Hot or Not

Written By ScrewU 

Just for fun… we’ve taken more pictures off of Tracy’s discussion board.  You know… the one that we are all banned from.  Makes you wonder how we do it

These are gowns that women wore at Seminar and Tracy has deemed them to be hideous.  Some of them (not all)  I think are actually nice but what do I know?  You bitches can rate them yourselves and let me know if you think they are hot or not.













  1. Dana said

    Some of them are truly heinous. Some of them are okay. Some of them look like outfits from another country. Traditional dress and all.

  2. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I thought that too. That some may be from other countries. I actually like that last dress. The brown one. I would wear that. And she can pull it off with her figure too

  3. MKRealist said

    I just think it’s really nice that you cut off their faces. No point in embarassing the woman when the dress was to blame.


  4. MKRealist said

    From a fashion standpoint, lots of flowers/prints/shapes/patterns tend NOT to do well on (semi)formal wear. That is a problem with many of those dresses, they are simply too busy/noisy.

  5. Holler! said

    Oh my, let’s face it, most women are not flattered by the cut of “ball gowns”. I understand how easy it is to get all excited when you go shopping. The trouble is this, did you go alone or with a friend and if with a friend, was it a real friend? If you went alone, it’s not too bad but there won’t be anyone to stop you from buying that hot mess that is pink tulle and glitter (thank God the male housemates were with me for that trip). Take a non-MK friend with you, someone who isn’t going to be pumped up over getting something shiny, slinky, sequined and slit and that way you’ll have that voice of reason when you can’t see what everyone else will be.

    Now, that being said, I like some of these dresses but I personally couldn’t wear them (as stated in the aformentioned pink tulle and glitter incident, aka “Hippos on Parade”). The other thing is how there is so much going on in each outfit. Too much color WITH a pattern, too much satin, too much frill and so on. It’s all too much.

  6. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Ok for real, some of these dresses are horrible! Do none of these people have ANY sense of style? Wowzers….and to think they got up on stage in front of people? Yikes I’d be so embarrassed!


  7. Colleen said

    The second one and the last one are the nicest in my opinion. Picture number 4 must be Thessy N it looks like African Garb so that is a nice one too. The rest of them leave a lot to be desired though. MK Realist is right busy looking colors dont look right for awards.

  8. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    I agree……most of these dresses are not my style. The cuts and shapes are okay on some, but the fabrics and colors are too busy for me. I tend to be more conservative. The only one I may consider would be the last one. But only in a different color and with just one ruffle at the bottom rather than two.

    That being said, I’m glad you cut off their faces. Whether we like their dresses or not, they really thought they looked great. Probably because they were being told so by their directors, recruiters, etc. More of the illusion. I’m no fashion expert (hence my love of solids and simple styles!), but I know how much more confident I am when I feel like I look good. I would be crushed if I thought I had really put together I nice outfit or got a great haircut and a complete stranger began ridiculing me.

    I know……you’re probably thinking “Geez, grow a backbone! Who cares what some bitch thinks?” But regardless of what we think we’d like to say in that situation, it always hurts your feelings a little when you get teased or made to look like a fool. When I was growing up my parents were really good at building our confidence and self-esteem. It was the ultimate sin in our house to tease other kids, be a bully, or try to break someone’s spirit. My parent’s always told us that kids who were bullies and picked on others were really just insecure. Masking feelings of inferiority with over-the-top superiority.

    Sorry if that’s too heavy…….I’m the person who defended the nerds, geeks, dweebs, and retards when the “cool” kids picked on them in the hallways and lunch lines.

  9. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Oh Cheesy… that is so sad. But I’m glad that your parents taught you that lesson.

    Actually, the pictures were copied as is from PT. Tracy actually hid their faces on all of her pictures that she posted. It seems that the new conscience that Tracy grew is still working. Which is a GOOD thing. Wether she wants to be a nicer person or she feels she must be because we and ptlies will call her out on it, still makes her nicer. And then we win 😀

  10. foreverpink said

    even if the faces are cut off, these women will still be able to recognize themselves due to their gowns, and others that know them may too if they come across the sites. It is still mean if the purpose for showing the pics is to ridicule them. However giving an opinion about a dress from a fashion point of view is slightly different, people do that all the time (just look at all the red carpet fashion report shows). But somehow I feel that the purpose for posting them on PT was to do more than just criticize the fashion sense.

  11. I think all of them are terrible choices. Some are hideous (esp #5 – very bad choice). Some are all right on their own (the last one, the third from the bottom), but are simply not semi-formal wear, and inappropriate. Semi-formal = not above the knee. Those two, specifically, would be better for a summer wedding.

  12. Dana said

    I kind of like the second one and the last one. But the second from the bottom…… is it me, or is it see-through except for the pattern?????? Paris Hilton is a Mary Kay lady now?

    I’m sorry, but that one….. no.

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