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Written by: My Bologna Has A First Name

 After reading this post, it started to make me wonder… Is Tracy of Pink Truth actually hurting or helping women by announcing alleged changes to products in Mary Kay?  The consultant/PTer that posted this is obviously frantic about what this change is going to do to her business and without knowing when the change is coming, she has no idea what to do with the information.  If she stops ordering ALL color, she has to wait until the new ones come out.  When is that?  Next spring?  How’s a girl to work her biz without all the facts?  Is it better sometimes to NOT tell a secret?

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So was the color change NOT announced at seminar like some had guessed?

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 Huh?  some had guessed that color changes would be announced at seminar…yet still no word. 
Any new guesses on when the big reveal will be?

Is this waiting stressing anyone else out?  I hate the wondering and contradicting info…it makes it hard to plan ahead.  Plus I have been telling some people that a change is coming, but still no change…I would hate to have been wrong and affected other’s business strategies negatively.
AND word is getting around that I have been spreading this “news” and I think my director has gotten wind of it and is getting suspicious of me…yes, I know I should not let her have any emotional control over me but it is still awkward. 

I would just love for this to get out in the open so I can get my credibility back.
Am I the only one freaking out here? Seeing Stars

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  1. What she should *really* be freaking out about is that she’s letting some blogger, who won’t back up her claims, run her business.

  2. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Teehee… Princess, you make a good point. AND she is risking her crediblitiy on a stranger’s word too.

  3. Rebecca said

    BINGO! Exactly.

    Point, MK, Inc., has told us, IN PRINT, that the lipstiks packaging will change in December, 2007. Is this not enough to go on for now? I think so.

    Maybe No Pink Colored Glasses has forgotten to read Company information.

  4. You would think they would know how to read InTouch by now!

  5. tracysucks said

    Send that shit back and you don’t have to worry about changes…

  6. foreverpink said

    well said tracysucks. I feel like this person has common sense issues. Why still be in Mary Kay if you are going to depend on advise from someone who hates everything about the Mary Kay business and who is NOT in Mary Kay. This is why it bothers me that some women are still in MK but still embrace the things on PT as if they are gospel. Now she is second guessing the info that she passed along that she got from Tracy. If you ask me she is getting just what she deserves by listening to Tracy in the first place. Is she actually making some of her inventory decisions based on info she gets from the PT site? And now she is asking for help from PT in order to clarify when the changes are coming so she can “get my credibility back”. Come on! Tracy is NOT concerned with the credibility we have as consultants, she could care less. TC does not care if she passes down bad or incomplete info. She is not interested in helping us run our businesses because she believes that we can never succeed, so why depend on her for advice about your Mk business. So to No Pink Colored Glasses, here is a thought: why not get your info from corporate or your director. But you probably wont do that because TC has brainswashed you into thinking that whatever corporate or your director says will be a lie. Will guess what TC is NOT your director and as you can see, she DOES NOT know all that she claims to. And as far as inventory, base your ordering pattern on your customers, not just on what corporate or your director suggest you order and certainly not what TC tells you about product changes. Whether the changes come or not, if you know your customer likes something, it is in your best interest to try to keep as much of it as possible so that they wont have to go into withdrawel if we stop carrying it. Then you can gradually introduce them to the new things. Then you wont have to worry about your credibility. Or you can quit straddleing the fence and go on and get your blue check.

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