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Written By Screw U: 

This past week, I was digging around on the Pink Truth Board and I discovered that Tracy has found love!  Say it ain’t so but she seems to have found a boyfriend.  Here’s the post that caught my eye:



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There is a teeny problem with chat. Keep checking back…. I need my boyfriend Nick to fix something before it will work. Be patient… 

This was such a shock since we have never heard of Tracy’s personal life in anyway.  It seemed a little peculiar and then I found this post from boy toy himself:


Super Duper Admin
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———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: May 5, 2007 4:45 PM
Subject: Your T-shirts Friends don’t let friends sale Mary Kay

I think it is interesting to sell your t-shirts and push your negative web site when you are making money off the crap you’re selling. I have been a consultant in the Lamarr Area fro 2 years and have never been forced to do anything. Allison has worked her butt off and will do anything for anyone. Just like life, it is a choice and it is all up to you to design your life and how you want to run your business. I have no desire to be a Director and I love the products, the friendships and it fits perfectly in my life. When you chose to create a negative atmosphere that’s what you get. Have you heard of “The Secret “life’s a choice and I feel sorry for you and the misery you create for others.

Just so you know, I was the one to X out the person’s name on the email.  It seems as though Tracy hasn’t informed Mr. Nick that it isn’t nice or polite to throw people’s names around on her blog.  You remember, that new policy she has?  Must not be retroactive.  Hmmmm…

And did you notice the other funny thing?  Mr. Nick has only posted 3 times (they were all actually in this thread) and has 1 karma BUT he is a “Super Duper Admin”.  If you think I’m kidding, look next to his name again.  Yep, just like I said.  Could this super duper Nick be the cause of Tracy’s warm fuzzy ways?  Is she brimming over with so much love that she just has to share it with us too?

I think we should all applaud Tracy on her blossoming romance.  Let’s all raise our glass of merlot and welcome Nick to the madness.  Good lord, that boy has no idea what he just stepped in.


  1. Meow Mix said

    I think *Nick* is a figment of Tracy’s many imaginations/hallucinations. Yep, that’s it.


  2. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Aw… Meow Mix, don’t you believe in true love? Can’t you just picture them sitting across from each other in their How to Be a Computer Hacker 101 class? Their eyes meet and they realize that they both have carpal tunnel from being on the computer so much, they both love control and taking advantage of an opportunity… It’s kizmet

  3. Meow Mix said

    OMG if that’s how true love is, I don’t want NONE of that shit yo!


  4. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I do! Someday, my Mr Bologna ( I imagine his name to be Oscar for some reason), will appear. We’ll meet and fall in love and live happily ever after.
    And maybe have little bologna’s. I think 8 or 9 would be nice

  5. Me said

    Meow Mix, I know you won’t want to hear this, but my first thought was, “This is just one of Tracy’s alter egos.” Then I read your first comment and I see you are thinking along the same lines!

    Even if Mr. Super Duper Admin Nick is real, he isn’t the cause of any “warm fuzzy” feelings for Tracy–that post is over a month old and she was in the midst of her fiendish ways then. If the relationship had escalated, wouldn’t he have been mentioned or done some super-duper-admining since?

  6. Meow Mix said

    LOL ME….all very good points. I still think it’s a figment of her imagination. Would YOU wanna be Tracy’s boyfriend? If I were a dude, I’d think not. Dudes don’t like head games from chicks yo.


  7. As much as I hate to stick up for TC/PT, I have to agree with ME. The posted mail is dated before TC’s recent newfound “heart”. The sheer number of posts on PT (whether by real or fake members) would make it a total biotch to go back, find them all and delete, although not impossible over time. Not to mention, the posts are probably cached on the net somewhere anyway.

    As for the boyfriend, if she has one, cool. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to be alone. Although, I agree totally, that guys do tend to be scared off by catty vindictive women. They are afraid it will happen to them!

    Hhmmm, maybe there is a special someone behind some of this change in her. I don’t think she would want anyone to think that the anti-PT blogs were behind her make these changes at PT.

  8. *making* not *make

  9. CatsRUs said

    “My boyfriend Nick” just sounds odd, coming from Tracy. It could be her “Nick-name” for her computer guy and refers to him as such to give the “gossipy anti-PT sites” something to talk about? (btw, I love how she refers to these sites as “gossipy sites”, yet hers is not and she has never used her public forum or chat room to gossip about anyone? C’mon. Just another example of her double standard mentality.)

    Semi-Charmed: No, she wouldn’t want anyone to think the anti-PT blogs were behind her changes because that would require her to lend credit to someone and that ain’t gonna happen. The “changes” seemed to occur when the “Stalking Melissa” thread came about and people were advising her (ME) to get a lawyer. Most of the commentary pointed to law breaking, cyber stalking and other real-life consequences for her childish internet behavior which could impact her real-life profession in a negative way. Hmmm, changes out of the goodness of her heart or new found love? NOT. Changes out of fear that her plan (for professional success) will be impaired, yes.

    She’s made it clear she’s concerned about her “professional reputation” (which is her #1 love) and although she salivates at the thoughts of outing people and dishing the dirt on them, she is slooooooowly understanding how her real side (the dark side) reflects on her “IMAGE” (the one she tries to create on the net as respectful, reputable & professional) and realizes she must refrain from such activities.

  10. CatsRUs said

    Found Nick: (googling Tracy Coenen B-word for fun),category,Carnival+of+the+Badger.aspx

  11. CatsRUs said

    (see current thread on ptlies)

  12. Nick said

    Wow… I didn’t know I had a girlfriend right now. Thanks for letting me know. Can you email me when we get married? I’d really appreciate that. I hate being left out of the loop on these things. 😉

  13. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You aren’t the ‘Nick’ that Tracy has dubbed her Super Duper Admin? Even if you aren’t, you can hang around and chat with us. You might just end up having fun. We are a comical bunch.

  14. Kibbles&Bits said

    Nick-o, You didn’t put your girlfriend’s blog on your blogroll. Careful, she might ban you!

  15. Nick said

    Sorry to dissapoint all of you… but although my blog and Tracy’s Fraud blog have crossed paths a time or two, I’m not “Super Duper Admin”.

  16. My son’s name is Nick, and I’m now thinking of changing it. Or maybe she’s dating my son. They’d get along well. They seem to act alike, frequently. He’s 2.

  17. lmao….princess

  18. Dana said

    Princess, if your son is that immature, even at 2, may I suggest a very long time out?

  19. NowIGetIt said

    Out of curiosity – Nick how did you find out there was a post here? I’m not all that savy in the ways of the blog so I find this intriguing.

  20. So Nick you can confirm that you have never posted at PT?

    Hmmm… either there’s another NICK in Tracy’s life, or Tracy has made up another fake member name. Which do YOU think it is, folks?

  21. Meow Mix said

    Yeah, how did “NICK” find us, especially if he’s not really Tracy’s boyfriend/imaginary friend/hallucination?


  22. 'Sup said

    He was sure quick to say they are not boyfriend/girlfriend.

  23. Nick said

    My blog has a Sitemeter traffic counter on it that I use to track traffic. One of the features of Sitemeter is to say what website reffered a visitor to my blog. This morning I saw more than 2 dozen hits from this post, so I came to see what the fuss was about, and saw that someone in the comments had linked to an earlier one of my posts.

    I can also confirm that I’ve never commented on PT (pink truth?), though I have commented on Fraud Files.

    I’ve been “quick” to dismiss being her boyfriend because… well… I’m not. I’m not a rumor mongor, and wanted to clear anything up. Besides, I didn’t want to become embroiled in any flame wars.

  24. NowIGetIt said

    Sitemeter traffic must be really cool. I don’t have a blog but that kind of thing must be handy.

    Flame wars? here? what? no way.

  25. Fancy Feast said

    I think Duh, or one of her contributors, overshot their wad on this one. I know the more-likely-than-not-truth and unfortunately it cannot be told. But I will let Nick S off the hook. He really isn’t TC’s boyfriend.

  26. Puppychow said

    I think TC’s boyfriend’s name is NICK-Y

    or it could be spelled NIKKI. 😛

  27. Dana – I have spoken with my son, who confirms that he is not dating Tracy. In fact, I offer as proof, a quote, from his lips to my fingers: “Tracy? Who dat? Look, Mommy, a twain! Let’s go a Di-neyland. Tiki Room?”

    I think that puts and end to that, with no time-out necessary.

    2 Nicks down, how many to go?

  28. Oh Fancy (QJ, is that you?), please do tell…

  29. Puppychow said

    Ya’ll need to leave all the Nicks of the world alone and focus on the Nikkis, and the Nicoles and maybe even the Nicollettes.

  30. Beneful said

    Yeah, what Chow said.

  31. NowIGetIt said

    Ok so my next question is – if you have a sitemeter on your blog and you see from the IP addresses who visits your site how can you tell what other sites they visit?

  32. Meow Mix said

    OK, first of all, what’s with all you bitches stealing my idea for a name? First me, Meow Mix. Then we get QJ up in this mutha callin herself “Meow Mix BFF”. Now we got Fancy Feast, PuppyChow and low and behold Beneful? WTF? You all hussies seriously need to come up with different names. Quit stealing my thunder BITCHES!

    Ok, Nick aka the other website owner with sitemeter, I think it’s safe to say he is not THE “NICK”. But I still think *the* Nick is a figment of Tracy’s imagination. Poor thing has to make up fake boyfriends? So sad…….


  33. Dana said

    Princess….. I’m very glad to hear it. I was worried for him.

  34. She very much reminds me of a “friend” I had in grade school. Even looks a lot like her, chubby, red hair, round face. My friend has a husband, tho.

  35. NowIGetIt said

    I think it was talked about elsewhere but I get that your own site tells you who visits but from there how can you tell where else that person is visiting unless you have similar access to the sites that same person visits as well? I get that my work has a tracer or something that knows where I go.

  36. Eukanuba said


  37. Meow Mix said

    Now that just aint right Eukanuba. At least pick a good product!



  38. ThunderThief aka Puppychow said

    Meow Mix, you forgot about Kibbles&Bits.

  39. Duh said

    First I’d like to say that I didn’t “over shoot my wad”, but thanks for putting that image in my head.

    Second, I have Sitemeter. Usually you can see the entry link the person used to come to the site and the exit link. If you click a link on my site that takes you to another site, I can see it.

  40. Delicat said

    Scritches for ya!

  41. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    What is ‘shooting over your wad’ anyways? It sounds like it’s not good

  42. ScrewU said

    Alright, obviously I need to clear up a couple things here.
    First of all, when it says Written By: ScrewU at the top, then it means that ScrewU wrote this mutha and NOT Duh.

    Secondly, the email that Nick copy & pasted was a hatemail sent to Tracy Coenen from soneone in Mary Kay. He did not write it, he just put it on the board. And when he put it up there, he left her name and email address on the post.

    Get it right, bitches! Or I’m gonna have to bust some heads

  43. NowIGetIt said

    So if I click around here (no links) and click around PT (no links) she has no way to tell if I’m at both sites unless I hit a particular link? Cause really while I did finally get it even though that’s not my PT identity and at some point I guess I can keep this one or do something different. So if some of you posted on anti-pt sites and used your given PT name or told her – then you were banned or she banned you for just being you but not because she could actually tell what sites you are visiting? Hopefully this makes some sense….or follows some kind of logic.

  44. Fancy Feast said

    Um, yeah, ok. I get the fact that DUH did not write this, but given she owns this blog, she had to know/approve it’s content before posting. Just a guess.

    I also get the fact that the Nick mentioned on PT did not write the email he C&P’d.

    What I think you may be not getting is that TC is not referencing an actual boyfriend (someone who can count to 21 naked) in her comment. And that’s fine, given that you may not have the same information as others. As said before, what is most likely the actual truth in this particular circumstance is just an element of knowledge that simply cannot be publicized. I only revealed a small bit so that innocent-Nick would not get more bombarded than is necessary with allegations that stem nowhere from truth.

    I realize it is possible you know that particular element of truth and posted this just to drive TC crazy. I can get with that. But when unsuspecting folks get dragged into this, someone has got to speak up (even if it’s from behind the curtain).

  45. Fancy Feast, 3:05 p.m.: ” But when unsuspecting folks get dragged into this, someone has got to speak up (even if it’s from behind the curtain).”

    Or the closet….

  46. WhiskerLickin's said

    That was funny!

  47. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Very interesting Fancy Feast. I know the words you are using, I just don’t understand them in that order. Is it just me, or are all y’all confused?

  48. About the sitemaster/tracking thing–I posted a link to another blog on my blog, and when I went back to the original blog, it had my blog info on the orginal post. Kind of weird. I think it’s part of TrackBack, but I’m not sure. I’m new to blogging! 😉 I hope that made a little sense!

  49. Duh said

    Well Fancy Feast, please remember that Tracy is the one who originally said that Nick is her boyfriend. You are acting as if ScrewU just pulled this info from thin air. If it was a joke, then who was the joke on? Is it well known amongst the PTer’s that Tracy and Nick are not an item?

    And no, I don’t approve the content of my contributors before it’s posted. I don’t have control issues.

  50. Meow Mix said

    I am going with dear DUH on this one. This post was soley based on a comment Tracy made. No one accused the Nick person who posted on this blog as being THE Nick that we were talkin about. So why don’t yalls get your big girl panties out of a wad and get back to fun!


  51. NowIGetIt said

    You know what’s interesting – not one of the PT posters made any comment or shot out about nick and her having a boyfriend. You know like “wow you got nick to help out” or “that’s so great your boyfriend is sooooooooooooooo awesome to you”. Makes you wonder if it wasn’t a setup post….

  52. ScrewU said

    But what was she setting up? Thats the part I don’t get

  53. NowIGetIt said

    Maybe she was trying to see how many viewed the post and then probably ruled out the ones she “trusts” to narrow down who’s betraying her???? I know it’s probably a big cat stretch.

  54. ScrewU said

    Let her… we’ve got ways. She thinks she’s so clever but we’re cleverer.

    Where the hell is everyone?

  55. 'sup said


  56. Meow Mix said

    you are super clever

    S-T-R-E-T-C-H……..with claws.


  57. Duped said

    Okay, since I am feeling catty today, I am putting in my two cents on this whole “is Nick her boy toy or a figment of her imagination?”.

    She may very well have a boy toy, but I have a feeling that the “Nick” she mentioned is just the name she gave her vibrator.

    Meow. Fuck, what am I doing…I hate cats…

  58. Meow Mix said

    U lurve cats Duped, come on. Admit it.


  59. Duped said

    I lurves me some Meow Mix…but cats themselves make me itchy. LOL

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