Lazy Gardens and Warm Chattering the Right Way


 I was browsing around google the other night and came across a bunch of articles our friend Lazy Gardens wrote.  Some of them are quite interesting, especially this one:

In a nutshell, LG gives us pointers on how to increase business by having a larger online presence.  Joining discussion groups, writing articles, etc.  “Be polite, answer questions, and read your email,” she advises.  I think this is a great idea. 

We all know someone who is a natural salesman, right?  There is a dad on my daughter’s soccer team who sells custom belt buckles.  At least twice a week he’s telling us about a new design that he’s excited about.  I  can tell that he is really passionate about his work ( I know, it’s belt buckles, but this IS Texas), and he would be more than happy to fulfill any and all of my belt buckle needs.  If I ever need a belt buckle, I’ll go straight to him.  Without knowing it, he’s warm chattering the RIGHT way.

The problem with MK warm chattering is that for some sales is natural.  Talking to people and actually being personable is just their way.  MK is trying to teach this concept to people.  My bet is that anyone who realized within a few moments of meeting someone that they are being “warm chattered” has just run across a very new consultant with no natural sales skills.  If they keep trying, they’ll get better.  It takes practice for some people.

PT makes this practice evil by pointing out the awkward way some consultants carry it out.   When a director says “give a compliment”, a new consultant may go around saying “Wow, you’re really sharp” to everyone she meets trying to sell her crap.  A natural salesman would notice something in the person first that is true, maybe pretty eyes or nice skin.  They wouldn’t notice because they want to sell something.  They’d notice because the natural salesman is a people person.  They are charmers. 

So Lazy Gardens wrote this article about the internet.  It seemed to me very similar to “warm chattering”.  When she signs up for a discussion board, the people on there don’t know she’s a landscaper unless she tells them.  I assume she doesn’t go on there and leave posts that say “Hey I’m good.  Hire me!!”  She helps people on there who have questions.  She gives her opinions on different threads.  She builds a rapport with the folks on there and maybe she becomes internet friends with some of them.  But she’s also doing it to get contacts and make money.  That doesn’t make her devious.  It’s not underhanded to be friends with the people who hire you.  If you are a good, ethical person it makes your job that much more enjoyable.


  1. ScrewU said

    The thing that cracks me up is that she says she gained $900 that month from her internet warm chatting. $900… Now if a director in MK makes $20,000 a year after her “expenses” (you know, the ones that Tracy makes up and guesses on), she is making chump change. But if Lazy Gardens makes $10, 800, thats good? What about her expenses? What about all the time she has to spend on forums making these ‘friends’?

    The thing that about Lazy Gardens that really annoys me is that she acts like she is an expert in EVERYTHING! If you read her posts, you would think that she is a multitude of things including an accountant and a lawyer. Not a landscaper.

  2. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    well Tracy acts like she knows everything too – did you see her stupid condescending posts about life insurance a few weeks back? Tracy thinks she’s a lawyer, FBI agent, and expert on everything from insurance to business to girdles!!

    what a jerk. Lazy Gardens sounds alot like Tracy.

  3. Duh said

    Now that’s enough Daisy. If Tracy is ANYTHING she is definitely an expert on girdles. 😉

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