Secrets. Shhhh.


  Yesterday I received  an e-mail from a lady that is involved with PT.  She asked if there were any questions I had about Tracy or PT.  She wants to remain anonymous for now.  I’ll post my questions and answers and the questions and answers she sent me from someone else.  Confused yet?  That’s OK. 

 My questions:

1. I think most people that find my site want to know if Tracy is
really EVIL or is she just misunderstood. Do you think she is
trying to do the right thing or does she know that she’s being an
ass and doesn’t care?  I have two theories that I am torn between.
1 – She acts like she is doing the right thing, but then when she starts moving more in the direction of doing right, she freaks out and pulls back only to place more control and fear in place.  
2-She’s a power monger and lies like the best of them. 

Either choice #1 or #2 includes that she knows she’s an ass and doesn’t care.

Watch her after she reads this.  She’ll go into super syrup mode trying to prove how wrong this article is.  It’ll last for a couple of days.  She might even make it three.

2. Tracy has no husband or kids. She doesn’t even like animals!
Do you think this is a peek into her psyche?

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be married or have children.  Not liking animals says  a lot about a person (unless an animal attacked them). 
3. What does she do all day? If you can, could you perhaps give me
a mock schedule of her day?  

Goes to her fake office and sends out freaky e-mails that are paranoid and obsessive about her haters.
8:30-10:30 bashes people
10:30-noon not sure
Afternoon – blog, bash, repeat
5:30 paranoid-freak zone in overdrive
9:30 pretends she has work to do

4. How much time does she spend on PT compared to working her
“real” business?  20% work /80% PT  (unless you count blogging about her business and other people’s businesses as work).
We’ll start with these, and then I’ll run the answers on the blog
and ask if anyone else has questions for you.  Ok – I’ll answer what I feel I can.***** asked these:

Why is the “inner workings club” a big secret   She wants them to feel indebted to her for protecting them.  When infact, she is putting them more at risk than ever by doing this.
Why did Tracy copy PL’s forum and secret groups, etc   I don’t know enough about forums and blogs to answer the first part of the question.
The code of secrecy is what Tracy has always thrived on.  Even though she tells everything about you, she demands complete secrecy  from her minions. 

Why does Tracy find the need to use her inner circle people   She thinks everyone owes her something.  The slightest bit of disagreement or a realization that she has jacked you around and you are out of there. She immediately replaces you with someone she hated 3 mos prior. And, anyone who stands up to her, leaves her group or sees the truth about her will have vicious lies spread about them.  She will try to convince people that the person in question is nuts and let’s face it, after hanging around her for a while, the person either loses their mind or wants to.

There’s no way you can be part of her inner circle for a period of time and not know that she is a fake, a liar and a user, unless you are deliberately turning a blind eye. When it comes to Tracy spreading rumors about someone, if they don’t know that when her lips are moving or her fingers are typing that she is lying, they are not part of her inner circle.  She leads people to believe they are part of her inner circle, when really they have no idea what being part of it means.  If they did they’d run for their lives.

I didn’t really feel that there was any new information here, but it was important for this person to have her say.  It was also important that other people still involved with PT see that we are not making this stuff up. 

Mystery woman also says that if you guys post questions for her in the comments, she will either answer them in the comments or send me the answer.  So have fun with that.


  1. Me said

    I’m confused–hard to tell who is asking and answering, but it’s at the end of a busy workday, so it may just be me.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    ME, I think it’s just you. The black is the question and the red is the answer. Get it? 😉


  3. inmkbutsmart said

    I don’t give a tail about Tracey, however and there is always a however. Who is the person that gives her all the information? I don’t want a name, but I always thought about it. I really became curious when the black compact picture from a national meeting popped up. Is it someone still in MK or…

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes, I wondered the same thing inmk….who is her “leak” in the MKC world who was privvy to this information before anyone else was.

  5. I have a question said

    Are you the mole?

  6. Duh said

    This is kind of turning into a game show. What was that show back in the 60 and 70’s? Any of you old fogies remember?

  7. Me said

    “ME, I think it’s just you. The black is the question and the red is the answer. Get it?”

    Ha, ha. I know THAT, but I couldn’t tell who (as in Duh or Mystery Lady). It seemed at first like ML was on Tracy’s side, but then not….oh never mind.

    I have a theory about the information leak and why it’s no longer valid. I think posting the pictures that an NSD took on the NSD trip (the compact pix) got her busted. You’ll notice there is no longer any big news being announced and I know some things that the NSDs talked about and Tracy hasn’t revealed anything.

  8. NowIGetIt said

    I would love to know about her “source” and what has happened to the person. I believe whoever it was, was discovered. Wonder which piece of info lead to it.

    Also, are these ant-pt sites just driving her insane? Is she still searching for the leak? Are more of her inner circle doubting her?

    I look forward to your answers if you can.

  9. Dara said

    I’d like to know how much income her site and it’s shopping affiliates are generating for her. I’d also like to know how much it REALLYy costs her to run her site.

  10. PC said

    Hi Mystery Lady.

    I left PT back in march, and Tracy has spent quite a bit of time spreading vicious lies and bashing me. I only see probably 1/4 of the things she’s claimed about me personally, but I’d like to know what things you may have heard.
    So far I know she calls me a slut, and claims that I was a blabbermouth that couldn’t keep her secrets. (Neither one of those is true, however my hubby wishes the first one was so)
    I also know she told people that I’m jealous of her and that’s why I am no longer her “friend”. This is also untrue.

    Is there anything else? Is she now claiming that I am mentally ill as well? I want to know just how far this is going, because after she started posting all this bullshit about having a gun, I was worried she might fly down here and show up on my doorstep if I said anything negative about my experience with her.

    I know now that she really is unhinged – but I’m just wondering if you think she’s crazy emough to hurt someone.

  11. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dear Mystery Lady aka ML,

    Does Tracy have any friends outside of PT. Ok, that’s a dumb question because her PT “friends” aren’t really her friends. Let me rephrase this: Does Tracy have any “real” friends in the “real” world?





  12. Me said

    I want to know what she says about me (aside from what I already know) and how she feels about my blog. I mean, I’m sure she doesn’t love it, but I would like to know what she says about it. Other than complaining to WordPress, of course.

    And I would like to know why it’s okay for her to copy stuff all over her website but not okay for me to do it.

    Hmmm…..let’s see. Others have asked questions I would like answered, so I guess that’s it for me.

  13. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dear ML,

    I apologize but some more questions just came to mind because of what ME said. If you have been around for a minute, you know what my OLD name was back in the day. HAHA i talk like i’ve been around FOREVER but hence, that would be a tall tale my little sneaky informant mystery woman. Sorry, you’re not really MY woman. Ok that came out wrong. Whatever. ANYway, I wonder if Tracy, aka FRAUD*cough*cough* INVESTIGATOR *bullshit* ever talked shit about me, even when I was sticking up for that skanky tard. I mean, did she talk shit about most of her supporters? Not that I care really. Let’s just face it, I’m nosy and I want to know.

    That is all.

    For now.





  14. PINK BREN said

    Ok I want to know how far she got in her MK business and why in the world is it her mission to try and destroy it. I want to know why and yes I have posted there my post never show up or they are there for like 15 minutes and then bam it is gone. I guess they don’t want the real truth. I read on there today and she is using God but is not going to capitalize it because it is the god that MK uses. I think that she is a little touched.

  15. Rebecca said

    Gee, you guys. I can tell you what Tracy says about you. It’s what she ALWAYS says and everyone she is mad at:

    Calls you BITCH, (probably in all caps, too!) and/or slut.
    Claims you are jealous of her.
    Says you are bipolar or some other mental condition.
    Claims you stabbed her in the back.
    NEVER provides any specifics.

    How’s that?

  16. Rebecca said

    Pink Bren, that’s a post written by “Scribbler”.

  17. Duh said

    Mystery Woman told me tonight that she will be e-mailing me with answers to some of the questions you guys asked.

    I hope this bitch isn’t pulling my chain!

  18. prdiva4 said

    That’s pretty close Rebecca 😉 You must know her well.

    I also want to know the same things PC wants to know…

  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    If Mystery Woman is yankin your chain, then yank hers right back!


  20. Rebecca said

    Naw, prdiva4. It’s just the same ole, same ole, with Tracy. Same stuff she pulled on LR. Same stuff she spewed on PC’s blog. Same stuff she spewed on PLH. Same stuff she spewed in the emails she sent me way back when.

    And STILL no specifics!

  21. Rebecca said

    I do not believe Tracy will physically, in person, hurt anyone. She is of the bully mentality. Bullies on act when they have a bunch of their bully friends with them; or in circumstances where they can’t get hurt themselves, like the internet. In other words, she ain’t got the guts for any one-on-one, face-to-face interaction with anyone she does not consider her “friend”.

  22. sickie/happy said

    I don’t even have to guess what Tracy is saying about me. I think it’s been proven time and again.

    I will never again have to receive a PHONE CALL in the middle of my child’s heart doctor specialist appointment (or any appointment for that matter) from Tracy – EVEN AFTER I had sent her an e-mail letting her know that that is where I would be.

    Apparently there was a “Pink Truth emergency”. I had to call her back because the doc was in the room. When I did, she said she had a deadline to meet and couldn’t talk.

    Don’t get me wrong- I believe in the anti-MK (MLM) movement and informing people about what the facts.

    MANY of the women on PT are WONDERFUL and they know where to find me (not on PinkTruth – LOL).

  23. Willie Lump Lump said

    OK, who’s posting as Sickie again? 😛

  24. Duh said

    Well, well, well. Look who is gracing us all with her presence! 😉

    What was the Pink Truth emergency?

  25. Jus' wondering... said

    Sickie dahling, exactly how much did PT pay you to start some shit on PLH??

  26. Duped said

    Wow – I get back from vacation and there is just all sorts of fun shit going on! 🙂 LOL

    I would love to know the answers to all the questions – though I am not sure you can possibly answer them all.

    As for Sickie: what did you do to get punted out of PT? Or are you just trolling around, trying to stir up shit? Or, as a third option, are you here with Tracy’s blessings to pretend you have been punted in order to obtain information re the mole? Hmm…very mysterious.

  27. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I for one do not think Sickie would be here and actually posting if she were still a part of PT. All of us know what THAT “mistake” will do, GET YOU BANNED FROM THE BITCHFEST!. So either that comment really is Sickie, or someone is fucking with us again.

    Either way, good times. Why you ask?

    1. If it really IS Sickie, that means Tracy has booted another of her favorite minions which means her loyalties no longer reside with PT

    2. This alone means Sickie has come to her senses and realized that Tracy is a FRAUD, not a fraud investigator like she claims.

    3. If this is someone pretending to be sickie, then we roll with it and have some fun.

    4. All of the above is truth. 100%. Unequivicable (sp?) truth 😉

    Roll THAT up and smoke it.



  28. It’s really Sickie, she left voluntarily, and that’s all I will say 🙂

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