Oh Canada…


Written By: ScrewU

This comment on Pink Truth was just too funny for me to pass up.  Yes, she is obviously from another country and english is her 2nd language.  But it makes me chuckle to read her posts and so I thought I would share the joy with all y’all bitches.  Should we make fun of her grammer and spelling too?  I have no idea how she manages to hang out on Pink Truth and get away with it.  Oh yeah, they only correct other people’s… not their own.  Enjoy!


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Re: The Canadian Thread!

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I’m a Canadian.  I live in the province of Quebec.  I was recruit last year in august.  I was searching for something in my life, was sad, not happy with myself…. then, a women in a forum ask me to go on a MK party.  She ask me to be her model for them and I agreed.  She said I was very beautiful so I could make a really nice model for her.

I was flattering about the compliment and I told myself that it couldn’t hurt me….error, now I know.

So the SD talk to us about this lifetime opportunity.  She pretended to be a lawyer in her former life and doing MK full time now since 6 years now…

Personnaly, I really doubt that woman was a lawyer, a normal person don’t quit that kind of job to sale “cosmetic”  Huh?

She pretend that she wanted to raise her child by herself but, I made the count and her child was in age to go full time school when she began on MK…

Its been a year now she said she’s won the Caddy but there no Caddy in her driveway…. maybe its a transparent color Caddy  Too Funny Too Funny

But I decide to sign…. after all, I LOVED cosmetic and I tought it would be for my personnal use…

The day I receive my starter kit… the SD called me and told me about the “you cannot sell with an empty wagon bla bla bla…”

So I ask my husband and decide to go with the 3600$ wholesale who in reality cost me but huge amount of 4970$ with the sale taxes and the section 2 products.  Shocked Shocked

I tried from the bottom of my heart to be successful but I never ad any success at all… the most bigger sale I had was around 450$ but they was teen gilrs and one week later, half of them was returning the product, so I had to refund them.

I had so many bad experiences in this company, I almost lost my self-estime, I began to be sick too just with the idea of warm chatting people… 

So, after Christmas, I didn’t do anything…  I went to the monday meeting but don’t bring guest with me. 

On april, after I decide to use my inventory for personnal use.  I tried to return the product I knew I wouldn’t use for me… and they refuse at first to exchange the product..

So I get angry and decide to quit once for all this company of false dreams…

I packed everything in 4 big boxes… paid over 165$ of stamps and return their crap!!!

So I waited, and waited and waited for 8 lonnnnng weeks before having news from them..

I had to go make a complaint on the small court of Quebec to recover my money. 

The next week, I had my money back… but not without having lose aprox 8 000$ of clothes, inventory, different stuff, section 2 etc…

Now I’m trying to make prevention with woman.  I inform them about the truth on MK!

Of course, my former SD don’t speak to me anymore, I didn’t count of this anyway… I’m the ennemy now.

That woman who was telling I was so charp and so beautiful and so friend with her… pffff….bullsh!t

But I’m now free, free to appreciate my life, free to appreciate my work, my child, my husband, free to appreciate just BREATHING!!!!

Life is good WITHOUT MK!


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    This post sounds so fake to me. First of all, the Canadians I have met don’t speak like that. The story sounds fake. Either the person who wrote it was bored and had nothing else to do, or it was yet another one of Tracy’s fake identities.

    This stuff is so retarded.


  2. Me said

    I was thinking the same thing, Dizzy. The part about “warm chatting” and “But I’m now free, free to appreciate my life, free to appreciate my work, my child, my husband, free to appreciate just BREATHING!!!!” She got very English literate all of a sudden, didn’t she?

    And she lost “8 000$ of clothes, inventory, different stuff, section 2 etc” Clothes?

    It’s fake. It’s Tracy. It’s desperate.

  3. Duped said

    Sneaking a quickie break at work. 🙂 Actually, this girl is not Tracy. Most people in Quebec only speak French and I have several French speaking friends from there that speak and write just like this. Isabelle uses an English translating software program, which translates what she wants to say in English from French. For those that are not familiar with French, a direct translation from French to English works in some areas and is hit and miss in others (which is why a handful of sentences will be well translated and others not). Also, some English words are just not in the French language (and vice versa). 🙂

    As for the clothes part, I have no clue what that is…*scratching head* Unless she shelled out a huge sum of money for her uniform/attire? *shrug*

    Just putting in my 2 cents – I am Canadian and speak French as a second-language, so I thought I would add my part to this topic! 🙂

    Now, back from my break. *sigh*

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I dunno, this still sounds fake to me. Although I do agree that “lost in translation” is very true since I work with international vendors at my job. The translation sites, it’s pretty funny sometimes when you put stuff in there.

  5. Me said

    Well, Duped, if you say so. I still think it’s fake. But maybe fake from Canada. Tracy recently “was out of the country” wasn’t she? Maybe she recruited this girl.

  6. angelicadivine said

    Isabelle has been around PT for several months. She did the translation for the French section of the PT site. The PTers fell in love with her, forgave her English and encouraged her to translate PT. She can get pretty riled sometimes and that’s probably why they love her.

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah sounds like typical PT behavior


  8. Ok, this is kinda off topic, but so what:

    My sister and I are starting 7-31 of each year as “Bring Your wand to Work Day” for Harry and Neville’s b-days. Everyone bring your wands, wear your HP shirts, or, if you need to wear a suit to work, wear a tie in your house colors! If you don’t have a wand, bring a stick! Please remember that this is just for fun, and don’t do anything that will get you canned. We won’t take responsibility for that. If you’re grown up enough to have a job, you’re grown up nough to know what you should and shouldn’t do at it.

    If there already is a “Bring Your Wand to Work Day”, please let me know, and ignore this post.

  9. Me said

    If she’s been around for months, why is she just now telling her story?

  10. angelicadivine said

    She’s told it before. Maybe she is replying to a question in the thread. I remember her rants on the main board when she was waiting for her check.

  11. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    princess…I’ll join you in off topic.

    How Fun!!! Great idea.

  12. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Someone had started a Canadian thread and so she posted on that. That’s why she was telling her story. Just all the canooks uniting. Is that derogatory? Can I say that here?

  13. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Princess….let’s talk HP over on the mush pot!

  14. Rebecca said

    She started with $3600 w/s? Do they have the same $$ Star Consultant levels in Canada as in the U.S.?

  15. I know, sorry about the off topic. Thanks for indulging me!

  16. Isabelle is in Quebec, a french canadian. Liked Duped said above, most French Canadians do not speak English. Isabelle has been on PT for some time (at least since Feb/March of ’07). She has done the french translation for TC. Isabelle was also a consultant who found PT and was encouraged by PTers to return her product which she did.

    As for the question of the use of “Canook” being derogatory, I hope it’s not! I call my hubby a “Canook” or a “Crazy Canadian” all the time. He doesn’t seem to take offense! LOL

    Rebecca, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Star Consultant prize levels are a bit different there. I bet Duped could answer that one!

  17. Rebecca said

    Okay, so if the Star Cons levels are different in Canada, then why did she say she started with a $3600? My point is, perhaps this a clue that her story may not be entirely accurate.

  18. Rebecca said

    And does anybody REALLY know that she is a real person and not a fictional character created by someone of the U.S. who is simply using the French translation to make her appear to be authentic. Just my suspicious mind……

  19. All I know about Isabelle is what I have read on PT so I guess anything is possible. It is, after all, the internet. As for the discrepancy(ies), I am in the US, so I cannot be sure of the Canadian MK information. I do know that I have heard some things are different, but I do not have first hand knowledge.

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