PTer’s attack our little MKRules

How dare they, right?  I mean, seriously, MK Rules is so sweet and really tries to do the right thing.  Her blog is Pro MK, but I think she still tells it like it is without being too sappy.  Here’s what they had to say:

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A new challenge ladies

« on: Yesterday at 10:29 AM »

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Have any of you seen this one on MK Rules.  They have yet again instituted another challenge.  Can’t we just get over the challenges for goodness sakes, and get on with real training.

From MK Rules:

Dara gave a fabulous comment on another post that talked about one reason why PT is getting so much web press: the hits. Some of those come from US, those who are happy in our businesses. I am calling for a “NO PT CHALLENGE”!

I am NOT asking you all to bash PT and tell me all about how negative it is, etc, etc. Please don’t stoop to that level. Let’s use the power we have to focus on the positives and avoid the negatives.

Please tell us how many times a week if any you visit and why. I go almost every day to see if there are any product updates or get ideas for positive posts. I am taking the challenge!!! I will no longer add my one hit per day to the blog stats at PT. Are you in?

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:34 AM »

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 Rolling on the Floor  Too Funny Yeah, I’m sure they are all going to admit that they come here. Sounds like she’s scared she might lose some MKers oh but wait, we aren’t supposed to be able to realize that.  Sarcastic  I don’t know, I think something like that would make me even more curious as to why she was so worried.

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I’m a fighter, not a lover. My closed mind is mine. The last time I had an open mind, my brains fell out and I joined MK.


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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 10:35 AM »

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Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny Rolling on the Floor Rolling on the Floor Rolling on the Floor
Thats all I can say!

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 10:41 AM »

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I had never heard of MK Rules. Naturally, I went there and, ladies, it made me want to barf.   Sick

Those poor, poor ladies. It made me very sad   Cry

It was particularily nauseating because I have been working on my return inventory to MK and I am up to over $2700.00 refund amount. That also made me nauseous!   Sick  Sick  Sick  Sick  Sick

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 10:44 AM »

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Oh gosh – in case you are worried about my tummy let me assure you that I am on my way to Victoria’s Secret this afternoon which should make my tummy feel waaaaaay better   Thumbs Up

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Si tienes preguntas en español, puedo ayudarte.

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 10:48 AM »

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Go alice Go alice Go alice!

Anyway, back to the topic:  That challenge is really lame.   Roll Eyes

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Girlfriend  You best get off the internet and work yo’ bidness girlfriend!


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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 11:50 AM »

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It cracks me up that directors send emails asking their consultants to “not go to PT”.  Some of them would probably never know about it without it being brought to their attention!  Way to go MKers, send more IBC’s to PT!!!! Pink Truth Rocks

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 11:59 AM »

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WHAT???  You mean her 5 readers are going to stop visiting PT? The horrors!!!


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detective The PINK TRUTH will set you free.


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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #8 on: Yesterday at 12:04 PM »

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I saw that on there and about  Yuck


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“life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about getting out there and dancing in the rain”   Pepper


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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #9 on: Yesterday at 12:33 PM »

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So she says:
Please tell us how many times a week if any you visit and why. I go almost every day to see if there are any product updates or get ideas for positive posts. I am taking the challenge!!! I will no longer add my one hit per day to the blog stats at PT. Are you in?

So it is PT not Mary Kay she visits daily to check for product updates.  mmm OK what does that say?  To me it says Heh readers, if you want to know about product updates go to PT.  Oh wait I have a great idea.  How ’bout we designate one of us to go to PT and bring back the info on product updates and post it here.  That way we get the info with less hits to PT.  Or on second thought,  why don’t we demand MK to post the updates in as timely a fashion as PT.  In fact MK can designate one person to go to PT and whenever the news breaks they can then post it on the MK site.  That should cover their  Moon

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apple berry

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #10 on: Yesterday at 12:35 PM »

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LOL what I like best is that she said SHE comes here almost every day to hear about product changes.  Does this mean she doesn’t think MKC gives her enough advance info either?  She has to rely on a negative evil site for REAL info?? hehehehe
 Pink Truth Rocks

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Sarcastic ::giggles:: I just *love* this guy!

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #11 on: Yesterday at 12:38 PM »

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Wow. We just can’t get better press than that. Thanks, Dara! Hug

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #12 on: Yesterday at 01:04 PM »

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Quote from: apple berry on Yesterday at 12:35 PM

LOL what I like best is that she said SHE comes here almost every day to hear about product changes.  Does this mean she doesn’t think MKC gives her enough advance info either?  She has to rely on a negative evil site for REAL info?? hehehehe
 Pink Truth Rocks
I could not believe she told her peeps she comes here everyday!

  Rolling on the Floor Rolling on the Floor Rolling on the Floor : Too Funny Too Funny

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I bought a book on overcoming procrastination.  Someday I may get around to reading it.

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Re: A new challenge ladies

« Reply #13 on: Yesterday at 05:52 PM »

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Alice said:

I had never heard of MK Rules. Naturally, I went there and, ladies, it made me want to barf.

I hadn’t heard about it either, but found a link somewhere, and also thought it was nauseating.  Just had to share it.  Way to go on the return.  Hope you get all that is coming to you.


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  1. Colleen said

    She is getting a lot of comments and positive talk and encouragement and they cant stand it!!!

  2. mkrules has lots more than 5 readers, but that’s not the point. She used to check out PT because she wanted to see for herself what was said there. She kept tabs on the upcoming changes, but then realized the site regurgitates old news again and again.

    But, the point here is that mkrules has never done anything to anyone at PT ( or even ever posted there) and should be left the hell alone. mkrules is as nice as they come, genuinely nice, not that fake crap Tracy spews. She has seen PT for what it is, decided it wasn’t for her (as did most of us here), and asked others who feel the same to join her in not reading PT anymore. I mean if they don’t go read, Tracy doesn’t get inflated numbers that make her head swell.

    mkrules is all about keeping it real and keeping it positive. Anyone who trys to run their MK business ethically and honorably is still attacked by those assholes at PT. Ugh! Makes me feel like burning some witches at the stake.

  3. jealousy…..that is it!

  4. Willie Lump Lump said

    I find it hilarious that over half of the posters above are obviously “new booties”. Notice their post count. LOL

  5. She's a MANIAC! said

    Yes, they’re new, and some of them are MEAN.

    Wonder how long it’ll take for mk_corp_bs to make maven?

  6. She's a MANIAC! said

    I’m sorry for your attack, MKRules. 😦

  7. MK4ME said

    I think it is sort of cute that TC makes fun of her MKrules count yet it looks like everyone of the PTer’s went over to check out MKrules so is Tracy going to ban them all for visiting a promk site and increasing her traffic?

  8. Rebecca said

    MKRuels did that challenge way back in April. Are the PTers just now getting around to discussing this, or is that an older thread of PT’s?

  9. followourflip said

    Looks like the thread is new, and their news is old…

  10. inmkbutsmart said

    They are just mad that women who are in MK doing it the right way can actually have a conversation with another women who isn’t in MK without pulling out one anothers hair. When a person in MK goes there they are attacked, here and MKrules everyone is welcome. That just burns her. Don’t you know we are suppose to hate eachother? Isn’t it sad how evil one person can be?

  11. MKRealist said

    Wow, they are really really slipping. Rebecca is right, that challenge is over 90 days OLD!

    Seems the zoo-keeper hasn’t thrown them fresh meat in over 24 hours, so they are scraping around the edges of their cages for old leftover morsels to chew on.

    Poor creatures…TC really must develop a more consistent feeding schedule. It’s apparent SHE eats well afterall…

  12. Laura R said

    MKR – Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! You bad kitty!

  13. foreverpink said

    That is just Tracy diggin around for scraps to get everyone in a tizzy and hopefully increase her traffic. That challenge is so old and if they gave it any thought, they would realize that MKrules’ challenge has a lot to do with why PT’s numbers are down. Lots of folks took the PT challenge and they are better off for it.

    MKrules never hurt anybody..but even when you try to play fair, PT will find something wrong. It says more about them than it does about MKrules.

    MKrules makes an effort not to even mention Tracy and her PT blog. She has bigger fish to fry.

    Dont take the bait MKrules! This rant from PT is not important enough to give it the satisfaction of a response!

  14. Me said

    “Notice their post count” The post counts seem high to me–were you looking at Karma maybe? Or do I just not post a lot in places and think they are high?

    I still can’t figure out why grown women have all those emoticons rolling around all over the place.

    I looked at PT this morning and saw that the comment count on the latest topic was higher than most have been lately. I had commented before that the comments were down so I checked out the names of the posters. Almost all are new–Tracy is splitting personalities again and becoming other people.

  15. Mkrules will not take the bait. She is better than that. And you guys are right, Mkrules challange is way way old. These PTers are definitely scraping the toaster leavin’s for their breakfast!

  16. I’ve always liked MkRules. I’m not a fan of MK the company at all but MkRules, herself, seems like she has a good focus.

  17. What next! said

    Picking on MKRules? What next!!

    MKRules you are still my favorite waitress. 😉

  18. Willie Lump Lump said


    except for a couple, post counts are under 100, which shows they’re not veterans of the board. I bet any of us here have exceeded that on Duh’s blog over the course of its existence.

  19. PC said

    I know this is off-topic, but I posted here a few days ago, asking opinions on whether Tracy was crazy enough to fly down here and visit me with her gun.

    It’s because I read this article:,4670,InternetFeud,00.html

    and that got me thinking that if she really is bonkers, and she really has a gun, should I be worried? (ha ha DUH, if she comes down here she can get both of us on the same trip eeeeeek)

    Anyway, I was just thinking about this again, and I thought I would clarify my thoughts because I know you all think she’s just a bully…. I’m just hoping y’all are right. Did any of you see this article? Am I the only one with these fears?

  20. My Cat Came Back said

    PC – I truly hope nothing like that ever happens to you, seriously. That would be a sad day for sure. I truly hope that Tracy doesn’t stoop that low. That would be horrible. It’s too bad that we all feel like we have to watch our backs being anti-MK and now anti-PT. What the hell is this world coming to? I think it might have been DUH who had posted this article earlier, maybe within the last month. Kinda scary to think that someone would get that pissed!!

  21. Duh said

    I’m not worried about Tracy showing up. Unless she really goes off the deep end and has lost everything, why would she come and kill us? She would definitely be caught. Especially if she killed you then drove over here and killed me. She’d have to kill some random people on the way to throw off the police.

    I just don’t think Tracy has the stomach for a murder spree.

  22. Dara said

    I am Dara and this thread and my original post was from MONTHS ago, you have got to be kiddijng! They are this desperete for topic material that they have to resurrect this post? Do you know how many months of past posts they had to sort through in order to even FIND this thread. My God, these women really don’t have any thing better to do with their time.

  23. PrincessSnore said

    Duh, I hope you’re right.

  24. prdiva4 said

    Hey PC!

    Just get shooting and some kickboxing lessons. That’s what I am doing 😀 LOL

    Now, is she thinks about doing something she probably will send another person to do it! AGH! Now, that wasn’t helpful at all… LOL

  25. inmkbutsmart said

    PC don’t worry, however that is easier to say. Also know if she ever completely looses her mind you have TONS of evidence that she is crazy! She will be locked up FOREVER!

    Once again she is just pissed that we can all get along. She doesn’t want anyone to be a consultant. I am one, but I am not falling into any traps because I have been educated. Thank you girls. I am servicing my customers in an ethical way and I only carry what I need. I do however still have a TON of Christmas. I will NOT be getting anything this year.

    This type of thing makes Tracy mad. She doesn’t like that you guys go to MKrules site or that she posts here. People like Tracy will not stop till everyone is miserable.

  26. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    It’s really sad that PTers can’t find anything better to do, and are so bored that they have to pick on MKrules? Anyone who has been around these blogs the past year know that MKrules NEVER treated anyone badly and always remained positive. That’s retarded that they would go dig through old posts over on her blog just to have a discussion board topic. Sounds like PTers are bored.

    I’ve taken it upon myself to list a few topics that them hussies can discuss:

    1. Vibrators
    2. Blow up dolls
    3. Gum
    4. 4am Taco Bell runs (yes, pun intended)
    5. Nail clippings
    6. Caskets sold on (can you believe that shit?)

    Yep, that should keep them busy for a few minutes.


  27. MK4ME said

    Dizzy, look at you, who would have believed you would be defending MK people, ya know u r so cool!! 🙂 (and funny too)

    You better watch it though, we are all starting to think you are getting soft.
    (lol- Me thinks God made you tough on the outside and soft on the inside) heheh

  28. mkrules said

    Alright, I have even been trying to stay away from THIS site b/c it is kinda like cheating and looking at PT. BUT I havvvve to add my 2 cents here.

    About the challenge, it IS over 90 days old and I have not been back to PT since then. AND I was was still right about the color changes being announced at Seminar (unlike what I heard was said on PT). The company is making changes. I no longer need to get “info” from PT. I now get my info in plenty of time from intouch, thanks. Why else would I have gone to PT though? For the conversation? Kinda hard when all your comments get deleted no matter how diplomatic you are just because you don’t agree that MK is the root of all that is evil.

    I still am not gonna hate on PTers. They can say MKRules makes them puke, etc etc. I don’t care. They really aren’t my target audience and it is no shocker that they don’t like the site. Now all the inventory they had… No offense but it’s high time to take personal responsibility and be thankful that MK does return a portion of your money and doensn’t make you eat your mistake 100%.

    And I am not a poor, poor lady. I choose to be in MK (debt free I might add) and I own up to my choices. Poor me, I make extra money and have fun. 🙂

    It’s kinda funny that they want to “pick on” me. It is no sweat to me. I believe in myself and that’s all I need. You guys are nice to defend me, I know lots of you don’t really like MK either to say the least. I have never said bad things didn’t happen in MK, I have said they don’t HAVE TO happen. There is a distinction there.

    But tell that to a PTer, and watch it go in one ear and out the other. At times, I do really miss MK Voices. We all talked there and it was controlled, not one side ganging up on another. I like learning what NOT to do as a director and what not. *sigh* Those were the days….

  29. mkrules said

    P.S. Our newer POSITIVE challenge is to book 75 as a whole and we are already at 52! Woo hoo! (Go ahead and puke if you need to, but I’m excited).

  30. followourflip said

    After DUH’s puke post, I think I am all puked out 🙂

  31. followourflip said

    (Note: The above statement is sarcasm)

  32. Me said

    “MK Voices. We all talked there and it was controlled, not one side ganging up on another.”

    I beg to differ, MKRules. I can’t remember a time that I have disagreed with you, but I do in this case. One of my friends was bashed, battered, chewed up and spit out on that site, and I am still not over it. It was totally uncalled for, unfair and unwarranted. To my friend’s credit, she walked away from the blog world and is working her business 100% and had a great Seminar year. Perhaps their bashing was a good thing because of the end result, but it was cruel.

  33. CooCoo4CoCoPuffs said

    Me, please tell me you’re not talking about MKRocks, the walking loony bin.

  34. MKRealist said

    ME, I’ve explained ad nauseum what/why happened with your “friend.”

    As someone who has owned a blog now for an equal, if not longer, time than we did, you HAVE to know how hard it is to distinguish who is there to be a generic pain-in-the-ass or a specific one.

    Your friend did herself NO favors by not taking our very reasonable advice to chill-out and stop using anonymizers at a time when we were trying to ensure we didn’t have psycho-stalkers surfing our blog. And the emails she sent? Good LAWD! She came across ALMOST as paranoid as Tracy.

    That said, to my knowledge, 2 of the 3 of us MKV-owners have apologized to you and to her for any misunderstanding that stemmed from that incident and certainly for taking it too far in the ridiculing of her (even though at the time we felt it was justified and deserved).

    This is almost as ridiculous as one of Blessed’s friends saying YOU were unfairly bashing or ridiculing HER. You have your reasons for banning Blessed and we had our for banning GS. Right or wrong, they were ours, we owned them, and I believe this will be the LAST time I/we apologize or attempt to explain them.

    It seems that GS is gotten over it (and good for her on her success!), WE have gotten over it.

    Now it’s YOUR turn!

  35. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh my……….

    MK4ME….I have always defending the MK peeps I liked. Just because I personally have issues with the way MK is run, and the way some MK peeps run their business, doesn’t mean I don’t like some of them hussies. I still have a few of them that have remained my friends through all of this blogging stuff. I even have come to sorta like someone (but will never admit it again) that I used to not be able to STAND. Though I may still disagree with this person at times (I think they know who I am talkin about) and we will probably never be lifelong friends, I can see her point in some areas and she has made me laugh on more than one ocassion recently.

    I can most certainly be hard core on the outside, which is not a front. It really is how I am…I am still a softie. The difference is that I don’t put up with people’s bullshit and will call them on it if I sniff it. I do however have compassion and know some people can’t help being stupid. I’m scorpio, what else can I say???!!! 😉


  36. Rebecca said

    I used to like MKVoices. But after seeing the attacks made on a few, and the viciousness of those attacks, I didn’t like MKV so much.

    MKRocks/GS/Ethical Director was not the only one attacked. PUR did seem to be the most vicous attacker, IMO.

    I did not see any of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in running a blog so I can only form my opinion based on what I read on the blog. I apologize in advance to MKRealist, but I’ve thought this for quite some time and now I am going to say it:

    Based on my own observations, there were some, such as PUR, generally those who were anti-MK were seemed to get away with a lot more of the nasty stuff than pro-MK people were allowed to get away with. I remember reading somewhere that the owners of MKV worked really hard with PUR behind the scenes to get her to tone it down. Okay. Fine. I have no idea if the same efforts went into getting others to to “tone it down” before they were banned or not.

    I, too, feel that GS was treated unfairly. I found nothing objectionable in any of her comments on MKV. She was outed on MKV and she was ridiculed. Supposedly she used anonymizers. I say so what? Was she using different screen names? Was Tracy Coenen told to stop using anonymizers? These are rhetorical questions. I really don’t expect, nor desire answers. My point is merely the unequal, non-neutral treatment of pro-MKers in relation to the favored treatment of anti-MKers, even on the MKV blog.

    My opinion, based on my observations, MKV was not neutral, it leaned much more to the side of anti-MK than neutral MK. I, too, feel that GS was treated unfairly.

    However, this, I suppose, is all really moot since MKV no longer exists. Me is not the only one who feels as she does. I agree with Me.

  37. mkrules said

    Well, I didn’t mean to turn this thread into an MKV debate. I just really liked it. If you joined our late night chats in the “pub”, you’d have seen MKers and PTers alike acting a fool and virtually having rounds of drinks as another gal posted songs on the “jukebox”. We had a blast, didn’t we Meow Mix?

    Anyway, I learned a lot there about how being misleading or allowing a director who comes into contact with my recruits to be misleading can be very detrimental to them. I learned I didn’t want to be like that.

    Any anomosity from PTers at that time to me seemed to stem from hurt feelings or not being able to take personal responsibility for one’s actions. It was not sooo bad as PT, much more low key and I could actually get a word in edgewise. It wasn’t like I was trying to change their minds…just get them to see it’s not ALL bad.

    Yeah, at times it was far more con than pro mk…but that might be why it was shut down. It’s hard to be a mediator of two extremes, especially in a situation where emotions are flying (off the handle at times).

    Anyway, all I was initially trying to say was PTers can say what they like (if TC lets them! ha!), but I will keep on keepin’ on. I know in my heart I do what is right.

  38. The former MKV (Cindy) said

    Our original intent in starting MKVoices was noble. We wanted to give a voice to all sides of the Mary Kay debate, without fear of retribution or ridicule. And I believe we succeeded for a while. Without being too specific, certain people inserted themselves behind the scenes of MKV and actually managed to plant seeds of doubt in our heads about certain posters, and we fell for it. We were wrong to out G.S. It was mean-spirited and totally uncalled for. I believe that it can never hurt to say “I’m sorry” enough. So here goes: WE ARE SORRY. But that’s all we can do. If someone is still upset about it, that is now on that person, not us.

    Yes, our blog began to lean too negatively as time went on. We no longer were able to provide the safe forum we had initially promised. Couple that with my own “outing” which occurred on MKRules’ blog, and we decided to quit. (MKRules, upon discovering that my first and last name were outed on her blog, IMMEDIATELY deleted it. She didn’t have to do that, but she did, and I will always respect the heck out of her for it.)

    Carry on, ladies.


  39. Me said

    MKRealist, I know you have explained all that to ME and apologized for it. At the time we knew nothing of behind the scenes goings on. It is my personal opinion that you should apologize to HER. MKV mentioned to me once that she thought she should also, but to my knowledge (and I have talked with GS recently) no one has done so. It is not to me that an apology is owed in this case.

    And Cindy, your name was deleted from MKRules as it should have been. GS’ never was nor were the mean comments made about her deleted.

    As far as “anonymizers”–GS uses Bellsouth which changes the IP address every time you log on and off, like AOL does. Her screen name was always the same, to the best of my knowledge. She couldn’t help it if her IP changed. Trust me, she is not computer/internet savvy enough to know how to surf anonymously.

    MKV did begin as a noble venture and I liked it. That changed later and I won’t make any secret about my feelings about it. I have the right to express them.

  40. PC said

    Okay while we are all having this love fest, I gotta say that I never hated anyone (even the pinkos who used to send me insulting email) – but I still think Mary Kay is a scam.

    That’s not gonna change – but I’ve certainly learned a lesson over the last few months, watching all this crap from afar. I don’t want to get into any vicious antics against MKers, because that was never the intent to begin with. And even if I think MLM is a big fat scam, there’s no point in constantly trying to beat people up over it. It’s that whole “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” thing.

  41. followourflip said

    I wasn’t around for those other blogs and postings, but I must say that I am suprised (should I be??) that people are taking this so far. Posting people’s personal information and real names online for all to see? I am guessing that there were some REAL emotions flying around there. How long ago was that? I can’t imagine that I would be ok if my info was “published” because someone didnt like me, but I can also see how something gets out of control fast (saw it happen on PL with TC). I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe this is old (maybe?) and we can “shake hands” and agree to disagree??

    BUT-I am not in this, and I don’t “have a dog in the fight” so if I am out of line, then go right ahead and keep fighting.

    PC- I don’t know if I would call MK a scam, but I would say that there are Scammers in MK, and lots of them, and they do what *might* have been a good business idea in the very beginning, a dis-service.

  42. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I gotta pipe in here. I’m not one to try to bring up old mistakes or re-open old wounds. But I will say my peace and then move on.

    We ALL made mistakes in our blogging ventures. Some may have been worse than others, but none of us are innocent in this. NO ONE.

    MKV did provide a place for those of us who didn’t know what we were sure of in MK. In my time there, there were people who were jumped on, and generally those people were being rude to the posters. I don’t rememeber all the screennames of those involved in more than one late night “brawl”, but there were some good ones. I was in the middle of a few of them myself. Back then, there were a lot of emotions running high and people were just going nuts everywhere. From my understanding and perspective, MKV could no longer support a neutral environment. Things changed, and they decided (which I personally thought was a good idea, though was very sad) to shut it down. Their time was done and it was their time to move on.

    Some of us then started our own blogs. When I started mine, I was moving from the neutral side to the “dark” side and I became even more tired of the proMK mantra and anyone that was sickingly pro in my opinion got on my last nerve. Combine that with me being deep in the TC fog made for a dangerous combination. I do feel that I wrote some pretty great articles, if not funny. But there were times I went too far. At the time, I didn’t think so because I was really tired of people writing what I thought were untruths about TC. I defended her, sometimes to the extreme.

    I have never said it before, and I will not say it again because I think it’s high time we move on. But to ME and to Rebecca, I apologize for the hurtful things I said about the both of you. I still think you said some pretty harsh things, and I am not sure we will ever agree on that issue. I was angry at YOUR blogs for making fun of Tracy, and you were mad at MY blog for making fun of you. I tried a few months ago to apologize in a round about way but it didn’t seem come through. So I”m taking my chances and saying it again. I”m sorry. I”m sure I can speak for anyone who has ever said something they regreted, that we can only provide our apology and hope that the offended person can also accept and move on.

    I think we say the same thing to PTers don’t we? Why can’t they just move on? Why do they have to wallow in their misery? I think we can certainly take our own advice and not walllow in the past. What’s the point?

    And that, you hussy bitches is life on the blogs. We do things and say things that we are not always proud of. But if we are SMART women, we learn from our mistakes and we move on.

    Now let’s stay on point bitches, and get back to THE point of this blog shall we? And that is to bring down TC and her dastardly ways! Oh, and have some fun too!


  43. Me said

    Thanks, Dizzy. That means a lot, and I appreciate it.

  44. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    By the way, SOOOOOOOOOO good to see MKV on here? You gonna grace us with your presence or is this a one time thing?


  45. snapya-fingers said

    Someone mentioned mk_corp_bs earlier. I wonder the same thing-When is she gonna become a Maven? She signed up June 30 and has 1,539 posts. Wow-she has a lot of time on her hands. It looks like all she does in life right now is post on PT.

  46. snapya-fingers said

    The reason why most of the people that posted are new is because the ones that have been around awhile have been “brain-washed” and “know better” than to post on such a “taboo” topic. Haha!

  47. MKRealist said

    Me & Rebecca, you two honestly have NO IDEA what I/we went through during that whole PUR/Sickie mess. The numbers 452 will always have “special meaning” LOL!!! It was then that all three of us realized there was no way to maintain neutrality AND our sanity at the same time.

    We chose our sanity.

    MKV and Dizzy said all I wanted to say and then some on the apology. I join in with MKV in apologizing to GS. We were wrong.

    For what its worth, karma nibbled my ass a few times via comments on Dizzy’s blog, so it seems we have come full circle.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  48. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh my have we come full circle. Hopefully we have all been better for it!


  49. Rebecca said

    Well, finally! Former MKV said, “….certain people inserted themselves behind the scenes of MKV and actually managed to plant seeds of doubt in our heads about certain posters, and we fell for it. ”

    I figured. This has happened before. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out who the “certain people” were. SOP. Now that this has happened on PL and is being revealed within PT, and finally admitted happened on MKV, perhaps some will accept and admit (and hopefully finally find the courage to apologize, too) that this very same thing also happened on MKSurvivors and The Pinking Shears. (No, Dizzy, we have not quite yet come full circle.)

    No, MKRealist, I have no idea what you all went through. I have learned from watching other blogs, the former FaithinMK blog, as well as MKV, MKS, TPS, that the truly only real way to prevent a blog from deteriorating into ridicule, outings, and other nasty behaviors is to moderate all comments. Period. Is it possible to have a truly neutral MK blog? I don’t know, but it is IMO definately impossible without moderation.

    I can, however, understand the priority of sanity over neutrality regarding a blog.

    RE: the outing of MKV: Even though I had nothing to do with this outing, apparently someone (perhaps “certain people”?) pointed at me and Me as possibly being responsible for it. “Certain people” once again planting more seeds of doubt – perhaps; or perhaps making blunt accusatory statements.

    To Dizzy/Neverpantyhose: Again, finally! You’ve said the parts that are, to me, the most important. “Combine that with me being deep in the TC fog made for a dangerous combination”……..”I was really tired of people writing what I thought were untruths about TC. I defended her, sometimes to the extreme.”………”But to ME and to Rebecca, I apologize for the hurtful things I said about the both of you.” This is the difference for me now, because you have finally admitted that yes, TC, did indeed influence you to do something you would not have otherwise done. (i.e. the words “deep in the TC fog”.) And that you have now learned the truth of TC. My perception, true. But it finally works for me. I accept your apology.

  50. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I love when everyone can get along. I’m so glad that you guys made up. Hugs for everyone!

  51. I LOVE CATS said

    Um, just because MKR, Dizzy and MKV apologized does NOT mean that they are lying down ready to take it up the ass from Rebecca and Melissa. Enuff already with the pious reiterations and go sell some face cream.

    (And even though I just tore you both a new asshole, I still like you. So don’t get all offended and shit.)

  52. Maggie said

    The former MKV (Cindy) said:
    Without being too specific, certain people inserted themselves behind the scenes of MKV and actually managed to plant seeds of doubt in our heads about certain posters, and we fell for it.

    This statement and Rebecca’s post above seem to validate the recent post on my blog.

  53. Suzy Q said

    I, too, want to make a public apology for the outing of GS on MKV. It was inappropriate and mean spirited and served no purpose. I was the “negative” one of the three of us, and probably contibuted the most to the closing of the blog. It was hard for me to maintain neutrality, although I think we initially succeeded. MKR and MKV already discussed some of the reasons, it was a joint decision between all of us, and we closed it. I did “meet” some wonderful women as a result of the blog, though and I am so grateful for that! And MK Rules sent me some incredible salad dressing and recipes I am still using 🙂

    I am still anti-MK although not quite so angry anymore…

  54. Duh said

    I have to disagree Rebecca. I haven’t had a problem with anyone getting outed here, and I don’t moderate. I have had people use first names (which I don’t consider “outing”), and I just go into their comments and change it. I think that we have so much freedom to say whatever here, that people have no problem following the one rule I do have.

    Maybe it’s just that I have fabulous readers! MUAH!

    In any case, I have not had to ban a single person.

  55. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Duh, I agree with you on this one. The atmosphere is completely different here. Different from any other blog. I think all of us on EACH side of the MK fence has learned boat loads about all of this shit. Not everyone here will have the same opinions about MK, but we all seem to have the same opinions about TC. Maybe that is the difference. We’ve been through the pro blogs, the anti blogs and figured out that this has been the next step for a lot of us.

    Besides, there’s no hate here. We all LURVE each other. And for the most part, PTers stay away from here. Probably because they are scurrrrrrred of Tracy Coenen, FRAUD (bullshit) INVESTIGATOR.

    Suz~~ GOOD to hear from you!!!! Wow, we’ve been graced with the presence of all three of the former MKV ladies. How fun and reminiscent (sp?) this is for me!


  56. Let's see! said

    Hi former MKVoices blog owners. Two out of the three of you mentioned someone or some people behind the scenes planting seeds of doubt. Let me guess, the person(s) behind the scenes was headed by Tracy Coenen.

  57. Suzy Q said

    I had a rather public journey out of MK. I didn’t even know what a blog was when this all started… I owe a debt of gratitude to many people. I have been treated with utmost respect and kindness the whole way by my internet buddies. From Tracy to PC to MKV, MKR, MK Rules, Julz, BvSS, Raisinberry, Pink Fog, Mocha Latte Chic, Shabby, MK Rules, INOTIW, Marvie, PUR, Colleen, Purple.. this is turning into an academy award speech and I know I am forgetting someone..ack! Sickie did a great job eBaying my MK stuff and I can recommend her without reservation! All of these women had the info I needed to make, and then to live with, my decision to leave MK. I have been thinking about all the women on MKV and how lucky we were to have their opinions and thoughts. I continue to write because I enjoy getting my thoughts on “paper” and Tracy is willing to post them for me. Maybe, I can help somebody else make sense of this!

    All that being said, back to the job search…

  58. Duped said

    Wow – I missed a fucking love-in last night it seems! Damn NFL distracting me from what’s important!! *snort* Glad you all finally made peace with one another, and I absolutely loved the “laying down ready to take it up the ass” comment made up there too. Actually made me think less of the fact I am quitting smoking. My rage was vented to laughter… 😉

    As much as I am pleased to see you post on here, SuzyQ, I am left wondering how much apologizing to TC you will have to do for that action or whether you will be banned like 98% of the folks here for simply doing so. I am curious as to who has all been banned lately, though my curiosity only goes so far. For instance, as far as it takes for me to get over the nic-fit rage-a-thon I am having right now.

    Chew gum to forget the nic fix…yeah, whoever said that should have a pineapple shoved up his/her ass, backwards. *snarl*

  59. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Duped, I just told you on the other thread that I lurve you. Now I lurve you even more because I too am quitting smoking. It’s been a week, it’s not as bad as it was! Hang in there sista!


  60. Duh said

    I quit smoking in January!! In the immortal words of Rob Schneider, “You can do it!” Just say no, ladies.

  61. Duped said

    I feel so well lurved. 🙂 Makes me feel less like taking a bat to the bad drivers out there today. Almost. In the immortal words of the old Budweiser commercials “I love you guys”.

  62. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I don’t have any immortal catchy words. You are all so smart. DUH, I didn’t know you were a smoker at one time. I sees you in a whole new light. Much respect my sista.

    FUCK all you smokers! hahahahah. (kidding)

    Smoking is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

    No more talking about it damnit.

    No, I am not having a conversation with myself. At least I don’t think I am.


  63. mkrules said

    Suzy Q had a secret of mine (very important one that could have been used against me) and she never betrayed that trust. I have real respect for that. Isn’t that walnut apple cider vinagrette the BEST???? Yum.

  64. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Um, scuze me miss mkrules, I was never offered any dressing to try. You’re mean.


  65. Duh said

    Suzy Q never told anyone you are really a man MK Rules. She knows how to keep a secret.

  66. Suzy Q said

    Nanny nanny boo boo… Yo!

  67. Suzy Q said

    That was for Dizzy…

  68. Suzy…so you mention Mkrules TWICE and me not even once…
    and Mkrules…I never got any recipes…what’s THAT about?

    I’m starting to feel really unappreciated…and me turning 40 soon and all…

  69. Duh said

    What the….

    What is this, a revolt?

    PC, I’ve changed my mind. With all the Mavens posting over here now, Tracy just may come and kill us!

  70. Actually, Duh, it’s a coup…but it’s this site we’re taking over. So, you have the choice of going into hiding somewhere or being thrown in the lock up.

  71. Duh said

    Holy Crapola! I knew this would happen one day. You’ll never take me alive!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

  72. My Cat Came Back said

    Rebecca said: “Is it possible to have a truly neutral MK blog?”

    The bottom line, IMO, it’s all about setting the tone. That’s why I mentioned someplace earlier that it would be nice to just have a place where we could have fun, live a little and relish in the aftermath of all of our mistakes. Whether they are things we said against another person, I too have my own regrets, but apologizing here would be like outing myself totally and I’m not 100pct ready to do that here. Maybe if I apologize privately first, then out myself, I can do that. I think that would be important for all of us to be able to move on.

    I’m with PC in that I’ll always agree that MLM sux and the bottom line is that I’m not so much pissed at the system of MK, but that I allowed myself to get “suckered” into it. How could I have been SO stupid!! That’s what really pisses me off about MK. I could care a less about anyone else’s success in MK, but I am concerned for the ones who also regrettably got themselves involved in MLM.

    Where oh where is “toncathoody”? You here too?

    I believe there is a little “control freak” in many of the personalities of the anti and pro-MK players. We all believe what we want/need to believe and well.. “que serra serra”

  73. For the record, I’m not a maven. I stepped down about a month ago because my schedule is heating up at home. I’m only posting here today with you crazy nutbags because I have a cold and I haven’t had time to download anymore episodes of Lost.

  74. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh man, all you PTers that are posting here (even tho we like you) are gonna get a thrashing from your Queen! Better watch your backs….the banning shall begin!

    Suz ~ You’re not cool. Me no likey you. NANA NANA eff you back! hahahaha


  75. I LOVE CATS said

    SuziQ– Yo bitch! You’re one of my faves of all time, but I just know Tracy is very, very, VERY disappointed in you right now. You are a BAD maven. But since she reads duh’s blog like 24/7, and she knows we all think she’s going to fry you up for lunch, she is now going to do the OPPOSITE. Expect some major BFF talk from her in the next 24 hours.

    But in all seriousness, the only reason she keeps Suz around is that Suz makes Tracy look good. Sure, Suz is a good writer and has a definite online charisma that makes newbies feel all warm and fuzzy. But Tracy knows that SuzyQ is one of her best assets and to lose her would be bad. Very bad.

  76. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I LOVE CATS ~ I must agree with you on this one. Suz, it is no slam against you, you know we lurve you. It’s a slam against the Queen Bitch. Like I explained to someone else on another thread, she will use you and abuse you and then throw you away like her unused condoms and worn out AA batteries.

    That’s some messed up shit yo.


  77. Barf said

    Shout out to snap!

  78. Rebecca said

    Duh, could be that this here blog of your’s is an anomaly. Unique. Special. One of a kind.

    Dictionary says an anomaly is “diviation from the common rule; something abnormal or irregular.” (That oughta bring on some amazingly interesting and hysterically funny comments…)

    I Love Cats – Oh, is that what you were doin’? And I thought you was a-just expressin’ yer opinion! 😉

  79. MKRealist said

    Hiya SuzyQ! Call a sista sometime!

    This whole thread has made me giggle!

  80. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    You all hussies sure throw around that bitch word so lightly. That is totally unacceptable! How DARE you call your friends such demeaning and hateful words. You shall be struck down by lightning when the next storm rolls through. Why don’t you think about that the next time you even THINK about using the “B”world. Aight????

    Oh, and watch your FUCKING language you potty mouths!


  81. PrincessSnore said

    Dizzy, HEY! Yo mama!

  82. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Princess….my mama is a nutso mormon…

    “Can you deal with THAT?!”

    100 bucks to the person who can tell me what movie that’s from.


  83. I’d just like to point out that I didn’t call ANYONE a bitch, Dizzy…I called ’em nutbags.

  84. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hehehehe Mrs…. you are SAFE.


  85. PrincessSnore said

    Dizzy, yes I can deal with THAT!

    I didn’t call anyone a bitch either. Am I safe too?

  86. twinkletoes said

    *waving to mrs*

  87. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Princess, you are SAFE.

    No one knows what movie that quote is from?

    Let me repeat: “Can you deal with THAT?!”


  88. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Who the hell is twinkletoes? I have not seen this person before. Are you knew? REVEAL yourself! HAHAHA


  89. With 2 Princesses, it’s a good thing I liked P-dam.

  90. Dizzy – Meet the Parents…?

  91. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    on my last post, i meant “are you NEW, not KNEW”. God.

    Princess…ding ding ding you win the virtual 100 bucks! Bonus if you can tell me WHICH one, the first or second movie?



  92. first. first. Hidden camera scene. Love Ben Stiller.

    Can you send me the virtual $100 in PT cash? I wanted to get some business cards. I hear Me is running a promo for peeps who send her the PT business cards, but at this point, I’ll have to have them sent directly to her, or miss the 8-15 deadline…

    Then, my virtual $100 can be converted to a real world $0.41!

  93. Oooh, just read Me’s site – since PinkBiz has tripled the offer, I can make bank!

  94. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh man Pdam, I made an even BIGGER offer, but I’m still in moderation. It’s good. Real good.

    BTW, good job! It was “Meet the Parents” aka Movie 1. Did you like that, or did you like “Meet the Fockers” better? I liked them both.

    Ben Stiller was hillarious in thosoe movies. “Circle of Trust” hahahaha
    “I didn’t know you could milk cats”. hehehehe


  95. snapya-fingers said

    Shouts back Barf-was taking a cat nap-hehe.

  96. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Shouts? What? Shout out? What?

    What What?

  97. Duh said

    I’m tired of coming all the way back over to this thread.

    Move the conversation up people.

  98. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Up to where DUH?

  99. snapya-fingers said

    Dizzy-you so craaaazy! Duh-where are yu traveling from? We’re movin on up…movin’ on up… to the ???

  100. Duh said

    Move it to a thread that’s closer to the top. There are too many people commenting on different threads. I can’t keep up! It’s workin’ my last nerve yo.

  101. holy shit, that’ll learn me to go to the beach for a weekend. ya’ll been damn busy at this reunion. 🙂 btw, the beach was flippin’ great!

  102. Never saw Meet the Fockers.

  103. princessedamame ~ rent it, it is really friggin’ funny 🙂

  104. I LOVE CATS said


    After our beloved Suzy Q posted here yesterday (a big “no-no” for a Maven) Tracy goes and puts up a post written by her!
    Fo’ sho’ this is an older post that Suz wrote a while ago. (Tracy keeps them on hand ready to post whenever she needs to)

    Does she think we’re that dumb? Does she think Suz is that dumb? Duh. Like we can’t see right through it? She knows that SuzyQ gets serious kudos from the PT audience with every post she writes, so this is Tracy’s way of keeping Ms. Suz in line, if you will.

    What a dumb ass.

  105. PrincessSnore said

    I LOVE CATS, yes Tracy is stupid. She thinks she’s so smart running a piece by SuzyQ. She did this to another member on PT but they weren’t as dumb as Tracy thought they were. SuzyQ if you are reading this, we know you aren’t that dumb to believe everything Tracy tells you. You have plenty of friends who have already left the bee’snest.

  106. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh Shit! SuzyQ! So good to see you here. Too bad I can’t tell you who I am, thanks to the bloated, stalkin’, lyin’, controllin’, fraudulent, midget toe havin’ BIOTCH we all know and…….not lurve.

    Oh, and that’s some fucked up shit that ya’ll have this big ass reunion without tellin’ me. Bitches!

  107. FollowOurFlip said

    uh, I am out. I have no fucking clue what you are talking about here. Moving on to another thread….

  108. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Imagine that? Tracy? Bitch? Stupid? Say it aint so!!!!


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