How Funny Is This?


Written By: ScrewU

Ladies… I would like to just show you how badly the woman  at Pink Truth need us!!!  They think that this is funny **shaking head in sadness for them**

Here’s the Post titled ‘I Saw a MK Car the Other Day… Funny Story’:


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I saw a MK car the other day…funny story

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I told my wife this, and she told me to go ahead and post it…

It was actually funny…. Grin

I was driving home from work, around the George Bush Turnpike and Preston Road. I saw a smaller SUV, that was burgundy or maroon. I don’t remember the actual name on the car, but it had pink lettering stuck to the window…

It had the woman’s name, then “Independent Beauty Consultant”, then the classic Mary Kay URL, then, on the sides of the doors, were magnetic stickers. I laughed so hard I can’t remember the woman’s name!! Rolling on the Floor

Anybody seen this vehicle before??

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Ok, I don’t know about you folks but this is NOT a funny story!!!  If this is their idea of fun, they need to come here and have some real fun.  Am I wrong?  Or are my expectations too high?


  1. MKRealist said

    The only thing even remotely amusing to me is the fact that there is a “George Bush Turnpike” somewhere on this planet.

    And doesn’t he know that without a name to bash, nothing is FUN at PT?

    His laughter-induced-name-amnesia robbed them of the glee of contacting this woman and harassing her via email and phone.

  2. Meow Mix said

    Am I having a blonde moment here? I don’t get what’s so funny. I think we’ve all seen the MK cars around. Is he specifically making fun of the magnetic stickers? Sorry, I just don’t get what’s so funny. Either I’m the tard, or he is. Whatev.


  3. Zoe said

    lol Mkrealist…they definitely should have played up the george bush turnpike part of the story. But then it’s all in the delivery. Wow that story was hella lame.

    lol Meow Mix I know Lots of people have magnetic stickers. This isn’t gut busting humor.

  4. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Yeah, I don’t get what is funny here. Oh look… a car… it has a sticker OMG!!!! Stop before I have an aneurism from laughing so hard. Ahhhh

    I think the biggest give away that it wasn’t funny was that he had to say “This is funny”. It’s like that Real Men of Genius commercial says…
    Nothing says I’m important like a man screaming into his phone “I’m important!!!!”

  5. ScrewU said

    We need to do a funnervention on them. It’s our duty to inform them of what real humor is. We have to save them… imagine their poor little lives. The horror

  6. Ol' McTracy IS a fraud.... said


    e i e i………..NOT!!!!!!!

  7. Do you know the muffin man said

    What the &*#$%! This post is way funnier than the subject of this post.

  8. There is nothing remotely funny about this PT post other than it’s funny that some exMKer’s hubby thinks car magnets are funny.

    News Flash – most car magnets are not funny unless they say PT SUCKS!
    (now I would laugh if I saw that!)

    And ScrewU ~ Funnervention…….is classic (and funny).

  9. Me said

    The poor guy seems to be suffering from dementia. He cannot remember the type of car, can’t tell what color it really is and forgot the women’s name.

    So….what was the point of the story again?

  10. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You are so right! They should be taking him to the doctor. The poor man obviously can not think clearly. I’m surprised her remembered where he was when he saw the car.
    I’m really sad for them 😦 They have to eat fake food on the internet and drink cyber drinks and Pink Truth is all they get to read. *Bologna sad 😦 Very sad *

  11. turdontherun said

    I am with MKRealist. George Bush turnpike? LOL That has to be in New Jersey. How much is the toll to get off this damn thing, anyway? %^&*$

    Totally not getting it on the magnetic stickers. I don’t think those would be funny even I was really really drunk. Maybe I am not drinking the right stuff.

  12. Zoe said

    i love the real men of genius commercials. I loved the one they had a couple of years back, Mr. 100 spf wearer. something about being protected even when the moon is out or something. I can’t remember it. I should google it…I bet someone has a website or something with the lines from these commercials.

  13. Zoe said

    oh i FOUND where you can download all the “real men of genius” commercials:

    WHOO HOO! And it’s Mr. 80 SPF sunblock wearer. “There are 24 hours in a day. You’re wearing protection for 80. If the sun fails to go down…you’ll be ready.” LMAO!

    THAT is funny.

  14. Madame D'ulCoverage, Mistress of the One-Eyed Makeovers said

    Another snoozer – just like everything else on pink truth

  15. Cocktail Anyone? said

    WTF I guess I had way too many cocktails this time.

  16. Duped said

    Wow – I really am speechless. That was just fucked up. He’s like Nemo’s Dad on Finding Nemo – you know, before he got all brave and shit, he couldn’t tell a joke to save his life because he kept getting the punchline all fucked up. Yeah…kind of like that, only worse. Yowza. Sorry dude, whoever you are, but even if you were a FRIEND of mine, I would still be makin’ fun of you for telling something that retarded. Really, it’s true, I do make fun of my friends. 🙂 And they love me for that…LOL

  17. mkrules said

    I live right off the GB Turnpike and have never seen this hilarious vehicle. You’d have thought he saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile!!

    I’m off to buy a car magnet now…j/k

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