanation or post it here if you want.  Otherwise I may have to come to your house and beat you down. 

Now THAT’S a threat, but it’s also a joke too so don’t get your panties in a bunch.


  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    seriously. the last 4 or 5 posts especially. Check out it, you twats! GET A CLUE.

  2. Semi~Charmed said

    I think there is a pink lawnmower kissing TC’s ass in blog world. (Hey Duh, can we photo-shop and add a brown nose to your pink lawnmower???)

    I have never seen any physical threats made against TC on the blogs I have read. I have seen where posters have called TC to the table for her inaccuracies, lies, and cyber-stalking. TC has also been called to the table for encouragement of others to cyber-stalk (by posting out personal information), and her offers to Spam unaware “Kay-Bots” on behalf of others who are hiding behind TC’s egotistical ass.

  3. Licious said

    I haven’t seen anything like that on here, however I did run across one blog in which a couple of people mentioned Tracy planning a trip to Vegas soon and where she was staying. They then started implying that maybe some of them shoud plan a trip there soon and that it sure would be a shame if Tracy were to have an accident or something bad happen to her. Specifically someone mentioned poisoning the buffet or something. Unfortunately, the name of the blog escapes me but if I can find it I’ll post it or something.

  4. Licious said

    there were three people who were making the comments: tracysucks, ihateptandlauraj, and lovemybiz.

  5. Duh said

    Ok I read the thread. Two things were said. Someone suggested spitting in Tracy’s food. Another said that “not so nice things” may happen on her Vegas trip. I don’t think either one of those could be considered a “violent threat”.

  6. Semi~Charmed said

    It’s no worse that what she does. TC has posted many people’s email addys and work addys and encourages people to contact poster’s bosses, etc. TC is so shallow that she would attack someone’s livlihood just because they have a different opinion than hers! It’s no wonder people want to spit in her food!

  7. yeah... said

    damn turds talk all that shit and don’t even know which blog they’re talkin shit about! No wonder tracy was able to wrap them all around her little/big pinky.

  8. Duh said

    See, that’s where I think the break down has occured. Tracy likes to justify her behavior by pointing out what others have done to her. What someone else has done has nothing to do with HER behavior.

    So if someone actually made a physical threat, that would be wrong no matter what she’s done to anyone else. I have not found a single instance of anyone making a violent threat about her though.

    If Pink Lawnmower can point one out I’d love to see it.

  9. Meow Mix said

    If saying that her mommy needs to slap some sense into her is violent threats, then I am guilty as charged!

    She did make a trip to Vegas, but that is over and done with. Have any of you *ever* been to Vegas? You can’t poison the buffet yo. They got security cameras all over the place like flies on shit. Good luck with that yo. Fucktards. hehehe. That was for you QJ.


  10. Semi~Charmed said

    Duh, I agree a physical threats are wrong no matter what. I just haven’t seen any aimed at TC in any public domain I have read.

    Yes, PL, if you are aware of a “violent thread” against TC, please point it out. Otherwise, it’s probably best that you not spout off with unfounded accusations.

  11. Duped said

    The closest I ever came was my post I just posted 2 seconds ago, wherein I stated that if Tracy tried anything like accessing my personal information like she did to ME, then I would make sure she never did it again.

    I’ll stand by that comment because I am serious about it. As for wasting time sending out a physical threat? Please, she is not that important. I have better things to waste my time on. 🙂

  12. Semi~Charmed said

    LOL Duped, I don’t think you are the only one who feels that way

  13. Meow Mix said

    I think we can all think of better things to waste our time on. For me personally, I’d rather scrub my toilet with a toothbrush that had half the bristles missing, with no cleaner and a missing limb rather than stalk the likes of Tracy, or anyone else for that matter. I just don’t dig the stalking. It’s boring. And takes no skill. I have far better skills at other things…


  14. Daisy, you took my word!!!

    Twat… 😉

  15. I think Tracy would like everyone to believe that there have been ‘violent’ threats to her person, that way, she seems even MORE important; more like a fearless leader defending a post than an internet blog nazi leader.

    VEGAS! Why the fuck is it always VEGAS!? It’s like Vegas is some sort of karmic black hole in the promk/antimk/pt/antipt universe.

  16. Meow Mix said

    Watch it yo. I live in Vegas. It’s a cool place yo.


  17. CatsRUs said

    I agree about the Vegas stint, but if you recall, it’s just another thing Tracy “stole” from PLH, unless it was Tracy’s idea to go there in the first place? (when she was on PLH). I’d choose Dallas during Seminar.

    Tracy always over exemplifies simple things. Her perception of something “violent” could have been a joke to normal people. On ptlies, there was a thread (but now gone) about paranoid personality disorder which fit like a glove and viewing simple things in an extreme manner is one of the traits.

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