Let us put them nasty rumors to rest…


How in hell can you hussies think that ScrewU is DUH??  Are you crazy?  Haven’t you noticed that the posts that ScewU puts up are really not that funny?  I mean come on you bitches, you know that only DUH can make us laugh, in that warm and fuzzy, fucked up kinda way right?  I lurves me some DUH.  But DUH is NOT, I repeat NOT ScrewU.  Ok bitches?  Do you hear me?

 Ok good, back to regular programing.  Sorta.



  1. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You are so right. Nobody tickles my funny bone like Duh. It’s so offensive that they think that skank ScrewU is her. It’s only because she wants to take over the blog.
    Thanks for clearing the air!

  2. 'sup said

    Well then where the hell is Duh???? I’m getting sick of her shit.

  3. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Bologna…I know! Some people are so retarded. I wonder when DUH will return? I wonder if we made her mad. HAHA. Of COURSE we didn’t make her mad. She just doesn’t like us no mo.


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