Dizzy’s Story

I started MK in January 2006 (and sent my shit back a year later).  I saw some bullshit that was going down that I thought was a little off.  I googled “Mary Kay” and found several sites, including MKV and PT.  I was scared of PT at first because there was some crazy shit going on.  So I found that MKV was a good place to be.  I met some great peeps there and we hung out on a regular.

I then decided to create my own blog because I wasn’t anti MK yet, and I wasn’t PRO MK either.  And “Thinking outside the MK Box” aka Neverpantyhose was born.  As time went on, I became more and more anti MK and even MORE anti ME and Rebecca.  See at the time, I believed Tracy’s lies.  She had me.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit it.  I then made it my goal to make fun of everything ME and Rebecca said because I was going to defend Tracy till the end!Well….then along comes our blessed friend DUH.  Duh totally gave a cliff note version of what happened.  Let me fill in some blanks for you.  

Duh came on the scene out of NOWHERE, making random off the wall comments and we were like WTF?  Who IS this bitch?  I think what made everyone go off on her was that she mentioned something about handicapped peeps.  We totally tried to rip her a new asshole but she kept coming back.  Then she kept asking about myspace, and why won’t I be her friend?  She kept saying she had like 200 friends and I was like WTF????Well, after a while we figured out that she was just fucking with us.  I don’t remember if we talked via email or myspace or IM first, but I realized after talking with her that she was a cool chick. 

That is what started the drama between myself and Tracy Coenen, FRAUD (bullshit) INVESTIGATOR.  Somehow Tracy had found out two things:

  1. I was posting on the NoTrolls site
  2. I was talking to DUH, and by this time she had created her blog

Tracy accused me of posting on a site that was out to ruin her professional reputation.  I wrote a piece on this on DUHS blog, you can read it here:


 Anyway, long story short, I had it out with Tracy and told the bitch exactly how I felt.  I knew I would be banned, so I let all my “friends” know I was leaving PT because I wanted to go out on MY terms, not Tracy’s.  A few days later I was officially banned, and now here I am.

**** Update****  A shout out to my former PT chatroom buddies.  No, I was not crazy.  YOU were the crazy ones if you took anything that anyone did or said in those chats serious.  Also, if you had an issue with topics that were discussed in there, why didn’t you grow some balls and say something?  Wouldn’t that have been MUCH more productive than talking about it AFTER the fact?  Tards.  But I think it’s hella funny that you thought that.  Don’t you know by now that it’s entertaining to be called crazy?  I’ll take that as a compliment you boring hussies!

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!



  1. Duh was making fun of people with mental handicaps when she joined your blog, ‘member? I was not amused. Of course NOW we all know that it’s cool because she IS mentally handicapped. bahahahahaha.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL yes, we were pissed off at her. She was a stranger infiltrating our little happy place. What a skank.


  3. ScrewU said

    You speak for yourself and the other 1700 people that hated Duh when she made that comment. I remember when I read that the first time on your blog, I laughed so hard. It was refreshing and unashamed. I immediately knew that this was my other half…. wit & sarcasm. I’m afraid for me, it was love at first site. Not in that lame ass, chick way… in a you just blew my mind kind of way.

    So glad you were banned Dizzy. What would the Bitchfest be without the biggest bitch I know?

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    *shedding a tear*

    That was so heartfelt. Feeling the lurve right now.

    It took me a minute to figure DUH out, but it didn’t take long for me to get to the place that you were so quickly to be at. What a skank.

    Anyway, the rest is history. Here were are at the bestest bitchfest ever. Even if I hate all them hussies.


  5. Just got back from vacation and have been catching up on the blogs. So glad to see “new” people posting! Welcome, from P-dam. (thanks Dizzy!)

    Sickie/Happy/Free – glad to see you!! 😉

  6. PC said

    WHO THE HELL IS SCREWU??? It’s driving me crazy cuz I keep thinking it must be someone I know…and yet…she’s being all Tracy-like, all secretive and “don’t tell anyone who I am” yadda yadda

    AARGH 😉

  7. FreeFromPT said

    That’s what I was thinking PC. WTH are ScrewU and Bologna??? If they are banned from PT chances are we know them.

    Hey Princess P. 🙂

  8. tracysucks said

    Ahhhh, I just love these “I got banned” stories. Warm and fuzzy.

    And welcome to Sickie — now that Willie got everything straight, glad you made it out. FINALLY.

  9. FreeFromPT said

    FINALLY is an understatement!!!

  10. FreeFromPT said

    I forgot my manners. Thanks for the welcome.

  11. ScrewU said

    Alright P-dam! Once again, you have thanked the WRONG person. Seriously, am I invisible? Do you see my words when I type? I and not Dizzy was the one that dubbed you P-dam. THEN Dizzy said she liked it and started calling you that. And yes, I do have proof. Damn

    Why do you bitches want to know who I am so bad? You want to make out with me or something? Especially you PC. You’ve had a hard on for me for a long time. And no… I’m not being Tracy like. I’m just a private ass bitch!

    I’ll tell you who I am…

    Nona Yureffin Bidnes

    Feel better? I know I do

  12. Shit, ScrewU, I just got back from vacation, cut me some slack! A beautiful week in the sun, sand and surf at the Hotel Del Coronado, and I come back to this? I don’t need your proof. I trust your sorry cyber-ass. Shit. Thank God I don’t care who you “Really” are. I can’timagine the ration of shit I’d get for that. Oh wait, yes I can.

    I need to remember. Anytime I see something worth commenting on, you probably wrote it.

  13. ScrewU said

    I suddenly like you so much more 😉

    Shake off that sand sista. You’re not on the beach, you’re back at the Bitchfest. And we are soooo glad to have you back

  14. Kit-n-Kaboodle said

    Dizzy, let me say, I gave you props then, and I still do, for standing up to Tracy. And for making it known you were not going to be associated with PT any more before it hit the fan (the shunning — I mean, banning).

    Sorry, was that too warm and fuzzy?

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Thanks KnK, ‘preciate that. Glad SOME bitch around here appreciates my telling Tracy to go to hell. $100 virtual dollars to my new BFF.


  16. colleen said

    Dizzy is alright in my book. She is Comfortably Numb!!!

  17. Kit said

    Comfortably Numb — I like that. I’m shortening my name to Kit, if that’s OK.

  18. Thanks, ScrewU, it’s good to be back. I was disappointed to find out upon arrival that they had free hi-speed internet. Would have brought the laptop and kept in touch during the kid’s naptime…

  19. Kit said

    Free high-speed ‘net ROCKS!!

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    This post is all about me you bitches. Why are you talkin about free internet? Back on topic bitches!

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