Wanna Trade?


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

I was watching some Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight show the other night and they had a story on about a cat and a dog that each live in different nursing homes.  They both have a strange ability to predict the deaths of the patients that live there.  And by predicting the death, it gives the staff time to contact the family so they can say their goodbyes.  

I also know that they use dogs for adults and kids that have severe seizures.  The dog somehow can sense that a seizure is going to take place and can warn the person.  This is amazing to me.  Not to mention the abilities of animals to predict bad storms and such. 

Just how do they do it?  What is it in animals that makes them more in tune or more aware of things unknown?  Is there a smell or a feeling?

I started thinking really hard about this and just haven’t been able to stop.  And I think that I have finally figured out the key factor.  The opposable thumb!  Think about it… this is what seperates us from animals so much.  Our ability to write and do all kinds of other things because we have an opposable thumb.  I think that when God was making all the critters and people, he had to choose.  He only had so much room in each package and we got the thumbs, they got the 6th sense.  So which would you rather have?  Would you want to trade?  You could predict stuff but couldn’t drive?  Unless you were Toonces of course…


  1. Duh said

    Toonces the driving cat,
    the cat who could drive a car.
    He drives around
    all over the town,
    Toonces the driving cat.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  3. What What said

    I’ll keep my thumbs, thank you very much! I don’t want to know when I’m going to die or if some natural disaster is going to hit…it takes all the surprise out of it. But if I see the rats running, you know I’m running too!

  4. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    What is it in animals that makes them more in tune or more aware of things unknown? Is there a smell or a feeling?

    I dunno. I just wonder to this day why my gerbils ate each other. They each chewed off enough of each other so that I couln’t have told who started it if I’d wanted to. Was it Larry Moe or Curly, I’ll never know! There was a smell, though, and the feeling of outright nausea when i saw nothing but a tail attached to a skeleton stickint out when i went to feed them. Hell, they’d already eaten for the night! But, anyway, thanks for changing the subject.

  5. Duh said

    Cannabalistic gerbils? That’s awesome. Did you give them a proper burial? My mom put our dead pets in the garbage disposal. She said it’s better than flushing them.

  6. La La La La Lo-La said

    I did miss something. Damn it, I am so confused!

  7. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    We were a weak family. We flushed what we could and scraped the rest into the garbage / no fanfare / just a lot of gagging. Confused the hell out of the cat cuz he thought they shoulda been his and here they did themselves in. RIP little bastards.

  8. Holler! said

    Holy cow Sixteen! I’d expect that behavior from hamsters and I’ve unfortunately seen it in rats but I’m really surprised about gerbils doing it.

    I don’t know if God made us choose between thumbs or senses but I wonder if it’s because we are so complex that we’ve had to do away with some of the “not necessary to get by” features.

    My mother’s dogs went absolutely ape the night a tornado decided to landscape around her house. It’s all very interesting.

  9. I'll have a Cosmo said

    I’ll keep the thumbs. I think I would go crazy if I could “sense” too much. I’d feel compelled to don a cape and tights and try to fly.

  10. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I think I just might like to trade mine in. It would be neat to predict things. And you would get to sleep all day and chase squirrels. That might be the best thing yet

  11. Ha ha! I’ve never had cannibal gerbils. But once, when I worked in a science museum, our big mouth bass, swallowed a gigantic bull frog. It took all day for the fish to completely swallow the frog. Every now and then his legs would kick (Froggy went head first). Completely gross, but the kids on field trips LOVED IT!

  12. My gerbils just reproduced, and the cat was an unfortunate means of population control one day.

    I think it’s fascinating when we find these special animals that are so helpful to those with chronic illnesses. I know I have heard of dogs that can sense low blood sugar, heart attacks, etc.

    I think it’s somewhat ironic that we are so eager to accept animals with the ability to predict the future, but psychics are deemed frauds and/or psychic abilities are labeled as from the devil…?

    Perhaps they are the same set of abilities?

    I should know about this sort of thing, being the most powerful wizard EV-A and all…

  13. FollowOurFlip said

    I am reading the book “The Elegant Universe” and I am at the part where they are talking about waves and how all matter moves in waves, no matter how solid it seams. All things move. I wonder if animals can tell a change in the waves. That or they are just fucking aliens, dropped off here a million years ago.

  14. La La La La Lo-La said

    Therapist….I lurvvves your blog.

  15. Duh said

    Congratulations! You are know officially a Scientologist. E-mail me to receive your diploma.

  16. PC said

    oh goody therapist! people are discovering the world of Mary ! hee hee thanks Duh 😛

    what is this Elegant Universe stuff? Is that like the “secret” – remmeber that from Oprah?? About how we can make the unvierse respnd to our thoughts because they are elctromagnetic waves or something?

    Yeah. I vote for scientologist. heee

  17. Thanks La la la la lo la (love your handle) and Hi! PC!

  18. PS – Duh Posted a comment on BUM, and I came over here. This is GREAT! I have so much reading and catching up to do!

  19. FollowOurFlip said

    FOF- I will hang it on the wall and be proud. Just someone else to put on my resume 🙂
    PC- No, it is about string theory and quantum physics. It is really neat info. Makes me feel smart.

  20. FollowOurFlip said

    Shit, I AM FOF. I am so fucking tired. I am at a conference all this weekend, and I am running late today, so not many posts. But I WAS talking to DUH….

  21. The Elegant Universe is AN AWESOME book…it’s mind blowing. Not new age-y at alll…there was a PBS series by the same scientist/author with the same name. It’s really fascinating and while a lot of the time I had to go back and re read, it’s understandable without being dumbed down.

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