You’re Wrong and I’m Not Sorry…


PURfect PUR is at it again.  Just when you thought her and Tracy learned how to make nice, they let their ugly underbellies show.  They try so hard but damnit… it’s too hard to make nice. 

For easier reading, I’ve only copied the poster’s name and their comment.  The Thread is titled ‘ISO- is anyone putting in a $200+ order- I need something!’

Here is them attacking their young:


If you are putting in a $200+ wholesale order VERY SOON – please let me know
and if you would be willing to order somethings for me



I am thinking about ordering…. LOL…. I need to!!  I will let you know for sure… what do you need, my dear??

Personal Use Recruiter:

Oy, you all are feeding the MKC beast… 


I’m sorry – but i think that is a personal choice!!!

 Flower I didn’t think I was asking for opinions here – just for a purchase! Flower

Not that I should have to explain myself or for anyone else:
The items that I am wanting are brand new and most people on here wouldn’t have it or I would buy from them!

But don’t take this wrong – it’s none of your business with whom or where we get the product

Some people are still personal use consultants or have their own client base – and it’s their choice to do so whether you agree with it or not!

Personal Use Recruiter:

I don’t think the Pink Truth community is here to promote MLMs in any way.


Anne, I need to order some things I’m out of, and I’ll be putting in an order by June 30.  I can add some robes if you’d like me to.  I certainly won’t be ordering my max limit.  Smiley  As long as you’re willing to reimburse me what I paid for them, I don’t care.

You can PM me and let me know how many you’d like.

PUR, I know you’re trying to help, but after I read your post, I felt like I had to defend myself.  I thought PT was here to support everyone, regardless of MLM or current activity level, as long as we weren’t trolling for new recruits or just being a troll in general.  If being an accepted member of PT means I have to cut all ties with Mary Kay, then I guess I need to cut my ties with PT.  I gave up recruiting, my unit meeting, and my “buying” prizes once I came to PT.  I’m still not ready to let go of my customer base or the cosmetic line I’ve used exclusively since 1993, and I thought that was okay

Personal Use Recruiter:

Daisy, it is okay for you to do whatever you wish regarding your MK business and get the support and information you need to find here to make informed decisions regarding your business.  MKC and your NSD are most likely not giving you the information you need in a timely fashion to make those decisions regarding sales and inventory purchasing levels.  So I am glad you are finding what you need here at Pink Truth.  You and other PU consultants are most welcome.

Honestly I thought the inventory liquidators who are “working” this and other boards were doing a service to help consultants dispose of old inventory that could not be returned under the inventory buy back program.  This is a great service and has been a help to many. 

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, it is my understanding that Pink Truth is NOT here to promote MLMs. So if the focus of that service is going to switch over to soliciting new product purchases and become an avenue to profit off of personal use consultants, then I do not think that activity has a place here on the open boards.  It makes us (the Pink Truth Community) look hypocritical in the worst way!!!


I consider it my business when you are using my site to develop your business. We do not and should not encourage ordering from a predatory company like MK. Please understand and respect my position on this.


I am reinstating this deleted post so that everyone can see firsthand what was said. I would rather that you see it for yourself, then speculate based upon gossip you’ve heard. This type of request does not belong on PT, but that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome personal use consultants. What it means is that we’re not in favor of continued ordering from MK or encouraging orders or anything of the sort. MK is a predatory MLM, and every dime we/you give them is support of their predatory practices.

Anyone can feel free to disagree with those position, but they must still abide by the rules on the board. I realize this may be a new issue for us and people may not have known. Fine. Now they know.

Please discontinue disparaging members over this issue. We do not need discord in our community. Mary Kay does enough to destroy lives. We don’t want to add to that misery.


So what do you guys think?  Is PUR the 2nd in command now ?  Is it what Tracy and PUR says goes?  I’m wondering why it’s ok for someone to order for personal use because they are ordering for their customers but it’s not ok for a liquidator to order a couple of items for her customers. 

What happened to the world of warm fuzzies in Pink Truthland? 



  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    they are so stupid. Part of the whole “anti MLM” thing is that RECRUITING makes it a product-based pyramid scam.
    Just buying or selling the product for personal use has never really been part of the problem, except that it’s a money suck. If somebody wants to pay that much for cleanser, who the hell cares?
    But now PinkTruth is about bludgeoning people to death who actually like MK products?

  2. PT is Smokin'.....Not! said

    I’m confused about who’s hand was being slapped there. PUR’s for disparaging Monicag225 and Daisy? Or Anneszoo’s and Daisy’s for defending themselves?

    Duh, can you find a picture of a Pink Fascist? It seems appropriate here.

    Also, just in case anneszoo reads here, I believe Monicag225 also posts on PL where they also have PM privileges. Yes, you do have to post a certain number of times to get unlimited PM’s, but they’re not reserved for the “elite”.

    In addition, the more current consultants order from MK, the less money they have to spend on Tracy’s blog. Yeah, I see how it is.

  3. It’s a shame that anyone would give Anneszoo (AZ) a hard time. AZ has taken so much MK off the hands of those that want to get rid of it. They got money for things they couldn’t return to MKC and they weren’t stuck with stuff no one wanted or they wouldn’t use. IMO, they should be thanking AZ.

  4. I happen to have wanted a few MK products that were no longer available and have purchased from Anneszoo. I find her to be an honest and fair business woman.

  5. CatsRUs said

    First of all, the consultant offered her discount to the other and no “profit” would be realized.

    Secondly, how many of the current DIRECTORS on PT still get their BUY NEW PRODUCT so they can be active and get their commission checks? I know for a fact at least a few of them are in her Maven group, and it’s OK for them to purchase NEW product from the company thereby “supporting the MLM” but not the lowly members of her group? Maybe she could clarify her position about that.

    Finally, Tracy needs to quit contradicting herself. This post most definitely is full of contradictions which, to me, show a lack of conviction on her part. In the same post, she welcomes personal use consultants on her boards and then on the other hand, she condemns those who order…?

    She could have directed the consultant to the trading board.

  6. Meow Mix said

    Tracy doesn’t know what she means. She tells so many lies and manipulates so many people it’s no wonder she herself gets confused on what issues she is standing for. Oh yeah, I forgot. She remembers one issue. That she is Queen and what she says goes. Except for PUR. PUR seems to be lickin ass pretty good.


  7. Zoe said

    oh pulease. Come get in my pocket. These people are such asstards. Seriously. I’m glad though that more people are starting to see it. Most people just aren’t THAT angry at MKC. Not enough that they want to give up all their emotional freedom to continue to fuel their anger so they can remain pissed off and have a cause.

    Tracy, for fuck’s sake, go fight a real cause. Go help people with cancer or feed starving children or something. Become a foster mother…on second thought…don’t do that, we don’t need more fucked up children running around.

    I never once tried to get anyone to order anything from the beauticult nor did I ever try to recruit. Personal use or Hobby MLMers are NOT welcome on PT. UNLESS they act like it’s a shameful secret, something they are horrified they are a part of but feel too “victimized and scared” to break free. Unless you produce the requisite shame or perceived victimhood, you are not welcome unless you completely denounce all MLM activity on all levels, even your own.

    So if you are personal use or hobby, and you want to live in shame for that, continue on at PT with my blessing. PT isn’t about freedom folks. It’s about another kind of slavery, one in which not only are you not making any money, you aren’t breaking even. You’re just working for free…oh yeah…much like a slave. Bitches.

    I can’t tell you how strongly this mirrors anti-religion message boards I’ve been on before. Someone has a bad experience with an extremist form of spirituality, then they label all religion bad not only for them but for all people everywhere. They act like their experience is the same experience for every human on the planet. (much like some women who are victimized by some man begin to think all men are evil) It’s the same ball of wax. Its extremism not located anywhere inside of normal reality with propaganda that the rest of you must suffer through.

    PTer’s listen up, cause we know you lurk, you won’t be accepted on PT until you are a goose stepping minion. Agree with everything Tracy says or else. Be just as extreme as she is or else. Act like you’re saving the world, (just like the feminazis and rabid anti-religionists) Pump yourself up with your own narcissism and self-righteousness and continue to enslave yourself. Because you aren’t free of MKC until you’re free of the anger toward it. You’re still just as involved as you ever were. Now put your big girl panties on, and get back to licking Tracy’s ass.

  8. mkrules said

    Some things that drive me batty….

    1. Her name is PUR…PERSONAL USE RECRUITER!!! She could be a PU consultant and be feeding the “beast” herself?????

    2. People using MK when they suppossedly think it is such a dreaded company that wrecks havoc on lives. If you really think that, get out of the company. If you don’t, you are worse than all of us “kaybots” because while we believe we can be ethical if we choose and don’t have to listen to those who aren’t, you are apparently a little weaker and should just quit. If MK is ruining your life, why support them and why USE them to get the product THAT NO ONE WANTS (according to PT) at half price??

    There are so many hypocritical things in this article it makes me want to pull my hair out! It must be hard to change faces so many times over and over. PT is all about acceptance one day, and back to controlling behavior the next. Oh, PTers who think you can go about yout business and think about getting out…if you don’t send back your inventory in about 3 months, TC will most likely ban you. It is kind of like the anti-directorship where TC is NSD. PUR is apparently a PT exec. senior director…oh wait, I think they are called “baronness”?? Funny, for someone who hates MLMs, this board is even set up like one. And you even have to stay in the “black fog”!

  9. turdontherun said

    1) They are my rules, I make them up

    2) The rules are subject to change at any time without notice

    3) Because I can

  10. mkrealist said

    Zoe says ~ “Because you aren’t free of MKC until you’re free of the anger toward it.”

    That was worth repeating!

  11. Meow Mix said

    Hey MKRealist!

    One day this PT bullshit will run its course and it will be gone just like the other blogs that slowly fade away. Tick tock tick tock.


  12. whateva said

    Tracy is desperately trying to hang on to whatever pitiful moments she has left. She has to keep people down in order to keep PT running. Pathetic.

  13. Zoe said

    mkrules…yes you have to “qualify” just like directorship. You’ve got a certain amount of time to get rid of that inventory or you get banned. Too bad there isn’t a car program.

  14. Zoe said

    thanks mkrealist…i heart it when i’m quotable. 😛

  15. CatsRUs said

    Yes, letting go of the anger is key. It’s fine to share your experience so that others can learn what “not” to do, but people need to understand that MK will go on (much longer than any single blog) so accept it already and be there to “educate” not condemn and power play others who desire to participate.

    Because she is a carbon copy (and not an original) her true “mission” (about MK) will always be gray and inconsistent. Her true mission, imo, is to self-promote and be known as the alphabet soup lady who went after MK.

    Her imitation (PT) “seems” impressive, but really it’s not. For example, if she had a molecule of dignity, she would come up with her own ranks for her board rather than half-ass copy PC’s, especially if she had a falling out with PC. But, on the other hand, knowing Tracy, keeping those ranks thinking it might tick PC off, even a little bit, would be total Tracy.

    She steps up her marketing when someone “backstabs” her. I’ve never known exactly what “stepping up her marketing” means, but after reading these blogs, I am beginning to get a clear picture. I realize now when she feels backstabbed (we all know the truth about that one) part of her retaliation is taking something that was yours (a thought, an idea, etc) making it her own. She did it with PC, she’s done it with LJ (just look at the forums). Truth is she’s just smoke and mirrors.

  16. foreverpink said

    ” What it means is that we’re not in favor of continued ordering from MK or encouraging orders or anything of the sort. MK is a predatory MLM, and every dime we/you give them is support of their predatory practices”

    With that said, then why does she not reprimand those sales directors who remain in MK yet claim to support PT and its cause? Arent they still ordering product, recruiting and supporting MK’s “predatory practices”? Shouldnt she encourage them to find the courage to quit being involved with the business of Mary Kay. But instead she supports and embraces them. Its as if is ok for one to be involved with mary kay as long as you admit that you hate it. Because then you can claim that you are an “unwilling” victim, trapped in Mary Kay’s vicious cycle and powerless to get out. But if you take responsibility for your actions and admit that you do like some aspects of the business then you are accused of supporting “predatory practices”. This is proof that Tracy is not interested in women who express that they accept responsibility for their decisions and actions and are ok with their own level of MK involvement, but that she is only interested in those that express hatred for the company. She is not concerned with whether or not one stays in MK or not, just as long as you express her views about it so that it can help fuel her campaign.

    My theory is that she does not encourage those sales directors to stop their own “predatory” involvement with MK because she needs them to snoop for her and continue to gather info for her to use on her blog. I hope they know they are being used. If they were to quit MK then she would have not use for them, she would probably even ban them.

    Those that are lurking that support Tracy and PT, please tell me how can you justify that blatant double standard/hypocrisy (spelling?)

  17. Whiskers said

    Everytime i turn around, i hear how someone has ‘backstabbed’ Tracy! Oh woe is Tracy! Blah Blah Blah…

    Can someone please give an example of this backstabbing bullshit she keeps yappin’ about?

  18. Zoe said

    whiskers, the existence of these blogs apparently is backstabbing. Everyone is “out to get her” It can’t possibly have anything to do with her own behavior or the freaky cult-like atmosphere of the PT board itself.

  19. ScrewU said

    Tracy is not to blame for anyone attacking her. We all just collectively decided to gang up and try to ruin her. There was no reason.

  20. Duh said

    I just didn’t like the way she was looking at me in that pic she has of herself on her FRAUDfiles blog.

  21. SillySally said

    Frankly, I don’t see how Tracy can keep track of who is “in” and who is “out” at any given time. She alternates between supporting and tearing people down with such random abandon………..and some people drool at the chance to be *noticed & abused* by her. Very sad……….once a Kaybot, always a Kaybot for some of the weaker-minded fucktards.

  22. Zoe said

    LMAO Duh, she can see you through your computer screen! bwahahahahahaha

  23. Zoe said

    Some people like the abuse SillySally, but I would suggest they find a healthier way to deal with their masochistic tendencies…like spanking.

  24. MJ said

    I’ve never had a Mary Kay consultant call me out of the blue and force me to sign up. And I have never met anybody who has. Sometimes humans have to take ownership for there mistakes, Yes? Maybe when that MK consultant tried to push inventory on a newbie, they should of found the courage to say No Thank You and walked the hell away. If you choose to play the sheep, Than you need to get some confidence or balls and demand to be heard. No means No. Is it really that complicated?

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