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Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

I was sitting on my couch today, staring at the wall and I started thinking about how so many people I know in different states don’t have basements.  Why do some people get them and others don’t?  That seems really unfair.   I would think they all do but so many don’t.  Isn’t it dumb that so many people in Tornado Alley don’t have basements?  Or am I wrong?

I was hoping that we can name off all 50 states and people say yes or no.  You don’t have to tell us you live in that state.  Just say yes or no if you know that they do or don’t.  Thanks ladies.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep a wink until I know this.


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Ok, I really had to think about this one a little bit. It’s a good question, and so many answers.

    I have lived in California, Nevada and Iowa. The only place that had basements was Iowa. But I hear that depending on where you live in each of these states, some peeps do have basements.

    I know one new home builder out here a few years back offered basements, which is virtually unheard of here in Nevada.

    So I guess what all this really means is I don’t have a fucking clue.



  2. PrincessSnore said

    I’ve wondered the same thing bologna. Dizzy and I talked about that last night.

    I have a basement.

    Yo mama!

  3. Duh said

    I live in San Antonio, and when we bought our house we hadn’t viewed a single house that had a basement. We didn’t have basements in South Louisiana because they would have been filled with water. I visited Pennsylvania once, and there were basements there. Oh, and also Nebraska. Lots of basements in Nebraska.

  4. ScrewU said

    As helpful as your info was PrincessSnore, I assure you that Bologna is not a mind reader so she doesn’t know what state you live in.
    Just tell her so we can move on… for cripes sakes

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I was gonna say that about Louisiana, with the flooding and stuff. I mean if they don’t even bury the dead, why woould they build a basement. Seems like it would be slightly idiodic to do that right? Totally.


  6. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    What a tard

  7. mkrules said

    No basements in Dallas. When I lived in Kansas, there were quite a few.

  8. PC said

    no basements in Texas.

    there are basements in Ohio and Maryland though. 🙂

  9. Duh said

    That picture makes me so sad. They are definitely going to lose their super cool bike with the baby seat on the back. I’ll bet you a million dollars that boat runs like a dream though. WHOOOO-EEEE!

  10. PrincessSnore said

    Well for cripesake ScrewU, I’m not going to tell, except to say that I DO infact have a basement.

  11. What What said

    I had a basement when I lived in NY, but no basements in Arizona. The ground is impossibly hard and rocky – damn desert!

  12. Duped said

    Would love to partake in this convo, but me is a Canuck. Though, I will state that in Saskatchewan (try and spell that one when you are drunk), there are plenty of basements. Out here in BC, basements are just a place to store your shit so it can get flooded every year.

  13. Virginia has basements, a lot, but not all. There are also a lot of 1/2 basements styles where either the front OR back of house is underground and the opposite side is not completely underground. West Virginia, Maryland, DC & Pennsylvania all have basements in some areas, but not others.
    I have one.

    Yes, Duped, Basements store a lot of shit, or are rarely used if finished. I love BC, beautiful there. 🙂

  14. Duped said

    That’s our new tag-line now apparently. “British Columbia – the most beautiful place on Earth.” I think that sounds like we are full of ourselves (and yes, some of us are), but they are trying to pimp BC for the Olympics coming up. I do have to admit though, it is gorgeous here. If I were to move to the US, it would be to Colorado, which seems to be about as similar to BC as you can get, though without the Pacific. I have seen some shots of Colorado that literally took my breath away, just like here. 🙂 Glad you had fun at the Beach!

  15. MK4ME said

    New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York,Pennsylvania all have basements, or at least the houses I have lived in did. 🙂

  16. pynkmyst said

    Idaho – Yes
    Oregon – No, but Great Gran had a cellar… kinda..
    Washington – No, at least not on land but had a friend with a basement in their floating home… does that count?
    Alaska – No

  17. FollowOurFlip said

    Alabama- Yes.
    Florida- No.
    Georgia- No.
    Louisana- No.
    Arizona- No.
    MO (don’t know how to spell that damn state, never lived there, just visited)-Not the trailer we stayed in 🙂
    Texas- No.
    Colorado- Yes.

  18. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Virginia – yes
    Maryland – yes
    Pennsylvania – yes
    Illinois – yes (but it was called a “cellar” because it wasn’t finished off)
    West Virginia – yes
    California – no

  19. inmkbutsmart said

    When I lived in Iowa everyone had one. So yes.

  20. PINK BREN said

    Live in a samll South Texas town no basement however lived in Amarillo storm cellars for the whirly birds. South Texas when it rains it usually floods so there you go

  21. We had tornados all the time in Cincy so we had a basement (and used it a lot…but it was creepy down there…) We had a basement in Chicago but never had a tornado warning in this city when I lived there (18 years) and now in TN we have a basement and have had a couple of warning since we’ve been here.

    hope that helps, babe…sleep well…

  22. Kayla said

    No basements in Louisiana; what are called basements are the lower portion of a raised house.

    And, Dizzy, we do have ground interment sites. Not everyone can afford above ground tombs.

  23. I’m Ohio. Most houses have basements. My house has a crawl-space. Good enough if there’s a tornado. My husband and I want to build new. He wants to skip a basement because it’s expensive. I say, how about a crawl space at least! Granted, Ohio isn’t tornado alley, but tornadoes definitely happen here. As far as why doesn’t everyone get a basement who lives in tornado zones? The only logical explanation I can think of is money. If you’re building the house yourself, the cost of digging a basement and filling the foundation with concrete costs a lot of beans.

  24. Oops. That should say I’m IN Ohio. My brain is drained from work.

  25. foreverpink said

    Lived in Detroit MIchigan as a child and most homes had basements. In Arkansas not many builders of the new homes are building basements, a few older ones do but due to flooding most dont

  26. Licious said

    Follow, It’s spelled Missouri (just for future reference) but for those of us that grew up there we called it Misery, at least around the bootheel. Yes, there are basements in Missouri.

  27. Oh bother brother said

    Lived in Michigan – many basements

    Atlanta Ga – Many basements

    Relatives in Kentucky – all have basements

  28. She's a MANIAC! said

    Lived in Utah for a bit during college. Basements in Utah.

  29. Holler! said

    Where we are in MD most of the houses in our development have a basement. Apparently, there was a choice for the second phase of the neighborhood, you could have a basement or air conditioning. Now, there are houses up there with window units so I’m going to assume that they have basements. To me, it would have made more sense to take the basement and run duct work later on. Obviously you can’t put a basement in after the fact.

    Other than that, every place I’ve ever lived except for a trailer and two apartments had basements. Whether or not you wanted to go in them is something else. I’m sure that some of the old houses we lived in were made from dirt. Who thought horse hair and plaster equaled building materials?

  30. Miss Sunshine said

    We have both in Kansas City. Slab houses are cheaper to build. Besides price, it depends on the soil and how stable it is. Sandy, shifty soil is not good for foundations and footings. Areas aroung rivers and creeks here have silty soil and a house in that area will probably have a cracked basement wall.

  31. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    No basements in Nuevo Mexico. At least not in my part. Too much sandstone and lots of room to spread out. Houses are pretty much wide as opposed to tall. Y’all.

  32. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Thanks ladies. What a terrible night I had last night wondering and waiting…
    So glad I can finally sleep tonight

  33. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL bologna.

  34. KD said

    I have one in Nebraska and I think most of the actual houses in town do.

  35. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    I have a basement. A really, really big basement. It’s in the U.S., and it’s West of the Mississippi. That’s all you get except that it does snow here on occasion.

  36. Kit-n-Kaboodle said

    Kentucky and Tennessee — basements
    Missouri and Arkansas — some basements, but a lot of the older homes have “storm cellars”. We had one of those, kind of creepy, but at least your ass wouldn’t get swept away. Like ShadesofPink and Miss Sunshine pointed out, a basement really adds to the cost of the home. Also, the home takes longer to complete.

    This was an interesting link:

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