Maybe someone can help?

I just received this in my inbox from The Mole.  Just wondering if anyone of you veteran antiMKers know the truth about the origin of the word “Kaybot”.

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Author Topic: Communicating without offending (the K**b** word)  (Read 521 times)
Curious about all of this

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Communicating without offending (the K**b** word)

« on: Jul 25, 05:42 PM »

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I’ve seen a few side discussions on a couple of different threads recently on the use of the “K**b**” word and how it might offend those who are still lurking.  So I’d like to start a discussion directly on this topic.

What do people suggest as an alternative term to communicate this idea, if any?

On the plus side, it is a concise term and does communicate effectively the thought that there are some in MK, at all career status levels, who have basically abdicated their thinking to the company.  They do and say what they are “programmed” to do and say, without questioning.

However, it is also a jarring term and when I first came onto PT a while back, it definitely raised my hackles.  Ultimately, the truth outweighed my annoyance over the K**b** word and I came back but I can’t help but wonder how many we lose over just this one term.  And I’ve used it too and fairly recently too, so this is not a holier than anyone else statement.

But within a community there has to have some consensus on terms so I’d like to know if anyone has any suggestions.  Because even if no one else does, I could use an good alternative term without the potential for giving offense.


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Re: Communicating without offending (the K**b** word)

« Reply #1 on: Jul 25, 05:57 PM »

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Those still in the pink fog
Pink foggers-no  Too Funny
I don’t care for the term kaybots-some here have been there before.
I’m with you Curious about all of this-I would like an alternative term too.  Smiley

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Re: Communicating without offending (the K**b** word)

« Reply #2 on: Jul 25, 06:06 PM »

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I agree.  Although, I have been guilty of using the word kaybot in the past.   Embarrassed

I’ve now just taken to using IBCs, SDs and/or MKers for initials.

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Re: Communicating without offending (the K**b** word)

« Reply #3 on: Jul 25, 06:19 PM »

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Since I created the term Kaybot, I am completely in favor of using it.  Smiley

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  1. Rebecca said

    Tracy MAY have been the one who “created the term”, but it would have been back when she was a member of MKSurvivors and The Pinking Shears; or on PC old blog, Exposing MK.

    All three of which were around LONG before Tracy created her site, by stomping on other people on her way “up”……

    But, I’m wondering if perhaps PinkCadillac may have been the one who first used the word Kaybot? PC, you around?

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That’s funny that TC said she created it. I doubt that’s true. But of course she will take credit where it is NOT due.


  3. A google search of “Kaybot” returns this: — which page starts:

    “Welcome to the Kaybot Homepage! From the outset of this project in 1996 the goal has been…”

  4. Rebecca said

    Well, there we have it! “Kaybot” has been around quite a while. So, who first used the word Kaybot to refer to MK people? Who first used the following:


    Can I take credit for any?

    Has anyone tried googling “Pink Truth”?

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I haven’t tried to google Pink Truth lately. You?


  6. Rebecca said

    As in finding “The Soft Pink Truth”, some kind of a music group. So, technically, (or not!) is Tracy infringing on that name? And I do believe the color pink is the color of the ribbons about breast cancer.

  7. Willie Lump Lump said

    I dunno, but if anyone thinks of using BitchBot, I’m taking credit for it.

    It’s mine… I created it… it’s mine mine mine damnit!!!!

  8. Willie Lump Lump said

    We can call them ‘Lil BBs’ for short. 😛

    Just make sure i get credit, K? Thanks.

  9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Willie, you shall not receive any credit. You shall relinquish all rights to any and all ideas that you may now or in the future come up with. You shall abide by these rules set forth by the bitch herself. If you choose not to accept this, you can bite her ass and all of her minions. Okie dokie?



  10. Me said

    I always thought it came from PC’s old blog, but I don’t know who thought it up. It sounds like PC though. She is pretty talented in that sort of thing.

    I just call of the PTers “Suckbots” from the former name of her blog.

    And back to basics is always nice….they are ROBOTS over there pretty much.

  11. 'Sup said

    I’m pretty sure it came from PC. I can almost guarantee it.

  12. […] […]

  13. I like “Suckbots” best, myself!

  14. My Cat Came Back said

    A kaybot is actually something similiar to a “Stepford Wife”. The Stepford Wives, if I recall, were basically human robots. They would do anything they were told to do, so the word Kaybot was created.

  15. My Cat Came Back said

    quite honestly I believe it goes as far back as MK Survivors. If LR is here, she can do a search through the old messages and I’d say go back to message number one which contains the word kaybot. I’d be curious to know too who created it. My pick is the chick from Michigan, XYB and no, I still say that XYb is NOT Tracey!!

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