If you didn’t think PT followers could make you any more sick, read on… by Meow Mix

puking up pt bullshit 

 I thought I had heard it all.  The following of the Queen, the believing, the just plain sickness that is PT.  Then I got this gem in my email inbox.  Yes bitches, there is someone even more obsessed than we had ever been.  It’s sad really.  This poor soul is sucked so far into the PT fog that she doesn’t even realize it.  I don’t know if I should feel sorry for this person, or if I should laugh at the dastardly way Tracy Coenen, FRAUD (bullshit) INVESTIGATOR, has this poor poor bitch in her clutches.  I’ve assigned myself the title of EDITOR to this article.  I have crossed out some of Raisin’s comments and placed more accurate ones in their place.  Try not to throw up ladies, it truley is a sickening post. 


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That Tracy is a scary Beeotch

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That Tracy is a scary beeotchLife before being a Maven

Those who know me know I value intelligence and speaking the English language with a commitment to good grammar. I don’t use words like beeotch.

But it was the only word that I could dredge up to describe my first encounter with Tracy Coenen. (Man you got that right.  I think SCREAMING LUNATIC CONTROLLING ASS BITCH IS MORE APPROPRIATE) I was going to set her straight (You can do that, but you’ll be banned immediately). I was going to fill in the blanks of her lack of understanding. I attempted to reach her…and she slam dunked me.

She was a beeotch. (You mean BITCH.  How brown did your nose have to get before Tracy let you call her a bitch on this thread?)

Many, many months back, when I was still in the pink fog, I came to this site and I was outraged. Reading some of the posts, I found myself having to agree with some conclusions. Maybe this site was ugly, but only because women who were supposed to be enriched, were now hurting. But Mary Kay was not this monster of deception. Mary Kay was still good and noble and right. People will let you down. Mk is only an opportunity. You make it what it is. And these PT women apparently didn’t make it into anything useful.


I did know what many were talking about. And I did have a document that I was writing on how the marketing system was failing the majority of women. I did evaluate and I was analytical and even though I was told this represented paralysis, my doubts about this business were buried just under my surface.

I baited Ms. Coenen with a stupid statement. She came back with, eyes, but Mary Kay is MLM. And if you ever use the word ovaries again I will ban you.

Gee, I thought I was clever suggesting she didn’t have the adovacaries  to read my expose.  I was banned.  (Big shock there sister)

No matter. I kept reading. I knew there was a whole lot of truth on the site. And wading through the drama to get to the meat didn’t bother me. The meat was worth it. It was the first time I saw with my own eyes that women all over the US were in the same shape I was in and I was a Successful Director! They were termed negative, when what they really were, was truthful.

I am a team player so I went to my National with my concerns. She was unable to address them. That was disappointing. She isn’t stupid. But apparently she wouldn’t lend her name or opinion to the fact that I nailed what was wrong. My concerns never managed to get to her front burner in time for her to convince me once again, that MK was the best opportunity for women. I now saw that MK was indeed a predator, a financial cancer, that sucked out the cash from all new recruits and from all career path consultants to pad the nests of the illustrious NSDs. The majority of part time personal use consultants have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, and I suspect they are the ones who are the most verbal in their attacks of this site. They are clueless.

PinkTruth scared me, so I found MkVoices which had mkrealist, SuziQ, and MKV as hostesses. These ladies were still in MK but recognized the problem. It was in my mind, a safer place. PT back then was way more caustic and I think was dealing with its youth, and a combination of anger, remorse, guilt , and regret. A forum community carries with it, a sense of the personality of its posters. I got the opportunity to work out my concerns, and then had the strength to re-appear on PT. I had things to say to Ms. Coenen. I don’t know why she lifted the ban, but she did. I started posting in the comments. She asked me to write articles. I had a lot to say.  (Don’t feel special, she’ll just use you as long as she needs you before she throws you away with her leftover unused condoms and dead AA batteries  😉 )

What I found was a woman who was willing to see past my attacks into maybe realizing we who were Directors held the greatest remorse. We had no explanation for how we behaved. Once you are out of the Pink Fog you are STUNNED that you said  what you said-did what you did. It’s embarrassing. I can hardly explain it except to offer that it has to be similar to cult detox behavior.  (Remember this cute little phrase my little pretty, for you will use it to describe your escape from PT eventually)

I think Tracy has had it hardest of all. I think Tracy is the scariest of all.  She has been out for over 6 years. She isn’t suffering from a delusion that maybe it would have worked had she worked harder. She knows as a fraud investigator, that Mary Kay is an elaborately outfitted Multi-Level Product based Marketing scam, because it collapses without recruiting new consultants in short order. It rewards frontloading consultants with more merchandise than they will ever need in 30 or 60 or 90 days, and baits them to order with prizes contingent on ordering. Bonus product is given upon ordering-not selling. Year to date tops in sales figures are rewarded on ORDERING not selling. Nobody cares what you sell.

I have since had the opportunity to spend some time with Tracy, and I am aware of blogs that want to discredit her because they are disappointed that relationships failed, or feelings were hurt, or they figure they can zero in on Tracy’s shortcomings aware of all the bullshit Tracy spews to anyone who will listen.  Who among us does not have shortcomings? We are all, after all, human. Nobody does this life perfectly. And maybe even MK needs us to cut them a little slack. Somewhere on the floors of the Dallas headquarters there are probably people who are sick about this site because they never wanted Mary Kay Cosmetics to turn into this.

Some people think they know what Mk was supposed to be. Listening for many hours, I know who is behind this PinkTruth Community. She is definitely head strong. She is definitely nobody’s fool. Do not attempt to BS her, she just isn’t that dull witted. She is committed to really being excellent dishonest in her business dealings as well as fair  unfair with people who may have attacked her because of their own lack of understanding their realization that Tracy is a psycho bitch.  That would have been me.  Perspectives on people are always unusual, aren’t they? They depend on who YOU Are. What deficiencies or strengths YOU bring to the table. Are you Is Tracy stable and mature?  (Can humans live without food and water?) If so, then you will see that running this site takes a toll, and a commitment.(A commitment to manipulating all the women who post on your site)  Are you Is Tracy needy and wanting attention? (Do male cats lick their own balls?)  Then it’s likely, responses from people will never be enough to fill you. Are you Is Tracy insecure? (Does Exlax induce diarrhea?) Then you will think that since no one responded to you that no one likes you. It’s Perspective. It isn’t true you. Do not be guilty of jumping to conclusions based on your own needs, and your own growth on this journey, that assigns to another, the issues you have yet to resolve.

This community is vital because the women who share here, have some very rich things to say. They are heartfelt. They require transparency. Bringing them up will cause fresh wounds. There are women like me, who will be hurt here.  Deciding just how honest we will be, and how much we will hide, makes a whole lot of difference. Not everyone is in the same place, and being human, we can react before responding, causing a whole lot of friction. And you know what? We will learn from that, too.
Our goal as Mavens is to simply be here and offer whatever assistance anybody needs. Tracy isn’t is interested in this blog being her domain. The point of Mavens as I understand it was to spread out experienced Mk women to all areas of concern so that no one would be alone as they attempt to face some severe changes, disappointments and withdrawals. Tracy has a no book to finish and clients no clients to meet with, companies to expose, and still wants to be here. That’s what she does. (OH, my dear sweet sugar dumplin, you forgot a few items such as doing random background checks on people, signing them up for email so they get spam and oh, that’s right, stalking people on their vacations.  Just to name a few.) She just has a special painful place for MK Consultants because MK pretends to be the enricher of women world wide and nothing could be further from the truth.

So you are here with us, trying as feebly as we might, to offer whatever we can, to help you see it was never you. You were lied to…you were manipulated, you were injured and you are now somewhere being manipulated again, thanks to Tracy Coenen, and all those who went before her to expose this fraud, where you can heal. While we talked, Tracy was moved to tears. I felt the weight of this task. God made this woman soft bitchy on the inside outside and tough on the outside for a reason. She can still feel it all, but never has she been more resolved to see this through. With some coaching from me (and probably others) on how to soften up her comments, she rolled her eyes and said, I know, I know.”

She does know. She is taking point without anonymity, to make sure we all have a soft hard and fucked up place to land


  1. Hacking up a Hairball said

    I don’t know which is worse this picture or reading what raisinberry had to say. It’s a toss up.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Pretty sick huh?

    The article I mean. 😉


  3. Ok, there’s no question in my mind. I could look at that damn picture again and again without wretching nearly as bad as I did reading this post by Ms. Raisinberry, The PT Maven. It is sad that Raisinberry apparently went from what she now calls the MK Cult to the PT Cult. Definitely a co-dependent personality issue.

  4. You Ain'T No DaIsY said

    that’s just plain stupid. The part about tracy’s eyes welling up with tears or whatever.
    PUHleeze. Tracy is a bitch on wheels and will never change, she just tries to pretend to be softer when too many people demand it.
    And as all of us know who’ve had to take sobbing phone calls from her – nothing makes her cry but Melissa, and probably DUH and PTLies now. Because some people see through her and decided to expose her for the bullshit Queen that she is. That’s what’s making her stay awake at night, probably hoping that she doesn’t lose her CFE license, and that Wiley doesn’t find out about any of this.

    And can we say PARANOID PERSONALITY DISORDER???? She is one hot ghetto mess.

  5. She's a MANIAC! said

    That picture is NASTY!

    I almost wet myself when I read the heading on PT. I couldn’t even read through the whole thing, though. All that puckering smoochiness gave me a headache and made my ears ring.

    You know Raisinberry had to do some major kissing up in the post to be able to get away with using “Tracy” and “beeotch” in the same sentence.

  6. Willie Lump Lump said

    The picture is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. compared to that lame ass post. Ugh!

    I think Raisenberry’s got a little (ok, a LOT) of brown on her nose.

  7. Me said

    It still makes me laugh when people say I make Tracy cry. Oh, to have a picture of THAT! I’ll have to make one and put it on my goal poster.

    As for this fiction, at first I felt sorry for Raisinberry but then I got angry. How dare she decide for me how I feel or what perspective I have? To her knowledge, at least, she has not been stalked, threatened or had illegal investigations done on her by Tracy so how in the Sam Hill does SHE know how I feel? And for her information, I am not a huge recruiter and my business if FAR from “[collapsing] without recruiting new consultants in short order.” I know, I know–I am not a director. SO WHAT. I have a lucrative business and I am in NO fog, pink or otherwise.

    It angers and saddens me that people are walking around brainless when it comes to dealing with Tracy Coenen. I can’t wait for the end. And there will be one, I have no doubt whatsoever.

    The picture is really gross though……..Duh, where DO you find this stuff??

  8. Me said

    That picture isn’t Tracy, is it?

  9. Licious said

    That picture almost made me throw up but after about two paragraphs into this bullshit I forgot all about the picture.

  10. PrincessSnore said

    “Me” you are right. Raisinberry has no idea what Tracy can be like.

    She fooled some people for a while because she only freaked out on the Brainstormers on PL. Now that they’ve booted her she is showing that she is coming unglued like Elmer’s in water.

  11. Dana said

    I felt sick when I looked at the picture.

    Sicker once I looked below.

  12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    The wonders of “google images”



  13. MKRealist said

    If this is RB’s reaction from getting out of MK, she will probably have to be hospitalized when she discovers the real truth about TC/PT and has the courage to get out.

  14. inmkbutsmart said

    Ok so my computer is slow. The picture came up, I threw up a little in my mouth. Then when I clicked to read the article my computer would not move and all I could see was the picture. Well needless to say the pizza and beers I had for dinner tonight didn’t taste good as a left over. GROSS picture!

    I feel sorry for everyone that has been sucked into Tracy’s words. I think there should be a support group for PT detox. As we know Raisinberry and Sickie are soooooooooo deep there isn’t fog any longer.

    I need to find the power that she has to brain wash people, then I will cloan the power for a man to pay all my bills. Oh the power!

  15. No way Tracy really cries!! Even I learned as a kid to turn it on and off at will. I am sure she can do this too. It’s all for show.

    And I can still stomach the picture over RB’s post. I have never seen someone have their head so far up someone’s ass before. Nearly unbelievable, but yet, it’s in black and white.

  16. She's a MANIAC! said

    I’m not sure that Sickie is foggy anymore. She’s been demoted. To guest.

  17. Duh said

    First of all, I didn’t post this picture. That honor goes to Meow Mix. I have to give credit where credit is due.

    Meow Mix-
    I almost peed on myself when I saw what you had posted!
    EXCELLENT WORK MY DEAR! I am so very proud.

    Now for my comment:
    My husband walked by as this picture came on the screen and said,”She’s wearing a purple shirt. Is she a director or something?” hahaha

    Finally I have one question. Is this woman not wearing pants or have they disappeared between the fat rolls? Bitch needs some Spanx!

  18. Duped said

    mmm…pizza and beer…a lady who knows the way to my heart! 😛

    This post made me throw up more than the picture. What a sad, sad thing.

    Now, back to important things – like painting my nails. 🙂

  19. Duh said

    Pizza and beer? Can you tell that’s what she was eating just by looking at her puke? That’s some talent right there.

  20. Willie Lump Lump said

    “Is Tracy stable and mature? (Do squirrels climb trees?)”

    Uh, Meow Mix, re-read that sentence and tell me what the fuck is wrong with it! 😛

  21. inmkbutsmart said

    I don’t want to look at the picture again to tell you what she ate. It was the best dinner I have had in a long time. I like most women watch what I eat. However last night made me think about my college years when it seemed like I ate pizza and beer every day for lunch and dinner and was still a skinny girl. Today that is not the case and I am sure that I gained 12 pounds from dinner, but it was soooooooo worth it. Then I came home and saw the picture and well I thought twice about my dinner choice.

    As for sickie, if she really has been boothed it will be hard for me and I assume a ton of other people to welcome her with open arms. I fully believe in second chances, but she hurt, pissed off and on people for sooo long that it will be hard. There isn’t anyone in the PT past or present world that has pissed me off personaly except for her. The other thing is that I don’t trust Tracy or sickie, so I can totally see them tricking everyone.

  22. Laura R said

    RB wrote: “With some coaching from me (and probably others) on how to soften up her comments, she rolled her eyes and said, I know, I know.”

    So does that mean she won’t be using the “c” word anymore when communicating privately??? Gag me. How many times have any “former TC friends” heard the same “I know, I know” from her. Nothing has changed, only the friends.

    MKR: I couldn’t agree more. IMO she’s only transferred her MK idol worship to PT/TC, clearly. I see the same “director” lingo and “heart” in her post and it’s nauseating (just like what I witnessed by some in MK) when they defend those who are unethical by dismissing true and honest facts and concerns from others. Total denial. This is so twisted, my head is spinning. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was getting a denial rebuke from a pro-MK’er for saying unethical behavior happens.

    “Shortcomings?” Well, we all have shortcomings which can be covered by grace and fixed thru honest introspection and repentance, but we are dealing with a different cat here. TC’s actions are deliberate, self-indulgent and mean-spirited laced with the motivation to mow down anyone getting in her way or whom she believes “messes” with her. She’s proven it again and again and again, year after year.

    “God made her soft on the inside but hard on the outside”……huh? No, Tracy CHOSE to be MEAN to others by bullying them when adversity strikes. She CHOOSES to show them who’s boss to create fear and gain control in the relationship. That’s not from God. That’s from the other guy. The bible is very clear how God created us.

    RB also says: “Do not attempt to BS her”….
    When I read this in context, it sounded more like a warning, not insight. EWE!

    This comment, “I have since had the opportunity to spend some time with Tracy, and I am aware of blogs that want to discredit her because they are disappointed that relationships failed, or feelings were hurt, or they figure they can zero in on Tracy’s shortcomings” …. is nothing more than sickening. I mean surreal sickening.

    I don’t know how to explain this except that she is, again, using the same dismissal of truth that pro-MLM people do (ie, “you are mad and attacking because YOU failed”) …….another GAG ME!

    I especially like the part where RB says Tracy isn’t interested in this blog being her domain. Hahahahahahahahah! Really?! Then tell her to give it up, hand it over, maybe see it disappear one day…test it, then see if you come back and say that.

    Before the “anti-MK movement” (as Tracy dubs it), exactly what was Sequence Inc or Tracy’s identity all about?? The anti-MK movement has greatly enhanced her “professional” career. We know better because we’re not “fooled” nor can we be BS’d by Tracy any longer RB, but obviously you can.

    If you doubt what I say, then you need to go back in time a bit. Go back to Sequence Inc and Tracy BEFORE the “movement” then compare to what you see now and say that PT is not her domain. It’s her existence, her stepping stone (along with many of us individually) to her own perceived “NSD” walk and you are following in line exactly as you should be, or should I say “downline”.

    “Tracy has suffered the most”…. I can’t even go there.

  23. Laura R said

    …….and what I mean about Tracy suffering and my not going there is all about the suffering she has caused others thru the years. God only knows who has been at the hand of her wrath, in and out of MK.

    Which, by the way, reminds me of her latest condemnation of the attorney pro-MK’er. I believe commentary about it was over on PTLies. I especially like the part where Tracy shared that it was basically her duty to expose such liars. It’s obvious she has no mirror in her house.

  24. She's a MANIAC! said

    Not only did she expose the lawyer, she posted her court transcript!

  25. Me said

    I’d like to see the court transcript–where is it?

  26. Got it! said

    Me, I’ll send it. Give me a few to round it up!

  27. It must be hard to type in the dark. RB is so far up Tracy’s ass that’s the only place she could have posted from!

  28. Laura R said

    The only MLMism missing from RB’s post about her new idol is coaching her to “fake it til you make it” (which is what nicer comments from TC (The Condemner) would be – the epitome of “faking it til you make it”.

  29. Maggie said

    New post on


  30. Duh said

    Tracy’s response to this post:

    Trade Count: (1)

    Karma: 243
    [applaud] [boo]

    Posts: I am a geek!!

    Re: That Tracy is a scary Beeotch
    « Reply #12 on: Yesterday at 10:07 AM » Quote


    Thank you Raisinberry. We learn and we grow. What PT/MKS was 13 months ago is not what it was even 6 months ago… not what it is today… not what it will be 6 months or 1 year into the future.

    I feel a tremendous responsibility to keep growing this site and this information campaign, and nothing will stop me from doing that. Nothing. Not ridicule, and certainly not intimidation.

    Thousands upon thousands of women come here every day looking for something. Not all stay, and many stay but never post a comment. Whatever their reasons, they need something here, and we are going to keep providing it.

    PT is part of my heart, and I appreciate each person here and what they have contributed. There will always be challenges and some interpersonal conflict in maintaining a community of this size, but I think we are ready to continue being open, honest, and supportive of one another for the greater good of the PT community.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported PT, whether vocal or silent.


  31. Barf said

    At least raisinberry didn’t know she was lying. Tracy on the other hand….

  32. ScrewU said

    I love the thousands upon thousands of women check Pink Truth everyday. Wow!!!! I can’t believe that Tracy did not get a lightning bolt thrown at her from the almighty for telling such a blatant lie. What a whopper!!!! Just in case he changes his mind and does, I wouldn’t stand too close to her.

  33. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That’s the most retarded response. I seriously doubt that thousands and thousands of women go to PT. She’s using those virtual numbers again. LOL.


  34. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Willie ~ I changed the words…..thanks for catching that! 😉

  35. Me said

    When my children were small, I read all these books about raising kids. I remember that one of the books said children don’t mean to lie (meaning toddler age). They say things they WISH were true. Like “The next door neighbor’s kid ran in here and broke that lamp.” “I don’t know WHO spilled the Coke on the white carpet.”

    Apparently Tracy hasn’t moved out of toddler mentality just yet.

  36. followourflip said

    I think its funny she says they are ready to continue being “open, honest, and supportive” because I don’t consider deleting those posts (and banning those people) who disagree with you at OPEN, HONEST and SUPORTIVE! Bullshit.

  37. Rebecca said

    I want proof that “thousands upon thousands of women” visit PT every day. Some type of site meter would provide that proof. Anyone could simply watch the numbers on said meter and see the proof with their own eyes.

    I believe that the reason Tracy does not have a site meter on her site is because “thousands upon thousands” is just not true and a site meter would prove it.

  38. mkrules said

    Hmmm, in all honesty it sounds like thousands of HITS is right. I get up to a thousand a day myself and I am not at the top of google or what not as they are. But thousands upon thousands of women? Maybe. Maybe not. There is nothing we can do about that except make our image in the REAL WORLD so opposite of what PTers claim that the site will seem absolutely unbelievable and lose all credibility. Um, this will be a slow positive process to say the LEAST.

  39. followourflip said

    MKRules- Could that be right because the same person is refreshing over and over to check posts and dicussions? So, maybe 1000 of her hits are the same 100 people refreshing 10 times in a day?? Just a thought.

  40. Rebecca said

    So why doesn’t Tracy have some kind of a hit counter on her site? She likes to brag about her traffic but there is nothing to support her claims.

    IMO a hit counter would reveal the grossly exagerated traffic claims made by TC.

  41. Dana said

    So just out of curiousity, where did you guys get the picture of Tracy to post? That is her at the top, isn’t it?

  42. Makes ya pucker your cheeks together said

    Alrighty then, I just stumbled across this tonight. As my name says it makes ya want to pucker your cheeks together, and it ain’t the ones on my face. How far into the depth of doom does one have to go before they finally realize that PT is not what they think it is? IS RB that dense and suckered into T? Made me pucker my cheeks and barf into my mouth. Kinda leaves your skin crawly don’t it.

  43. rudolfje said

    Poor lady.
    If this didnt happen say an day later it will came out, but on the bodypart
    which is in contact with the garden bench.

  44. BluehairedBebe said

    The “community of this size” comment caught my eye too – where is the member list, with their date of last visit? Other mlm-truth-revealing sites have them. I guess that might be too in-your-face for her, it’d make her see in clear print what she already knows but lies to herself about. Her overfed ego might suffer from a dose of THE Truth.

  45. Roxanne said

    You should try living next door to a Mary Kay Sales Director for 13 years. You would think differently about Mary Kay Corp..

  46. Angelique said

    Oh My Gosh! That’s a picture of my Mary Kay Sales Director neighbor when she found out her Pink Cadillac was being taken away. LOL

  47. Tiffany said

    If Mary Kay Corp. is such a great company, why did they have to dump their powders, eye shadows, cheek blushs, etc. for mineral based products similar to Bare Escentuals? But Mary Kay products will will never be the high quality that are Bare Escentuals. I have noticed for 14 years at least that Mary Kay copies but never is able to make as good products that originated at other high quality cosmetic companies. In 1980, I was shown a night cream that looked like pink Crisco and there was no way I would put that on my face. Every time Mary Kay products were sold to me, my skin would crawl. Mary Kay’s fragrances are no where near French perfume quality. If I am going to invest in fragrance, it better be worth the quality of the product. Mary Kay is sold by uneducated salespersons to uneducated consumers.

  48. Duh said

    Dear Roxanne, Angelique, Lakwanza, Tiffany,

    I can only assume you have some kind of split personality disorder because you’re all commenting from the same IP and have listed the same e-mail address. If this is the case…WELCOME. We love the crazies!

  49. ur daddy said

    wtf dose she have pants on?

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