“I Got It” gets through on PT.

How did this happen?  Tracy allowed a negative comment on PT.  Here it is if you missed it:

  1. I GOT IT!

    You know…. something just came to me as I think of the constant stirring of hate and discontent in this site…. that Tracy — and whoever partners with you — you’re just as bad as Mary Kay (according to how you all describe Mary Kay). You believe Mary Kay is making money on other people in an unethical way and you actually describe it over and over and over again in a much nastier form. That being said — Tracy is making money on this site — potentially making an additional living with books being written; she’s making money on the idea of keeping the pot stirred with hate, discontent, constant and continual spewing, and on the hopes of the repeated ‘business’ (people signing in) continuing their spewing and negative energy to lash out at Mary Kay. It’s a free country — you can do that. For me — it’s not the nastiness that bothers me — there’s a sight out there hating other things besides Mary Kay — but for me — I’m more in disbelief over the viscous never ending circle of this hate and spewing and negative energy and that Tracy gets away with it for you all. It’s like going to a ’shrink’ – they never get you out of needing them. So — I think that’s a sad way to make money, make a living and it’s ranks up there with how Mary Kay makes their money! So who is the bad guy here? Call it like it is and face reality of a bad experience and move on and I sure wouldn’t let someone make money on my misery after finally breaking loose from what I believed was someone else making money on me and making me miserable (MK)
    Ask yourself this PT participants…. CAN YOU BREAK AWAY FROM THIS ? OR IS IT OBSESSIVE FOR YOU?

    Comment left at 11:01 am on 2 Aug 2007

 And Tracys’ response:

  • TRACY pinktruth

    Dear “I Got It” –

    This will be the final comment from you that I allow to be posted. Take your insults and accusations elsewhere.

    For your information… I have not made a dime off this site. In fact, I have invested a considerable amount of my own money and time into this effort, and the advertising links haven’t even come close to reimbursing me for the costs yet.

    Women are offered a variety of things on Pink Truth, from information to support to resources to help them after Mary Kay. Your characterization of the site and my intent is completely off-base and rather insulting. I’m sorry that you can’t understand our purpose, but we will continue on nonetheless.

    Have a nice life.


    Comment left at 11:41 am on 2 Aug 2007

  • Tracy acts like she’s never heard these accusations before!  I’m sorry she finds in insulting that no one just takes her word for it that she’s not making money.  I thought that since she is an accountant, she of all people would know the importance of a paper trail.  So come on Tracy!  Show us your check!  Show us your expenses! 
    What did you say?  Did you say that it’s none of our business?  Well, I guess it’s none of YOUR business how much the directors are making in MK. 

    As an aside, I would like to state here that I seriously doubt that Tracy is making any money off of the PT site.  I don’t think she gets the traffic to sustain any kind of income from those ads.  People like Tracy don’t do things for money.  Tracy’s motivation is power.  Pure and simple.  She is willing to put out her own hard earned(?) money to run a website so that SHE can be in control. 

    Think about it… If she were REALLY interested in helping women and spreading the word about Mary Kay then why doesn’t she help the existing antiMK sites?  If “the cause” is the most important thing, why can’t she put ego aside and join forces for the greater good? 

    Because they are mean, right?  They don’t DESERVE to share Tracy’s traffic.  Even though someone may find help on the other sites and be turned off by PT’s vibe, that person can go screw themselves and sink in the quagmire of Mary Kay.  Because if they don’t agree with everything Tracy says or enjoy her sparkling personality, then they are NOT WORTH SAVING!! 


    And that’s my rant for today.  Hope all is well with you guys.  Today my little boy turned 5 years old, and I have to get ready for his McDonald’s birthday party.  Yay!!  Later


    1. Dana said

      Awww…… happy birthday, little Duh!

    2. Send big birthday wishes to the little one and have a blast at McDonalds!

      As for the post at PT, Tracy only let I GOT IT!’s post go through so she could post a rebuttal again with her denials and self-righteous attitude. And Tracy was insulted??? Awwww, too bad, so sad, so sorry for her….NOT. She has put numerous decent women down and insulted them because they didn’t agree with her. Sucks when the tables are turned, eh?

    3. Duh said

      Who is this “I Got It”? Show yourself!

    4. MKRealist said

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote this herself. Maybe the natives are restless and starting to ask questions, so she responded by giving them someone to target with their anger and righteous indignation, all the while tying that to a not-so-subtle warning about daring to ask these questions.

      Nearly every non- or not-for- profit publically discloses its expenses and how much money is collected on a monthly or annual basis. Usually this is in line with showing potential donors how close or far-away they are from a specific goal amount. We’ve all seen how the Red Cross will fill a pictorial needle with “blood” to portray how much they’ve collected in funds for specific relief efforts.

      A challenge to PT, if she wishes to remain credible, is to publically share what the site costs to operate, name an annual goal, and show how much has been collected towards that goal based on site traffic, clicks, and residual sponsored purchase income. Why not? It seems that nearly everyone over there considers what they do a service to the community and that their efforts are worthy of financial charitable support of others. If no one is willing to publically share this information, then the PT operation is no different than any other “for profit” privately held BUSINESS that does not have to disclose (by legal requirement or ethical compulsion) the amount, nature and purpose of monies collected.

    5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      I’m not surprised she let one comment through, especially since she is trying to prove that what she does is acceptable.

      I will tell you this, she will NEVER disclose what she makes from her site. EVER. People have been trying to get her to do that for some time now. She loves her dirty little secrets yo.


    6. Me said

      Great idea, MKRealist, EXCEPT that legally she is not a non-profit site because of the fact she has ads and a Paypal donation icon. That takes away any possible claim she can make of being non-profit, charitable or any other term she might like to make up that intimates she is helping someone other than herself.

    7. Me said

      I just looked over there. I didn’t read all the sanctimonious comments but did anyone notice that NO ONE commented on “I Got It”‘s entry until AFTER Tracy did?

      Way too cultish for me……..Talk about Stepford People.

    8. Duh said

      I think she didn’t let it go out of moderation until she got a chance to respond.

    9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Lame. Tracy bores me, for real.


    10. Me said

      Duh, yes that’s possible. Hadn’t thought of that. At least I HOPE that’s what happened!

    11. Dana said

      The fact that she was the first to reply (and she claims reads very few threads, and nothing about “I Got It!” would jump out at her, I would think) leads me to think that she’s the one who wrote it.

    12. Motives?? said

      Tracy has motives. SELF-motives.

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