Same topic, another dumbass comment…

This one is from our favorite number cruncher, Miss Lazy Gardens.  I don’t know about this comment.  I may have to call a bullshit on this one.

Lazy Gardens

#59 … “I was told by my director that when women say no, they really mean yes but they don’t know it yet.”

You know, I’ve known a few guys like that. They told me – when I said no – I really meant yes but just didn’t know it yet.

I called them stalkers and then called the cops. Why should Mary Kay reps be treated any differently when they refuse to accept my decisions?

Comment left at 6:33 am on 5 Aug 2007

Uh, yeah.  First of all, Lazy Gardens has been stalked by a FEW guys.  Multiple men have found her so irresistable that they have taken to stalking her.  These men harassed her to the point that she had to call the cops.  Over and over…..and over.   That would be “a few” times, right? 

Now she is suggesting that when a salesperson gets pushy, we should call the cops.  Now this happens to me quite a bit and not just from my neighborhood MK lady.  So the next time a telemarketer won’t take no for an answer, I should call the cops?  Those vacuum cleaner salesmen that won’t leave my doorstep until I slam the door in their face are next.  Mormons?  Yep.  There’s always room in the paddy wagon. 

Somehow, I think the cops have better things to do though.  I also think that at some point they will get a little pissed that I keep calling them for this kind of thing.

So here’s a little advice: Don’t call the cops unless your life is in danger or a real crime has been committed.  Stalker laws are there because stalkers sometimes kill their targets.  If it was just about someone annoying the hell out of you, it wouldn’t be there.  And I hate to assume things, but I ASSUME there is close to a 0% chance that your MK lady will one day go berserk and murder you because you refuse to accompany her to a unit meeting or buy a lipstick.


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    All very good points my bitch. How in sam hell is she going to compare men stalkers and MK stalkers? MK just wants you to buy some damn lisptick and shit. Get over it. Grow a backbone and just tell them you are an exMKer and am not interested in buying anything. If you tell the MK stalker that, I’m sure she’ll leave you alone. Sometimes you just read this shit and say WTF?


  2. People who abuse the 911 system actually end up harming those that really need it. (This goes for our overburdened courts that are full of frivilous lawsuits.) I would hate to know that my local police officer was busy at XXXX’s house having been summoned for an overzealous MK IBC, while my car was being stolen or someone was being attacked on the bike trail! Sheesh!

  3. Rebecca said

    “A few guys”. Good point. Gotta wonder where she was hanging out, what type of people she was hanging out with…..

    And just one more bit of really bad advice being handed out on the PT site.

    I remember having a conversation with a woman about telemarketers. She told me that she told this person no, more than once, but the caller just kept right on. She finally signed up (I don’t remember what exactly it was, but it had one of those 30 or 60 day free trials and your could cancel within that time frame) just to get rid of the caller. This made my eyes cross and I wanted to beat my head on a wall. Excuse me? This was a PHONE call. I asked her WHY she didn’t just hang up the phone? I do NOT understand this at all. She didn’t want to be rude. She didn’t want to hurt his/her feelings. Uh, all ya gotta do is nicely say “No, thank you. Good bye” and hang up the phone. This is not rude. This does not hurt feelings. WHY put herself through the bother of having to cancel this thing later on? Oh, and of course payment is by credit card. So ya gotta also now watch your card statement like a hawk!

    Okay, the phone call is easy. Hang up the phone. That is all.

    In person, okay, could get a wee bit more difficult. But, how about turn and walk away? That is AFTER being polite and saying “No, thank you.”

    Many years ago I did have a vacuum cleaner sales man come to my door. He was extremely pushy. I would not let him in. (Him-male. Me-female-home alone = really bad idea to let him in. Duh.) I politely said I was not interested. Good bye. Had to shut and lock the door ’cause he would not go. He rang the bell again. I do believe that I threatened him at that point, probably with calling 911, but I may have threatend to get my ax and run him off. He did finally figure out it was in his best interest to go away.

    That was one extreme incident. I have NEVER had another experience like that with any sales person.

  4. Duh said

    I have no problem saying no to telemarketers either. In my opinion, THEY are being rude by calling my home without an invitation to do so. If I haven’t given someone my phone number, and they call my house, then I have have every right to hang up on them. Period.

  5. MKRealist said

    This plays into their Culture of Victimization. After all, they were “financially raped” by their overzealous-wouldn’t-take-no-for-an-answer recruiters/directors. PT is their “money rape” hotline. Saving their lives. One click at a time.

  6. Colleen said

    I have mercy on telemarketers because some make a GOOD living at it and they are not lying. I have had good results with them (research polls, surveys, and sales pitches…I have never been ripped off over the phone) If Im not interested they have let me go. Im in sales so Im empathetic I have met more rude face to face salespeople more so than the phone.

  7. If you want to meet overzealous sales people, go to Jamaica. I admit that when you said no, they respect that, but you can’t walk 5 feet without someone trying to sell you something there. You are constantly saying “No thank you.”

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