Tracy is in emergency traffic mode.

How do we know when Tracy is starting to get worried about the traffic on PT?  It’s easy.  She either lets through a rude comment from a MKer, or she makes one up herself.   Yesterday around 11 in the morning, I posted a link to the Alexa ratings on PT.  Around 3pm this comment appeared on PT:

28. susan

The thing that trips me out about all of this is what the heck were some of you thinking when you allowed yourselves to get so involved in MK that you are so hurt by it? Was it the fact that you thought that Cadillacs and diamonds were going to fall into your laps that easily? I never thought it would be easy because sales is it not easy, not in your wildest dreams is it easy. I guess I was so fullfilled in other areas of my life that all of the hype did not affect me in the same way. But the only way anyone could be this consumed by hurt due to actions that they themselves were responsible for involving themselves in is that their ego has been destroyed. Or is this just an excuse to keep from moving on with your lives? Ladies, I come to this site for information that directors get and I can’t. But some of you scare me with the intensity of your posts….seek professional help and move on. You can continue to fantasize that you are damaging MK, but Mk may or may not destroy itself…it dosn’t matter. Sooner or later they will get what they deserve. If you are done, be done. If you blew a bunch of money, it’s gone, be done. If you ran up against one of those directors that praised you into her lair and now you are out…be done! Like the old people say “bought sense is the best sense” take the lesson and move on.

Comment left at 3:09 pm on 7 Aug 2007

I have a question for the PTer’s who read here secretly.  Why do YOU think Tracy let this comment through?  She claims that PT is a place for healing and deletes all rational comments that don’t agree with her ideas, but she allows through this comment which is insulting to just about everyone who reads PT.  I’ll show you why she let it through:

  • mk_corp_bs

    Susan, you need to do a little more reading before putting your judgments on the people who come here. First of all, not all of us got into it for stupid cadillacs and such. Secondly, who do you think you are that you can come here and tell people what they can post? I thought that was the admins job. Some here will be gentle with someone like you but I won’t because it’s people like you and your snarky little comments that have some of us angry. So glad you are happy in your little cult world but do not assume you can tell the rest of us how to feel. k?

    Comment left at 3:25 pm on 7 Aug 2007

  • Cram It Up Your PCP


    People deal with personal issues and struggles in varying ways. Be grateful that you are evidently less sensitive to MK than other women. That doesn’t mean you should judge them. Don’t read these posts if you don’t like them. Get the information you are looking for that is being so generously given to you and be gone. Your comment is like telling someone they don’t need to see a professional therapist just because you don’t have to. Let the others here post what helps them.

    Comment left at 3:44 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    #29…FYI…you don’t know me at all …so save your self rightous indignation for someone who cares…I maintain the same…get a life and move on…How dare you assume that I am in some cult…FYI… I used to do MK (until this year) and saw it for what it became – not what it used to be. I made a business decision after being in for 12 years, that it is no longer a viable means to the income I require, not to mention my concerns with the business ethics or lack thereof required to be successful in MK. And so… I have moved on. I am only concerned for your mental health and the obvious inability of some to move on. I have been reading this site for months and it is the same complaints and bitterness all of the time. If this makes you happy…carry on.

    Comment left at 3:45 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    New Unpink

    I joined MK of my own free will to support my consultant’s goals and have some fun. I have a scientific background and some of it was in outside sales. I knew that selling had its challenges, but no one ever told me the entire story about the time, energy and expense to run one’s “own” business in MK.

    I experienced the nastiness and top-down power plays of a Director who has been in MK for 27 years. The failure to welcome questions and support consultants in all aspects of the business is what really hurt. As soon as I had second thoughts, I was told that my behavior didn’t fit the MK culture. I was ignored when it was time to travel to Career Conference even though I had found the alternate lodging at a very good price versus the Conference Hotel. There was no attitude of gratitude, even by my recruiter who became my new Director. These people simply slam the door on those who are quick thinkers and perhaps who do not choose to follow blindly.

    I have another professional colleague (my recruit) who will take care of my customers. I promised to support her minimal activity because I was more familiar with the company than she is. She owns her own successful business but became a consultant to have fun and get the discount! I chose to get out because I had too much inventory that wasn’t moving.

    So as others have said and will say to your comments, simply be aware that MK is not what some of us wanted it to be!

    Comment left at 3:50 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Cram It Up Your PCP

    Susan, I have to stick up for my friend MK_corp:

    Go reread your first post. You are being extremely demeaning to posters here and if you are sincerely “concerned for (our) mental health and the obvious inability of some to move on”, then you would not write in such a careless manner. We don’t know you, you are right. But we do ask that you write without bashing other poster’s, whether as individuals or as the whole group.

    Comment left at 3:54 pm on 7 Aug 2007



    Many of us here got in for noble reasons: job flexibility, setting your own pace for success, etc. Many of us here worked very hard. Have you read the stories under the “Your Stories” tab above? I suggest you go there first so you can sympathize (if not empathize) with our MK journeys.

    It’s great that you are fulfilled in the other parts of your life. Many of us were too, yet it seemed that in order to succeed in this business, the areas in which we were fulfilled needed to be put on hold or replaced by “Mary Kay think.”

    I do not know where you are on the MK ladder of success, but I’d bet a dollar that you want to move up and you have reached a plateau. This is the point that makes or breaks a true Godly woman because all too often to get off that plateau, you must engage in unethical practices. Sometimes small, but that opens the door to bigger “opportunities” to succeed.

    We’ve been down that road, and after several yrs wondered how we got to that point. My suggestion: take off your pink glasses, read a few of our stories, and never-ever set one foot on that path.

    Thank you for coming here and reading. I’m glad this site’s information can be of help to your business since your director seems not to be giving you that kind of support. Please stop back.

    Comment left at 3:55 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Her Royal HineyCream

    Susan, I have been out of MK for a year. I did not allow myself to get sucked in as deeply as some other people did. I can see how it happened to them. I have healed from my hurt and grief about the whole thing, thanks to PT. I keep coming here because I want to make sure others keep hearing of the experiences and that we are not just blowing pink smoke. They are getting fluff and nothing else from those meetings which they pay to go to. I am glad I am out and I would love for someone to even try and talk me into joining back up, lol. I can only imagine my reaction.

    Comment left at 4:05 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    Susan –

    I’m confused . . . . . you claim that you have moved on . . . . . but you also claim that you have been reading this site for months . . . . . .. what makes you different from any of us?

    Comment left at 4:06 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    adding on to my above post…

    Sorry, but I assumed that you were a current IBC since you were looking for information “that directors get and [you] can’t”. Glad to here you wised up and got out! Good for you!!

    Curious though, why were you seeking said information?? I could easily assume you have not moved on yourself, so please clarify.

    Comment left at 4:06 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    responding to #18 MK_m

    Can you say market saturation? Can you say those who hit an untapped market are the successful ones? Many times, these women are not the best at selling or “training otheres to succeed” – they just got lucky and hit an untapped market. That’s the “beauty” of MLMs.

    Thank you for reading and posting. I’m glad you are now in a stable job.

    Comment left at 4:17 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Ex-Marykay Zombie


    And carry on we shall. Glad to to hear YOUR over it. Good for you!

    We aint!!! So leave us to ourselves and you go find a place where you will not be subjected to our rants about Mary Kay.

    Remember, no one forced you to come on and read these posts!


    Comment left at 4:20 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Lazy Gardens

    Susan … “I am only concerned for your mental health and the obvious inability of some to move on. I have been reading this site for months and it is the same complaints and bitterness all of the time.”

    Yes, you see the same stories, but they are coming from different people cycling through. Talking about the problem is part of healing, so people vent.

    Some people have been through more than others … depending on your MK lineage, there are some really malignant faith-abusers using God as a weapon, and some sociopathic manipulators. When you’ve been worked over by a pro, one who took your best qualities and used them as weapons against you, it can be hard to recover.

    Comment left at 4:20 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    Your original post was the equivalent to crashing a counseling session and telling everyone there that they were helpless, weak humans for having issues.
    This site has many purposes, only one of which is to give these women a voice. Obviously, you come to get information and that is great, but don’t attack those who come for other reasons.

    Comment left at 4:29 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    The Scribbler

    #28 – Susan

    “I never thought it would be easy because sales is it not easy, not in your wildest dreams is it easy.”

    It is a good thing that you saw that, Susan, because that is not what the IBCs are delivering in the recruiting interviews. Even upline as high up as NSD are saying, “All you have to do to succeed in MK is be excited and have fun!” Women are simply not being told from the get-go the hard cold fact, which is, “You better have business talents or else you can forget it!” Instead, potential recruits are being fed any line that will somehow connect with their deepest dreams.

    Now, if a company was secure in itself and its shining Opportunity, it wouldn’t need to tell its workers to use every silver-tongued line in the book to get women to join – if the Opportunity is so grand, women should be knocking IBCs over where they stand and breaking into their cars just to get an Agreement to sign.

    Gotta run – my little one just dumped a bowl of croutons over her head and now smells like a Caesar salad. Bath time!! D

    Comment left at 4:38 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    The Scribbler

    Okay, I’m back. My toddler’s bath wasn’t so bad – although the smell of garlic and cheese mixed with lavender makes for some interesting aromatherapy.

    I would like to comment on one more aspect of your post, Susan, if I may.

    “But some of you scare me with the intensity of your posts….seek professional help and move on…”

    While I commend you for having the mental attitude that you do regarding MK, as it’s been said, everyone is on a different step of their own ladder of healing, and everyone has their own story to tell. The experiences are far too varied and far too diverse to make a snap judgement such as “Just move on!” and if I may be frank, it’s a statement that sorely lacks compassion.

    I’d like to kindly offer my take on that if you’ll hear me – . I believe that bad experiences happen to us for the purposes of a greater good. Let’s use a pretty intense example – a rape. While I believe that is one of the most heinous crimes known to man, let’s say a woman in her 30s gets raped. She is mentally affected, physically harmed, and an emotional wreck. But day by day, “HeadHeldHigh” heals and gain strength as she meets with her online support group of other women who were raped and went through what she did.

    Now let’s say that there’s a lurker on that same rape support website who’s also in her 30s and suffers with the weight of what she went through. Maybe she’s suffered in silence because her family has told her time and again, “Don’t you dare say anything to anyone – we’re a prominent family in this town and don’t need the flak!”

    So all this time our lurker has been seeing the posts of “HeadHeldHigh” and relating to her story in a big way. She screws up the courage to PM her, which leads to the birth of a friendship. HeadHeldHigh is able to help this woman’s healing process immensely because she has walked her road and can relate. She might not have been able to help her the way she needed it had she herself had never gone through that terrible time.

    So if you’re still with me, Susan (and I do hope you are, luv) it would be utterly selfish for the women here to NOT share their experiences and warn others of the garbage that they themselves went through. Women heal over time and that’s a step in itself. But many, many women take it a step further – they become powerful advocates for/against (as in “For cancer research/against spousal abuse” their cause.

    Championing a cause for the purposes of benefitting others does not mean someone has failed to “move on.” It means that they are selflessly giving of themselves so others can be helped.

    Comment left at 5:37 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    #31 Susan

    Re-read your initial post and THEN talk to me about the garbage you just spewed out to me. You are a HYPOCRITE! You talk out both sides of your mouth. You come here to get information that you can’t get from your director yet look what type of message you leave? I’m not interested in anything you have to say, AT ALL at this point. At least when I first came here and was in the pink cult I had enough common sense to have some respect for those here and guess what Susan? I learned alot! All you droids sound the same after awhile. Better than anyone here, can’t believe we got so pulled into it, blah blah blah, judgmental hypocrites I have no feelings for.

    Comment left at 6:25 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Lazy Gardens

    #43 … and it would be totally unhelpful for someone to say, “Just get over it, already! Move on and stop your whining!”

    Comment left at 6:33 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Puking Pink

    Susan, many of us HAVE moved on, but we stay here and continue to post to warn others, and to support those who need our support. You will see that MANY consultants and directors who are just starting to see the light are very grateful for the support we provide. That’s also why topics can seem redundant. Many newby’s are seeing the info for the first time.

    Comment left at 6:45 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    TRACY pinktruth

    Hi Susan – It appears that you aren’t a good fit for this site. We wish you well as you move on and discontinue posting here.

    Comment left at 6:48 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    just woke up today

    I agree with Scribbler. I have been an emotional wreck as you all know since I woke up to the realization that MK was using me. My dreams were steeped in becoming an NSD, I felt like a failure for even considering quitting. I had enormous grief over the women I led to do big inventories, it has taken me TIME to heal. Thanks to my un-judgemental PT friends I am healing, thanks to their prayers I am not turning to alcohol anymore, thanks to PT I feel like there is someone that understands. We cannot make blanket statements for anyone and especially we cannot condemn anyone in MK for being in MK because there are truly good women there. As with any situation or even with any cult, there are those who somehow courageously did the right thing against all odds, let us not be the ones to lump them together. Let us be the ones to offer safe haven, love and big ears to hear. Each one of us is different and healing happens when we accept each woman where she is at, walk her through with love and rejoice in her victory of recovering her faith and identity!

    Comment left at 7:03 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Truth Not Tears

    Just Woke Up,

    Comment left at 7:12 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    #48 jwut wrote: “My dreams were steeped in becoming an NSD, I felt like a failure for even considering quitting. I had enormous grief over the women I led to do big inventories, it has taken me TIME to heal.”

    It takes courage to step away and many of us who have been party to the “dream” have felt the sense of failure. I agree that we offer “a safe haven, love and big ears to hear.” It’s not as simple as saying, “get over it and move one!” Many of us were deeply rooted with units, customers, and relationships that spanned a number of years. Many endured years of indoctrination. It takes time to accept, recover, regroup, heal and then extend our hearts and hands to help others heal.

    Comment left at 7:31 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Queen of Section 2

    #54 – Tracy

    Well said, Tracy!

    There are givers and takers. In my book Susan is a taker, then rips the drawer shut with little regard for wear and tear. It was as if she was miffed about having to read through everything just so that she could get that nugget (if there was one to have)!

    I don’t understand if she’s out why she would be reading here to find out what her director wouldn’t give her? Why would it matter… she’s “well adjusted”? I think she’s still in.

    Comment left at 8:54 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    out of_the pink

    Totally agree with you MLC #50. It does take courage. And to deal with the sense of failure and disapppointment of not living the dream you truly belived you could attain….it’s quite a bit.

    I wrote to my adopted director and my director letting them know I was winding things down…after 6 years I’m done and I’m going to personal use. Also let them know I was devoting my time to something else. It was really, really hard to tell them…was pretty nervous.

    Sad thing is, I’ve yet to hear back from either one of them. Ok, granted I just wrote to my adopted yesterday, and my director this afternoon. While I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, I am kinda seeing where this is headed…

    Comment left at 8:58 pm on 7 Aug 2007



    I guess I might comment that if you would’ve tried to help and contribute to this site, then you could have actually helped heal others who have not been able to heal as quickly as you say you have. I question how much you actually have healed, since there is so much anger in your posts. Your mention of going to a professional suggests to me that you have never benefitted from that yourself, as one piece of advice that a professional gives IS to ventilate, and share your pain with others who are willing to listen to your pain and not judge you by it, as they understand that it is just one stage of grief. When all that pain is emptied out, there is the refreshing feeling associated with the return of health to the body and mind.

    I was a little confused by your use of the word “ego”, too. When I read your first post, what I heard was (summarized): “I have it all together and have moved on. (pride) What is wrong with the rest of you that you can’t do the same? (judgement) I don’t want to be bothered with whatever all of you are concerned with. (selfish) I am here to get out of the site what I need. (self-centeredness) You are irritating me. (again selfishness) ” If that doesn’t sound like “ego”, I don’t know what does.

    The fact that you have been on here for months and not posted in order to thank someone for sharing info that you need, or encourage someone who needs it, or share your story in order to help others, NOT hit them over the head, shows exactly where you are coming from.

    Comment left at 9:53 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    Out of the pink,

    Congrats on finally making that decision, and cutting back. Before I actually quit, I did the same, and it was a relief to me. I will pray for strength for you to face whatever your directors might say.

    Let us know what happens!

    Comment left at 9:57 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    How Did This Happen

    I am a Hubby of former SD and we are very faithful to our Church. Her NSD, KWR , had mandatory Sunday meetings. My Wife would be guilted into going to meetings instead of spending 1 day with family and our Church.

    Comment left at 10:40 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    Queen of Section 2

    How Did This Happen — you must’ve been doing some happy dance when your wife finally decided to get out of Mary Kay. It saddens me to hear about women being made to choose. So glad to hear that that was then!

    Comment left at 11:15 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    busted bubble

    Scribbler wrote-
    “Championing a cause for the purposes of benefitting others does not mean someone has failed to “move on.” It means that they are selflessly giving of themselves so others can be helped.”

    Susan, this is the point of PT. Please continue to read the stories here and perhaps you will have a better understanding of the lies and manipulation that some were subject to.

    How did this happen-
    Is your wife out of MK now? This is so sad that your wife was forced to choose b/w MK God and her God. Just one more example of MK greed and manipulation. Outrageous. I hope she has visited PT. We would love for her to share her story.

    Comment left at 11:26 pm on 7 Aug 2007

    The Scribbler

    #53 – GoAwayMK –

    OH SNAP!!

    An exceptional post – you done gutted that fish to the bone, hon!

    Good form, lassie; good form!

    Comment left at 11:42 pm on 7 Aug 2007


    Guilt is never a good motivator, why does MK insist on still using it?

    Comment left at 12:00 am on 8 Aug 2007


    oh my gosh, MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!

    susan: let the many, MANY comments in response to your irresponsible comment be an indication that these women (myself included) have been, in a way, abused. and your insensitivity and judgement only makes things worse. you do not know a soul here i’m assuming. and you don’t know what each individual has had to put up with. maybe you weren’t as pressured to “succeed” as other women were, i don’t know. but please don’t come here and act like that, it does nothing but cause harm and hurt feelings. and that’s the last thing anyone here needs, thank you very much. we’ve put up with quite enough from MKC. ugh!

    and just to set the record strait, in my case, i was LOOKING for something that required hard work. yeah! i wanted something rewarding, with both tangible and non-tangible rewards. but both concepts in MKC is bullcrap. you aren’t rewarded with a career car…. as we all know. and you aren’t rewarded when you “enrich women’s lives” because you really haven’t “enriched” their lives you’ve only contributed to breaking their hearts and more.

    vetteblue: my husband was so supportive in the beginning and i am SO GLAD that i stopped trying to “succeed” in mary kay. it would’ve eventually ended things i’m sure. how can you trust someone when they are so far into something like this? kudos to you for knowing better and thanks for sharing.

    also, the B.A.T.H sheets my director gave me made me want to puke every single inside out of me! how ridiculous it seemed even at that time when i was new and blind to everything. it still made me sick. but of course, i just wasn’t thinking positively.

    sorry, don’t mean to sound so angry, but nerves have been stricken!

    Comment left at 3:28 am on 8 Aug 2007


    oh, i forgot: spot on GoAwayMK…. perfect!

    Comment left at 3:30 am on 8 Aug 2007



    Now I don’t expect you to read everyone of these comments although some of them are especially self righteous and entertaining.  What I want you to note is the sheer number of responses this lady elicited. 

    controversy and bickering = higher traffic

    I really get the feeling that some of the ladies on PT are not happy unless someone, ANYONE, is manipulating them.  That way they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.  They’ll always have someone to blame.  Clearly Tracy is manipulating them.  She allows a comment like Susan’s through or makes one up.  It really doesn’t matter whether it’s real or not.  It works either way.  Once that comment is through, everyone has something to say, and everyone wants to see what others are saying.  That’s a lot of refreshing and a lot of coming back every few minutes to see what happened.

    If you go back to the original post on PT, you’ll notice that some of the comments have been deleted.  Did Susan try to defend herself?  Why weren’t those comments let through?  Tracy could have nipped this trouble maker in the bud by deleting the whole exchange.  After all, her comment wasn’t even “on topic”. 

    But that’s no fun, is it Tracy?

    Ladies on PT:

    WAKE UP!!  Think about what’s going on over there.  Break away from the herd and take a look around.  Stop being a tool!


    1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      I think it’s absolutely hillarious how everyone jumps on “Susan” as though she was a pedifile. Good Lord people, it was only a comment. And pay attention you bitches, Tracy let it through for the sole purpose of pissing you all off because she knew you would comment back.

      Bravo DUH for pointing that out as most PTers would never have even figured that out. They must be stupid if they haven’t figured out that Tracy manipulates EVERYTHING on her website. If their purpose as a whole was to “educate” women on the wrong doings of MK, wouldn’t it work better if they weren’t acting like a bunch of bitches?

      What’s that term? It’s easier to attract bees with honey?


    2. MKRealist said

      It’s like throwing raw meat to house cats and making them believe they’re lions.

      Bread & Circuses…

    3. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    4. Just goes to prove that numbers at PT are definitely down. Tracy needs to create a diversion so the numbers will rise. It’s like a train wreck, PTers CAN’T look away.

    5. NowIGetIt said

      I watched “inherit the wind” the other day with Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Dick York and Henry Morgan. If you ever get the chance awesome movie. Spencer had a great line that reminds me of Tracy/PT “ignorance and fanaticism are forever busy and need feeding”

    6. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Very interesting quote NIGI.


    7. Katy said

      Why are you all so obsessed with PT ? Maybe YOU need to move on ? Just a thought.

    8. Licious said

      It’s not about being “obsessed” Katy. We’re just having a little fun. Unlike PT everyone here is truly entitled to their own opinion.

    9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Someone needs to take their sense of humor pills again…………either that or take that big stick out they ass………


    10. Duh said

      Where are we going K-k-k-katy?

    11. PC said

      GAWD some crazy PTer stole my name! LOL

      look at it this way Katy: you all are obsessed with Tracy and MK (which will get old after a while, trust me)….and the people here are obsessed with having fun and poking fun at Queen Tracy. Most likely because they got libeled by the Queen.

      -PC/Katy/According to Tracy I am a “little bitch” and a “dirty rotten slut” (and I don’t even like Mary Kay!)

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