Just because I love Brak, Zorak & Space Ghost

Written By: ScrewU

Listen to this song.  Enjoy it.  If you don’t like it…. I’ll kick your ass


  1. I can’t believe that song is less than 2 minutes long. It felt so much longer.

    Gonna let my foot meet rump. …

  2. Fabulous! There are days I feel like that and wish I could kick some ass!

  3. What What said

    LOL – my DH has always been a fan of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and he’s been singing this song to me since I let him hear it. Wow, isn’t it just the kind of song a husband should be singing to his wife? Geez…

  4. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    What What
    It really is the point that he is singing to you, not what he is singing. It sounds like DH has learned a couple really great songs from BFBF. You should send Duh and ScrewU thank you cards!

  5. Holler! said

    Oh dear. I remember that episode.

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