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Written By: ScrewU 

When PTers join the discussion board they can go to the ‘welcoming’ part of the board.  There they can say hello and introduce themselves.  Just thought you all would like to see what Tracy’s welcome and introduction was for them.


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Welcome to our forum!

« on: Feb 11, 06:11 PM »

Welcome to our forum, dedicated to discussing Mary Kay, life after Mary Kay, and all things beauty.

Please take a look at our Forum Guidelines (our rules, you know) before you post.

If you support the mission of Pink Truth and enjoy this site, please consider patronizing our advertisers.  The banner adds (the pretty and colorful ones) at the top of each page are our affiliate links.  We receive a small commission when you click on those links and then complete a transaction with the retailer. (You must click on our link first and then complete your transaction, in order for us to receive credit.)

We also feature Google ads at the top and bottom of each page (the text ads). If you see an ad that interests you, please feel free to click on it and take a look at the advertiser’s site. (Please only click if you’re really interested in seeing the site.)

Thanks for participating and please HAVE FUN!!!

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  1. Me said

    It would be nice if she could spell “ads” correctly, but maybe she meant it “adds” to her bank account when you click there.

  2. Black Sheep said

    Got a question, “we” receive a small commission?? Shouldn’t the proper term be “I”.

    Our maybe TC has started paying small commissiion checks based on how many consultants they “unrecruit”?

    I really think Tracy is a MK Director/NSD “wanna bee” who couldn’t or wouldn’t make it so she is copying Mary Kay’s marketing plan but it wouldn’t fall under MLM because there is NO product to be sold and NOTHINHG to be earned! All she wants peopel to do is pass out cards and recruit and buy product.

  3. Me said

    Sounds like a pyramid to me! No product sold except by her.

  4. My Cat Came Back said

    you know. Here is a blatant breaking of the Google Terms of Service rules. They would boot her out quicker than ever if they even knew that she was hinting at “clicking”. And it sure doesn’t look like a hint to me. Telling people to click is a big NO-NO with Google.

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Barf, hurl, puke, gag. That’s all.


  6. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Cat Came Back
    Maybe you should inform Google of her transgression. I know nothing of their terms of service.

  7. SillySally said

    I was going to comment on the “adds” instead of “ads” but Queen Me Bee beat me to it. Party pooper!!

    Tracy has some balls though, I’ll give her that. Brains? Not so much…..

  8. New PT Lurker said

    Hey Screw U, can you help me out? I just registered, but I’m not able to find this ‘welcome’ part of the board. Are you referring to the ‘Getting to know each other’ section?

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