Week in Review: June 17 – June 23


 Oh my little babies!  How I’ve missed you all.  I had the pleasure of checking my blog for the first time in several days.  I was so happy to see the posts my friends have put up here! 

This week is my birthday.  I’ll be turning 29 for the first time on Wednesday.  I say for the first time because I don’t plan on ever getting any older.  I’m putting my foot down on this issue.

I know you’ve missed it.  I know you want it.  Here it is!!!  YOUR Week in Review:

Pink Truth:  I haven’t read any of the blogs in a week, so I had to sort of skim over a lot of them.  Pink Truth was one that I skimmed.  I really tried to read it, but my eyes just kept glazing over.   I did see that Tracy posted a video from Gloria Mayfield Banks.  GMB then made the video private or something so Tracy had to repost it.  She then had the nerve to send GMB an e-mail asking why she had made it private if everything was on the up and up.  Considering how pissed Tracy gets when I post pictures from her site, I would think she would understand why GMB did that.  Oh wait, that would mean that Tracy would have to have EMPATHY and FEELINGS.  Raisinberry is talking to God in another post.  Doesn’t she realize that I’m the only one who can talk to God?  https://somecallmeduh.wordpress.com/2007/05/29/117/

My Pink Truth:  Me starts off the week with a post about Tracy’s alleged change of heart about posting personal info on her blog.  Could it be the dawn of a new era?  A kinder, gentler PT?   By the end of the week though, it seems business as usual with Tracy threatening legal action against some guy who made a comment about her on a Yahoo group.  I’ll bet Tracy’s lawyers either a) love her to death for financing their trips to Costa Rica and new Porsches or b) try to avoid her calls because they are sick of her whining.  Tracy, here’s some free legal advice:  GET A LIFE OFF OF THE INTERNET.

MK Rules!:  I did read our little Sweet Potato’s blog.  She started a new page called “Love Mail,” and it is nauseatingly sweet and nice just like Sweet Potato herself.  I think she must have just realized that she can post You Tube videos.  There are three in a row this week.

PT Lies:   has moved!  I can’t believe Tracy didn’t acquire the domain www.PTLies.com!  She must be slipping.  Besides an open letter to the commenters asking them to stop with the profanity (sell out),  there is an announcement about the new “Mavens” group over on PT.  There’s also a couple articles that are kind of old news: the Milwaukee Business Journal Article, http://milwaukee.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/stories/2007/06/11/smallb1.html?page=1&b=1181534400^1474016, and Tracy’s book deal.  I’m hoping that PT Lies doesn’t fall into the same trap as Pink Truth who justs regurgitates all the same old crap.  To be fair though, PT Lies never did address these stories, and MAYBE whoever writes it doesn’t read my blog.  (Yeah right!)

The Fuchsia Blog:   WTH!?  It’s been deleted?  No explanation?  No warning?  Does anyone have the story on this inexplicable deletion?

Maybe everyone else is busy with summertime fun like me, but it seems like the drama on the blogs is dying down.  For better or for worse?  I haven’t decided yet. 

My week was pretty relaxing actually.  I read “Sophie’s Choice” for the third or fourth time.  Dave and I finished cleaning up the yard.  The brush pick up guys FINALLY got to our house.  All they left was a wide swath of dead grass.  Thankfully it’s been raining here almost everyday, so our grass should be lush and green again in no time.  We did a couple of casino parties.  Nothing much really.  I encourage all you blog rats to give the blogs a break for a week or two.  It’s very refreshing!


  1. Dana said

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, deah Duh!
    Happy birthday to you!

  2. NowIGetIt said

    My boys blew my “29” cover when I was dating my hubby. They told him “my mom is 29 but we’ve been saying that for awhile”. So yes I to carried the 29 for quite some time until I was busted.

  3. Me said

    Well, today is the 15th anniversary of my 39th birthday. I’m sure with Tracy on the loose, everyone already knew that, probably including the time of my actualy birth, but whatever.

    Happy birthday, Duh (a bit early!)!!!

  4. Me said

    *ACTUAL birth* sorry…..

  5. Well Happy Birthday to you miss DUH. But 29 again? Who in hell would want to stay in their twenties? I’m 33 and proud of it damnit!


  6. Meow Mix said

    Oops I didn’t realize I posted under my old name…sorry


  7. Duh said

    I wanted to stay 13 forever, but my husband didn’t like that too much.

  8. Dana said

    I’d be more worried if your husband was excited by that………

    And no offense, but y’all are old!!!! 🙂

  9. Duh said


    Am I old? I’m not even 30 yet!

  10. Me said

    I”M old….but I’m lovin’ every minute of it. There is something very liberating about being in your 50s! I cried all day on my 30th birthday, but 40 and 50 were great!

  11. I am proud that I no longer celebrate birthdays. Only anniversaries for me now, and this November will be the 4th anniversaty of my 29th birthday.

    Happy B’Day, Duh!

    (And this note from the Queen of Typos: The first time I typed that, it said “Habby Bi’Day, Duh”. Good thing I started reading these before hitting “post.”)

  12. Dana said

    Duh, you’re not old. I meant other than you. It’s the 30+ crowd that I refer to as old! 🙂

  13. Duh said

    Awesome! It’s good to know that I have ONE MORE YEAR before I’m officially considered “old”.

    I’m thinking of becoming a Jehovah Witness so I never have to celebrate a birthday again…

  14. ScrewU said

    Geez Dana. How old are you? 15?

  15. Dana said

    Yes! How did you guess? I was signed up for MK illegally to help my aunt finish her unit. Then she signed me up for credit cards that I couldn’t legally have and charged about $35,000 on them. On the plus side, I was queen of sales! Unfortunately, the airlines wouldn’t let me fly without a parent or guardian, so I couldn’t walk across stage at my unit awards.


  16. indenturedservant said

    okay, well…..there’s something new at ptlies but it’s posted on the old blog address for the moment.

    Didn’t want to disappoint anyone who needs more drama in their lives.

    So glad you’re back Duh. 😛

  17. Meow Mix said

    Ok that is so not cool to call us 30 somethings OLD. Just wait sista Dara, women in their 30s have the best sex. Yes, just wait. You’ll know it. And you’ll tell us we were right! LOLOLOL


  18. Happy early B-day! Glad you have a life outside the blogs, but glad you are back too! 🙂

  19. LOL @ Sweet Potato. I think that’s a cute name! 🙂

  20. Black Sheep (MK4ME) said

    Happy Birthday to you Duh!! Have lots of fun and enjoy it, I had to give up passing myself off as 29 quite awhile ago seeing my son turns 27 in August and you can only say you had him young for awhile. Nobody will believe I was 5. Go figure.

    This is just plain ole b.s. (nope not b*ll sh*t) – Black Sheep

    (By the way I thought we could take up a collection and try to get you a bullet proof vest) 🙂

  21. Bullet proof vest, very logical considering I hear TC packs heat. LOL

  22. mkrules said

    Happy Early B day, Duh! Mine is next week as well…27 years old.

    And yes, YOU TUBE ROCKS!

    I really like music and posted a music video page too….

  23. Duped said

    Happy Birthday, Duh & MKRules. 🙂 Hope the sun is shining for you both on your special days. Alas, I have to wait another month for my big 30…but I have to say, I am not worried about hitting that milestone. 🙂 I have heard that rumour that sex is better…can’t wait to try it out! 😉 Cheers to you both! And enjoy some summertime fun everyone!

  24. Dana said

    So on a different subject, anyone read the latest PinkTruth post? Why is it that once again spelling and grammar mistakes are ignored, but let a “Kaybot” make a typo and that’s all they can talk about. The author talks about the Mary Kay “wherehouses” and uses “it’s” for “its.” That’s one of my pet peeves!

    I had to stop reading it because it was so bad!

  25. Rebecca said

    I decided it was time so I deleted The Fuchsia Blog. There is no story, sorry. No drama. I’ve been wanting to delete for quite some time. So, last night the time was right and POOF.

  26. tracysucks said

    Happy Birthday to both the kids here! Enjoy your birthday month.

    Oh no! Once again I find myself agreeing with Me — 40s totally ROCK — so much better than the 20s! 🙂 Now I am a real adult…

    And Me, it seems that mary kay is what I mostly disagree with you about, so I won’t continue to get freaked when we agree on other topics. Made it through that without therapy.

    By the way, tracy sucks.

  27. Summer said

    A very Happy Birthday Duh!

  28. mkrules said

    Becca, That blog will be missed.

  29. inmkbutsmart said

    Happy Birthday girls! I am sorry to say, but on Sunday I will turn 30. I am not looking forward to moving to a new box, but apparently I have to. However I have decided that I will be 29.99 from here on out. I think this is a much mature way of dealing with it.

    Meow Mix you said that in your 30’s you have the best sex. Well I need to get a man and check that out.

    Rebecca I too will miss your blog, but I understand.

  30. Rebecca said

    Thanks, Everybody! There are only so many ways to keep saying the same stuff. And there are other blogs around……… There are those with the truth about PT and TC (this blog and PTLies); there are those for pro-MKers and for The Neutrals. PinkVoices, PynkMyst, MyPinkTruth, and of course MKRules! And there are more; The Pinking Shears, Pink Lighthouse, MKSurvivors Yahoo group; MKRules’ Yahoo group; many other pro-MK Yahoo groups.

  31. Duh said

    How DARE you remove your blog without consulting me! Just who do you think you are??

    That’s it. You’re banned.

  32. Zoe said

    I’m the opposite about age. I think I’ll get to the point where I just won’t tell people how old I am but…I’d rather tell my real age because then people can go: “wow you don’t look that old” After awhile if you keep saying you’re 29 people are going to start thinking “damn, poor girl, she’s not aging well” lol.

    My mom is 52 and looks 40 and you better believe if I was her I’d either smile coyly when someone asked my age or shout 52! hehehe.

    If you are turning one of the even birthdays like 30, 40, 50, take heart, you can just rename it. When I turn 30 I’m not going to be 30, I’m going to be Twenty-Ten.

    I’ve heard from a lot of women that the thirties rock. Twenties are full of angst and zomg who am I, drama drama drama…I’ll be so glad to be in an age bracket where I can say: “who the hell are you, fuck you.”

    Happy Birthday Bitches.

  33. Rebecca said

    You’re gonna BAN me? Oh, No, please, don’t, no no no no……

    Wait — what did Zoe just say about age brackets? I am well over that 30 bracket, into the next decade, courting the next one up…..

    Uh, whatever. I’m too old to worry about it!

    Duh, you are funny!

  34. Zoe said

    I think we should have a poll on whether we should ban Rebecca. Like we can have all these options and one of them can be to hug her, but of course only the total lamer hippy flower children will vote for that one. Then we can all make sanctimonious posts of horror that we can’t believe she has a life and deleted her blog. 😛

    We could make it really dramatic if we tried…maybe not 3 pages of pointlessness worth of dramatic…but baby steps.

  35. Wow! There’s lots of birthdays coming up! Mine, too–next Tuesday. 31. Yikes. But, I’ve been told I don’t look it. Life is good as long as I keep getting carded! 😆 Happy Birthday to all!

    I miss the Fuchsia Blog, too. I don’t think I ever posted, but it was a good read. 🙂 Love these other blogs, too.

  36. mkrealist said

    Happy Birthday Duh! 🙂

  37. Meow Mix said

    I think i lurve Zoe. She likes the words fuck and bitches just as much as I do.

    I look GOOD for my ripe age of 33. It’s funny, when I get carded, they ask me if i’m old enough like I’m going to clock ’em for asking. Then I get a big smile on my face and say “I’ll show you my i.d.!”. I lurve getting carded. Makes me feel as young as I am!


  38. Rebecca said

    Oh, I feel so honored! Be still my heart! A poll all about ME!

    Hey, wonder if I am The Mole? BWAHAHAhahahahahahahaha!

  39. What What said

    Happy Birthday Duh and MKRules!

    And I won’t even get started on the age thing – I hung out with two of the coolest women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this weekend, and neither was in my age group. Age ain’t nothing but a number (RIP Aayliyah)!

  40. Rebecca, glad to see you are still around. It was a shock on my morning blog rolls.

    I am gonna vote now….I know you will think I am crazy, but I vote for HUGS! 🙂

  41. Black Sheep (MK4ME) said

    Hey Semi-Charmed,
    I think I will vote for hugs too, well because if everyone voted to ban Rebecca, it would be awful since she just retired from her blog, if she got banned from here, she would be forced to start a new blog…
    Banned from the Banned from the Bitchfest: PT can bite my a** and so can BFTB! Damn, it might start getting very confusing not to mention that is a long title. hehehe

    Ok – all you y’ungs need to schuttle off to beddy bye. And us oldies, should be some beauty sleep.

    This is just plain ole b.s. (nope not b*ll sh*t) – Black Sheep

  42. Zoe said

    hehe meow mix…have I said Fuck a lot?

    Sometimes my Fuckin cuss filter doesn’t work right.

    And Rebecca, you are so totally the mole. But I was covering for you with my confession possibly in a different thread. 🙂

  43. Colleen said

    Happy Bday Duh!!!

  44. Dana said

    I vote we hug Rebecca, but only after outing her to the group. I wait, she’s already out. How about we don’t let her eat any internet food with us?!?!

    Oh wait. We’re not pathetic. We don’t do that.

  45. Me said

    Duh, I got busy yesterday and didn’t make it here to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope it was a special day for you.

  46. Duh, I hope you had a wonderful bithday! 🙂

  47. Zoe said

    Dana we totally should ban her from eating internet food with us.

    *passes Dana some internet coffee* Like OMG and stuff.

  48. Zoe said

    in other news I’m quitting the beauticult, even as a hobby, but I might still stay personal use. I made $3 profit tonight. Can you get excited about that?

  49. Damn, how long did it take you to make that $3??

    Well, at least you got yourself a……gallon of gas! 😛

  50. Dana said

    Hear my heart, Zoe! That $3 is the start of something big for you! Just plan your work then work your plan!!!!!

    And, like, the internet coffee cake is, like, totally delish!!!! Please pass somemore!!!!!!!

  51. Zoe said

    hehehehehe. I didn’t want to spend my $3 all in one place. I was thinking I could get two junior frozen yogurts for that. Two separate days of frozen yogurt-y goodness. squee! Seriously though, I’ve got one more Spa party on the 9th. I’m going to do it and put my order in then, and hopefully get enough to make a tiny little profit, then I’m gone. Besides, while I DO like the beauticontrol skincare, I want to use bare minerals makeup. Not that it’s ever stopped me before, but if the Bare Minerals stuff worked really well, I would hate it if someone asked me about my makeup lol.

    I’m thinking I might quit altogether even personal use BC, cause you get your skincare 50% off if you do a party, so I can just have a party when I want my stuff at a discount. It’s less hassle than being a personal use consultant probably.

    In other news…and I know this is really long…I went over to PT just now to look on the board (the part I can see) to see if anyone had said anything about Bare Minerals and I saw the beauticontrol board and in one of the threads High Hopes said this:

    “I’m thinking this person “freespeech’ posted here about a month or so ago about beauticontrol and it was extremely tedious for a long weekend. Some of you may remember. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ going to sleep now, not intersted in troll talk…..ZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz”

    I seriously hope she wasn’t referring to me. I haven’t been over to PT since I got banned, except for today looking for bare minerals info. Though that may be on one of the members only boards, I don’t know…I got sidetracked by the BC thread.

    LMAO Dana, yes that $3 is the start of something big for me…ESCAPE. 😛 I’m totally still using it though, and I’m not going to turn into a raving freaking psycho over it. I’m also not going to start condemning hobby MLMers. I’m sure this is fun for some people. In fact I believe the girl who recruited me really enjoys doing this. But I don’t think it’s for me.

  52. Zoe said

    correction: I haven’t been on the discussion board since getting banned. I went to the main blog for about three days when I was gonna do a “counterpoint” to the PT articles.

  53. 'Sup said

    OT, but come on Duh! This week started out with a BANG and I need some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Madame D'ulCoverage, Mistress of the One-Eyed Makeovers said

    duh you’re slippin’! We need some new material here!

  55. chat free room teen


  56. Willie Lump Lump said

    FUCK! I knew it was only a matter of time before Tracy started send spam to duh’s blog. Whore!

  57. LOL said


  58. Duped said

    LMFAO. Maybe the spam will stop coming to my inbox then???? LOL Maybe not…actually, I kind of like it. The subject lines are enough to make me snicker.

  59. FollowOurFlip said

    Get a little side tracked did we WLL??

    InMK- I will get out of a bracket in a month too, the 18-24 bracket. You guys are fucking old….

  60. Duped said

    Yes, we are old…but at least we can say we are “experienced”….*singing Jimi Hendrix* Yeah, baby, yeah!!! 😛

    And hey, 30 is not old…gimme a break people, I just turned 30 last fucking week…I don’t qualify as old for at least another 3 weeks… 🙂

  61. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    OMG did that whore just call us old? I like my ripe old age of 33. Suck that you ho! 😉


  62. FollowOurFlip said

    I would respond, but I am busy sucking, and Dizzy is a mouth full….

  63. FollowOurFlip said

    Movie Quote: “with OLD balls…”

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