Alexa rankings?

I’m not what you’d call “computer savvy”.  As a matter of fact, I’m not really “savvy” about anything.  A faithful reader brought this website to my attention because she felt you guys might like to see how Pink Truth is doing.

Poor Tracy.  I guess being a mean, spiteful harpy just doesn’t pay off like it used to.


  1. Me said

    I guess when ya’ll defected it really blew her numbers, didn’t it? 🙂

    I think this is just way too funny. The queen of internet traffic takes a nosedive……..

  2. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Well, isn’t that what happens when tv stations start running all the reruns??

    Yo witches!!

  3. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Ok, DUH….some of us are horrible at numbers and graphs. Will you please provide further clarification on what exactly these numbers mean? In LAME WOMAN’S terms? Not that I’m lame, but I like to think of myself as more creative driven, not numbers driven. 😉


  4. Rebecca said

    Three months change, down 42%. Ouch.

    Wonder if the next three months will also show a 42% decrease……

  5. Licious said

    I’m gonna get one of those t-shirts. “0.0003 says my site rocks-”. I wonder if she’ll start advertising those shirts.

  6. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Hey Got an awesome idea, line up 1000 people and take a picture and put debuting pt class 5/2007, reduce it by 420 people (42%) and take another picture label it debuting pt class 8/2007 and put them side by side so she can see that maybe Debuting Directors aren’t the only thing that went down?? I wonder if she will then think that Duh, Me, and PTLies might be having the same effect on PT that she believes, PT is having on Mary Kay. Of course, I am sure it never occurred to her that numbers may be down at Seminar because of the high price of gas and airfares, nah… that couldn’t be it.

    I know, me bad… but it is fun, isn’t it???

  7. Duh said

    I don’t know what those numbers mean. I thought you guys could explain them to me! 🙂

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes, all you savvy website/blog owners/experts. Give us the 411 on this shit yo.


  9. Me said

    It means readership is down 42% from three months ago.

    MK4ME, great idea!

  10. You can put the graph right on your site DUH and we could watch it decline as it changes! Ha ha! It had a cicky do spot that said: “Put this graph on your site”

  11. My Cat Came Back said

    ah geezzzzzz now with 420 on it, all the pot smokers will come here!! I make myself laugh. 🙂

  12. Hey they are welcome. It is an equal opportunity blog and hey they are good for a few laughs sometimes. 🙂

  13. My Cat Came Back said

    lmao – totally welcome

  14. My cat lurves your cat said

    MK4ME (BS) – that’s what I was thinking.

    I think Tracy inherited a blog at a time when MK was already faltering financially.

    I find it laughable that she takes so much credit for the decrease in sales and directors.

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    What’s with all the cats coming back? I changed my old name because it didn’t really pertain to the current posters. Now the cats are back? WTF?!

    Oh….and Tracy is still a fucktard.

    That is all.


  16. inmkbutsmart said

    MK4ME: that is the best idea I have hear in weeks!

  17. Duh said

    The cats follow me around. I can’t get rid of them!

  18. ScrewU said

    Cats love us because we are the enemy of their enemy. Duh!!!! Thats what you taught us. Get it now?

    Yes, Tracy nice= snoozeville. She’s blocked out all the entertainment. No MK people to argue with. No inside scoop anymore. Dull dull dull. Reading her site makes me want to kill myself. In some horribly long and painful process.

  19. followourflip said

    I actually know more people that went to seminar this year than in previous years….funny how it “looks” like fewer are going…

    Love the idea of following the stats, too funny. What are the stats for this site?? Or PTLies? I wonder if it is like a see-saw, one going up while the other goes down….

    And who mentioned reruns! Right on, everything there is crap, or reruns…

  20. I wouldn’t trust a single photo on PT now anyway. Tracy’s minion, The Scribbler, is pretty damn good with photo shop. (Maybe that’s her true calling and she should try to make a living rather than bash MK for free!) Between photoshop and PT, I don’t think Scrib has any time left to have a real life, but if she wants PT to be her life, I say go for it! Birds of a feather……you know the rest.

  21. What What said

    I’ve said it before, but the Scribbler is crazy and not in a good way!

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