Big Surprise, Tracy LIED

Here’s Mrs Metaphors profile.

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An an expansive beach, a slighty odd piece of sandglass…

Last log in?  12:46 PM.  Her farewell post was at around 2.  Anybody down at PT care to ask Tracy for the screen shot of Mrs. Metaphors activity since then?  She’s definitely not logging in and out!


  1. Oh, I got 2 karmas since last time I logged in tho…wonder who those are from? Thanks, whoever you are…that was nice.

    Look, I have logged in since then…I posted this on the other thread. I had intended to not look back but I really wanted to see if I’d been banned yet. Now I will turn into a pillar of salt and go to bed.

  2. Duh said

    Now, Mrs. Stop making good points. We don’t need any of that here.

  3. lol….that pic of brittany has got to go

  4. PC said

    I wonder if tracy caught the new post at PTlies yet. LOL seems like Duh is winning this war….

    i’m sorry for the jerks on PT Mrs. thanks for not being mean to me back when I was first banned. it’ll be alright

  5. snapya-fingers said

    MrsM-supporting you all the way-even helped to get your thread closed-oops.

  6. Duh said

    Don’t give the end away, Snap. I’m posting it tomorrow. LOL

  7. PC said

    oh man I’m gonna be loggin in as soon as i wake up.

    how pathetic is that?

  8. snapya-fingers said

    Sorry Duh-I just found that out-but I will be at work-darnit!

  9. FollowOurFlip said

    I will accept my “thank you” any time now (for suggesting you get a time-stamp last log-in image). I am amazing. I know it. 🙂

  10. What’s really funny about this is what a hypocrite TRACY is. In between when she got kicked out of the group at PLH and when she got banned from PLH she didn’t log in because she was trying to ‘make a statement’ or whatever.

    Instead, she hacked into someone’s account and did her snooping under the radar…

  11. ex-PTer said

    the old PTers are getting worried, at least i think so.

    PL seems to be unhappy and wondering what’s going on with all the elder members dropping like flies.

    Wonder how many more will drop.

  12. Licious said

    All of them. PT will crumble like the MK corporate towers in her fantasy.

  13. I don’t think so Licious. For now, I think that, like MK, there are enough new people coming in who are content with the leadership that it will continue to some extent. I know, that for me, when “oldtimers” left and I had no idea of what happened it kind of just slipped by me at first. Of course, there was no “Duh” at that point. If the leadership of PT changes and adapts, starts making honorable choices and the banning ceases then perhaps all of this will be a moot point. In my mind it makes it all worthwhile.

    What makes me scratch my head though is how it went from the last post I saw on PT on my thread which was I think from Tracy…”Good luck” or whatever it was….to the crazy nut farm it became later. I mean, I could have gone back when I started hearing about the posts and defended my stance but I DID NOT. I CHOSE not to engage those people those feathers were ruffled by my “flounce” on PT.

    I am still willing to engage PTers about this though…just not ON PT. Contact me personally…at this point I’ve made myself very clear I think. My email is all over the place. I’m easy to find. Just ask, babe….I’ll answer. I’ve nothing to hide.

  14. PC said

    i agree – as long as there are newbies who haven’t got a clue, then this will continue. It *is* like MK LOL

    of course, who knows how much of an impact Duh and PTlies (and ME of course! ha ha) will have in the future.

  15. Licious said

    *hangs head* A girl can dream can’t she?

  16. PC said

    OH! and i have to point this out.

    We’ve talked about how Tracy is a bully, but some of y’all have said you don’t think Tracy is brave enough to blast someone, if she doesn’t have a “crew” around her doing the same thing. Basically she’s got no real spine, she can only make fun of Mrs Metaphor as long as there are others willing to do it too.

    So notice that after feeling out the waters, posting about “goodbye cruel world” and “flounces”, when it seemed like the nasty PTers were receptive to bashing MRs Metaphor, THEN Tracy lets loose with all the “she keeps logging in to check the thread hahahahahaha”

    she truly is a chicken and a loser. I don’t know if it’s possible to like someone any LESS than I do Tracy at this point. I’ve never met anyone so selfish and nasty that was OVER THE AGE OF 10. GAH.

  17. Here is what it would look like to model HUMILITY as a the administrator of PinkTruth. Take notes, please, Tracy…

    After someone bashes a member or a kaybot or WHATEVER…rather than reducing your dignity to zero by jumping in you say something along these lines:

    “Mrs Metaphor has expressed her concerns and made her decision to leave. Let’s just honor that and be as respectful in our disagreement as she was in her post. There is no reason to namecall here. We have no reason to be defensive. Lowering ourselves to making fun of a member only serves to make us look as though we have something to hide.”

    Sadly, she cannot say most of that because she does not understand what it looks like to lead effectively and also because she does need to hide that. She becomes defensive and petty to hide this major shortcoming. I’m sorry Tracy…I did not intend to come over her and start bashing you…I still do not think I AM bashing you. One day I hope that you will mature into the person you were made to be.

  18. La la la la Lo-la said

    Yeah, I noticed that, too. I love the way TC gets on the bash Mrs. bandwagon. What a bunch of shit. I am going to check and see if I have been banned yet.

  19. I want to be really clear about this all those who are still PTers. Sometimes change needs to happen from the inside out. If you feel led to stay then you stay, there is no condemnation for that on my part. Please, please please do speak your mind, however. Please do that. Please disagree if you see injustice. THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a member of any community, online or offline.

    I’m not staging a coup, I’m really not. I”m not out to destroy Tracy or PT….I think Tracy will destroy herself if she does not figure out how to be a person of strong moral character, I know that she can figure that out if she chooses the role of servant. She must begin to find humility for herself or she will, in the end, become humiliated.

  20. Oh-My! said

    As I’ve stated in my repsonse to you Mrs… We (PT’ers) need to respect everyone’s decision, whether we stay or leave. It was a personal, “Business” decision on your part. You (Plz and any others) had to make a decision that was best for you as the individual. You tried to not let your emotions get in the way. For that I deeply respect you!

    I am sad to see you go my emotions, but I totally respect your decision.

  21. do I stay or do I go said

    Mrs, I’m about 2 steps from leaving PT. I’m tired of the high school (or is it middle school) feeling over there. Everyone is adults and should act like it. I applaud you for speaking your mind over there. I’ve tried a few times but guess what, my posts strangely get edited. Hummm. I should have gone with my gut a few weeks ago when I noticed a bunch of PM’s from 1 person gone out of my box. But I thought I must have deleted them when I cleaned up my box. I now think that when a member is banned and her posts are deleted that also included PM’s from her.

  22. PC said

    wow. She is a monster. Deleting PMs from people she bans? LOL

    I really think that if she’d just stuck with blogging, instead of doing the forum, she would have been “successful”. But because she had to get everyone onto a forum where she could CONTROL THEM, she shot herself in the foot.

  23. FreeFromPT said

    Do I stay or do I go – you tried to speak your mind and your posts were deleted? What two more steps need to happen for you to leave?

  24. ex-PTer said

    bah, talk about strangeness indeed. disodig – i think that is completely your decision, i’m not going to force you to decide which one but i think that’s awful that she edited your posts without your permission.

  25. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    All I can say is if this isn’t proof enough for some PTers, then I don’t think there is any hope. Tracy has shown her true colors toward Mrs. When she didn’t need Mrs anymore, she threw her under the bus.

    Typical Tracy, but so sad for those who think she is this wonderful person providing a wonderful place to be. So sad.

  26. PC said

    oh, now, Tracy still needed MM. Big Time. The problem is that MM wasn’t willing to be used again….?
    So once Tracy realized that MM was no longer available for her usage, THEN she threw her under the bus. LOL

  27. FreeFromPT said

    I agree with you Ex-PTer. People need to decide for themselves when it’s time to leave. My point was this: If someone speaks their mind and really believes in what they said on an issue (not that MK’s biz plan is fab, not trying to sell another MLM, etc.) and then it just gets deleted – BOOM. Doesn’t that make people feel invalidated (is that a word?). ???

    That was the point I was trying to make. Not as to whether or not someone should or shouldn’t leave. I don’t hate PTers. Infact like LIKE most of them.

    At what point does someone say, look, obviously I am not allowed to have an individual thought here, it’s time to move on? That’s not for me to answer. It’s just a thought to think about.

    HOW is PT different than MK? The shunning that goes on when someone leaves. The brushing them off as if they never existed. Isn’t that what MK did to us? So, HOW is PT different than MK? (no need to answer – that was more of a statement than a question).

  28. Mrs. – I’m glad you’re here. I always enjoyed your writing, whether or not I agreed with your sentiment, and even whether or not I was interested in the topic at hand.

  29. FreeFromPT said

    Sorry, I was slow on hitting the submit. PC, isn’t that what happened to all of us? When Tracy realized we were no longer available to use then she got rid of us.

  30. Take a guess... said

    “What’s really funny about this is what a hypocrite TRACY is. In between when she got kicked out of the group at PLH and when she got banned from PLH she didn’t log in because she was trying to ‘make a statement’ or whatever.”

    She DID log in everyday to see if she was allowed back into the brainstormers, but she SAID she wasn’t. Saw it with my own eyes.


  31. Take a guess... said

    Good thing I saved all of my PMs….. ya know… case words get edited, added or the whole damn thing just miraculously disappears. LOLLLLL

  32. La la la la Lo-la said

    Good point, FFPT..

  33. flycat said

    Did I seriously just read that when a person is banned, their PMs mysteriously disappear from people’s inboxes? wtf? That sounds like something Stalin would have done if he had had the internet. Fascism sucks.


  34. La la la la Lo-la said

    I haven’t had that happen in the past, but maybe it’s a new, extra added bonus. =) Schpooky!

  35. She's a MANIAC! said

    FFPT sent me a PM months ago and it’s still in my inbox.
    Maybe Tracy doesn’t realize it’s there. Sssh, no one tell her, ‘kay?

  36. “HOW is PT different than MK? The shunning that goes on when someone leaves. The brushing them off as if they never existed. Isn’t that what MK did to us? So, HOW is PT different than MK? (no need to answer – that was more of a statement than a question).”

    Exactly – it’s not any different. PT is just another scam/cult.

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