Oh Goody!!!!


Written By: My Bologna Has A First Name

Tracy Coenen of Pink Truth has found another way to make money off of PTer’s!!!!  Here’s her latest post on Pink Truth:

Here is a sample of one of the new shirts that is available at our CafePress store.  All the merchandise there is changing! Let me know how you like this sample! We will have new styles and new sizes. Almost everything will have this new Pink Truth logo on it!!! (Can you get excited about that?)


Is it just me or does she sound exactly like the directors in Mary Kay that she tries to discredit everyday? 


  1. Meow Mix said

    Blah blah blah blah…..yada yada…..BARF


  2. Me said

    I just saw that a little while ago. I find it incredibly interesting that she left off the “dot com” part. I would love to know how many she sells. Probably as many as Mindy sold of her bracelets.

  3. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    How many bracelets did Mindy sell? Do tell

  4. Duh said

    I was wondering about the .com part myself. How will people know it’s a website?

  5. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    Hmmmm, is she changing the merchandise to stay ‘on trend’? Or just so people will have to have the new stuff. Or because her customers (members) get excited when they have more options. Wait……maybe there’s a prize involved for the people who order the most. Yeah! That’s probably it.

  6. Me said

    I don’t know how many bracelets Mindy sold, but when Tracy initially posted about them, there a LOT of responses of “Oh I don’t want to be reminded of my time in Mary Kay.” Stupid. They post all day about it but don’t want to be reminded? I’m thinking it should have read, “$50??? Heck no, way too much for me.”

    From that, I gather that she didn’t sell many, but I have no factual information.

  7. Me said

    “Hmmmm, is she changing the merchandise to stay ‘on trend’? Or just so people will have to have the new stuff. Or because her customers (members) get excited when they have more options.”

    More and more like she accuses Mary Kay of doing……..(shaking head)

    Why doesn’t she just come out and admit that she wishes she was Mary Kay Ash herself?

  8. Meow Mix said

    LOL ME ~ Tracy could never be Mary Kay Ash…..I didn’t know the woman personally, but somehow I’m thinking that MKA wasn’t anything like Tracy. SHE apparently had people skills.


  9. MommyMindi said

    To Me:

    That’s right – you have no factual information.

    Funny – I’ve posted on your blog in the past in what I thought was a very respectful manner…..I’ve always operated under the policy of “I don’t have to like everyone, but I do have to be nice to everyone”.

    It’s a pity that you can’t give me the same courtesy.

  10. Meow Mix said

    Hey MommyMindi ~ In case you weren’t sure about what we do on this site, we have fun, and lot’s of it. We poke fun at Tracy and each other just the same. No holds barred. If this is not your type of place then you might just get offended by some of us. Seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, why should you? Have some fun damnit!


  11. MommyMindi said


    I understand that this website is a place to poke fun…..I’ve been lurking for a bit.

    I also understand that Me/Melissa/Fushia blog has been denigrating me and my jewelry for a few weeks. see – I made the “mistake” of Googling my screen name and found this link


    (hers is the 3rd from the last comment)

    Overpriced? the bracelet is remakably similar to my Awareness line…it actually costs me $3.26 less to create than the Awareness Bracelets. Because of a contractual agreement with a local retailer who sells my bracelets, my Awareness line is not on my website for at least another 4 months…..But they sell for $90 each (at an average rate of 7per week).

    Funny – I had a conversation with my husband this morning about the bracelet…see – from lurking this site (and others) I saw that at least 2 people that purchased my bracelets openly expressed regret, because they no longer wished to be affiliated with PT. I also know that several other people that I sold the bracelet to are no longer active on PT. I asked my husband if I was crazy to want to email those people (I save all of my Paypal notifications) and ask if they wanted me to convert their bracelet from a PT bracelet to a Breast Cancer Awareness one or even just a “non-PT-Rose Swarovski bracelet” for my standard $10 (per strand) restringing fee. See – I take pride in my jewelry and I would rather my customers have something that they would continue to wear and enjoy than something that gets thrown in a drawer and never worn again. DH’s response was “Min – let it go”, but I was going to do it anyway.

    But now I’m thinking “why bother?”.

  12. whateva said

    “from lurking this site (and others) I saw that at least 2 people that purchased my bracelets openly expressed regret, because they no longer wished to be affiliated with PT. I also know that several other people that I sold the bracelet to are no longer active on PT.”

    that’s why the comments are down there. people are leaving like flies!

  13. whateva said

    new pink truth shirts are fugly

  14. MommyMindi: I thought the bracelets were expensive for PT.com but for a breast cancer awareness bracelet I would pay that much. They are beautiful!

    I think the people who bought the bracelet would really appreciate a contact email from you offering a restringing… I know if I had bought one, I would jump on that like macaroni on cheese.

    Don’t take the shennanigans around here TOO seriously… everyone gets poked fun of, but mostly just Tracy.

    Meow Mix, don’t make me get the squirt bottle and spray your ass! J/k.

  15. I wonder if TC is going to time new merchandise to go along with MK every time they have a new product roll out….

  16. MommyMindi said

    Oh – and one other thing Me:

    I have many routines…one of which is a “website roll call” every night. Last night as I was making my “rounds” I came across a post on PTLies that included a scan/.jpg of emails to you….but PTLies had forgotten to “red out” your personal info (the name of your workplace and city). I immediately emailed PTLies to let her know about what I was sure was an oversight…within about 15 minutes, your personal info was “redded out”

    Your welcome

  17. MommyMindi said

    oopes – sorry – read the time code wrong on my Outlook sent mail…it was at 10:31AM, not PM yesterday that I emailed PTLies about her error (I have the same internet routine in the PM that I have in the AM….I never said that I wasn’t boring!)

  18. MommyMindi said

    Did I really say “your welcome”?

    You’re welcome

  19. ScrewU said

    I certainly don’t want to turn this into a touchy feely after school special but at the risk of sounding like I have feelings, I just wanted to say that noone has said that your bracelets weren’t a wonderful product. I’m sure that the people who commented on their regret of purchasing the items were talking about that they were an advertisement for Pink Truth. NOT that they were an advertisement for you. I’m sure that they still love the bracelets and would appreciate an email from you so that they knew the option was available to them.
    Glad to see you around here. Hang out. We are about having fun and dishing some dirt on Tracy and her evil ways.

    OK, enough of caring! Back onto ranting!!!!

  20. PC said

    MommiMindi –

    I saw this and wanted to say something. I wasn’t even aware that you were selling PinkTruth bracelets (maybe I just wasn’t paying attention – you know how 3 kids do that to you!)
    But if I were one of those people that had a PinkTruth bracelet and then later really regretted it, I would jump at the chance to have it re-strung too. Because beautiful jewelry is too cool to have bad feelings attached to it.

    Anyway wanted to throw in my 2 cents because I haven’t seen you around forever, and I remembered you from way back on MKS. lol

    Right! Resume your ranting, you nutty “bitches”. 😛

  21. Duped said

    MM: I concur with the other ladies here – I think it would be a very nice thing for you to contact those that are not affiliated with PT anymore to see if they would like to change the bracelet. 🙂 I say go for it.

    I for one think your bracelets are gorgeous. PT or not PT.

    Damn – you are right, back to ranting! I am getting all “chicky” feeling over here. Sweet Jesus – someone call the shrink, Duped is about to get all *gasp* lady-like…horrors.

  22. ScrewU said

    We will have none of that here! Don’t make me sic Meow Mix on you!!! You know she hasn’t been declawed.

  23. Duped said

    I could take Meow Mix. Us Canadian Beavers are a feisty bunch. 😛 Plus, you never know, I may like it. 😉

  24. Duh said

    Hey MommyMindi-
    Maybe you could make a Bitchfest bracelet! Do they have beads in the shape of turds or something? Brown swarovski crystals? Just an idea…

  25. mkrules said

    I prefer the “keepin’ it real” thong personally…. 🙂

  26. Meow Mix said

    LOL MKRules…. a thong? Don’t ya mean BUTT FLOSS????? hehehehehe


    OH….and ScrewU is right, I have not been declawed and my talons are quite long because my mother has not trimmed them lately.

    MommiMindi I hope you didn’t think I was bitching at you, I was just sayin have some fun!!!!


  27. thefuchsiablog said

    MommyMindi said, “I also understand that Me/Melissa/Fushia blog has been denigrating me and my jewelry for a few weeks”

    Uhm, no, not The Fuchsia Blog. Not mine, anyway. Maybe that mocking one with Fuchsia spelled incorrectly. I’ve not made one comment at all about MommyMindi or her jewelry on my blog or on any other.

    Now it is possible that I am suffering some brain fade due to allergies to cat fur (there is a lot of cat fur floating around here due to all the belly rubbing and ear scratching) and perhaps I have forgotten some mild comment somewhere, but I certainly don’t remember any.


    P. S. I do LOVE cats, BTW.

  28. MommyMindi said

    Sorry Rebecca – I mis-typed last night…must have been the vino 🙂

    It should have read “Me/Melissa/My Pink Truth”

    I made that mistake because my “routine” is to access her site through the link on yours.

    P.S. cats are evil evil creatures

  29. 'Sup said

    Cats are evil, but not as evil as Tracy Coenen

  30. Meow Mix said

    HEY you BITCHES!

    Cats are NOT evil, cats rule yo! Bite your tongue for saying something so vile!


  31. Duped said

    Cats suck ass…sorry Meow Mix, but those little fuckers make me break out in a rash and my dh sneezes like hell whenever they are around. Now bunnies, bunnies rule. 😉

  32. Meow Mix said

    Hey Duped…I’ll let you pass on that one since you have allergies and it’s not your fault you can’t enjoy the furry little cuddling kitties. But anyone else who does not have allergies and hatin on cats. YOU all are vile vile poopy creatures.


  33. turdontherun said

    Cats are awesome. They catch rodents, bees, flies. LUV EM!!!!

  34. yeah... said

    Cats are also sneaky as hell, have major attitude problems, look at you like you got shit on your face and when you want to show them any attention, you’ve got to go to them cuz they’re too goodie goodie to get off their ass and come to you. Like YOU owe THEM something!

    Hmm, why does tracy hate cats again? Oh yes, too much alike!

  35. Meow Mix said

    Sounds like “yeah” has cat issues. I lurves me some cats!


  36. Meow Mix's BFF!! said

    I love my cat!! And she’s not “uppity” at all!! I think she’s afraid I’ll take her back to the vet so she’s behaving, lol!!!!

    Anywho, about Tracy’s drek…..seems to me she’s getting less original. If the point of the drek is to bring traffic to her site, and she leaves the ” .com ” off………..um……..what’s the point??? I’m not a Tracy, PT or t-shirt fan……….so NO SALE from me!!

    And on another note……..once upon a time I got word that The Queen was pissed at me for not using her eBay link when I was busy selling my MK crapola last year. Do you know what a pain in the hiney that would be to go thru her site for each stinkin’ listing??? I think if she really, really wanted to be honest (*snort!*, yeah right!), she would post a monthly statement showing her lovely audience just how much she was earning off of them. You know, as in DISCLOSURE?!?!? C’mon Tracy, I triple dog dare ya!!!!

  37. See How It Is said

    Maybe you not clicking her link and making her lots of moolah is what helped you get banned Meow Mix BFF. By the way, are you and Meow Mix really BFF? You know, that’s how rumors get started…

  38. Meow Mix said

    Who the fuck is Meow Mix’s BFF? Meow mix does *NOT* have an internet BFF….stop the madness!!!


  39. Meow Mix said

    I got it….it’s that triple dog dare you that got me. Meow Mix’s BFF aka LMAO aka SillySally. Nice try QJ. Go away.


  40. Me said

    Hi everyone–I have been out of town all weekend so am just now catching up.

    Mindi–if you are still around, I wanted to address your comments above. My comment that you did not sell a lot of bracelets was not a slam to you or your jewelry. On another blog (Ty Tibble’s) quite some time ago, I commented that I thought your jewelry was very pretty. I do think it is very pretty. The comment was actually about the PTers. They stay on the internet/PT all day slamming MK and supporting Tracy, yet when an offer is made to them (i.e., your bracelet) they back off and say they don’t want to be reminded of their experiences. The comment was how ridiculous THAT is and from the comments I read of theirs, I assumed you did not sell many. When push comes to shove, they won’t support what they appear to support.

    I hope that makes sense. Also, for what it’s worth, I think your offer of restringing is very nice and would probably be appreciated by those that have changed their minds about PT and Tracy and threw their bracelet in a drawer.

    Also, the jpg was removed from PTLies because I requested it be changed the first day it was there. But I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in requesting it yourself.

  41. Meow Mix's BFF!! said

    Ahhhh, I’m crushed!!! Not really, but whatever.

    I find you entertaining………..and you never fail to be! 😀

  42. ScrewU said

    Yes, we completely rock. This is why we’re hot.

  43. Holler! said

    “ScrewU said,
    June 18, 2007 @ 11:15 am

    Yes, we completely rock. This is why we’re hot.”

    Shoot, I thought it was my hormones.

  44. Meow Mix said

    Well shit. Entertaining is good, but that screenname has GOT to go. Go back to your SillySally or LMAO, I would prefer that you don’t share my name in any way, shape or form.


  45. I think I am gonna spend my money at starbucks….

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