I can just hear them in chat now. 

“She must really love PT because she talks about it all the time.”

“Yeah, she doesn’t have a life at all.”

“I know she stays home with her kids.  Maybe we should call CPS.  She must not take very good care of them.”


“Haha, yeah, your right.”

“Pass the margarita mix”

I don’t care.  Here’s the new Maven list for your information:

Original Mavens:

Baroness von SügarScrüb
high hopes
Lazy Gardens
marvelous light bailed
mrsmetaphor bailed
Not a Bee-liever
Personal Use Recruiter
Pink Lawnmower
pinkbeefs  bailed
Purple  bailed
SawTheLight bailed
Sicknpink bailed before the formal announcement
The Scribbler
Truth Not Tears bailed


Company sucks



  1. You Ain'T No DaIsY said


    I was wondering what happened to Pinklawnmower. Thought mabe she bailed too. I gotta keep up better with this !

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Wow, there are a few on there that I didn’t know had bailed. I wonder where Beefy is. I used to love talkin to her. Beefy, if you’re around, hi!


  3. MK4ME said

    PMS Witch tonight but…. well does anyone else think this or is it only me??

    When every I see “Mother” a voice in my brain always thinks she didn’t finish her name and I hear Mother F**ker. Is it only me??

    And Duh, I heard your Duh commercial all night long and on the radio in the car today. Everywhere I go, all I hear is “Duh” – you are getting so famous, I think TC is really jealous cuz she didn’t get a commercial deal, just a book deal. That is why she is so upset.

  4. *sick* how quickly one can change friends…..

  5. tracysucks said

    So sad to see Shabby and Ginger on the list! They are funny and I used to enjoy them other places… Hopefully they will get out of that new TC fog soon and join us on the other side.

    And all the new names! Geesh, tracy, running out of ladies who have been around for longer than a moment??

    They figured you out. Dumbass.

    Duh is quite the popular gal — I have also heard her commercial more than once.

  6. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MK4ME. ..LOL That’s funny. Mother fucker. Go on, you’re on DUHs blog now, you can say shit like that!

  7. MK4ME said

    Hey Semi, u talking bout me girl?? I’m not sick, just got my ( . ) I don’t change friends, just underwear, I try keeping my friends! How’s the job going girlfriend?? I miss my other night owl buddy! And now I got more than one firend, I think Dizzy likes me a little. She will like me more if I stop putting in the * for the vowels… but I am getting there.


  8. What What said

    Traceysucks – I’m also sad to see Ginger’s name on the list! She is way too nice of a lady to be smokin the TC crack!

  9. no MK4ME, I am not talking about you changing friends….Tracy’s sudden new Mavens and her constantly changing “friends”

    I am glad you change your underwear, that’s good. I am also glad that you are learning to swear in black and white.

    Job is going well. I love it!! 🙂 This is the first night that I have been up late in about a week or so. Between the JOB and cheer/football I have been really busy. I won’t go too far, no worries.

  10. FollowOurFlip said

    Hey Semi- what’s the new job? I need a job. If we are going to do all of this shit to a house, I will need a fucking job…

  11. I went back to work after a little over 2 years at home. I am a GM for the same franchise that I originally worked for, but a different store now. Kind of fell in my lap and I couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

  12. FollowOurFlip said

    Is it like a food place, or a store like Walmart or Target or something like that? I think I would like to GM for a place like Outback, but not a store like Walmart….

  13. Pizza. 🙂 Very easy, not a lot of stuff to keep track of (inventory wise).
    I just checked out your blog (and posted a comment), but I really got to get to bed. Skipped the Ambien tonight to catch up on blogs, but must sleep now. Good night all.

  14. mkrealist said

    Wow! I’m actually kinda glad to see this list. I didn’t realize Marvelous Light had bailed. She was an absolute SWEETHEART on MKV and she even won our “Guess when we break #X Hits Contest” I finally got around to sending her the MKV bracelet and she sent back the nicest/sweetest ThankYou Note.

    So Marvie, if you’re reading this, thanks for the note! 🙂

  15. Me said

    Wonder why STL bailed. She was so far into the PT fog it was pathetic all the while collecting her director checks and ordering product to stay active. Anybody know STL’s story on that one? Why the break?

    *This comment has been edited to remove someone’s name*

  16. Totally OT – But it appears Erin is wreaking havoc and being a bitch again: “Erin Soaks Texas Coast” (http://news.aol.com/story/ar/_a/tropical-storm-churns-toward-texas/20070815090309990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001)

  17. PC said

    ME – there’s no reason to out STL here. If you don’t like her and want to out her to be nasty, take that to your own blog.


  18. PC said

    I’m sorry but after all the shit everyone has gone through with Tracy outing people, and stalking YOU, I’d think you would be less inclined to out people you don’t agree with.

    I don’t give a flying f*ck if STL wants to stay in the company and collect her check, all the while posting about her misgivings about MK. That’s her own business and I’m sure she’s got a reason for her choices. You need to back off.

  19. Me said

    Excuse me, PC. Everyone has known her name for about a year now, and I have about 150 emails to prove it. I didn’t realize it was such a big secret and she has been discussed on blogs other than mine.

    What’s wrong with you these days? First you go off over on PTLies and now here.

  20. PrincessSnore said

    PinkBubbleBusted’s name just went to “guest” on PT. Was that Queenie Jeanne?

  21. Kit-n-Kaboodle said

    Yep, that was QJ.

  22. PC said

    Mainly my problem is that even though I can’t stand Tracy, I still think MLM is a scam. Basically I’m the same person I always was – just not in Tracy’s pocket. 🙂

    And I “went off” on Rebecca (although not really) because she seems to think that Laura Ryan never “outed” Tracy back in the day – when I know that’s not true. (BTW Rebecca, if you can email me one of Tracy’s posts from MKS from BEFORE JANUARY 2006, where she outs herself as a “forensic accountant” – then I will be happy to call Tracy a liar and put that to rest).

    Basically I get cranky when people start “outing” others. It annoys the crap out of me. I think that’s fighting dirty.

  23. Me said

    I agree with you. But I didn’t out STL–she apparently made it known to quite a few people herself, who then proceeded to tell me, among others. And I have to amend what I said above. It hasn’t been a year since I started getting emails about her–more like six months. I said that off the cuff and then realized how literal everything is taken on line so figured I had better correct myself.

    As one who was outed very early on and mostly through my own naivete in the internet/blog world, I can tell you that it’s not the end of the world if people do know who you are. We should all take responsibility for what we say and do and if you say and do things on line that you are ashamed of, or would not do under your own name, then maybe you should rethink doing or saying it. (Not specifically “you”, PC–you plural). Even with Tracy’s intense pursuit of me and all that is mine, nothing bad has happened and no one has ever walked up to me and said, “Oh..I know who you are from the blogs.”

    Everyone should realize before they ever hit that Send button, that you can be found out somehow, some way, and it usually is through something you yourself did or said. STL is the source of her identity revelation, not me.

    *Comment has been edited to remove someone’s name*

  24. PrincessSnore said

    I’m new here so I’ll just quote what ScrewU said in her post on “Listen Up” regarding outting someone.

    “The ONLY thing you can NOT do is ‘out’ people here. That is never cool under any circumstance and we will have to shred you with words if you do that.”

  25. PrincessSnore said

    My opinion to outting someone is that just because you know someone’s name doesn’t mean you have the liberty to use it at free will. I know Dizzy’s full name and am not going to start posting it around the internet so when Ed McMann (sp) googles her name to find her address he doesn’t mistakingly deliver her millions to Duh. I’d be pissed if Duh got all my money, woulnd’t you?

  26. Reality Check said

    I think it’s so uncool to out people, even if you think everyone knows already! Me, it’s such passive agressive behavior on your part. If you think everyone already knows, why say it AGAIN? I happen to think you’ve got a weird obsession with STL. Who cares if she’s collecting her checks from MK? She put a hell of a lot of work into it for years. Why shouldn’t she continue to benefit from it? Some of you pinkos are really militant and overly moralistic about such things. Stop judging people! You don’t know STL, her reasons for staying in MK as long as she pleases, or anything else about her personally, so WHY even go there? Duh…….

    As for the Maven list, ha ha ha! I love it! I can’t believe STL and TNT both bailed. YEA! I’d like to see Mocha Latte bail. She is a super cool chick.
    *Comment has been edited to remove someones’ name*

  27. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I took out her name and replaced it with her screen name. I think that is only right. I know that I didn’t know her name, Dizzy didn’t know her name and ScrewU didn’t know her name. We are going to err on the side of caution on this one.

    Sorry to edit your comment but I had to. The only time we will do that is if someone’s identity is being revealed.

  28. PC said

    I’d like to see Baroness von SugarScrub bail (it’s ironic that I gave her that name). I’m disappointed that she’s still over there being Tracy’s lapdog. Especially since her and I have traded so many emails in the past, it was kind of sad for me to watch her cheerleading for Tracy…as Tracy calls me a slut.

    This is a strange universe.

  29. PC said

    yeah STL told people in EMAIL who she was. Not the same thing as posting her identity all over public blogs, NOW IS IT?

    sheesh people.

  30. I know the real names of about five or six people here but I don’t use them in posts (although I think I did yesterday at one point with Dizzy…sorry dizzy.) If they wanted to use their real names they would have chosen that as their “handle.”

    It’s a hard thing for me though because I sort of hate nicknames. I’ve never really had a good one. At one point my friends called me Bootsey because they thought it was so funny that I was the only person they knew without a nickname.

    What’s funny now is that no matter how many people I out MYSELF to…they all keep calling me Mrs M in emails. LOL.

    Ever notice how it’s ALL about me? All Mrs M, all the time. I promise I’ll grow out of it. Now I need to go back to work. I’ve been slacking.

  31. ODE TO TRACY said

    my masterpiece got buried in another thread so here it is again bitches!

    this is my metaphorical story inspired by Tracy…

    Once Upon A Time there was a tightly closed flower bud, which was a little bit off-color from the rest of the garden. There was something vaguely odiferous about it, and yet the other flowers were properly awed by its mysterious aura and the way it kept itself so tightly closed – as if it was simply too good to let anyone see its petals.

    Then one day the gardener transferred the flower bud to a pot, and put it on display in the greenhouse. There it was properly in a place of authority over the other inferior buds, and so the little odiferous flower decided to bloom and show the world its glory.

    When it finally uncurled its last petal and let everyone feast their eyes on its glory, they were shocked. The odor was worse than anything they had imagined. It was so bad, in fact, that they were sure that the flower had no idea how bad it was, and so they worshipped her in fear. She was the ugliest color they’d ever seen too – but since the flower was obviously incredibly rare and had no equal, they figured it MUST be something special.

    The gardener let the ugly flower rein over the greenhouse for a time, until finally all the flowers were sick of the stench and the fear.

    One day the gardener came into the greenhouse and looked at the flower. He sniffed the air.

    “This flower really isn’t so special after all” he said. “I think it just stinks.”

    The rest of the greenhouse nodded their petals in agreement.

    The gardener lopped of the ugly flower and threw it in a trash bin outside.

    The garden was very happy after that day.

  32. Me said

    “Sorry to edit your comment but I had to. The only time we will do that is if someone’s identity is being revealed.”

    But my name remains in there…..what hypocrites.

    And several emails I have regarding STL talk about telephone conversations with her, so it’s hardly an email revelation. Whatever.

  33. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I just have to say right quick cuz i’m working bitches and you all need to chill. We have all (ok not all, but a lot) “outed” someone at some point. We all have decided, or so I thought, that this behavior was dumb and rude. Why are we doing it again?

    You all are taking the fun outta this mutha. DUHs blog is supposed to be FUN you whores. Quit making it like PT because if that’s how this shit’s goin down, I am gonna have to blow this joint. I aint about playin that stupid game no mo!!!

  34. PC said

    ok i know your real name, Me, and i certainly don’t go around posting our first and last name on the blogs?

    so i don’t get that part about hypocrites.

  35. Me said

    “Reality Check said,
    August 16, 2007 @ 10:31 am

    I think it’s so uncool to out people, even if you think everyone knows already! Me, it’s such passive agressive behavior on your part. ”

    Look up, PC.

  36. WishICould... said

    I didn’t know who STL was (by real name) and I’ve been around since MKSurvivors. But that’s just me. 🙂

  37. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Ok Me. I’m sorry again. Bologna is a slow reader and I’m even slower at blog editing. And as I type this, someone else has probably typed it again!

    I’ve removed your name and if you see it anyother time, then let us know and we will remove it too.

    Not trying to play favorites at all Me. I’m just slow

  38. WishICould... said

    Oh, and having been someone who was outed once on a blog too (and it PISSED me off) I don’t think it’s cool.

    Allow that person to reveal themselves, but don’t take the liberty to do it for them.

    My two cents.

  39. tracysucks said

    God, ME, you are such a BITCH. Couldn’t you have just asked them to take down your first name??

    Nah, let’s be really bitchy and show our true colors. And you used her LAST name — much different than first ones, huh?

    I for one am glad you are showing your real self — now everyone here can see how insane you are.

  40. How come no one ever accuses me of being insane? (it’s ALL about me…still slacking)

  41. tracysucks said

    Cuz you ain’t crazy, Mrs. M. A little weird maybe, but in a good way.

  42. ScrewU said

    Damn… don’t we have a nice little brawl here? Are we all synced up and have our “pyramids” together?

    Alright, here’s the deal. No ‘outing’. Even if 100 people know their real name, there are still innocents here and we don’t want to hurt their little virgin eyes. I’m going to assume that was an honest mistake on Me’s part. I’m sure she thought that everyone did in fact know STL’s name. But let’s not make that assumption anymore. If someone uses their own real name, THEN you can but otherwise, let’s keep it on the DL.

    We only have 1 effing rule here. Let’s try to follow it. You guys can continue being as nasty and bitchy as you want to be though. Thats up to you. I’ve used up all my niceness now. Carry on

  43. ScrewU said

    And Mrs.
    You are a tree huggin, berkenstalk wearing, metaphor makin, crazy ass bitch.
    Is that better? I made it about you…

  44. ex-PTer said

    Fuck. [I would like to say it like the kid in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ when he finally speaks].

    I’ve been lurking for a long time now since Tracy said something about this whole fiasco in a chat a loooooong time ago.

    And then, it clicked. I was no longer obsessed and started to get suspicious of her.

    Thanks duh and Me!

    But this maven list is hilarious. She hasn’t found her mole and people are dropping like flies. Are they finally getting it? Finally seeing through the pinktruth fucktard fog?

    Excuse my language but I’ve been eager to say fuck for a long time now. Fuck.


  45. ScrewU said

    Hello ExPTer
    You are welcome to drop some eff bombs up in this mutha. Glad you started to doubt and wonder. Everything comes full circle.

    It is interesting that Tracy can’t seem to find 1 little mole when her JOB is a FRAUD INVESTIGATOR (sorry for all the caps by the way). You would think she would be able to investigate who is perpetuating a fraud.

    Oh well, more fun for us!

  46. ex-PTer said

    Oh yes, I find that hilarious; so much for being a fraud investigator. That’s one thing that made me doubt her: she’s just a fucking façade.

  47. Rebecca said

    PC said, “And I “went off” on Rebecca (although not really) because she seems to think that Laura Ryan never “outed” Tracy back in the day – when I know that’s not true. (BTW Rebecca, if you can email me one of Tracy’s posts from MKS from BEFORE JANUARY 2006, where she outs herself as a “forensic accountant” – then I will be happy to call Tracy a liar and put that to rest).

    Basically I get cranky when people start “outing” others. It annoys the crap out of me. I think that’s fighting dirty.”

    What I objected to on that particular thread on PTLies was a comment in the original post by Indentured Servant. My comment was,

    ““And Laura R also used to play these games by sending people over to PinkTruth and PinkLighthouse. There’s a lot of weird history there.)”
    No, Laura R. did not do any such a thing. But yes, there is “weird history” from back then.”

    I didn’t say anything about anyone outting anyone. PC you brought that into it. To which I wrote,

    ““Shucks, PC, Tracy herself posted comments that she was a forensic accountant, a CPA, and had her own business. It’s in comments on TPS and MKS. And I can state that LR never told me who Tracy was.”

    It’s all still over there on PTLies.

    Talk about re-writing history – and it just happened yesterday!

    BTW, it was/is common knowledge, not just in anti-MK groups, but also in pro-MK groups that Tracy was a CPA. That’s really, really old news.

    PC said, “(BTW Rebecca, if you can email me one of Tracy’s posts from MKS from BEFORE JANUARY 2006.”

    That’s gonna be real hard to do, right nigh impossible even, seein’ as how Tracy herself deleted all of her own comments from MKS. All gone. Deleted by Tracy herself. Now, I gotta wonder why she went and did that, gettin’ rid of the evidence maybe? An’ I also gotta wonder whether or not you, PC, seein’ as how you used to be so tight with her, know that TC deleted all her own comments on MKS.

  48. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    *******ATTENTION ALL YOU BITCHES********

    I said in one of my lasts posts that I was not going to bring up the past because it should stay there. But I think I need to say something here.

    The purpose of this blog is to make fun of Tracy and to provide the reasons WHY we are making fun of her. We’ve never claimed to be anything otherwise. Except to have some fun and to let it all hang out.

    When we start bringing up old blogging habits, it ruins what we have here, no? With Rebecca going off on PC over on PTLies and now ME outing people again, when ME, you clearly have told everyone that outing is not acceptable, it is ruining the vibe here.

    Can we all just forget about the old blogging behavior? We were all in a different place, and I among a few others have apologized to ME and Rebecca for being out of line back then. I would like us all to get along and remain on purpose which is again, to make fun of Tracy. I think we’ve been pretty clear about that.

    All this bullshit is seriously not making this a fun place. And I LURVE this blog. I have not had this much fun on a blog since the MKV days, seriously! I can’t be alone when I say I DO NOT want this place to be a repeat of the hatred between the posters and we certainly don’t want it to turn into PT do we? The blog wars time has come and gone. I would not consider this blog in a war with any other blog. Let’s keep it that way please.

    So STOP with the bullshit!

  49. Duh said

    Well well well. I am so disappointed in all you bitches. This is a sad day at the bitchfest I can tell you.

    As far as the “outing” thing goes I would like to say that even though I don’t allow people to do that to each other here, I don’t believe that using someone’s first name is outing them unless their first name is Labinibia or something weird like that. If you’re name is “Anne” or “Mary” I don’t think that people could find out who you are. Personally I only edit comments of first names when that specific person emails me and asks me to do so. I like to make the PTer’s that hate me so much HAVE to contact me. It’s fun.

    Last names, addresses, phone numbers and all that crap I’ll delete as soon as I see it, but that’s never happened here.

    Me, I’m sorry your personal info was put out there. That was wrong. I don’t think you were intentionally trying to out STL. I don’t think you were outing her at all by using her first name either, but if SHE has a problem with it (does anyone know if she does?) than we should respect her enough not to use it. I haven’t received an email from STL asking to take her name down. Until I do, I would have let it stand. I’m mean like that. Bologna is too nice.

  50. ScrewU…I am very offended. I DO NOT wear birkenstocks. I do not wear them. really…I hate them! They are the devil and much to Duh’s chagrin I don’t like patchouli either.

    Gosh! (said lin my best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

    but thanks for making it about me anyway.

  51. Duh said

    Dizzy, I am at war with PT Lies. Can I keep my little war going please?

  52. Duh said

    Mrs. Metaphor smells like patchouli.

  53. Shuddap you.

  54. ScrewU said

    Gawd Mrs
    I try and make it about you and you still bitch! And what kind of hippie and tree hugger are you if you don’t wear birkenstocks and wear patchouli?

  55. ScrewU said

    Next you’ll be telling me that you take showers too!!!!

  56. Rebecca said

    PC, you brought it up on PTLies, and you brought it up here. On PTLies, you said,

    “Back in 2006 when the TC/LR explosion happened, it was caused by LR telling people Tracy’s identity after promising to keep it a secret.

    LR claims that she never did that – she says that Tracy gave herself away, and that people just googled “Tracy forensic accountant”.

    But I know back in January of 2006, that LR told me ON THE PHONE that Tracy was a forensic accountant and had her own business.

    So LR was not being truthful. I know for a fact that she DID tell others on MKS who Tracy was.”

    PC said that LR told people TC’s identity and that she told others on MKS who TC was. You said that she told you on the phone that TC was a forensic accountant and had her own business. Did LR tell you on the phone what Tracy’s last name was, or the name of her business? Or did LR merely tell you that Tracy was a forensic accountant? This was a telephone conversation between just the two of you. On this conversation you base your claim that LR told more people the same info? No last name, no name of her business, just “forensic accountant”? That’s it? This is what you call “outted”?

    As I said previously, it was common knowledge on both pro & anti MK groups that “tracyred06” was an accountant, a CPA.

    Now, whether or not LR told me that TC was a forensic accountant, I don’t remember, nor do I think it is relevant. LR did NOT tell me Tracy’s last name, or the name of her business. I already knew that Tracy was a CPA from her own comments on, I believe it was, Mary Kay Tools You Can Use, a pro-MK yahoo group. I googled “tracy cpa” and found her. This is not at all surprising on account of how hard Tracy works to make her business web site easy to find. It truly was a piece of cake to find her.

    I’ve read the stuff on PLH where this was discussed. I read the comments by Tracy et al. Yeah, people, it was easy. The two words “forensic accountant” were not needed to google Tracy and find her. “tracy cpa” was enough.

    It isn’t LR’s fault that people were able to google “tracy cpa” and find Tracy Coenen and Sequence, Inc. It’s Tracy’s. 1. Tracy used her first name on the groups. 2. Tracy talked about being a CPA on the groups. 3. Tracy marketed her business web site so it was easy to find.

    Tracy’s own naivete, and underestimation of others’ intelligence, is what made it so easy to find her identity.

    PC, if you want to be mad at LR, and/or hold a grudge against LR for only telling you that Tracy was a forensic accountant, well, that’s your choice. Have at it.

    Disclaimer: This is my experience. What others experienced, I’ve no idea.

  57. WishICould... said

    Duh, she did you expose her last name as well. It’s been removed already. 🙂

  58. Rebecca said

    Well, shucks, people. Since when is voicing an opinion, or even lecturing, “going off on” someone?

    I very seldom “go off” on anyone. Lecture, yes. Voice my opinion, sure, why not?

  59. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Good God people! Enough with the quoting about he said she said shit. Get fucking over it! It’s done. Enough.

    Let us stay on point bitches. TRACY is the Queen Bitch. All focus should be on her. Shiat.

    DUH, yes, the war with PTlies is comletely acceptable. A war between two blogs that have the same agenda doesn’t really count as a “war”. But if you wanna call it a war, by all means.


  60. WishICould... said

    I was also a member at MKSurvivors and didn’t know that Tracy was who she was (last name, business name, etc.) until someone said so eloquently “geesh, it’s not hard to find her when you google her name and forensic accounting.” So I promptly googled it and did find her. Just like you said Rebecca.

    The one distinction is that I didn’t KNOW to google that information until someone said it (and for the life of me I can’t recall now who it was, but I assume it wasn’t Tracy ;).) Why bring it up?

    Just like above, I didn’t KNOW STL’s identity until ME used her first name in one sentence, and her last name in the last sentence of that paragraph, and I’ve been around for over two years now.

  61. Duh said

    Oh she did, did she?

    Damn it ME you’ve turned me into a liar!!! AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHH!!
    Do you know what happens to me when I get angry???? AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

    Rebecca and PC- Please go have some lesbian sex and make up. PLEASE! I have a question…

    At this point WHO CARES who outed Tracy? Obviously she has embraced the fact that people know who she is! She loves it and is using the fact that she is an “investigator” to scare the crap out of everyone.

    I have another question….
    Is there any way that we can “IN” someone?

  62. PC said

    Rebecca: if I considered you a close friend, and I explicitly told you NOT to tell others what my business was, and you then called someone up and said “PC is a under-water basket weaver” – then yeah, I’d feel betrayed.

    That’s the whole reason everything blew up the first time. I think that only Tracy and LR will ever know what really happened – as far as whether LR was breaking confidences.

    As far as “holding a grudge” for that – not me! I honestly don’t hold a grudge against anyone. I do, however, have lots of MEMORIES of last year when I felt forced to quit my blog because LR kept harassing me and posting publicly on her yahoo group that I was “trying to steal her traffic/website/membership”. So it’s not like I hold all my opinions about LR based on something Tracy said. It just isn’t that simple.

    Disclaimer: yes, I know Tracy is a pain in the ass and seems to hurt everyone she comes into contact with. I’m not excluding LR from that. I KNOW that Tracy did a lot of weird/creepy/nasty stuff on LR’s yahoo group back then.

    And I wouldn’t keep bringing it up if you would stop trying to make it sound like LR is totally innocent. Just because Tracy is a creep doesn’t mean that everyone has forgotten the nightmare from last year.

    YOU posted HERE yesterday (i think), saying something about how “now everyone should also admit that Tracy was the cause of the problems with TPS”

    Um …. NOPE. And I don’t want to relive this or sit here and bash LR (honestly I don’t) – but you’re the one who brought it up first. I was just late in my response.

  63. Duh said


  64. tracysucks said

    I wear birkenstocks but you can keep the patchouli.

  65. tracysucks said

    Lesbian sex ONLY if they are hot.

  66. PC said

    No thanks DUH. lol

  67. tracysucks said

    I bet PC is hot…

  68. Duh said

    Damn PC it’s not a question. It’s an order.

  69. PC said

    LOL tracysucks, you’re just feeling giddy because of last night.

  70. Duh said

    Ya know, if you guys had put this much effort into your Mary Kay businesses you’d be fucking millionaires by now.

  71. PC said



  72. tracysucks said

    You did get me pretty hot, PC.

    And I am a millionaire, Duh… Duh.

  73. Duh said

    I’m a hundredaire.

  74. Duh said

    Ok, I just went to check PT and my computer is going wacko. Now I have a corner of Tracy’s Pay Pal link over any screen I go to. Ahhhh! Did she do this on purpose? I’m really feeling the urge to click it.

    BTW, it’s kinda rainy here. What about you PC?

  75. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    No she di – int

  76. Willie Lump Lump said

    I’m all for staying focused on bashing tracy, Dizzy. BUT Sickie is not going to start posting here like nothing ever happened. It’s all supposed to go away and none of us are supposed to say anything? I think not. She’s got some major explaining to do first before some of us can move on from that. She may have apologized to you, i dunno, but she owes many many many more people an apology AND an explanation for her fucked up behavior. Until then, she’s in the same catagory with Tracy. So many of us gave her a chance and supported her, but all she cared about was who’s back she can stab next. Now Tracy don’t want her ass anymore (if that’s even true) and we’re supposed to welcome her with open arms? Psh!

    All this ‘sweep the past under the rug and just welcome me’ attitude is bullshit.

    But, otherwise, i’m all for keepin’ the funny goin’. 😉


  77. tracysucks said

    I bet Willie is hot too.

  78. tracysucks said

    And smart.

  79. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo Willie,

    I was talking more about the back and forth between ME and Rebecca and PC about this Tracy/PL/LR crap. We KNOW shit went down. We conclude Tracy is a psycho bitch. We KNOW no one was totally “innocent” so stop talkin about it. LET IT GO! I hate the quoting of “so and so said”. It’s old. Fuck that shit yo.

    Now, as far as Sickie is concerned yes, she does owe apologies to people but I am not about to tell her who those people are or tell anyone else for that matter. That’s her shit, not mine.

    Maybe it should be a new “rule” on DUHs blog that anyone who was totally sucked into the PT fog and ran amok on Tracy’s behalf (I was included in that once) should begin their posting with a blanket apology. Would that, Willie, make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?


  80. Me said

    I’m not sure why I am going to the trouble of saying this since I have been called insane and a bitch, but here goes:

    I was told a long time ago who STL was. I was told in confidence and never mentioned it. A few months after that, though, I started getting emails from a LOT of people who not only knew WHO she was, but KNEW her, had had phone conversations with her, felt betrayed by her, were mad at her, and many other emotions. I was given all kinds of information about her, and the majority of it came from STL herself. Having read a lot of what she had written on Survivors and PT, it all jived. Having had many, many people contact me about her and discuss her, and all the information having originated with her, I felt (mistakenly apparently) that everyone in this blog business knew who she was, and most knew her personally.

    Since I have no idea who most of the people are on this blog what with all the name changes, I also figured that the people who discussed the mavens, and who had once been such an integral part of PT would also know who she is.

    I have never purposely “outed” anyone, but I did, in fact, allow my guard to be let down when I mentioned her name above in an innocent question about why she bailed from her maven status.

    Just as feelings run high with regard to LR, Tracy, PC and Rebecca, my feelings continue to run red with regard to STL. You can say I’m a bitch about that if you want to, but I say if you do, look in the mirror, because I am certainly not the only one.

    I apologize for making a mistake.

    I wish it would rain here, Duh. We have not had any rain for over a month and today is our 9th day in a row of over 100 degree temps. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “hot head.”

  81. WishICould... said

    I second that.

    PC and Willie are hot. And smart. And sassy.

    Me likes.

  82. Duh said

    No you aren’t the only bitch here, Me. There’s a long list of bitches that hang out here. And a short list of hoes. (Is that how to spell hoes?) There’s at least one slut (PC), and I’m sure there are some straight up cunts here to. We are all represented.

  83. Willie Lump Lump said

    Super duper fuzzy and warm, Dizzy. Thanks.

    I lurves me some Dizzy. She knows how to make a Willie feel special. 😛

  84. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I have only been around these here blog parts since last year, so a lot of bitches I do not know. I don’t hang out at PL and never did, so I don’t know all that history/drama either.

    Thanks ME for pointing out that you did not mean to out anyone.

    Can’t we all just get along here you bitches? OH, DUH…it’s Ho’s I think. But I could be wrong. Who gives a shit. Say it how you wanna say it yo.

    This is some crazy shit yo!


  85. Willie Lump Lump said

    Hee Hee. Me feels the same way about STL that i feel about Sicko. LOL

    Bitches and Hos, yo!

  86. tracysucks said

    Now I am feeling a bit fuzzy towards ME since she apologized. How long will that last?

  87. tracysucks said

    I am most certainly a BITCH. In fact, I am BEYOND BITCH.

  88. PC said

    Yes Duh it is raining buckets over here. 🙂

    Hey Me – was it LR giving you all that info about STL? I was under the impression (from tracy and others) that LR was acting “possessive” of STL, and got pissed when she posted elsewhere. That could be a lie – who knows.

    But since all of us hate it when someone tells us where we can and cannot post…..

    Sorry for bringing down the party. I ran out of booze and became boring. SCOOOOZE me!

  89. tracysucks said

    What’s rain?

  90. PC said

    oh – and you can bite me DUh. You know you want the traffic from my brawling, so whatever 😛

  91. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    It rained here enough last night to leave ugly ass spots on my freshly washed car.

    And the clouds are rollin in, maybe a good thunderstorm is on the horizon….YEHAW


  92. Duh said

    LOL, look who’s on the Buzzfeed! Bear Force 1!! Whoo ha. WHO HA!

  93. Duped said

    Jesus H. Christ ladies. Don’t make me force my group hug on you again.

    And yeah, I am on my pyramid so fuck you all. 😛

  94. tracysucks said

    WishICould is a hottie too…

  95. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracysucks sure thinks a lot of chicks on here are hot. What, Tracyucks, qualifies as being “hot” in your book? huh?


  96. tracysucks said

    Always a sense of humor! Hot means you are no longer slathering your poor face in scary kay crap.

    What, Dizzy, are you saying you are a hottie too??

    Of course you are. You are the funniest, hottest bitch on board! And you know you just wanted to type my name…

  97. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I did want to type your name, tracysucks…….



    I do use some MK stuff tho. But I don’t slather it. Does that mean I’m not hot? Or am I hotter because I just admitted that I still use some of it?

    Waiting patiently for your response…


  98. Willie…I still want to know where the name comes from. I googled it and got a wide variety of things…there’s a book on amazon with that in the title, I think it’s about holistic medicine, it’s in the urban slang dictionary and it was also a skit by Red Skeleton…so what gives, come on, spill it.

  99. tracysucks said

    Dizzy, tell me it ain’t so! Kinda hot for admitting it, but we need to work on you. You can replace any of that junk with better stuff.

    I get kinda flushed and excited when I finish off a mary kay product — I love tossing them and knowing they will not be replaced!!

  100. FreeFromPT said

    Willie, I don’t know who you are or what supposedly did to you so how can I apologize?

    As far as owing many, many people apologizies, you are correct. I do.

    Explainationn for fucked up behavior? It was fucked up! What’s to explain about that?

    Put me in whatever category you want. I don’t care. I don’t know you.

    You gave me a chance and supported me? Oh really??? Got proof on any of that gibberish you are talkin?

    Good idea Dizzy, could someone please put together a blanket “apology” for a former PTers first post on Duh?

  101. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    As much as I despise the way some folks do their MK shit, I have never had a problem using the product. I have a skin condition so my skin is very sensitive. Nothing I tried (that was reasonably priced) worked for me. But the MK cleanser does. So I use it. Sorry if it makes ya sick bitch, but it works for me. And my dermatologist gave me her blessing. What works for one bitch aint gonna work for another yo!

    BITCHES and HOs before BROs!

  102. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo Willie,

    Me a bit cornfused. Me, as in Dizzy, not to be confused with ME as in Melissa. Ok, I am cornfused on what Sickie did to you? You haven’t put the shit out there for her to respond. Does that mean you are just giving her a rash of shit, or are you trying to make the recently banned ex-Tracy lover (don’t get all pissy, we ALL “liked” her at some point) squirm?

    If homegirl did something kinda mean/irrational/stupid or whatever, tell her what the fuck it was so we can move on. If it’s something that involves more than one person and it could hurt/damage someone, then maybe you should be a little nice and email her?

    Can’t we all just get along????!!!!

  103. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    And regards to the “don’t get all pissy, we all “liked” her at some point ~ This refers to Sickie, don’t get pissy, we all liked Tracy at some point.

    Does that make sense?


  104. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh, and one more thing then I’m done with this shit. If ME and Rebecca were able to forgive me for bein a bitch, then certainly we can forgive Sickie once she proves herself to all you bitches. Don’t ya think?


  105. WishICould... said


    Do you or do you not know Willie Sickie?

    FreeFromPT said,
    August 15, 2007 @ 10:48 pm

    Oh please Willie, the stories I’ve heard about you are NOTHIN compared to what you “think” I did.

    FreeFromPT said,
    August 16, 2007 @ 3:00 pm

    Willie, I don’t know who you are or what supposedly did to you so how can I apologize? End quote.

    I’m just saying. I’m confused.

  106. FreeFromPT said

    I was yankin her chain. I don’t know who Willie is.

  107. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Where Willy at? We need to know what up

  108. Willie Lump Lump said

    You don’t know me, but didn’t you say last night that you HEARD all this shit that i’ve done? Oh, that’s right, you were lying…..again.

    You don’t need to know who i am to apologize. If i told who i was, You’d feel so stupid first of all for the accusation you made last night and secondly, all you’re going to do is run back to Queen Bitch with your info and i’m about to go on vacation so I don’t need her ass stalking and ruining it for me.

    You know who you fucked over. You have a mass of victims and you know it. Some lurking, some posting. Now, get to ‘splaining and apologizing already. If you feel there’s nothing to explain then why are you even here mingling with those you have fucked over? You obviously have no regrets and could care less about how we feel and instead choose to force your presence on this blog. How desperate are you to be accepted. Geesh!! Didn’t that same desperation and the ‘it’s all about me’ attitude get you fucked up on PLH? GAWD, You’ll never learn. BTW, did you ever apologize to THEM? I bet not.

    You admit you need to apologize, yet you choose to just start posting here as if it’s all good without doing so. What blue balls you have.

    Oh, and yes, there is plenty of proof that many of us supported you, but of course, you’ve already seen it with your own eyes, but you don’t care about that (if you did, you would’ve apologized already). You just wanna know who i am. Nice try…again. You get an ‘A’ for effort tho. 😛

  109. Willie Lump Lump said

    How the hell can anyone forgive her if she’s not even asking for it? You, Dizzy apologized to them in public view for all to see. How can they not forgive you? Do you see the difference here?

  110. Willie…it kind of sounds like you are the one whose got a problem here so what’s it going to take to move past it? Is an apology from Sickie even enough?

    I’ll use the technique I tried once before that didn’t work on another board (remember this pc?)

    Sickie when you said/did/emailed (insert grievance here)….I felt (insert emotion here) and I want (insert course of action here.)

    Do it or we’ll all sing kum bay ah again…or I will and NOBODY likes that…I mean, nobody.

  111. MKRealist said

    I think quite a few folks need a PPB from their keyboards, FoReal!

    PPB = Permanent Push Back

    And I’m being totally serious and not the least bit funny.

  112. I’m glad you said that last bit MKR…otherwise I would have thought that was a crack about my singing.

  113. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That’s a good idea Mrs. It seems Willy is speaking not only on her own behalf, but on other’s behalf. All Sickie can do is apologize to those she felt she hurt, it is possible she hurt some others and not even realize it. I did.

    So ~ These are some options:

    1. Take Mrs’s advice
    2. Sit down and think about who you may have offended, write up a list, and give a true heartfelt apology. If there is something you have to do to rectify it and make it right, then that person needs to tell you wha that is. If you agree to it, do it. If you don’t, then don’t. That’s up to you.

    If it’s heartfelt and you mean it,then I don’t see why others should not accept it. If they don’t, it’s their choice, but you have done what you can.

  114. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    And I am also in agreement with MKR. Sometimes you just have to step away from the puter ya bitches!

  115. Willie Lump Lump said

    Mrs. M, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not paying you any attention so sing yo’ ass off, i don’t care. LOL

    The only problem i and many others have is Sickie popping up and joining the bitch fest with no apology whatsoever and expects everyone to just welcome her with open arms. Why is that so fuckin’ hard to understand?

  116. I hadn’t noticed but that’s only because it’s all about me….all mrs m….all the time! hee hee.

    I am going to take it as a compliment that you don’t care if I sing my ass off. I HAD been working out to take care of that but singing is SO much easier.

    Seriously, Willie…we do get it, it’s not hard to understand. But you are talking in these wide global terms and not being specific at all…and in fact, so is Sickie…so what exactly you want her to do? Do you want her to give a big blanket apology for her part in this? Will that be enough? I’m not railing on you…just working toward peace in the Middle East.

  117. Duh said

    Willie I don’t understand what Sickie could have done that was so bad. Did she talk bad about you to your virtual friends? Did she spread virtual lies about you? Did she ruin your virtual reputation?

    I think that the anger you feel is, um, lame. I’m sorry if this hurts your virtual feelings, but you need to get a life if this shit bothers you so much. Step away from the keyboard and get some fresh air sista!

  118. Willie Lump Lump said

    Well let’s see…..

    Instead of coming here with this haughty attitude, she should have been humble and apologized in her very first post here before expecting to be welcomed. That’s what a true sincere person who regrets their past mistakes would do. But, that moment is gone soo…

    How about just apologizing PERIOD to all those she KNOWS she fucked over instead of coming up with lame ass excuses not to while attempting to find out who is who. Sneaky ass.

  119. Ok, so if Sickie posts and asks forgiveness for her past transgressions and asks nicely to join the rowdy group of hooligans then you’ll feel better ’bout this?

  120. Duh said

    These are the Days of Our Lives…

  121. Willie Lump Lump said

    Duh, you know what she did. Everyone does cuz it’s been posted on PTlies. And i’m not angry. Just keepin’ it real with good ole sickie.

  122. PC said

    I can put something specific up here if that’s what y’all need?


    One of the problems is that Sickie ran her mouth constantly, to every person she met on the internet. Basically, if you ever emailed her or spoke to her on the phone, she promptly turned around and either forwarded all your emails to someone else, or she got on the horn and started twisting everybody’s words.

    Here’s the scenerio:

    Sickie sends me a crying, wailing, hysterical PM in the PT chat room in December. She tells me that Tracy is treating her horribly and calling her a bitch for no reason.
    I am skeptical about this but I don’t want to deny her claims when she is obviously sobbing. (and this is before I knew what a drama queen sickie is)

    I get confirmation from another chat room mod that tracy did, in fact, call sickie a bitch and then leave the chat.

    I assume tracy must have been kidding around. Sickie continues to cry.

    i email tracy and ask her what’s up – she gives me a one-word response “fine” and won’t respond to my emails for another 2 weeks.

    In this time period I exchange several emails with Sickie, as she wails about how hurtful Tracy is and I try to console her, and the same time explaining that Tracy was being weird because she was ignoring me all the sudden.

    We find out later that Tracy read all the PMs in the chat room, and that’s why she was punishing us : for “talking about her”

    Sickie then turns around the next month, and sends tracy all of my emails from that time, in an attempt to throw me under the bus and get herself back into Tracy’s good graces.

    Tracy then decides that I’m a backstabber (this is an accumulation of things) – and throws me out of PT.

    Have I missed anything?

    Sickie – the problem is that you have 10 faces and nobody knows who they are talking to at any point in time. You cannot be trusted.

    I don’t hate you. I don’t even want an apology because I don’t give a rat’s ass about this anymore.

    But I sure as hell won’t be exchanging any emails with you again. So I guess that’s that.

  123. MKRealist said

    Ok, I’ve been thinking this for a while and I’m just gonna come out and say it.

    In the year+ I’ve been observing the various players in this online blog-game as it pertains to MK, there are clearly some personalities that do not fare well in this kind of atmosphere.

    Sickie, you can take this or leave it, but I’m saying this with as much love/concern as an outside observer with NOTHING to LOSE can say it; from what I’ve observed, you have some deep-rooted issues in the areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, wellness and stability that prohibit/prevent your functional healthy involvement with individuals from the internet, no matter what steps you take to get to “know” them. Your innate desire to belong, be well-liked, be in on the inner-circle of all things you consider important, has prompted you to act in ways that were not only destructive to you personally, but to those who for reasons ill or good chose to align themselves with you in your pursuits.

    Yes, you have hurt people with the gossiping, name-calling, back-stabbing, and incessant verbal and virtual chatter about any and all things MK (when you yourself have been so long OUT of MK). But the most important and critical person you have hurt is yourself. And yes, others have hurt you as well.

    You will never find a friend/confidante online (or telephonically) who can replace a real, living near you TRUE FRIEND who can help you heal from ALL these fiascos, in and out of MK. This should not be someone you’ve met online and developed a phone friendship or email penpal-ship with. In fact, it should not be someone you met online AT ALL!!! I don’t know who you have in your life who has no connection to this anti-(anti)-MK-blog-world, but it is my sincere hope and prayer that you can reach within yourself first, and then out to them and gain back your life. Your REAL LIFE!

    You are so deep in this mess, quaqmire, whatever you want to call it, I assure you there is NO WAY you can climb your way out of it into the good graces of those you NOW want to be friends with, or whom you wish now to be accepted by (grammarians chew on THAT!)

    You say that Sickie is dead. As long as you post on ANY blog dealing with MK/TC/PT (anti or anti-anti), Sickie will be alive and well, no matter what name she calls herself by or answers to.

    Internet addiction (especially around a familiar theme) is no joke. I know it will not be easy, and I don’t take my suggestion to you lightly or glibly. No matter what you think of me, or what you think I think of you, know that I say/suggest very few things in life to willfully hurt someone. Most times I try to be as edifying and helpful as I can.

    I simply cannot see how your partcipation here or anywhere is helpful to you at this point.

    I’m begging you…walk away, push back permanently, and LET THIS GO!

  124. PC said

    oh and Duh – we are getting flooded. That’s the only reason I’m sitting here typing about this crap LOL
    I wanted to go shopping but dh said no because he thinks I will drown in the minivan. 🙂

  125. snapya-fingers said

    Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said,
    August 16, 2007 @ 11:57 am

    *******ATTENTION ALL YOU BITCHES********

    I’m with Dizzy! I came here to have fun-not to get into more shit…and definitely not more shit that includes TC. This is some wild and crazy stuff. Looks like we just need to have a wide open free for all-let the beatings begin. Has anyone ever heard of IM or emails?? Sometimes shit needs to be discussed in private-especially when people have different feelings and views and assume everyone knows those feelings and views. They might find out when they discuss things-they are way off base. Ok-back to the fun.

    p.s. For the near future-I feel it coming- YO MAMA!

  126. Duh said

    Yeah, but PC you WERE talking about Tracy behind her back. So technically you just got CAUGHT backstabbing, right? I mean, Sickie didn’t make up some emails and give them to Tracy. So she exposed you as the backstabbing bitchy slut that we all know you are.

    I kind of like that about Sickie. You never know who will see your correspondence with her. Hilarity ensues!

  127. PC said

    snapya – if you don’t want to talk about Tracy anymore, why are you hanging out on a blog called “banned from the bitchfest: pinktruth can bite my ass”?


    in other news – my son is finally crapping on the potty again, after a lapse.


  128. yowza

  129. PC
    can he come here and teach my 3 yr old…I’m over diapers….way over…

  130. PC said

    how is it backstabbing to console hysterical crying sickie? I could have just ignored all of her PMs and emails – then I couldn’t be accused of “talking behind Tracy’s back” right?

    see – this is the kind of shit that makes me feel like I’m in junior high.

    But it’s cool. I’m a slut, too. in case anyone’s interested.

  131. Duh said

    Just remember, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN

  132. PC said

    GAWD they are chanting that on the news


  133. Duh said

    Hey PC, ya know how I know you’re a slut?

  134. The Former MKV said

    I have heard so many things from so many different people that my head is spinning. So far, my many current and former PT friends have told me that I have been blamed for being the “leak” on the private board, that I have been called “mentally ill” (I love it), that I was blamed for outing PUR, among many, many other things.

    I had a point in saying that, but now I forget. Damn. Must be that mental illness.

  135. PC said

    MKV – it was the slut thing.they think you’re the one who copied Tracy’s posts and sent them to me


    lord duh – just cuz I have three kids doesn’t make me a slut – just overly fertile?

  136. FreeFromPT said

    Ok, Willie I think I understand what you are saying now. I can understand why you would be suspicious after all the crap that has happened. I am sorry for my part in all of this. I am. I wish I could go back and erase it and start all over but I can’t. If I have hurt any of you guys here I hope that you will forgive me. I really do regret all of the shit that happened…I don’t know what else I can say. I really don’t.

    Mkrealist…I will think about what you have said. I don’t know what to make of it right now but I know that your heart is in the right place.

  137. Duh said

    NO!! You’re coochie is so loose from over use that your babies just fall out now.

  138. PC said

    well i can’t argue with that. My last two did fall out. My third one fell out in the car.

  139. The Former MKV said

    PC– Oh, really? I copied and pasted the SLUT comment and sent it to you? Wow. I probably did that when my “mental illness” was really acting up.

  140. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    OMG, Joan Rivers called, and she said, “Can we talk?” Aren’t you all the same bunch of bitches that tell people on PT to “get over it, move on?” Well, move the fuck on, k? Some of us got sucked into the vortex. Sickie did, too. She shouldn’t have to come over and kiss peoples’ asses over here for shit that was already over 6 months old when it was posted on ptlies. WTF is up with that shit? So, give it up. Call me what you want, but that is all I have to say on the matter except that you all are getting sooooooo FUCKING BORING! What’s the difference between this and chat at this point? Damn it, I want to be entertained, not listen to a bitchfest from a bunch of hos!

  141. Ack and double ack! Who was it that was talking about having C sections before so that she would avoid this sort of thing?

  142. The Former MKV said

    Well, talk about loose coochies. I have 5, and my 2nd fell out in the car. So there.

  143. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    ::::::::::waving to former mkv:::::::::::::::


    PC….babies falling out? hahahahahaa I dont’ care who you are, that’s funny right thar.

    DUH…. you aint right

    MKR…good words of advice. I too think they are heartfelt and sincere, though I never thought anything otherwise of any of your posts. 🙂

  144. PC said

    If you’re so bored, should we talk about sex some more? that always seems to get the crowd going – maybe another what what video?

    As long as we’re gonna post about pointless things, if we wanna beat a dead horse for a few mintues, what’s it to ya???

  145. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    well, hell, if i want to read about dead horses, why shouldn’t i just be at PT?
    get my point, sista?

  146. PC said

    everyone who’s given birth in their cars, please raise their hands!

    ***waving to MKV***

  147. PC said

    well as long as we’re ALL HERE to beat this dead horse (who’s a skeleton by now) – why don’t you come up with a new topic?
    and Duh – you never said how you know I’m a slut….

  148. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    OK – new topic: I want to know why Me is so cheap! 41 cents?

  149. MKRealist said

    Seriously OOSVV, I thought she was offering to buy-back ALL of their PT cards at the generous rate of 90% of their investment over the last year, in true MK style. The check she wrote them could have even been BLUE! LOL!!!

  150. Labia Majora said

    You all ain’t right.

  151. Labia Minora said

    Somebody please notice me down here, please! I am important too!

  152. Duh said

    I know you’re a slut because you’re coochie is so loose that your kids just fall out. That’s how I know.

    Plus you are married to a Chinese man, and they are famous for marrying sluts. FYI.

  153. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    New post up. Enjoy!

  154. CamelToe said

    …anybody home?…

  155. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Hi Labia and CamelToe! I’m sure they are reading my new post. Otherwise, I’m sure they would talk to you

  156. ChineseMenRHot said

    but I didn’t know they marry sluts. Why isn’t my husband Chinese?

  157. PC said


    I had no idea – i will let hubby know immedietely, that he is a SLUT MAGNET


    hi cameltoe and labia! 🙂 with those names, you’ll fit right in.

  158. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    MKRealist, that would have been a more tempting offer.

    Labia Minora, girl(s?) – grow up, and you’ll get all the attention you want.

  159. flycat said


    I missed the whole party. That was some wild-assed shit. That is the last time I get into the catnip so heavy and take me a nice long catnap. I was dreaming about you guys tho.


  160. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    we was dreamin’ ’boutchoo too flycat!

  161. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Me, you were starting to gain some credibility with me and you just fucked it all up today. First cheap, then actin’ stupid. I didn’t know who STL was either. Who cares except you? Drop the topic! Give up the bone!

  162. PC said

    god 16virgins – can’t anybody have a hangup? can’t we kick around our “issues” once in a while? Why are you taxin’ my gig so hardcore ? 🙂 anyone guess where that movie quote came from lol

  163. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    maybe you’re right PC. I never gave Me much credit, because it seemed like she made stuff up on her blog just to have something to talk about. Then this outting shit. Then the 41 cents thing just seemed like something to fill up dead space. There for awhile she had some good stuff. I’m a fickle blogger, and I need stability — either you’re all f’d up all the time or you’re not — black and white, no roller coaster. Maybe Me is on the rag today (sorry dizzy), but i’m severely annoyed by the STL stuff. the cheap i’ll get over eventually

  164. snapya-fingers said

    PC-I just meant: “Can’t we all just get along?” But at least some of this is out in the open now instead of the talking in codes. I’m just tripping about TC coming on here-if that was her. I lurve talkin’ about her-just confused on all the BS that has gone on with some of the others with each other and her. I’m still a newbie. Maybe I’ll figure it out. YO MAMA!

  165. PC said

    i can get along with anybody. Cuz this is a blog, yo. 😛

    when did TC come here? Did I miss something??

  166. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Snap….TC does come visit, but I doubt she would post. And if she DID post, she certainly wouldn’t admit it.

    ::::::::::::Waving to Tracy Coenen, FRAUD (bullshit) INVESTIGATOR:::::::::::::::::


  167. snapya-fingers said

    Thanks Dizzy. So who is Queen Tracy?? I noticed others calling her something else-besides the name calling-hehe. Newbies will live those posts-thinking it is TC-they will be like OMG…just like I did.

  168. QUEEN TRACY said



  169. Tink said

    Please Me gain credibility!!! She’s just riding the” I hate Tracy” train. She’s as nutty as Tracy.

  170. PC said

    oh jeez she’s back –

    my favortie part was when she described what Duh was wearing last night. LOLLLLLLL good times

  171. La La La La Lo-La said

    Damn…I have been lurking for a long time…close to the beginning. You bitches need to quit turning on eachother. I came here for the love and sisterhood you show each other. Back away from the cat fight! I came over here to find what happened to Sickie…figured I missed something. WTF?

  172. La La La La Lo-La said

    Is Ex-PTer Sickie? Damn it I just want to know what is going on and what this “Guest” status is on PT! Is that too much to ask?

  173. PC said

    SIckie is posting as “Former Pter” or something like that right?

    According to what I’ve read so far, Sickie left PT. most likely Tracy was getting ready to ban her anyway (that seems to be the pattern but I could be wrong about that)

    I don’t know ANYTHING about what happened, but I bet it’s pretty typical. I would love to hear more details, but alas we may have run Sickie off the blog momentarily with our less-than-enthusiastic welcome.

    I’m sure it’s only temporary though.

  174. PrincessSnore said

    lalalalola Sickie posted what happened here:


    Why don’t you just e-mail her?

  175. La La La La Lo-La said

    Thank you, PC! Hopefully, Sickie (or Happy)will come back so we can find out what went on. Was the post on this thread her first? How did everyone know it was Sickie? Why wasn’t I on the Most Wanted List? Wah! I’m so hurt, bitches. Soooo hurt.

    Come back, Sickie!

  176. La La La La Lo-La said

    Thanks, Princess. I can’t email her. I don’t know her email address!

  177. PC said

    Ok WHOA!

    I just went back and read that thread cuz I missed some things, I see!

    So PUR is kissing Tracy’s ass now? (I mean I knew that…but…. did PUR REPLACE sickie or something??)

    Here’s a surefire sign that Tracy is grooming a new ass-kisser: she sent PUR 5 karmas in the last week? That’s it. She’s pumping PUR so full of bullshit you can probably smell her a mile away by now.

    Jiminy I’m just cracking up over here. Dang i cannot keep UP with you guys!!

  178. PrincessSnore said

    You don’t know sickie’s e-mail? It’s just sicknpink@hotmail.com

  179. PrincessSnore said

    PC, from the looks of things on PT, PUR has been Tracy’s Queen-bot for a couple of months. I think sickie left the queen-bot’s throne before that and just stayed on PT until the karma antics started (from the looks of that thread on attn PTers).

  180. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yeah, it was temporary. I’ve said my fuckin’ peace about the shit so ‘ll back off the sickie-bashing now. But i got my eye on her. 😉

    On a serious note, Sickie, your apology and understanding is very much appreciated. Time will tell if it’s sincere or not. Big Willie’s willing to be optimistic about it tho. 🙂

    Bitches and Ho’s, yo!

  181. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    So happy to see everyone is playing nice. You guys were yelling so hard, you shook some of the lurkers out of their posts.
    Time will tell all….
    And yes, from what I hear, PUR is the Queen’s royal hiney smoocher. As if PUR’s ego could not get anymore inflated, then Tracy made her a maven. I do believe that PUR is a MiniTracy and will find herself banned within 6months for getting too much of Tracy’s limelight.

  182. flycat said

    Hey let’s start a pool. I say before Christmas.


  183. Duh said

    Does anybody know why she was banned the first time? I’m just wondering because maybe one day Tracy will forgive me and let me go back to PT. One day…

  184. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    La La La La Lo-La
    Is your name from a song? It sounds familiar to my head

  185. PC said

    can’t we yell on this blog once in a while? lol

    I’m SO EXCITED about PUR being the new hiney-licker!!! This means that it’s only a matter of months before it all goes to hell in a handbag!! I can’t wait for the day PUR shows up here.

    Lord I’m never going to kick my addiction to this completely screwed up community. What does that say about me?

  186. Duh said

    I think we should start a pool about who’s going to leave PT next. I think I’ll start a new page. ‘Scuse me.

  187. Kit-n-Kaboodle said

    PUR, she’s slackin’ — the last time she bumped the “Gossip” thread on the PT board was Tuesday morning. tsk, tsk, tsk

  188. FreeFromPT said

    Thanks “Big Willie” for layin off. Yes, do keep your eye on me. 😉 Duh always promises to but then her eyes wander off, it’s so annoying.

    Did someone say they are taking a poll? May I join?

  189. PC said

    HEY DUH – i was at your Myspace and i really miss that song you used to have there.

    FLYCAT – i’m in the pool, I say it all goes to hell before Thanksgiving

  190. Wow, a lot happened while I was at work. I feel like I fuckin fell back into high school. (UGH) Who the fuck cares what happened in 2006 with the stupid blogs?? We are all adults and words are just that, WORDS. The “words” here at BFBF are usually all in fun, this was way to fucking serious.

  191. ScrewU said

    With Tracy’s declining numbers and PUR’s attitude lately, I give it til October.
    BTW, The 3 Evils of Gossip and Ethical Blogging are a sticky now. You all run over and reread it.

    Of course, y’all can rage and roar at each other. Thats why it’s the Bitchfest. But then we can all tell you to shut the eff up too 😀

  192. Holler! said

    I gotta agree with PC here Duh. Your page isn’t the same.

  193. BTW, what is with the PUR screen name? Personal Use Recruiter??? What the hell is that all about. I assume being a PTer, she would NEVER recruit.

  194. Kit-n-Kaboodle said

    On the gossip thread, one of the posters, who’s evidently Islamic, said they have three different words to represent gossip in Islam, etc. etc. — and I guess since PUR is so dead-set against gossip, the poster asked her if she’s of the Islamic faith. (Oops, not quite).

  195. La La La La Lo-La said

    Yeah, Bologna. A 70’s song. It’s way different from my PT name. I haven’t posted B4 b/c I am afraid TC can somehow track me. There’s some nice ladies on PT and I fly under the radar so I can keep talking to them. I don’t bash anyone, so can I play here?

  196. Duh said

    Yeah, I’m kind of over My Space. My friends are all wondering where the hell I am, and I’m too embarrassed to tell them I’m over here. LOL

    OK, go check out the new page.

  197. FreeFromPT said

    Hi La La La it’s “formerly sickie”. Do I know you?

  198. PC said

    yeah sad when you’re embarrassed about the bunch of idiots you blog with, eh?

  199. La La La La Lo-La said

    Yup, Sickie, you do….

  200. La La La La Lo-La said

    Yup, Sickie, you do…..

  201. La La La La Lo-La said

    Damn…didn’t meant to post twice. It’s like I stuttered…

  202. I just got back from a several week vacation and all I can say is DAYUM.

    Oh, and Avada Kedavra.

    But seriously, don’t discount what the Dark Lord has to say today. First of all, just because Sickie aka Happy aka whatever is over here doesn’t mean anyone can trust her. Seeing the light doesn’t make you a good person. Just had to put that **disclaimer** out there. But, she has a right to be here as much as almost all of us, after all, she too drank the PT kool-aid. Well -I- never drank the PT kool-aid, but I did kiss a little ass when ‘the queen’ was over at PLH. Took some damn expensive plastic surgery to get even that small amount of shit out of my pores.

    Duh – Brilliant job with the war with PTLies. Keep it up. Oh, and if you need someone to ‘IN’ that can be me, since my name is a beautiful irony. I don’t care who knows who I am, and neither should you. It’s the internet, folks! If dumbasses like TC can find out your SS #, rest assured that anyone else could hack their way into your life, and hiding behind a screenname doesn’t protect you. Sorta like how your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device if your airplane goes hurtling into the ocean at terminal velocity.

    But I digress…

    For the newbies, y’all don’t know me, yet. Enemies of the heir, beware!

    PC – If I have to give birth in my car, you’re the bitch I want with me.

    Someone made a comment about stuff that happened over six months ago with Sickie, but the point, I think, is that IT HAS BEEN HAPPENING -SINCE- over six months ago. It’s not like it happened then, and then she’s been an angel, and then suddenly people are jumping all over her for ancient history.

    I agree that Sickie is too attached to the internet, and that she needs to downgrade to dial up or go to a meeting or something. Hell, most of us will probably need a 12 step program after this blog. But, like I said, I think she has a right to be here and I am sure Duh agrees.

    To the Vestal Virgin, can we sacrifice you now? I need the blood of an enemy. No, but seriously, don’t bitch about us bitching, that’s why Duh created this blog. Without bitching all you’d hear over here is a bunch of damn crickets twerping over and over… OBVIOUSLY some people feel the need to bitch a little louder, a little more frequently, a little more intensely, and with some passive/aggressive undertones. So what if they want to dig up the bones of the past blogs? THEY obviously aren’t over it… and the rest of us will enjoy the carnage with a little bit of popcorn to pass around. And Margaritas.

    Evil is delicious.

  203. Duped said

    Wow – I play with my baby for the afternoon and I missed yet another fucking cat fight! God damnit – I used to love soap operas! All I watch now is the fucking Backyardigans and Rollie Pollie Olie. And here you babes are slinging shit at each other’s fans faster than I can fucking read. *sigh*

    Glad to see the sandbox at Duh’s has returned to normal and all the kiddies are sharing toys again. Playing nice is so much more fun! Until someone pee’s in the corner and rubs a toy in it…Dizzy… 😛

  204. It’s Dora over here right now, Duped…

  205. Oh, and one more thing… I believe that Ginger is a smart and rational person. Now that she’s a Maven, I predict she’ll wise up to the antics of TC pretty soon.

    Please, don’t hold the fact that she’s a maven now against her, sheesh, how many former ‘mavens’ and the like are there now anyways?

  206. Duped said

    Don’t even get me started on Dora. Watching that show actually makes me want to hurl. I like that word. Hurl.

    Diego is a bit better, but Dora is so over played. Ugh. Thankfully, my daughter thinks she sucks major ass, so I am saved. For now…

    I feel your pain though. 😛

  207. Duh said

    Oh no ladies. Hannah Montana is the bestest thing since sliced bread at my house.

    “It’s the beee-eeeest of both worlds.
    At home taking it slow, and then you rock out the show.
    It’s the beeeee-eeeest of both worlds.
    Put them both together
    And you’ll have the best of both worlds.”

  208. We just have a Dora DVD because we refuse to shell out $50 or more a month for Cable or Satellite TV service to then have to watch hours and hours of commercials enticing us to spend even MORE money.

    Believe it or not, most cable companies will give you basic basic service for about $10 a month, but you have to know to ask for it. It’s sometimes called ‘antenna’ service…

    That doesn’t include the weather channel, nickelodeon, MTV, etc… but you can find it all online if you want it badly enough. AND you get a pop-up blocker!

  209. She's a MANIAC! said

    Oooh, Hannah Montana. That’s what plays at our house, too, until tomorrow. Then it will be High School Musical 2. I don’t know which one is worse.

  210. Duh do you realize that Hannah Montana’s dad is Billy Ray Cyrus … as in ‘Don’t break my heart, my achy breaky heart…”

    That would make a fun blog post – that video, wink wink nudge nudge…

  211. SWMNBN…you haven’t a leg to stand on…I READ the seventh book….I know where ALL your horcruxes are hidden. You will lose everything…

  212. She's a MANIAC! said

    Yes, and my kids didn’t get why I burst out laughing when I heard him sing “I want my mullet back!”

    I googled some old pictures of him to show them. They were not impressed.

  213. Duh said

    YES! He’s her dad on the show too. I’m not sure how I feel about ole Hannah. She does sort of have a country twang, and I feel it’s my responsibility to steer my children away from country music.

  214. I know what went down in the seventh book, read it twice, thank you very much. OF course I read it, it’s all about ME.

    I’m still here, biotch. It’ll get explained in the encyclopedia… he he he.

    I don’t generally like country, but that song, “Check you for ticks” cracks me up!

  215. Stand by yer man….

  216. Hey, and don’t take MY words and throw them back in my face! Don’t make me bust out someone else’s wand on your ass, biotch!

  217. My DD is hoping and actually literally praying that Jo will write another HP book…it was bittersweet to read it knowing it was the last though…like the last episode of MASH. I cried.

  218. Gotta apparate…

  219. Not afaid of you Voldy.

  220. Willie Lump Lump said

    Have mercyyy..onn mee
    ya treat me so bayad i’m in..miseryyy
    ya breakin’ ma hart baby cain’t cha see
    baby babyyy have mercy on me.

    Oh sorry Judd fan over here…

    …but i don’ like country music neither. barf! 😛

  221. Willie Lump Lump said

    …as in The Judds… not that dude. LOL

  222. Hey…I ran into Ashley Judd coming out of the ladies room at church one time down here…it’s like we’re bathroom buddies now. Lemme know if you ever want an intro.

  223. FollowOurFlip said

    Hello all, you are fucking weird. But I love you *hug* (gag). See you tomorrow night….

  224. Tink said

    Ok , you are all nothing unless you have lived thru the Barney era.

  225. La La La La Lo-La said

    Barney and Blues Clues….yup…..

  226. MK4ME said

    Ages ago my daughter LOVED Barney, we took a road trip (8 Hours each way) the only thing that kept her amused in the car was her Barney cassette tape, for weeks, all I heard in my mind was the tape, ug.. then when we got the purple suits this year and I have put on some weight, well it brought bad memories just right back in my head, uggggg… 🙂

  227. Barney was a staple for my oldest daughter! Blues Clues too, but more so for my son. My “beans” (baby girl) was never into any one thing, just a fan of sleeping in and morning coffee!!! Coffee was one of her first words and she use to wake up asking for: “cofee baba, mama.” A little splash of decaf in her milk and she was thrilled!

    MK4ME ~ I am sure you do NOT look like Barney!! But if you did, change your target market to mother’s with younger children, LOL. The kids will love you! 😉

  228. PrincessSnore said

    Word on the street is that another member of PT was banned.

  229. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    You bitches really suck. The one night I am not on this mutha and you start talking HP. I HATE YOU!

    “Are you MENTAL?”


  230. I have managed to do the nearly impossible….Barney has never taken up residence in THIS household. I absolutely forbid it. It’s about the only I have managed to follow through on but I DID it and I’m proud…

    Now then…my kids decided they needed to name our dog, Barney Fife….because they love watching Andy Griffith Show…so now people THINK he’s named after the purple dino…damn.

  231. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Go ahead and sacrifice me now. I won’t wince.

  232. justagirl said

    i swear google is my friend. i must live in a bubble because i had no idea something like this was going on. this site is a real eye opener. as for the maven group, some that are there don’t know why or even what they are supposed to do. how can one bow out gracefully?

  233. throwinguppink said

    Don’t post. She will eventually drop you.

    And welcome, I lurves me some Google!

  234. Kit said

    JAG, You mean, if you are a Maven?

  235. FreeFromPT said

    No such word as graceful with Tracy. Just send an e-mail and walk away.

  236. PC said

    justagirl: if you’re a Maven and you didn’t even know about this site (or PTLies.com!) then why don’t you enlighten the rest of the Mavens. Do them all a favor.

    I’m sooooo eeeeevil…….

  237. justagirl said

    Yes to all of the above questions directed to me. If you all know any of these new replacements personally, you should send them an email/PM on another board, etc and enlighten them. I wish someone had told me before it was too late…..

  238. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Just close your account, or “try” to and you will be banned. Or better yet, for even more entertainment, put up a discussion that simply says “Tracy is Bitch” and then go…. LOL

  239. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Raisinberry and Appleberry will be next, me thinks. They both seem a little disgusted over on the boards.

  240. Duh said

    Or put up a post that says,”Anybody ever go to somecallmeduh.wordpress.com? It’s hilarious!” and then wait for her to delete it. If you aren’t banned just for saying that, do it over and over until you are.

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