Daisy gives Zoe a shout out


By: My Bologna Has A First Name 

There is a post on Pink Truth about BeautiControl and I was really surprised to find a comment from someone called richernu who disapprove of what PTer’s had to say.  Of course, that comment was quickly deleted by the Queen but not before Daisy quoted it.  I think she misses you Zoe!  You should wave hi to her. 

The following is a copy of Daisy’s message.  Richernu is in bold and Daisy’s comment is below.


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Re: Beauti U

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Quote from: richernu on Today at 07:31 AM

Wow. I have never seen a collection of more negative and pathetic whiners in my life. Word of advise, stop belly aching about everyone elses success and start getting in the game of life.

What must it be like to focus your life around all this hatred and infantile negativity?

Glad I’m not you.

…Zoe?  Is that you? 


I was put on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die!


  1. ScrewU said

    Where are you? Bologna gave you your own post and you don’t even respond? This is your chance to tell Daisy whatever you want to. Who is Daisy anyways?

  2. ScrewU said

    And I would like to add how similar the Beautibot’s letter is to kaybots. Maybe the whole world thinks Pink Truthers are whiny, sniveling ninnys.

  3. NowIGetIt said

    Apparently this person has several screen names over at PT, now calling herself “freespeech” and posed a question to the board to which they all denied any wrong doing on the part of posts that are made. The Queen went as far to say the only time a post is removed is when “What PT actually “censors” are trolls like you who make multiple screen names strictly for the purpose of harassing our members. We have no aversion to good debate and intelligent conversation about MLM. Unfortunately, people like you are unable to have such conversations without hurling insults at our members, and that won’t be tolerated.”

  4. NowIGetIt said

    Oh and I would like to point out that my access to the PT board HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!!!!!!!!! I no longer have the access I had before. wow wonder why that happened?

  5. NowIGetIt said

    I take that back – somehow I was a guest again. OOPs.

  6. When you are a ‘guest’ again that means you were banned usually.

  7. ScrewU said

    When you are banned, don’t you just get the sorry guest, you are banned thing?

  8. Meow Mix said

    Who cares, PT sucks anyway. 😉


  9. Zoe said

    whoa? Did the person posting on PT think it was me? Or do you guys think it was me lol. It wasn’t me. heh. Damn I thought they’d forgotten about little zoe who lasted a couple of days before she decided being a lemming just wasn’t the right thing for her. Why, oh why am I talking about myself in third person.

  10. Zoe said

    I’m still in the BeautiCult hehe, but very very part time. I do it when I want, not when I don’t, make a little bit of spending money…it’s all good mah bitches.

    Wha da tah! (sorry, I had a pootie tang moment.)

  11. Zoe said

    okay sorry, I keep coming back to this. I’m so seriously stoked that anyone thought about me more than two seconds to even think I’d go back on that board hahahahaha. Okay I’m done now. Really, I’ll be good. Probably.

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