This made me laugh, so I’m sharing it with you.


  I was reading some of the comments over at PT and ran across this one.  I don’t know why it made me laugh, but it did.


Her Royal HineyCream

#44 Confused….your name says it all. And, yes, I was hurt physically by using MK cosmetics whenever I had allergic reactions, did not know it was the eye cream as well as the shadows and my eyes watered constantly. I went to an allergy dr to get shots….and the one I was given first created an asthmatic reaction and I’ve had asthma ever since. It took away my ability to sing like I used to. I had an opera quality voice too. My use of this crappy MK product is partly to blame, because I would not have had to go to the allergist otherwise. MK SUCKS!!!

Comment left at 4:48 pm on 4 Aug 2007

How much bad luck can one person have?  Now the world will be deprived of Her Royal HineyCream’s lovely opera quality voice.  When I read this comment I snorted so obnoxiously that snot actually flew out of my nose.  Why?  Why am I so mean?


  1. 'Sup said

    What an idiot. You can’t blame a product because you have an allergic reaction. That’s HER issue.

  2. Licious said

    OMG. Give me a friggin break.

  3. Dana said

    I read that yesterday and I was going to post it over here. That’s so pathetic. She got allergy shots just to be able to wear a brand of makeup? And the allergy shots given by a professional doctor caused asthma? And this is Mary Kay’s fault?

  4. I think it’s time Confused gets a new allergist. And, uh, did you really need to see a doctor to figure it out?? Eyes watering a lot, don’t keep putting make-up on and around them. Pretty simple solution if you ask me.

    I have never had allergies, is it even possible to become a lifetime asthmatic because of an allergy shot??

  5. Duh said

    I don’t know if you can get asthma from an allergy shot. I’ve heard of stranger things. I just think it’s odd to be so mad at MK about an allergy. My husband is allergic to shellfish, and yet he doesn’t feel animosity towards the seafood industry. At least I think he doesn’t. I don’t talk to him that much…

  6. Since you don’t talk to him that much, I won’t ask if he likes the ocean. 😉

  7. 'SUP! said

    Dang, Duh it’s good to have you back! I was so close to slitting my wrists.

  8. msmkpink said

    I clicked the link from another great site to get here, and Wow! I laughed so loud everybody in the house wanted to know what in the world was so funny! Your title PT can bite my Ass, just blew me away….I think I am gonna love this site, new as I am to blogging. We all need a good laugh now and then and Girlfriend, you bring it home!
    Thanks, now I’m going to read the rest of the story.

  9. msmkpink, I have seen your posts on mkrules, welcome to our fun little world. 🙂 please ignore the language, as sometimes it’s colorful, but it’s all in good fun, even when we lash out at PT (although we do mean it when it comes to PT).

  10. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Welcome to our newest “member” msmkpink! Don’t get scurrrrred, we fucking cuss on this site. And you’ll find us slinging insults at one another, but it’s all in fun, no one is serious on this mutha.

    OH….back to topic. Um. Wow. People’s allergies or lack thereof come and go during ones lifetime. At one point you may not be allergic to, let’s say shelfish. Then bam, one day after you got prego, you can’t eat the shit. So how can you blame a company for your allergies? And how does asthma affect singing? You must either have it really bad, or not under control. While that’s sad and it sucks, I doubt it’s MK’s fault.


  11. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    ok we can make fun of stupid people on PT, but I gonna include the stupids who think joining one of these companies like Mary Kay is a good idea. Cuz there’s enough dumbass kool-aid to go around. (and yes I was once a dummy too)
    Also, I would like to hear this opera-quality voice. She should *totally* upload a video of herself on YouTube or something.

  12. Duh said

    I think we’re all pretty stupid, Daisy. I think everyone here joined MK! So that means we are the norm and can’t be considered stupid anymore.

  13. PB&Fluff said

    I work for a pulmonologist so I will find out if asthma can be caused by makeup or an allergy shot. Considering the crap that MK is I really wouldn’t be surprised.

  14. PB&Fluff – I know that some MK products can cause allergic reactions in some people. For me, I cannot use certain creams too close to my eyes or they will water continuously. I had to figure out what it was the by trial and error. Try eyeshadow today and wait. Try eyeliner next day. Try firming eye cream when the eyes water – BINGO! I found that the firming eye cream makes my eyes water if used too closely to my eyes. Eliminate that one, and no more problem. No allergist for me.

    I do still wonder if an allergy shot could cause someone to become asthmatic though.


  15. Duh said

    MK stuff did burn my eyelids once. I was using the firming eye cream (the old one with alpha hydroxy, ya know, the good stuff) and the dark circle cream. I found out that if you put those two things on top of the moisturizer, it will burn the crap out of you. It CLEARLY states on the bottle not to put the moisturizer on your eyes, but I AM stupid.

    The moral: Read the directions.

  16. I used to love lumineyes with the vitamin K. Been discontinued so long that the tube I finally managed to come up with was all icky. 😦

    Read directions??? Why would ya’ go an’ do somtin’ like dat?

  17. PrincessSnore said

    Once MK changed to the new eye creams I was outta there! Burn baby, burn!

  18. I haven’t experienced any allergies from MK. I do have scars on my cheeks from Clinique (I think Clinique is crap; they should be put out of business, right??). MK actually made those scars less visible and more touchable. No BS. It’s true. It’s no secret some people will be allergic to some products–MK or otherwise. Should people lose their livelihoods over it? I think not. A note about Lumineyes: I am convinced it was diluted hemorrhoid cream. Why would I think this? Do I have hemorrhoids? Nope. Back in my ballet days, I got some serious blisters on my toes from pointe shoes. My artistic director told me to use hemorrhoid cream on those because it is more powerful than regular old ointments. Anyway, Lumineyes smells a little bit like Preparation H, but not as strong. With that said, I’m glad it’s gone. 😉 Also, I never saw any improvement to my dark circles. I have also read that hemorrhoid cream is a good remedy for dark circles (another similarity!). The best thing for my dark circles is concealer and a highlighting pen. 🙂

  19. Dana said

    I love Timewise Age-Fighting Eye Cream, but I can’t use the other new one… Firming Eye Cream or whatever? It dries the skin out under my eyes and it’s miserable and I get scaly. The first time I thought it was a fluke and didn’t connect it to the new eye cream. The second time I connected the dots and haven’t used it since.

    By the way, note- I don’t use it any longer. Not- I went to the allergist and got shots.

  20. Black Sheep said

    Shadesofpink, many pageant contests actually do use Prep H to get rid of puffiness around the eyes, for real.. lots of other whacky little tricks too, duct tape will keep “the girls” from moving around better then some strapless bras and spray on adhesive on the bottom cheeks keep bathing suits from riding up… just to name a few

    (Sorry none MK’ers but for those who do like MK products the new eye revitalizer is truly good) and gentle.) Been using it for several weeks now and see a difference around my eyes.

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    OK as long as we’re confessing our MK sins………

    1. I sucked at selling
    2. I still think some crazy fucked up shit goes on in MK
    3. MK cleanser is the ONLY cleanser that keeps my skin clear w/out drying it out. I have rosacea and my dermotologist gave me her blessing on MK cleanser. Go figure.
    5. I still use all the shadows and liners
    6. I still hate Tracy Coenen, certified*cough* fraud*bull* investigator*shit*
    5. I lurve DUH


  22. Me said

    Dizzy, come on–‘fess up. You lurve me too.

  23. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    I think Dizzy is getting soft! When I tripped onto Duh’s awesome blog – I posted “in the pink” but it wasn’t to offend, just new to blog and didn’t know the proper etiquite and got a lesson learned me real fast, apologized and (feline) Dizzy came back with the a comment that kept me from running and never returning to this site!! Well, the other thing was when I asked Duh to remove she said, nanny, nanny boo boo, you can’t mae me take it off and everyone likes your post so there!! Colleen learned me too!

    Well, you are all just to flaming funny to be without!! I am still around enjoying the entertainment and so glad to see duh back, is the big Duh sale event with Hyndai winding down and they decided to let her come back to us??

    Think I will just get back to MK4ME and start dropping the Black Sheep seeing you all know its me – even though I sorta liked my signature line,

    This is just plane ole B.S. nope not b*ll Sh*t, Black Sheep! 🙂

  24. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Me, going soft? Say it aint so! Maybe i’m less angry, and just having more fun. I don’t remember what I said to you MK4ME, I hope I wasn’t too mean.

    NO NO NO, I do NOT lurve ME. NO! 😉

    So if I admitted that I still use MK, does that make me a softy? Cuz if it does, then all you hussy bitches are softies. So roll that up and smoke it!


  25. So who else is gonna fess up that they still use at least some MK? Makes me wonder if PT has a thread about what products they still use? If some of you do it, you gotta know some PTers do it too.

    MK4ME, You can keep your signature line, it’s a good one and we will all still get it regardless of your posting name. 🙂

  26. MK4ME said

    Dizzy, after I was a little traumatized about telling my “I” story, you told me – hey if you make it work and don’t get in my face, that’s gellin. That its cool if somoene can make it work the right way. Any way… You are allowed to use whatever products you want – this is Duh’s site, now, if you were publicly announceing this openly as a member of another blog, well, what are your preference in flowers because I think you should have your favorites on your grave!! I would be happy to ordered them after your tar and feathering and your boiling in boiling oil, and then peeling your skin off your body like you were a tomato and ripping out all your finger nails and toe nails, (But I would be willing to do a makeover on you so none of the pain you endured show up in your face during the open casket service.

    (Thanks again for making it easy for me to stick around).

    Lurve ya witches,

    This is just plane ole b.s. (Nope not b*ll Sh*T, just me, Black Sheep!

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