Bad dentist… Bad


Written By: ScrewU 

It’s people like this that mess things up for everybody.  First of all, the doctors have to pay outrageous amounts of insurance in case stupid people like this sue them.  So they raise their prices to compensate for that.  The health insurance companies have to pay more to the doctors and in turn, that cost comes to you in the price of your premium.  And if you happen to be self-insured, well… you’re just screwed.  Is it just me or is this woman seriously stupid?

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I think my dentist was flirting with me…what should I do?

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I like my new dentist a lot…took me years to find one I like.  I have gone to him 3 times now, had him just over a year, so he is comfortable with me I guess.  Too comfortable now…
I am a happily married woman, but I am not dead…he is cute.  I may have been a little overly friendly while I was in there but not really flirtatious…I try to be careful. 
So here is what happened…he was cleaning my teeth and it tickled the roof of my mouth. I HATE that!  I couldn’t help but squirm a bit and told him it tickled and he laughed at me. Then he said “Does THIS tickle?” and he deliberately moved the cleaning head to the roof of my mouth to tickle it.  I said YES and became very uncomfortable. 
It was such an odd exchange. Yes, he only tickled the roof of my mouth but he would NOT have done that to a guy.  It seemed too playful and unprofessional. 

Would you all stop going to him…
OR keep going and just be on a less familiar basis w him from now on?
Am I WAAY overreacting here?  It just left me feeling unsettled. 

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  1. Me said

    He was unprofessional, but she is overreacting. What were the responses? I can only imagine given what they say about Mary Kay and directors. How high has their recommendation for settlement gotten? Surely they are saying she should sue for millions.

  2. ScrewU said

    By some miracle, most of the people told her that she was more than likely overreacting. They also suggested that he might have put the cleaning brush back on the roof of her mouth to understand what exactly was tickling her. I think they helped her realize she was dumb.

  3. Me said

    Screw U, hell must have frozen over. I would never have guessed they would say the obvious!

  4. She's a MANIAC! said

    Not all of the PT-ers are idiots. Some of us are actually normal, and not PT-bots. 😉

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    This story sounds oddly familiar to me. Could they have lifted this “story” from another site, just to find something else to post about?

    If this really happend to me, I would think it was because he was trying to figure out what exactly felt tickly. I had a root canal done, and my tooth has been sensitive ever since. So the dentist looked at it and tried different things to see what it was sensitive to.



  6. MK4ME said

    SAM – sorry but after reading PT anyone claiming they are a member for any extended period of time, (may not be idiots) but can’t be normal. sorry, but – it gets rather scary over there and it isn’t all silly -like here. There is alot of truth in the saying you become like the people you hang with.
    Suggestion: Visit, greive, bitch, accept and move on not in.

  7. ScrewU said

    I think saying that there are normal ones at Pink Truth and they aren’t PTbots is like MKer’s saying they are not Kaybots. Everyone has their own opinion about wether that is possible or not.

  8. PrincessSnore said

    Hi ScrewU & MK4Me I think you both nailed it. The term Kaybot and PTbot is relevant as to how you see life. I think MK4ME made a valid point – move on not in.

    It sounds like that is what she’s a MANIAC has done or is trying to do just by posting here and agreeing with many of us. We know that getting out from under “the queen” is not easy for some. Many are afraid of being outted as she has done to so many in the past and even yet this week when she posted the lawyer’s information (or allowed it to be posted). Outting people is wrong on so many levels when one does it vendictively as Tracy continues to do.

    Once she even suspects you as teetering she starts watching your movements. It’s too bad Tracy thinks the internet world is real life. If she only knew she was just playing an actress on the internet with her “powers”. Imagine the day when they haul her away to prison or the funny farm and she is screaming, I’ll ban you, I’ll ban you.

  9. that was MY post!!! said

    Yo Mama.

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