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The following thread comes from the Baroness board on PT. 


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One of many changes – I need your help

« on: Today at 09:14 AM »

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You may have noticed over the last several weeks that names and contact information have been left off hate mail in an effort to improve and better serve the Pink Truth community. I am asking that we also no longer list contact information in comments wherever possible on Pink Truth.

After a lot of reflection and feeback from trusted members, I have decided this is the right thing to do to protect everyone who comes to Pink Truth. Even though we may have the right to reprint whatever information people send about themselves to us, I believe that those insulting our people and our mission do not know what they say.

Many of us were in the fog at one time too, and it is better to welcome those who are lost in the fog, rather than potentially offend them while they are here questioning or seeking answers to their nagging questions.

So while we may not wish to embrace those who love all things Mary Kay and MLM, we do not necessarily want to expose those who are trapped in the MLM system. We want to continue to grow and improve and NOT be one of those gossip sites that attacks us. Describing our personal experiences in non-identifying terms can be just as effective to learn from as they would be with a name attached. If we leave out the names, we lessen the pain and humiliation for others.

Please know that with over 1,700 members I cannot monitor every post on Pink Truth, and that is why I’m asking for your help. I am relying on you to hit “report to moderator” whenever you see a post that “outs” someone’s contact information. I can easily edit the post if you let me know it is there. NSDs and company officials represent the public face of MK and are celebrities in the MK world, so they are exempt from this policy and their full names will continue to be attached to their training documents and their correspondence.

Thank you for being supportive of our mission as we continue to learn and grow. The Pink Truth journey has been quite a ride, and as we approach our one year anniversary, my personal hope is that we continue to make our community better as we reach more and more women.

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detective The PINK TRUTH will set you free.


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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #1 on: Today at 09:28 AM »

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I think that’s great!!

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Personal Use Recruiter

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #2 on: Today at 09:33 AM »

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Thank you, Tracy, this is a good change and it is the right thing to do. 

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Friends don’t let friends MLM.  Girlfriend

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #3 on: Today at 09:46 AM »

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you got it!  Thumbs Up

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I should have listened to my Mom

apple berry

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #4 on: Today at 10:09 AM »

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NP, I think that is a good idea.  I wouldn’t want to be SD X and be doing my business the way I was supposed to sending letters, emails etc and have all of that inner termoil about it…come here for whatever reason and see people tearing me apart, PERSOANALLY. I think my SD id deep int he fog, and she has certainly done crazy hurtful things, but I honestly don’t think she isd oing it intentionally.  I think she really still buys into everything, and is blind to the damage.  If she was not blind, and just cnflicted and trying to make peace with everything, or find a way out, I wouldn’t want her to come here and see herself getting trashed.  She may recognise emails I have posted form her (but I think most of those are stock mail anyhow)… but her contact info isn’t there, so she could still save face if she wanted.

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Sarcastic ::giggles:: I just *love* this guy!

Truth Not Tears

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #5 on: Today at 10:09 AM »

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Tracy, We appreciate and respect your integrity. 
 Pink Truth Rocks

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #6 on: Today at 10:13 AM »

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Agreed 100% and will help to avoid trolls stirring the pot and claiming they are with the community.   Thanks Tracy  .

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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #7 on: Today at 10:31 AM »

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YES!  detective

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Freedom of choice…we make it by doing something or doing nothing…it is YOUR choice!


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Re: One of many changes – I need your help

« Reply #8 on: Today at 10:46 AM »

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Identifying information, gone.  Check! 

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You can lead a kay-bot to Pinktruth, but you can’t make her think.  Rose Colored Glasses

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Did Tracy grow a conscience?  What is the motivation behind this new PT?


  1. 'Sup said

    Ok, do they NOT see why she is making this change? It’s not because she found some morals laying around. It’s because of the controversey on these boards. They are so freaking blind. They are patting her back for doing the right thing and she’s ONLY doing it because her hand was forced. What idiots.

  2. Meow Mix said

    If Tracy was doing this because she truly felt that what was going on was wrong, and she apologized for her bad behavior, I think it would give this *new and improved* PT more credibility with the ex-PTers. We already know that no matter what, her followers will listen to her. I love how they refer to it as their *community*. Kinda reminds me of the Polygamist communities. Not that they are polygamists….but the whole idea of community and cultish behavior. It sorta creeps me out yo.

    But basically what I’m saying is Tracy is basically trying to do damage control. Good luck with that. We know you’re not sincere Tracy, you’re just trying to conver you ass because so much of the truth is being revealed about you. Heaven forbid you lose your hold on PinkTruth and people leave. Then who will you stalk?


  3. ScrewU said

    Like Tracy Coenen has suddenly grown a conscience. I don’t buy it. I think she realized just how crazy and malicious it made her look. Has she gone back and deleted all of the personal information she has posted in the past? Has she written apologies to the people that she did post about and they were then harassed by crazed PTers? I doubt it.

    And if they don’t stop licking her butt over there, I’m gonna hurl. 5 minutes before this was posted, everyone on Pink Truth was all about ‘outing’ people. It was their little game and they loved it. But NOW, after Tracy Coenen says so, then it’s yes maam. You are so wise and moral Queen. We bow to your wisdom and while we are bowing, we might as well kiss your ass. Puke

  4. Duh said

    “We want to continue to grow and improve and NOT be one of those gossip sites that attacks us.”

    I wish Tracy would stop lumping all the blogs together. Is she talking about my site? PT Lies? MPT?

    In any case, I haven’t seen anyone be outed on those other blogs. PT has the distinction of being the only site where that’s allowed.

  5. 'Sup said

    It is classic Tracy damage control. When Me had the first anti-Tracy blog up (for about 5 minutes) Tracy was sooooo upset and worried about how it would effect her reputation. She was a snotty-nosed, frantic, scary mess. That is the only reason why she outed herself, because she knew Me was calling her out and wanted to beat her to the punch. Then she was determined to make ME write a long apology and post it on the Faith board (which she closed before that could happen) and on Pink Truth.

    Same thing is happening here. Not what she would choose to do at this time, but she has to do it to save face and keep her minions in awe of her glory.

  6. Me said

    MM, you will be shocked, but I agree with you! If an apology or regret or ANYTHING had accompanied this request, it would be entirely different. This holier-than-thou post is damage control, pure and simple.

    That said, I really don’t care WHY she is requesting it (well, I do, but you know what I mean) so long as they actually do it.

    On the other hand, it allows them to make up more fake emails and comments.

    And Apple Berry needs to learn to type.

  7. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    This is a GOOD CHANGE.

    Even though Tracy is a wild crazy bitch, the fact that she’s being forced to change her ways is good enough. For the sake of all the people who haven’t found her site yet!!

    Now we just have to keep the pressure on so she’ll stop stalking everyone, too.

  8. Duh said

    I should have put this in the post, but I am VERY HAPPY that Tracy decided to do this even if it was under duress! It just goes to show that we CAN make a difference. PT is the most popular anti MK site, and since that is the first place many MKer’s end up, it doesn’t matter why she does it, but that they will be safer and not end up with their personal info all over the internet.

    This was the biggest problem I had with PT and some of the other blogs that “outed” people.

    Now we can focus on making Tracy accountable for the money these PTer’s are sending her. Although to tell you the truth, if someone is dumb enough to send her money, they kind of deserve it if she uses it to buy booze, drugs, and prostitutes.

  9. Rebecca said

    HA. She doesn’t want to get sued. Or face criminal charges. Or have her host shut down her site.

  10. No apologies makes this post completely self-serving!! A public apology to ME is also definately in order. This thread being posted on the Baroness & Above board means newbies to PT cannot see it. They won’t know TC’s turning a new leaf unless they find it here or earn TC’s trust and are invited to the thread. The only thing this post does is gets TC’s followers to behave better in public. 😉

  11. Suspicious said

    Are they that dense over there? Tracy has blasted people’s personal information all over her site for the world to see since the start. No one over there has ever said a word about it. They all just follow along , lock, stock, and barrel. Now all of a sudden, TC changes her mind and they all just fall in line…. again.


    They approve of revealing personal information and now they are too afraid to speak up and say “let’s continue to show personal information”


    They never agreed with revealing personal information and they were too afraid to speak up and say “hey I don’t think we should be showing the world the personal info of all these people”


    They have no thoughts of their own and just go along with whatever Tracey dictates.

  12. Meow Mix said

    ME ~ *falling on floor in shock*. We must stop this agreeing shit, it makes me nervous.

    Semi ~ HEHE…that’s funny to call you semi without the charmed attached. HA. But you make a good point. She would never put this post up on the site, only the discussion board, because that would prove she’s been an ass.

    I wonder who her *trusted* members are? Has she not figured out that she can’t trust anyone? I mean come on. The only reason she still has her super secret inner circle is because people are too afraid of her to disagree. Well guess what Tracy. Most people *don’t* agree with you. Although I’m guessing you like it that way, because you get off on trying to control people. If having *fake friends* makes you happy, then you’re sure doing a good job of it. If PT didn’t exist tomorrow, neither would your so called internet friends because the one thing they had in common with you would be gone. Very sad. I hope you have real life friends with pulses, the kind that you don’t follow to vacation destinations and stalk them…..


  13. Me said

    or all of the above

  14. Suspicious, I am gonna go out on a limb and give the PTers a bit of credit and choose #2) They never agreed with revealing personal information and they were too afraid to speak up.

    Let’s not forget though, beyond posting personal information about people, TC has done more to ruin her reputation.

  15. ME ~ I am not so sure TC really knows who she has in her inner circle. I mean this stuff is getting out somehow!

  16. mkrealist said

    What she did was strategically brilliant. By posting it on her Baroness Board (kind of like the Directors of PT), and asking them to report all violators of this new policy immediately to her, she has given each of them a special task and that makes them feel special, brings them closer to her, and works to solidiy the gelatinous loyalty she currently experiences.

    Remember, this “change” started several weeks ago. She has posted multiple (fake) hatemails withOUT identifying information and some were scratching their heads as to why; whereas before, she put it all out there. Newbie PTrs can read all the anti-PT information they want, but as long as their personal experience with PT has been without the outing and other blood-letting that occurred in the past, they will not be swayed. This new kinder PT is the only PT they know.

    All this particular post did was reward the outer ring of her inner-circle for remaining loyal by giving them work to do on her behalf. They are now her eyes and ears, and that has got to make them feel really special! You can tell by their responses. Who has time to read anti-PT blogs when you’re busy scanning newbie-posts for identifying information? They are probably all stumbling over one another to be the first to click “report to moderator” for an offense against this “new” policy.

    It’s a bit more complex than mere damage control. This is manipulation at its finest.

  17. mkrealist said

    solidiy = solidify

  18. Meow Mix said

    MKRealist makes an appearance!!! HEELLLOOO MKR! You make a good point about the manipulation. Though we all collectively know she is the grand master at it, the whole idea of giving them a *project* so to speak, is brilliant on her part. I told you all she is not a stupid woman. Just a fucktard. Thanks QJ! hahaha


  19. yeah... said

    Suspicious – I vote for #3. Now where’s my prize?

  20. “If PT didn’t exist tomorrow, neither would your so called internet friends because the one thing they had in common with you would be gone. Very sad. I hope you have real life friends with pulses, the kind that you don’t follow to vacation destinations and stalk them…..”


    Meow Mix, more catnip for you for that one. Screw that, you deserve a full belly rub, too!

  21. MK Realist – I don’t think she started turning over a new leaf a few weeks ago by leaving out contact info. I think she fabricated the hate mail, so there was no contact info to post.

    How convenient.

    At any rate, it just proves that Queen Tracy is a loyal PTLies/Banned from the Bitchfest reader.

    *waves* Hi, Tracy!

    I see something happening – whenever something Tracy is doing is discussed here or at PTLies, she responds. In this case, it was a good response because she (says) will stop posting personal info. So, now we need to identify all the stupid shit she does, expose it, and force her to make a few changes.

    Who’s wearing the big girl panties now?!

  22. Meow Mix said

    PT Crack, thanks for the props and the catnip. Now I can run amok and chase after things that aren’t really there.

    SWMNBN makes another good point. Though she will never actually *acknowledge* that she reads these so called trash blogs, it’s obvious that she does, otherwise she wouldn’t be backpeddling so quickly in her own passive way.


    Just admit it already. The items we have been uncovering are making you a wee bit nervous. Maybe your super secret inner circle *trusted* members are slowly stabbing you in the back, letting the blood dribble out ever so slowly into a slow and painful metaphorical death. Can you get EXCITED about that?

    BITCHES! meow.

  23. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Yikes, Meow! Kind of scary. Did someone brush your hair the wrong way? Is that why you are so crabby? Be a nice kitty kitty.

  24. Tracy AIN'T SHIT!! said

    Wow. She eliminates personal info to cover her own ass. Wow.

  25. She prolly has some SUPER DUPER HEAVY DUTY FREAK-A-LICIOUS secret board in there somewhere, too!

  26. SWMNBN says “Whos wearing big girl panties now?!” — LOL

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I have been wearing BGP’s since I was about 2! I am willing to bet that most of you have been too. 😉

    I’d also be willing to bet that Tracy is using depends right now instead of BGP’s. She is probably peeing in her pants with worry over possibly being sued or criminally charged for her cyber-stalking antics.

    BTW- Big Girl Panties is one of my most unliked lines that I have heard since starting MK.

  27. Holler! said

    Wait! Tracy is changing her behavior based on the call-outs from these sites without acknowledging the sites? Does this make her just like MK Corporate?

  28. We all put our BGPs on the same way – one leg at a time.

  29. Holler –

    Yup… except she’s been like MKC for a while now – so it just makes her MORE like MKC.

  30. SillySally said

    I guess lil miss FRAUD DETECTIVE just learned about the FBI’s jurisdiction on internet harassment. In this day and age, Homeland Security doesn’t take kindly to *home grown* terrorists any more than they do the Hagi kind.

    I hope I helped “edumacate” ya Tracy, over on ME’s blog yesterday………ya stoopid wanker!

  31. Hey Everyone!!

    Let’s all give “Happy2beabuttsniffer is SicknStink” a round of applause! She just hit her 3000th post! Woo hoo, bravo congrats Stinky, you’re on your way to super stardom in the butt lickin’ industry! We’re so proud of you!

    Tracy said she’s pulling out her ‘big eraser’! Ewww, wonder where she will stick it. 😛

  32. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    3000 posts!!!!

    wow!!! How could she possibly have that many interesting things to say????


  33. Big eraser? Eww, does Tracy have a ding-a-ling?!

  34. Meow Mix said

    LOL silly sally….”big wanker” hahahaha. I like QJ’s fucktard even better, no offense. But I gotta use that wanker line, it’s funny.

    Sickie had 3000 posts? Wow, must be nice not to have anything better to do than post on PT and list Ebay stuff. At least maybe she’s making money with the Ebay, unlike Tracy who uses links to make her money.


    OH – and Bologna, no one brushed my fur the wrong way today, but I was given catnip on several occasions which could explain my outrageous behavior. SCRATCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  35. SillySally said

    Well now MM, that would make sense as we’re one and the same………….;-)

  36. I actually put my BGPs on both legs at once, unless I’m standing up, just FYI. But it doesn’t make me better than you. Really.

    What kills me about all the ass-kissing responses from Tracy’s minions is how supportive they are saying that she’s doing the right thing. But when she was doing the WRONG thing, they didn’t have a problem with it or tell her to knock it the hell off. What a bunch of bullshit.

    Did I make any typos this fucking time?

  37. Meow Mix said

    But how can it be, SS? Say it aint so. You are funnier as SS, but downright annoying as any fucktard as LMAO. You should act like SS more often cuz you actually seem to have a sense of humor. Or better yet, why not just post as QJ? That way you don’t have to hide. Why do you hide anyway? Look at me and Melissa. We don’t exactly get along, but we can be civil toward one another on this blog. What a wanker.


  38. Zoe said

    Tracy should go into PR.


  39. Meow Mix said

    Yeah she’s a good spinner aint she?


  40. Zoe said

    mkrealist, that’s a very good point. I hadn’t thought of it from that angle. There is a thin like between genius and insanity, and it’s clear tracy isn’t dumb.

  41. Zoe said

    line not like. zoe is a tard.

  42. I think TC would have better luck as a psychic friend.

  43. mkrules said

    Well, no matter her reason for doing this, I am glad. It really is the right thing to do to leave off names if you are going to repost hate mail or something else that will get bashed by the masses.

  44. Meow Mix said

    MKRules….the only good thing coming out of her decision is that other innocent people won’t be hurt. Other than that, she can bite all of our asses. They taste good too, I know, I’ve done it.


  45. MKRules, I agree with you. It’s a long time coming that she quit outing people publicly and encouraging nastiness.

    Meow Mix, I see where you are coming from too. Some have already been so screwed by TC that no matter what she does now, it won’t change how they feel, nor should it.

  46. NowIGetIt said

    Just out of curiosity what happened to marykay voices? It was one of my favorite places to go read. Lots of great things shared there. And then it’s gone.

  47. I am not 100% sure, but I think it went defunct when it because of hateful behavior. Anyone want to help with this question, because I too have been really curious.

  48. Meow Mix said

    NowIGetIt…..from my understanding, they felt that their need was done. They were there to provide a bit of a neutral place. One that doesn’t HATE MK but one that doesn’t dig the PT scene either. It was fun for a while, but then turned into a big ol debate between the MKers and Anti Mkers, etc. I’m sure MKRealist can give us a better idea, I know she’s been around these parts a little bit lately.


  49. NowIGetIt said

    Thanks MeowMix! Bitch I am. 🙂 My hubby wants to know if I can stop taking my bitch meds. What fun would that be? No I’m really not on meds but hey being a bitch is fun!

    As long as TC didn’t have anything to do with it was my main concern.

    Even though I don’t know any of you guys. I do hope everyone who is under the weather gets to feeling better!

  50. mkrules said

    I thought they said they got tired of moderating the extreme behavior of some. I’m not certain though…

  51. Meow Mix said

    MKRules…probably a combination of a lot of factors. It takes a lot of work to run a blog, you know that. 😉 And it gets REALLY old sometimes….especially if there’s lots of drama.


  52. ScrewU said

    Bad behavior? Who would ever do that?

  53. MKRealist said

    MKV had a wonderful run and I have to say, for all three of us (yes I’m gonna presume to speak for ya’ll this time!), it has been heartening to hear such fond rememberances of MKV.

    After the 1st of the year, the three of us decided TOGETHER (and with NO OTHER INPUT, PERSUASION, or COERCION) that it would be best for us PERSONALLY to shut down the blog and move on with our collective lives (outside MK totally for some, but minimally outside the active (anti/pro)MK BlogWorld). Maintaining a neutral blog is like herding cats and it was a task that while we surely were up to it, none of us WANTED to do it anymore.

    To cushion the fall of our most loyal readers/participants, I created PinkVoices. I made it a private blog, to give the shit-stirrers on ALL sides of this issue a chance to lay down their spoons or find another pot to play in. PinkVoices has been quiet and peaceful and blissfully drama-free and I am exceedingly happy to maintain it that way. I made it public a few weeks ago, and so far so good.

    I have to say that I chuckle at the irony and dynamics of the situation. When I made PV private and controlled access and left the drama-queens sitting outside the gates, the loyal well-behaved readers didn’t have much to say to each other. *hmmm* Me-thinks even the most level-headed among us lives for “drama!” Say it ain’t so! (don’t get offended, I include myself in that batch and am not ashamed to say it!)

    And sure enough, as I lurk around the blog-world, I see many of our loyal posters have found new homes on various blogs suited to their taste, with the occasional wistful rememberance of how “great” MKV was. LOL!!!

    We love and miss ya’ll too, but MKV will retain it’s shining trophy in the Hall of Fame of your Hearts with the same end date, January 2007.

  54. Meow Mix said

    And that pretty much sums up MKV!


  55. mkrules said

    Yeah MKR, without the drama it does get boring at times. I will admit it! 🙂

  56. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I liked MKV. Drama and all. It was the best 😀

  57. Meow Mix said

    Yeah, MKV was pretty cool, especially the PUB. That was the awesomest!

  58. Meow Mix said


  59. NowIGetIt said

    Was it MKrealist who was going through the dating thing on MKV? That was good reading!

  60. mkrealist said


    Yes, that was me. *sigh* LOL!!!

  61. NowIGetIt said

    Very cool, I hope things are getting better for you!

  62. I too must admit, the drama does give it an element of fun that you just can’t get at all blogs. 🙂

  63. I never went to MKV but I will say that people do love DRAMA. That’s why they like coming here, ESPECIALLY when Tracy posts.

    Where are ya, Tracy? We miss your funny fake posts!

  64. Meow Mix said

    SWMNBN….she’s over under the newest thread under the code name “NICK”….


  65. Jane Doe said

    Wow. SWMNBN admits to missing me in public. Wow.


  66. Just say no to PTCrack said

    Aww, don’t Jane Doe feel special!

    Hey Tracy, when you gonna come up with a new alias? You’ve been using Jane Doe for at least 2 years now! How original!

  67. […] Apparently, Tracy recently posted some new guidelines (rules?) on her discussion board and asked for help from her readers to enforce them.  No more “outing” people!  She decided that it was wrong to post personal information on her website.  All of her loyal peons stood up and cheered that Yes!  This was the right thing to do!!  Yay, Tracy!!! […]

  68. Smoke and mirrors, Jane Doe, smoke and mirrors…

  69. Colleen said

    She is just covering herself she could care less..although Im glad she decided not to out people……

  70. Meow Mix said

    She couldN’T care less….use proper grammar colleen! 😉 (sound familiar?)


  71. Colleen said

    Meow Mix are you Comfortably Numb Yet? Meow Mix were YOU the one that
    was Colleen hating on a PRO MK blog some months ago? I think I deserve an apology…..LOL If it was you its water behind the bridge now. If it makes you feel any better (not that you care) Im doing marketing for a mortgage company and YES I have written some of the letters…..B*****.

    Sorry Im a christian I cant use bad language….gotta love Meow Mix

  72. Colleen said

    I meant water under the bridge Ive been working too hard.

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