Free Speech Rocks!!!


Written By: My Bologna Has A First Name

Freespeech is a poster on Pink Truth.  I found her on the Beauticontrol portion of the site.  She had the following to say…


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Pinktruth Board admin censors legitimate questions

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FYI to those of you reading this board.  The powers that be here are very insecure when any true discussion occurs.  Whining and complaining is ok…but real discussion is baaaad.

Make you wonder what else they censor from their boards?

Of course, the PTers just went on to say how free their speech really is.  They aren’t censored, they aren’t controlled.  In fact, they welcome opposing views. 

I think it was about .03 seconds after posting this that she was banned.  Tracy had this post to ‘explain’ why Freespeech wasn’t that free.


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Re: Pinktruth Board admin censors legitimate questions

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Thanks for your input freespeech.

What PT actually “censors” are trolls like you who make multiple screen names strictly for the purpose of harassing our members. We have no aversion to good debate and intelligent conversation about MLM. Unfortunately, people like you are unable to have such conversations without hurling insults at our members, and that won’t be tolerated

Thanks Tracy Coenen for explaining why you banned Free Speech this time.  But wait… that doesn’t explain why you banned her the other times.   And by the way, she wasn’t hurling insults at your readers.  She said the powers that be (i.e. Tracy Coenen)  are insecure. 

So what do you ladies think?  Is Freespeech a troll or does she totally and completely rock?


  1. Me said

    I think Tracy’s response must be a macro–haven’t we read it before, word for word?

    I also think what Tracy said is a lie. There is no discussion on that site except amongst her loyal subjects. How are they ever going to grow if they ban all the new people?

    Once you take away the fake identities there isn’t much left.

  2. ScrewU said

    That’s why she won’t remove the banned members. Then we would actually be able to see the ‘real’ posting numbers. Not so pretty then.

    I know myself that I have had at least 3 ID’s and if freespeech had 3 ID’s, thats 6 “new” members. And they are all banned. So how real are her numbers.

    Rock on my freespeech friend. I hope you find us here on the Bitchfest. WE really do welcome ALL discussion. And yes, that does mean you PT lurkers. I know you are reading 😉

  3. How is leaving banned members on your blog to make your group look bigger any different from signing up a bunch of consultants without their knowledge or even just signing up people you know don’t want to sell just to have another warm body in the unit?

    PT and MK – so similar it’s getting scary.

  4. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    It’s no different. No different at all.

  5. SillySally said

    No, freedoms AREN’T free! They were paid for in blood by soldiers past, present and future.

    Ms. Coenen seems to believe she really IS a “queen” and that this world is her own private kingdom in which she rules supreme. Banning anyone with dissimiliar views enables her to live in her pretend world – where she has control over everyone and everything. Does this not just scream low self-esteem???? Lucky for the rest of us that we not only live in a democracy, but the greatest, most free country in the world. And with freedoms, comes responsibilities. Her irresponsible behaviour will eventually come around to bite her in the ass……….should make for interesting viewing if you’re patient enough to wait for the fireworks! 😉

    Note to Tracy: Buy yourself a clue and try living in the REAL world! I hope you use some of that PT revenue to pay for a really talented therapist.

  6. Meow Mix said

    Tracy is a fucktard. She calls new people trolls, cuz that should really make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Great way to recruit new people Tracy.


  7. They are only trolls if they fail to immediately worship her and the virtual ground that she treads upon.

    In other words, people with brains get banned at PT.

  8. Meow Mix said

    Good point SWMNBN. She sure likes people licking her ass doesn’t she? Can’t she get a rash from that constant licking? Ew.


  9. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    It seems to me that banning people who are “insulting” (read dissenting) also says that she doesn’t think her members are capable of defending themselves. Does she really think her members are that stupid.

    That was a rhetorical question.

  10. Duped said

    I don’t know…I mean, c’mon Tracy, I didn’t see any insults to your members directly. I saw a comment about whining and complaining, but you must admit – there is a LOT of that on your board. Every single time I saw someone try to open up a discussion on a different point of view – they got labeled a “troll” and told to more or less fuck off.

    That is not diplomatic, nor democratic. It is just down right living in a bubble world where everyone agrees and is happy and no one brings up the “bad things”.

    Pretty fucked up way to live your life, now isn’t it? But, then again, who am I to judge? Go on and stay in your bubble world then. I could really give a rat’s ass. At least I have comic relief during the evening.

  11. CatsRUs said

    So the Queen of Multiple Screen Names is now banning others for what she herself masters? LOL! :))) I can hardly wait til she ticks off one of her clients and they start a blog about her.

  12. ScrewU said

    Wouldn’t that be fantastic? I bet that day will come. She’s anything but professional on her business site. You can’t hide crayzee.

  13. CatsRUs said

    Check out PTLies latest. I want to join the Yahoo group this Bill N belongs to. Love to chat with him!

  14. Zoe said

    I think I was deemed a trouble maker on there too. And all I was doing was being a hobby MLMer and TRYING to be moderate, though I got sucked in a little bit by the PT fog, but once someone PMed me to tell me about the wonderful “second chance” I’d been given , my gag reflex got the better of me, and well, here I am.

  15. Zoe said

    duped, those evil trolls were just being negative nellies. 😛

  16. Duped said

    I could never figure out why they were being so fucked up towards you, Zoe. I never saw anywhere where you were actively trying to recruit someone – you were just talking. One day, I am reading your posts and the next day, you are labeled a “troll” and are banished. Weird ass shit.

  17. Zoe said

    LMAO I know. I think Tracy just figured out I’d see through the bullshit and if I was allowed to stay I might take some people with me, because several were befriending me in PM and being nice on the boards. Considering her personality I thought it was a little weird the way she seemed to be holding back with me. Like she’d be a little bitchy, then she’d pull back some and be “nice” like she was really trying to give me a shot to “fit in.”

    If I had played it a different way I could have eventually been in the super sekret inner circle, but then again, I have more productive things to do, like masturbate. Unfortunately PT isn’t very orgasmic.

    Although I did think it was pretty funny that everybody thought I was trying to recruit them. Yeah, cause calling my hobby MLM “the beauticult” makes it very appealing to other people. bwahahahahaha. Tards, I swear.

  18. Duped said

    No, PT isn’t very stimulating in the sensual kind of way…not like the free porn on the internet. LOL 🙂 Neither is chicken pox, which my baby girl went and contracted from her chickenpox vaccine (she just HAD to be one of the 10% that actually get the fucking pox from the vaccine, didn’t she???). But that’s another rant entirely.

    I definitely noticed the cat and mouse game she was playing with you. She set you up in my opinion. Which was the most retarded thing I have witnessed and was one of the main reasons I went searching for the real truth behind PT. So, in a way, I have to thank you for that; if it hadn’t been for you, I would never have found you sickos to hang out with.

    Okay, enough drivel and chicky feely shit. Much more and I think I’ll barf. 😛

  19. Zoe said

    That sucks about the chicken pox. I think it’s a rite of passage kids should go through lol. Yeah I’m a sicko.

    It would have been a set up if I hadn’t seen her doing it. I just thought “fuck this shit” Maybe if I’d been more bored that week I would have let her think she could manipulate me a little. It might have been fun. Hell I could have used multiple IPs in different parts of the country and started pretending to be trolls, and denouncing the trolls on the board, and just making myself look better and better. hahahaha. God I wish I was bored enough to do shit like that, but alas no.

    hehe Duped, I’m glad I made a difference. 😛 Now we should build a shrine for me.

    I don’t know how I found Duh’s blog. Oh nevermind yes I do. Someone on here PMed me on PT to tell me Tracy read’s people’s PMs, and I got into actual email with her and she gave me links to the anti-PT blogs, which I just thought were funny as hell and here I am. I’m basically a rubber necker, watching the big train wreck.


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