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Written By ScrewU 

This post by The Scribbler teaches us how to be both a pyscho and annoying.  At what point do they think that they have taken a blog too far?

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Your MK script is my playground!

Fun with PT cards: Spreading the Word Strategically!

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I figured I’d share some of my “card-dropping” hints with everyone!  Just as MK uses tactics to fit scripts to various people and personalities, a bit of strategy can go a long way when doing a card drop!

1.  Positioning is everything.  In some cases, cards can be laid down flat, like on benches or seats.  However, in other cases one could prop them up so they are “standing.” 

In Wal-Marts, the price tags on display hangers (think of products that hang, such as pens and hair acessories) are great for high-visibility placement.  One can wedge a PT card underneath the tag so that the hanger is displaying both the item’s price and above it, a PT card!  One could even skew it a bit so that it grabs the eye quicker. 

(I hope I explained that one clearly enough; it’s a bit hard to explain, as all stores price hangers don’t work that way.  For example, for Target’s hanger tags, one has to lift up the plastic back in order to wedge a card in.  If successful, however, the card will rest firmly at a 80 degree angle and it’s tough to miss!  It takes a bit of practice to do this smoothly and quickly.)

2.  Know your target.  In stores, place cards in departments women typically frequent:

 – The makeup aisle.  A neat place I’ve found to put PT cards on display are these clear acrylic displays – they’re about a foot wide and located near major makeup brands.  They are designed to hold current product promotion posters by sliding them underneath the acrylic.  One could slide a PT card easily (they slide in from the right) and I’ve seen cards remain there for weeks, seen by everyone checking out the makeup aisle!

 – The shoe section (on “try-on” benches)

 – The candle aisle (pretty much anywhere here)

 – For goodness sake, ALWAYS pepper the bathrooms!  Women go there a lot, right?  If the bathroom is empty when I go in, I plop a card in each stall on top of the tp dispener and even one for good measure by the sinks.

Now you could even take that a step further and target store areas women frequent – that is, women who are particularly susceptible to MK recruiting attempts:

 – The baby section!  If you prop them up against baby food jars, they are guaranteed to be seen!  Diaper aisle is a good one, too.

 – The baby section of the shampoo aisle (where baby care items would be displayed)

 – The toy section (I’ve placed cards in the arms of pink stuffed animals – the key is visibility!  If you see a lone Elmo on a shelf, let him hold it in his lap with pride or wedge it in his open mouth!)

 – On the gumball/candy machines

 – Public phones 

3.  We want to target consultants as well – favorable hot spots include: 

 -The book section, specifically, the section with all the Joel Olsteen, Beth Moore, and other spiritual/religious/make more money NOW books.  Stick cards in the tops of the books with the web address for all to see!  I also open up a few books and stick cards into their centers; whoever purchases the book will get a free dose of “self-help” when they reach the middle of the book! 

 – Shoe section again – stick cards in boxes containing closed-toed heels!

 – Pantyhose aisle big time! 

 – Accessory aisle; place cards near purses and accessories that a consultant would favor, such as anything pink/pink and black!

4. Other favorite card drop locales:

This is a very short list, but these are a few of the other places I leave cards:

– The church bathrooms – every stall gets one!  Some may protest, “Scrib, that’s messed up – it’s CHURCH!”  Precisely, my friend – if cards need to be dumped en masse anyplace, it needs to be there, especially considering the amount of scripture and doctrine-twisting that goes on in MK.  I have done up a card that says, “Mary Kay’s god and the God of the Bible are not the same god!  Learn more at”  Pictured on one side of the card is a depiction of Jesus and on the other, a golden calf.  (I’ll post it in this thread once picture-posting ability comes back on line!)       

 – On tables/bathrooms in coffehouses

 – Anyplace in thrift stores like the Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  You KNOW women in there are getting warm-chatted; you also know most of them cannot afford to be placing $1200 orders in the name of “empowerment!”  Head them off at the pass and warn ’em; hey, you might find some cool funky home decor in there for under a buck as well!

And of course, if you see a car in any parking lot with a tell-tale MK decal, under the windshield wiper it goes!   

This post barely scratches the surface of places one could drop cards, but it’s a decent start!   Wink


  1. Me said

    This poor woman has no life if what she says is true. They say we are obsessed? At least when we hand a card out (to a live human being) we have a shot at making a new friend and/or customer. Did you notice she did not talk about TALKING to anyone? Is she ashamed of what she has devoted her life to? Just as they are on the internet, she leaves all this litter all over town anonymously. Can you imagine the trash that is created if she left cards at all the places she mentions? And the store clerks and managers would start to get a littled ticked off, I think, if they had to clean up cards all the time.

    I must say, though, that I doubt she actually does this. Just as many consultants in Mary Kay surf the ‘net for sales ideas but never actually DO them, I feel PTers do the same thing. Lots of talk, no action.

    It is interesting to me that everyone in this section of the internet knows my name, where I live, and various other things about me, yet NO ONE has ever mentioned PT to me. I have never seen a card or a bumper sticker or a tote bag. You would think if they were so well known, as soon as I introduced myself to someone new, they would jump all over that!! Yet no one. Not one.

  2. ScrewU said

    The suggestion that really made me crack up is the ‘know your target’ and then she suggests leaving them at the makeup aisle. Uh… I don’t know if you thought about the irony here Scrib, but a MK consultant is not going to be in the makeup aisle. She has a whole store in her basement. I found it especially amusing that it was under the know your target category.

    I am very curious as to why Scribbler cares soooooo much about MK since she has never been in it. Interesting

  3. foreverpink said

    i am embarrased for this person. The things that she describes doing really do sound like stalker activity and it could also have some backlash on to Tracy. Its just like those people who put flyers on your car while you are in church service or in the grocery store. It is unwelcomed solicitation and is illegal in some places. The store managers can complain and Tracy would have to call off her minions and come up with another way to annoy people.

    And screwu is right, I dont go to the makeup isle. And I also have NEVER been comfronted with the “pink truth” by anyone and plenty of folks know that I sell Mary Kay. Obviously their cause is not as big as they think it is.

  4. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    My question is……If their cause is so noble, why do they have to sneak around to get the word out?

    In her post Scribbler says, “a bit of strategy can go a long way when doing a card drop!” Why do you need a strategy to get out your super-duper important message? When I have something worthwhile to say I want to shout it from the roof top!

    She goes on to mention the quickest and smoothest way to leave cards without being noticed. She knows how the pricetag holders at Wal-Mart and Target work and which side of an acrylic display frame is open. Why be so stealthy? YOU”VE GOT AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO GET OUT, RIGHT?

    This will be a bad example, but bear with me…..

    Think of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that canvas neighborhoods. Do they dress in all black, creep up your driveway like a Navy Seal, stick a rolled up “Watchtower” in your door, ring the doorbell and run? Heck no! They’ll stand there and ring your doorbell until it’s about to fall off. Then, when you answer the door, they’ll tell you exactly why they are there, and deliver their message. Yes, they bug the crap outta me too, but I gotta tell ya…..those folks have balls! To be willing to do that knowing that some will laugh in their face and others will be hostile takes huge balls. But why do they do it? Because they truly believe in their message.

    If the PTers really wanted to make a difference wouldn’t they be engaging in thought provoking, civilized conversations? Rather than leaving cards on the windshields of MK cars why don’t they wait for that person to come out to their car and talk to them? Why not wait outside a location where they know MK meetings are held to try to talk to current consultants?

    I believe they don’t do this for one of two reasons…

    1. They’re cowards who don’t know how to express themselves without turning into raving lunatics

    2. They really aren’t trying to help the masses. They just want to wallow for a while. Being miserable is easy. And misery LOVES company.

  5. turdontherun said

    OMG! Where do I even start? I can’t believe someone took the time to write all these detailed instructions of how to put cards in between the hangers of stuff at Target! The detail of that description was just plain scary.

    WTF. Well maybe you will liven up a bored security guard’s day. Holy crap, do you think you can just open up books and stick stuff in there? The books are not yours until you buy them. DUH!

    And when was the last time you picked up something from a public bathroom or sitting on the bench while trying on shoes? C’mon only little kids are going to pick those things up and then their moms will immediately make them throw them out.

    If someone actually wasted time doing this and it’s not some kind of spoof or joke, that is really sad.

  6. 80 degree angle – that’s someone who has too much time on her hands.

  7. Black Sheep (MK4ME) said

    Wow, is this suppose to be for real or a joke?!?! ROTFLMAO (and I have quite a bit of A to laugh off). I’ll tell you, I know us pinkies are accussed of being in the Pink Fog and “warm stalking”, but come on, you have never even seen one consultant go this far to get cards out. Can we get a pool going to see how many PTer’s will actually go out and try this??

    Thank you for really showing us how over the top this group is becoming, I just really hope that someone doesn’t end up hurt before this saga ends.

    This is just plain ole b.s. (Black Sheep)

  8. Dana said

    This was pathetic. Absolutely pathetic! What makes them think they have the right to litter? In the name of “pinktruth?”

    And if I ever saw one of those golden calf cards in my church…….

  9. Cocktail Anyone? said

    Ok, I am spelling it out. What The Fuck? I guess I had way too many cocktails this time.

  10. Cocktail Anyone? said

    Okay, I admit it. I did not read the bull shit. Sooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuckin shoot me. It’s Friday night and I’m outofhere!

    Hope you guy’s have fun tonight too! Happy Fourth of July to all.

    God Bless Our Troops, I really mean that from my heart.

  11. Zoe said

    OMG you said fuck. 😛

    As my mother in law would say: “Jeezy creeps!” I’ve never said that before in my life cause it’s kinda dorktastic but seriously…omg.

    This confirms my suspicion: “Psycho in MK, Psycho out of it.”

    If Scribbler was never a MK consultant maybe she needed SOME outlet to let her inner psycho out. This is freaking crazy. Why doesn’t she become a Jehovah’s Witness if she’s got this big of a drive to change the world through proselytizing. Seriously, PT is just like MK except they don’t lie to you about making money. Cause you aren’t making money with PT either…just wasting your time working for someone else’s cause.

    I wonder if Scribbler understands getting the word out about PT has nothing to do with stopping the evil mary kay or helping women, it’s all about positioning tracy so she can continue trying to acquire minions and an empire. Not gonna happen. PT will always be a joke. But thanks PT, for the entertainment. You can’t make up stuff this stupid.

  12. Madame D'ulCoverage, Mistress of the One-Eyed Makeovers said

    like i’m going to pick something up that someone has laid on the toilet paper dispenser or anywhere in a bathroom for that matter. this is just plain stupid.

  13. TheNightStalker... said

    Shit!!! And I thought I was BAD!!!!!

  14. Holler! said

    Ok, how is this type of solicitation better than the over-enthused MK consultant? Seriously? I’m reading things that I NEVER NEVER NEVER did as a consultant. I never followed people around in stores, I never played with the toys, good grief, I would never in a million years put a business card in the bathroom of a Target! Like someone is going to go in to “plop” as she so eloquently states and get excited “OMG, someone left this white card with one little pink dot on it, I wonder if it’s a coupon for pads” and then I guess they’re supposed to be all wootberries because it’s for a website that no one outside of the pink circle gives a rip over.

    Ok, wow, this is what wine will do to me…interesting…

  15. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    Holler I’m hitting the bottle again this weekend. Hope you’ll be around. LOL

  16. mkrules said

    “Pantyhose aisle big time!!”

    Maybe they didn’t get the memo that even disgruntled MKers now no longer have to wear hose (or closed toed shoes). So take that!

  17. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Hey Daisy and Holler! I wanna get in on summa that drinking action, too! Meet you at our place? 🙂

    Gotta work OT today! Grrrr! Be back later this afternoon.

  18. The Pink Observer said

    This PT drama really is too funny. They hate MK. They hate MLM. They complain about how much money they dumped into MK, and yet they continue to feed the money machine at PT by loading up on the merchandise there. What’s the difference–other than the fact that they can’t turn around and profitably resell the PT stuff?

  19. Rebecca said

    Nevermind the money. What about the TIME taken away from their families? Now that they are no longer in MK, they can go to the store, Wal-Mart, Target even, without having to think about warm-chatting. But NOW they have to think about not just who to talk to, but where to put and how to affix their PT cards! And how many they need to bring and what to carry them in – great big bulging pockets. They do need to have both hands free.

    “- On the gumball/candy machines

    – Public phones”

    Excuse me? Who uses gumball and candy machines the most? Kids? Who uses public phones the most? Don’t most people have their own cell phones?

    Somebody posted a comment about the security guy – yes, good point. And however else just happens to be looking at the security screens and gets to watch this woman running about the store sticking dozens and dozens of PT cards all over the place. Opening books, shoe boxes, acrylic displays, messing with the price tags, messing with the clothing hangers. Yup, that’s not gonna go over so good.

    In the off chance that the security people don’t actually nab the person sticking cards everywhere, I’m thinking they’ll contact and express their unhappiness with this tactic. We all know it’s not hard to find the owner of PT, Tracy Coenen, once one finds the PT site.

    I wonder if she got Tracy’s permission for this one:

    “I have done up a card that says, “Mary Kay’s god and the God of the Bible are not the same god! Learn more at” Pictured on one side of the card is a depiction of Jesus and on the other, a golden calf.”

    Didn’t Tracy copyright “PinkTruth”? And, since Scribbler made these cards herself, she didn’t buy them from the PT store so Tracy didn’t make any money.

    Eeew – very good points about picking up cards from anyplace in a public bathroom, and benches anywhere.

  20. The Pink Observer said

    Sounds like they’re working it “Full Circle” over at PT…

  21. Duped said

    I have to admit – I don’t like the idea of splashing cards all over the place. It just seems uber tacky to me.

    Taking a step back from PT, it is apparent they are as obsessed with “spreading the word” as the hard core Mary Kay recruiters are. They (meaning the PT hard core) wanted freedom from people pushing themselves upon them whilst walking the malls – but yet, they have turned into the exact people they were trying to break free of in the first place.

    I find the hypocrisy amazing now that I am out of both Mary Kay and PT. Please stop pushing yourselves down people’s throats. They will find you if they want to find you. Let it go at that.

  22. Zoe said

    Duped, I agree that it’s hypocrisy, but I think it’s more about lack of self esteem. They need a mission to make themselves feel worthwhile. They can’t stand on their own two feet. They can’t decide on their own what their lives are supposed to mean to them. They have to latch onto someone else’s vision and goose step.

    Really empowering women wouldn’t be about getting them out of MK it would be about telling them they can make whatever choices they want and to follow their bliss. If someone LIKES MK leave them alone. You might not grok it, but there it is. Let people find things in their own time.

    This makes me think of feminazis who are supposedly about “empowering women” but at the end of the day they’ll only call you liberated if you go out and “make a living” and become “superwoman.” If you choose to be a homemaker and shudder gasp, let the man bring home the bacon, well you’re just not liberated.

    It’s the same on PT, you aren’t considered free until you’re in the cage THEY like.

  23. Holler! said

    I’ll try and sneak a drink while hanging at our place, unfortunately, we’re going with the inlaws today. It’s hard to get a drink on with them and that’s usually when I need it the most!

    You know Zoe, I was glad to be away from MK. When the fog was gone and I realized that it was impossible for me to continue, I left. Did I condemn the rest of the MK public for staying? No. If someone can make a buck without getting screwed or screwing someone else over, I’m happy. I’m happy to stay here with the kid and keep the house going. That’s what I was put here to do and when I’m not focused on that, I’m miserable. Besides, it doesn’t matter who brings home the money, I can still spend it! 😛

  24. SillySally said

    I think putting ANY kind of cards in another store is tacky and wrong! I wouldn’t have done it IN MK, and I wouldn’t do it OUT of MK!

    On another note, I see Tracy has a “caption this picture” of a pink Hummer. BUT – you can only do so on the discussion board. Her site makes zero sense! Too many places to post and very un-user friendly. LOL, of course what IS friendly there??? As for the Hummer, as badly as my husband wants one……….he’d never be caught dead in a pink one!

    I’m such a silly sally………..

  25. Meow Mix said

    It’s pretty amazing that they actually think their idea is good? I mean come on now, do they not have anything better to do?

    In my experience, if someone truly believes in a cause, they will be exactly opposite of “sneaky”. They put their beliefs out there no matter the scrutiny they could get. They are loud and proud and out there talking to people every chance they get. It seems to me the only thing the PTers are loud and proud about is their Queen Tracy. And why is that exactly? What has she *really* done for them? Other than give them a place to wollow in their sorrow about MK. If they really wanted to make a difference, they surely need to try a difference approach.


  26. CatsRUs said

    She’s given them an illusion of grandeur (about herself). I was reading her Usana report, and what’s funny about it is that her questions and points she made are nothing more than yet another regurgitation of MLM talking points. No big revelation there. Again, others had done the MLM work before her, yet now she claims to have “uncovered” Usana’s dirty little secret (operating as MLM) from what I’ve read so far (haven’t really been that interested in the whole thing).

    Have you noticed the companies section on her un-professional professional blog? Mary Kay, Usana and another are listed (as if SHE is the big investigator and exposer).

    Actually, it’s comical to watch her. Anytime I get online and read the things she’s written across the net, I have yet to find any originality. Even her book will be yet another coattail rider, nothing really original except the concept of writing that particular book which will simply be filled with reorganized information from her studies, research and implementation of principles in her investigations.

    What ever happened to the carpenter?

  27. Me said

    He hasn’t paid her. There was another update from yesterday.

    If what she says is true about him, I no longer feel sorry for him. At first, I thought it as some sort of misunderstanding and she was being very unfair about her pubic humiliation of him (well….as public as her site is–I’m not sure how many actually read it). But if he truly hasn’t paid her back, hasn’t done the work and has dodged her calls, he’s wrong.

    BUT….it amuses me that Ms. Coenen, FRAUD INVESTIGATOR, did not do very much homework apparently on a contractor she hired to do work. Surely this is not the first time this has happened with him. If it is, then is there a reason he has not done her work? Did she not check references? And why on earth would she give him money up front????

    Not very fraud investigator-ish to me.

  28. Tink said

    Just for the record EVERY contractor gets one third up front, one third halfway thru then the last third upon completion. Not sure if what she gave him was a third but I am sure thats why she paid something. Not defending her but why harp on the money up front thing?

  29. ScrewU said

    Not EVERY contractor gets paid 1/3 upfront, in the halfway and the end. There wouldn’t be so many cases on tv court against contractors if this happened EVERY time. Sometimes, people are foolish and pay all up front. Or sometimes a contractor will ask for all the money up front.

    We certainly don’t know all the details of this case to come to a full conclusion. But if she did only pay him 1/3 up front and 1/3 halfway thru then why is she asking for all her money back?

    There are lots of shady contractors out there. And if he did take advantage of her, which is highly likely since there are so many shady ones out there, then it just goes to show that she must not have done much ‘investigating’ on him before she hired him.

  30. Me said

    I have had lots of remodeling and other contractor work done over the years and have never paid anything up front. Draws at the end of every week, yes, but never anything up front. Perhaps it is the policy in different areas of the country–I hadn’t thought of that before.

    I still stand by checking references though. If she has had this much trouble from him (apparently several months) and others on her street are reporting the same thing, then a reference check would have revealed this in my opinion. Or there is a side to the story we have not heard—his.

  31. Tink said

    All I am saying is that you can check out all you want but there are times red flags won’t go up. My husband is a contractor and YES he does get one third up front, its money for materials. If no one asked for money up front they must be very trusting or idiots. She may be asking for ALL money back because the work is not done. If you don’t complete what you are contracted to do then you have to make the customer solvent so they can get someone else to do it.

  32. CatsRUs said

    To the degree the Maven detailed her distribution strategy, which includes tampering with store fixtures and merchandise – if I were Tracy, I would have snuffed her out in a heartbeat by deleting her post condemning that sort of activity then posting my expectations for the use of the business cards in alignment with the law and store policies (at least put a disclaimer on the site). If she hasn’t already done so, she needs to do it to CHB.

    About the carpenter, I can’t feel sorry for her. WHO pays for an ENTIRE job up front? I wouldn’t. Never ever. That should have been her red flag and she should have sent the guy packing. I don’t know of any place that charges the entire amount due up front except at retailers for special orders which are not refundable.

    Paying a portion up front is common, especially where there is no customer relationship, then the remainder paid for a job completed to the customer’s satisfaction. My personal experience has been that I’ve never paid for a construction job up front and I’ve had a lot of work done including building a house, storage buildings and most recently a roof redo and porch addition. No money up front, ever. I got a bill, that was it.

    If the guy took her money, didn’t do the work and never paid her back, she needs to contact the state’s attorney, especially if he is scamming others. I wonder though, if she made a call to the state’s attorney, what he’d think about the way she is handling this affair so far by publishing his phone number and having the public call him on her behalf? She could be slicing her own throat and have this backfire with harrassment charges, but then again, she’s smarter than all of us and she knows best. Mmmm hmmm.

    Since she is making this personal tragedy public, I’d still like to know some more details, particularly, what constitutes a “significant amount of money” and how she hired him. I mean, if she can go into a 3 part detail of how she got a book deal and what you need to do when you decide to write a book, then by all means, share how you pick a carpenter Tracy. Inquiring minds want to know.

  33. Rebecca said

    Way back in August, 2005, I first joined MKSurvivors. Tracy had copied a post from a pro-MK members only Yahoo group, pasted it onto MKS, and a number of people proceeded with their riducule. The post was about a MK person who had been warm chatting and was escorted out of the store by Security. Some radical anti-MKers even claimed that whenever they saw a MK person warm chatting, they would report her to store security so that she would be escorted out.

    I was new to the anti-MK internet scene and I was appaled at this whole episode so I sent an email to the moderators asking if they really found this to be acceptable. Tracy’s reply was, “Thanks for your note. I’m a moderator, and I think it’s just fine. Thanks for your input!”

    Gotta wonder when a stalker for PT will get escorted out of the store by Security…….. Will she post her experience? Will it be copied and pasted elsewhere? Will it be ridiculed? Will Tracy be livid? Full circle.

    Do any of you remember when a PTer bragged about ripping a MK ad out of a magazine and put it back on the shelf? Not one of the other PTers chastised her for this. Now we have Scribbler describing how to “tamper with store fixtures and merchandise” (thanks, CatsRUs!), etc. These things are WAY beyond anything any MK person ever did or recommended doing in warm chatting.

    FYI: Tracy had been banned from MK Divas for causing trouble (that Troll thing, I guess), but she had re-joined using a different screen name. Tracy is the one who copied the post from that group and pasted it into MKS. Gee, she was/is a “mole” in that group (and a bunch of other groups). She’s got her panties twisted in a knot about “The Mole” in her forum. And isn’t she banning people from PT for using multiple screen names?

  34. Meow Mix said

    Yes well anything Tracy does is ok, as long as SHE does it. If it’s done by anyone else (other than PT followers) then all of a sudden it’s unacceptable. Way to go Tracy, you’ve got the double standard aced yo!


  35. Zoe said

    It depends on the contractor. For some of the 1/3 up front is what they use to buy materials they need. Then halfway through you pay another 1/3 in case there are any more things they need to get that they couldn’t pay for. Part or all of that and the last 1/3 are profits. (Though maybe not straight profit depending on how well he runs his business and what other overhead he has. But often 1/3 goes to materials for your job)

    This way the contractor isn’t putting up his own money up front. If it’s a smaller job or he’s very successful he might not have to charge the 1/3 1/3 1/3 method. Because he can just go get the materials.

    1/3 up front is very fair. Unless you want to go with him shopping for your materials and pay for them that way, which I’m sure most people, don’t.

  36. MKRealist said

    This is just so telling on many levels. They have truly become the “things” they claimed to hate.

    1. Warm-Chatting ~ PinkTruth Cards left everywhere

    2. Directorship & Big Girls’ Clubs ~ The Mavens

    3. Having to “invest” to get attention/rewards from MK Leadership ~ Post Counts determine your level of board participation and potential invitation to Super Secret Special Projects Boards & Chats

    4. Shunning & Ostracism from MK Elite when you question or refuse to fall in line ~ Banning for any number of reasons that align with exercise of personal freedoms

    What have I missed?

  37. foreverpink said

    They also have the “option” of purchasing product- Pink Truth bracelets and Tee shirts. I know that they are not for resale, but apparently their opinion is that we in MK dont sell our product either. Same thing IMO

  38. CatsRUs said

    What have I missed?

    Fear. It’s what Tracy is all about.

  39. CatsRUs said

    Don’t forget the “donate” button. They send her money freely and get nothing in return. Could you imagine MKC, an MKRep or director posting a paypal donate button on her site and the fallout that would occur if that was discovered on PT??!! Btw, does she have a 90% buyback policy or a refund policy for bannees?

    Following an unethical person with eyes wide open. I’d add that. Those who KNOW what she is capable of, yet still defend her and her mission (hard to separate, I am sure) are no different than whose who stay in a unit with a bad director or nsd defending them when you KNOW they are unethical. Just a thought.

  40. SillySally said

    Nuttin’ new?? Ahh, I’m bummed!

  41. Madame D'ulCoverage, Mistress of the One-Eyed Makeovers said

    PTLies has their own Cafe Press shirts available. Gotta go see:

  42. You mean the shirts don’t say “The PinkTruth Truth?” Who missed the boat on this one?

  43. Zoe said

    i don’t really grok the whole tee shirt business for PTlies. I can ALMOST get it for PT. Cause they are referencing something a lot of people have heard about: “Mary Kay” PTlies on the other hand, is referencing something only a few disgruntled MK people have heard…”Pink Truth.”

    So…if someone DOES go to PTlies…immediately they’re just in the middle of a minor internet drama. It’s not something of substance because it doesn’t reference anything of substance.

    To quote ME, “as it turns out Tracy is Trivial”

  44. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yeah, but it sure is funny as hell.


  45. Me said

    Zoe, yes she is!

    I think PT Lies is just kidding. They don’t expect anyone to buy them, they are just pointing out how dumb it is to have them at all. I think. Can’t speak for them, but that’s how I took it.

  46. Willie Lump Lump said

    I took it that way, too. Totally tongue-in-cheek.

  47. Zoe said

    Ah ME, okay. That makes sense lol. Well I saw the post about it here with the link before I saw the post about it on ptlies. When I went on PTlies I got the sense that it might be a joke. But I wasn’t sure. I mean cafepress is a real store…but at the same time, you can most easily get the full effect of the look of tee shirts using cafe press. lol. It looks more like a real product.

  48. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    I’m pretty sure the t-shirt thing on PTlies is totally tongue-in-cheek. No purchase required. But it’s funnier than hell.

  49. Dana said

    Yeah, I’d say it’s as real as their “new PT-lies office.”

  50. Boo Boo the FOOL!! said

    Heyyyyyy, they’re office IS real! Don’t you know anything virtual? Geesh, get a virtual clue. 😛

  51. Duped said

    Hmmm…if they can have virtual offices and virtual foods and drinks…maybe I can have a virtual new body with a virtual new vacation home in Spain and a virtual Corvette to go along with it. Fuck, sign me up bitches! Giddy up!

  52. NowIGetIt said

    I noticed something on sequence inc that was exactly the same as an article on ptlies but I can’t get to ptlies to confirm. It’s all about the book deal stuff and I could swear it’s word for word on what was on ptlies. Does anyone else agree?

  53. NowIGetIt: want to post some links for us so we can see for ourselves?

  54. The PTLies cafe press store is a joke and real at the same time. No sales expected… I don’t think the products are marked above cost or anything…. it was just to make Tracy crazy.

    OK now everyone use your imagination – imagine for a moment what this would look like – Tracy walks up to the virtual water cooler at her virtual office in her virtual PT T-shirt… and up walks PTLies in the virtual PTLies t-shirt. Would tracy do a double take on the PTLies t-shirt before the *evil animal* fight? They sure do look an awful lot alike… and, who would win?


  55. NowIGetIt said

    I’m not very good at the insert links here thing and had trouble getting to ptlies late yesterday. On the fraudfiles blog she has a thing about various ways to get published which seemed to me to be the exact same as what ptlies had. I’m not sure what tracy’s intent is on it as I didn’t read through it all my eyes were hurting. No really, they were.

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