Mrs. Metaphor has left the building…AGAIN




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Why I must go.

« on: Today at 12:14 PM »

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Dear Tracy
I’m posting this here because while I always encourage people to come directly to other people sometimes too, a public witness is required and I believe this to be the case.  First of all, I told you last week privately that I was not angry with you and even today I am not angry with you.  I also will say that I do not rescind the encouragement I gave to you in the last year.  I still do believe that your gifting is one of Justice.  The difficulty as I see it, however, is that spiritual gifts are only effective and complete to those who see them as a way to serve rather than rule.  For as long as you see yourself as Queen rather than Servant you will continue to have these struggles.  It is when our own agendas begin to influence our actions that we get into trouble.  I know this is true in some decisions I have made this past year in relation to PT and I regret that immensely.  I regret it and I fully admit that the things I have done which moved against my own convictions were in fact, MY idea and MY responsibility.  I have made peace with those whom I have injured by these actions and have done repentance, a turning away, from these things as much as I have been able.

I do believe that now you are beginning to understand this truth about your gift.  Unfortunately, because you chose fear and doubt rather than humility and servant-hood  as you began it, I am not sure that Pinktruth will ever become what it could have been.  I still hold out hope that the mission will continue in the way it could but I do not know.  If you are not held to accountability, however by those who surround you I am not sure how that will happen.

This entire situation may yet resolve itself, I hope that it does.  I just do not know that I will be a part of that resolution, at least from the “inside.”  For that reason I choose to not engage on PT any longer.  My intention is not to splinter or be divisive. My call to current PTers, especially those in leadership is to cling to your convictions, question authority where you are able and never cop to the party line.  That twinge you may feel inside of you as you read or post is important.  Pay attention to it. I cannot make choices for you or offer advice on what or who to follow…this is your own work, so embrace it fully.

most sincerely
Mrs Metaphor



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An an expansive beach, a slighty odd piece of sandglass…

painting pink pjs

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Re: Why I must go.

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Mrs. Metaphor,

Thank you for writing, and I bid you a fond farewell.

Take care,



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Overcome your objections I must


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Re: Why I must go.

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Mrs Metaphor,

I am sad to see you go.  This weekend has been a wild ride.  As I am new here, and do not know all of the inner workings of interpersonal relationships, I can only comment on what I fear.  I would hate to see a mass exodus of the great women who combine together to make this site all that it is.  It will, sadly, diminish the power and legitimacy this site has offered to many women, including me.  Cry

I respect your need to take a stand and follow your convictions.  All of us here have had to do that when we left MK.  I will miss you and your great posts!




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Re: Why I must go.

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Best of luck to you, Mrs.


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Go Mrs go mrs go mrs

    That is all


  2. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    love PPPJ – “later bitch!”

    So how ling did that stay up? 60 seconds?

  3. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    that should be “long”

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I heard it’s still up…

  5. Duh said

    Oh, she won’t take this one down. She may close the comments if it gets too heated at any point, but I think she’ll leave this one up.

  6. PC said

    I’ll be ashamed FOR any of those women if they jump in there with “Tracy’s doing a hard job, we support her, she’s got to do what she feels is right”

    but you know it’s coming…

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    oh yeah it’s definitely coming

  8. Dang…where did you get that pic of me, Duh? Well, it’s better than the nun’s habit I guess…

  9. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? I come home from 2 weeks at the beach and I see all this “stuff” going on over at PT. Questions…….. Has Sickie been banned from there? If so, Why?…….PUR actually apologized to someone? Glory be………..MrsMetaphor is kaput???? Can someone enlighten me please? Thanks.

  10. snapya-fingers said

    Yeah mrs! I won’t be far behind! Soon…

  11. FreeFromPT said

    NCN – hi it’s “sickie”. Yes I’ve been banned.

  12. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Well Sickie I have no idea what transpired. I never saw or had a problem with you over there. Hope you are OK!!!!!

  13. FreeFromPT said

    I’m great! Thanks!!! You know how to reach me right?

  14. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Sickie has mail!

  15. prdiva4 said

    Great post Mrs M!

    Thanks for fixind it DUH!


  16. La la la la Lo-la said

    The plot thickens….

  17. FollowOurFlip said

    Looks like she is cleaning house. I wonder who is coming over for dinner. She seems to be sweeping everything under the rug….. her reply to Mrs was rather passive agressive.

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Passive agressive is her signature. That, and one to two word answers. Stupid bitch.

  19. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Duh…you called this one right.

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    Re: Changes on Pink Truth
    « Reply #123 on: Today at 08:33 PM » Quote

    Everyone – Let’s a take a breath and remember why we are here. I am by no means minimizing the anger and disappointment some may have about the changes. I just want us to treat one another well and get back to doing our work and our play. I would like to leave this thread open for a bit more, as those who don’t check the site over the weekend ought to have a chance to be heard. Once they have their chance, I’m going to close the thread and hope that we can all move forward.


  20. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    Damn Duh, you should hang out a shingle and be a mind-reader. lol

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOLOL WHAT the fuck ever Tracy. Once again, her freakish control issues come out. Notice how sweet and concerned her post sounds? I bet it takes every ounce of self control not to go off on them all for not bending over and taking it like a man!

  22. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    bet she’s got a strap-on for that purpose

  23. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    hehehehe daisy………..hahahahaha

  24. The one liners are classic smoke and mirrors Tracy.

  25. ScrewU said

    Yeah, I love Tracy’s goodbye to Mrs. It might as well have said ‘Don’t let the door hit you in the ass’. We all know that’s what she meant.

    Thanks for taking a stand for what you believe in. All of the women that are here have taken a stand against the evil Queen. So that is why we’re hot and thats why Tracy is not. Suck on that TC!

  26. Dana said

    She probably would have taken it down, but two people, one of whom is a maven, had already commented and she doesn’t want them to realize what she’s really like……

  27. … but in their heads they already know.

  28. Licious said

    So, I was reading the recent comments on the goodbye post and a couple of people were suggesting that Tracy close the thread.

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    debt = time wasted + money lost

    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #17 on: Today at 04:17 PM » Quote

    Alright, I think we all need a little now and then.

    Obviously, a series of events took place that left a bad taste in the mouth of a few PTers. A few or more feathers have been ruffled – but the majority of us need to move on.

    We all have speculations, about what may have gone down, and I even contacted Tracy when I notice there was something going on.

    We are not here to be critical of one another – we are here to support one another and inform those of the PINK TRUTH.

    Imagine what this looks like to those looking at the message board for the first time.

    Can we keep the beefs OFF the message board? This is for the sake of the newbies. We don’t need this to be a hostile environment that scares off the lurkers.

    Does anyone agree???

    PL and Hazed agreed wholeheartedly. Then along came Miss Periwinkle:

    Miss Periwinkle
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    Don’t eat yellow snow!

    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #20 on: Today at 05:31 PM » Quote

    Ok-been busy all weekend. I had a difficult weekend-many happenings, so I am not really in the best of moods. Have been reading and catching up. Whew. I see many people just want to close threads. Why? Is it because you didn’t like what people had to say? I thought we were here to voice our opinions and discuss things. Or is that not allowed anymore-or if you disagree-just delete/remove… Why not just close all the threads and start over? Then all of these problems can ~poof be gone~. Walllaaaaah~problems solved.

  29. Licious said

    What do you think happened next? Anyone……. I’ll give you a hint. PUR.

    Personal Use Recruiter
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    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #22 on: Today at 05:45 PM » Quote

    Well respectfully, Miss Periwinkle, people come and go all the time on Pink Truth. I have been posting for almost a year and I am just amazed at the number of folks who come here, find what they need, and move on. That is great! I have also seen many changes over the past year, many for the better, in this dynamic and ever growing community.

    If everyone who left in a huff posted a “Goodbye Cruel World” message (this is what this type of message is lovingly called on many of the huge blogs and online communities) then it can get kinda old. Stay, leave, come back, whatever. Other blogs have a field day with these kind of posts. We actually took the time to hear what she had to say and then respond for an entire day because we are so awesome like that.

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. I hear ya! {{{{hugs}}}}

    Yeah for us.

  30. Licious said

    Sorry that was so long.

  31. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I like what periwinkle said, makes a good point!

  32. Licious said

    Then you’ll love this Dizzy.

    Miss Periwinkle
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    Don’t eat yellow snow!

    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #24 on: Today at 06:11 PM » Quote

    I’m new to the huge blogs and online communities-I’m on PT and MySpace. It sounds like you said that if pt posted all of these “Goodbye Cruel World” messages, it would get kinda old. Then you said that we actually took the time to hear what “she” had to say. “Goodbye Cruel World” message-to me that means a suicide letter. What about the others that wrote this type of message-why didn’t “we” take the time to hear what they had to say?

  33. PC said

    PUR is a douche. seriously.

    “the huge blogs call this “goodbye cruel world”” LOLLLL they think PT is such a big deal, the can condescend to the plebes who dare to stand up to the Queen?

    douches. all of them. i hope miss periwinkle comes over here. We have wine and HeMan fur panties.

  34. Licious said

    I don’t think it will be long.

  35. Periwinkle… come on down! You’re the next contestant on…

  36. Licious said

    This is Tracy’s response to the last post by Miss Periwinkle.

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    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #26 on: Today at 06:19 PM » Quote

    Quote from: Miss Periwinkle on Today at 06:11 PM
    “Goodbye Cruel World” message-to me that means a suicide letter. What about the others that wrote this type of message-why didn’t “we” take the time to hear what they had to say?

    It doesn’t have anything to do with suicide. It’s just a term used online for a dramatic post preceding an exit, but typically meant for the drama effect more than anything else.

    I’m not sure what you meant about the “others that wrote this type of message”???

  37. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    PUR said: “because we are so awesome like that.” WTH????

  38. Goodbye cruel world…lol…see, PUR does have a sense of humor. I know you guys think I’m nutty but I do like PUR…I always have. Sure she can be abrasive but it just kind of endears her to me.

    Well, anyway…it’s sad that neither she nor Tracy understand why I felt I needed to post there. Would they have prefered that I posted it here instead?

  39. Licious said

    I know they are so awesome for hearing her out for like a whole day. OMG. These are the women little girls everywhere should be looking up to.

  40. PC said

    Mrs Metaphor, i see you are posting your dissent publicly rather than just EMAILING HER PRIVATELY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You learn quickly, oh wise one. Thou shalt always have witnesses when dealing with slanderers

    that should be in a handbook somewhere

  41. PC said

    ok, that above post of mine was funny because back in the day, i posted my dissent to the queen on her forum, and MRs was freaked out that I didn’t just keep it to email….so we’re coming full circle here, get it?


  42. prdiva4 said


  43. Duh said

    That’s how they roll

  44. Licious said

    Gotcha, PC. Can I get you another drink?

  45. Holla CDSS! said

    Since when do we have fur He-man panties?

  46. PC said

    you obviously havent been in the mush pot with my he man youtube videos. c’mon now.

    i’m hitting the chocolate now, which might be worse than the pinot noir

  47. PC:
    Absolutely…YES….that is 100% what I was thinking. I said this in my post there….sometimes it is about bearing witness and that is what this was about. I finally GET why you posted as you did that day. One day, the people who do not understand why I did so today will GET it too. Or maybe things will change completely and it won’t be necessary for them to get it…it could happen, not terribly likely but it could.

  48. Duh said

    Will you guys just stay in the damn Mush Pot!! I can’t keep up.

  49. PC said

    eternal optimism. i like it.

    i feel like yoda

  50. PC said

    OKAY CRIPES! I’m going i’m going

  51. PrincessSnore said

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    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #31 on: Today at 06:49 PM » Quote

    Quote from: ShayinSC on Today at 06:37 PM
    And, in my experience, many times someone who posts a message like that does not leave. They want to see what the post stirs up.

    Does anyone know if there is a term for dramatically saying you “must go” and then logging in repeatedly to see how much you’ve stirred things up??? Surely if there isn’t one, someone could come up with one…

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    The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

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    I am brilliant, talented, beautiful. Modest, too.

    Re: Why I must go.
    « Reply #32 on: Today at 06:50 PM » Quote

    Quote from: TRACY on Today at 06:49 PM
    Quote from: ShayinSC on Today at 06:37 PM
    And, in my experience, many times someone who posts a message like that does not leave. They want to see what the post stirs up.

    Does anyone know if there is a term for dramatically saying you “must go” and then logging in repeatedly to see how much you’ve stirred things up??? Surely if there isn’t one, someone could come up with one…

    Yep. It’s spelled D-R-A-M-A-Q-U-E-E-N

    Report to moderator Logged

    Not in a pink fog….more like a purplish haze….

  52. PC said

    Now Tracy is making Mrs Metaphor look like an overdramatic childish drama queen – which would be the exact opposite of who she is.

    Can u believe this shit? tracy’s basically trashing Mrs right there on her forum, and these stupid PT bitches are just eating it up!!!!

    I know how it feels Mrs. Don’t worry – eventually they are all gonna get tossed out, so don’t worry about your reputation. I know it sucks. I KNOW I KNOW!!

  53. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Those of us that know MRs….it’s what matters. We know the truth and if them bitches over there are turning their backs so quickly, I think she knows their true colors……..


  54. snapya-fingers said

    I’m with Mrs! Go Mrs!

  55. La la la la Lo-la said

    “bet she’s got a strap-on for that purpose”

    LOL! That was awesome….

    Go Mrs….don’t let the skanks get you down. (Obviously, it’s not a problem for you)

    Miss Periwinkle??? Are you here?

  56. “And, in my experience, many times someone who posts a message like that does not leave. They want to see what the post stirs up.”

    Well, apparently Tracy has a great deal of EXPERIENCE with this sort of thing…lol

  57. Oh-My! said

    Post is still up…

  58. MKRealist said


    That was an amazing post. The saddest part is that TC won’t read it and take the wisdom from it.

    I’m actually surprised you lasted as long with her as you did. Sorry if I offend ANYONE with this next observation, but TC doesn’t tend to surround herself with people smarter than she is unless she can use them to her own devices. Many people have opined that one of the reasons I was banned so EARLY in this game was that I was far too smart, eloquent and articulate when it came to discussing rationally and intelligently all sides of the Mary Kay Conundrum. She was not going to permit there to be someone posting who appeared on screen to be smarter than her or more emotionally adjusted or rational when it came to the “MK Issue.”

    Of course, to hear others tell it, I was the “Capo” of the Pink Mafia, with one dastardly plan to out all those OUT of MK to some grand (but ghostly and never-named) Boss in the BlueNotPinkOrIsThatPinkNotBlue Sky. I swear some folks need (to take their) medication.

    You are 100% dead-on with your analysis of her leadership style. She does not know how to be a “servant-leader” and all empirical data on how to get to where she clearly desires to go suggests that a sincere commitment to servant-leadership and knowing how to interact positively with ALL people are the best and most effective ways to get there.

    So to your whole post, as well as the spirit and fortitude it took to put it out there, the highest (slightly adapted) honor from the Black Church, “PREACH WHITE WOMAN!!!” (you are white aren’t you?) 🙂

  59. PC said

    that’s funny MKR. Some of my friends who witnessed my banning said the same thing – that I just wasn’t dumb enough (or enough of a “yes woman”) to stay in TC’s inner circle. I have a mind of my own and I don’t revel in controlling others. This put me at odds with TC on a consistent basis. I’m not conceited and I don’t think I’m necessarily smarter than her, but I think I’m at least EQUALLY as smart as she is.
    TC had an unfortunate method of dealing with her “friends” that involved making them feel stupid. She always had to make herself the Smart One, and was always harping on how clever and intuitive she was….and she wouldn’t recognize intelligence in anyone else. It’s like she competes in all aspects of life, at all times.
    How exhausting!!!

  60. LOL…I am white, yes.

    It seems to have fallen on deaf ears,however…except here…so in effect I’m preachin to the choir, babe.

  61. MKRealist said

    Her ears may be deaf, but her eyes are WIDE OPEN, trust that!

    She is too paranoid to “not look.”

  62. ex-PTer said

    thanks for archiving this, Duh, since the thread has “disappeared”

  63. MKRealist said


    I have watched this whole thing unfold with such utter fascination and amusement.

    For someone who fancies herself such a “warrior” against Big Bad MKC, she sure has some pathetic methods for achieving her goals.

    Early on, I thought she was a formidable strategist, but someone who can’t even keep steady friends or even ACQUAINTANCES/ASSOCIATES around her? That’s a problem. It didn’t take long to figure out where the chinks in her armor were. Her behavior puts them all on display for exploitation by those who would, well, exploit her.

    She trusts no one, and no one conquers the world ALONE and lives to talk about it. Heck, even Jesus ascended to the Right Hand of His Father and left the rest of US talking about it and waiting on His Return! He also had trusted Disciples (some of whom, yes, betrayed Him, but that didn’t knock him off His Mission).

    And the saddest part is, what she is trying to do is NOT HARD! Take a look at Ralph Nader. He will never be President, no matter how often he runs, but he is well-respected and the Go-To-Man when it comes to nearly any and all things consumer-protection-related. He is a man who is about “the people.”

    Respect is not the same as FEAR. It would be SO SIMPLE for her to make this work IF she could take HERSELF out of the equation. But her insecurity and fear that someone/anyone will outshine her makes this impossible, so she will continue to struggle in the mud, employing tactics so low she has to look up to view a snake’s rear-end.

    The bottom line is that TC is simply not smart. Her Emotional IQ is ridiculously low. 3 year olds know the value of playing nicely in the sandbox, even if it’s hard for them to do most of the time. They at least TRY.

  64. Duh said

    I don’t know MK Realist…

    Machiavelli said,”It’s better to be feared than loved if one can not be both.”
    Maybe Tracy knows what she’s doing?

  65. My 3 year old found a black widow in the sandbox about a month ago. ack…life is hard and unpredictable…thankful that I was there to keep his hand from closing about it….

  66. PC said


    “And the saddest part is, what she is trying to do is NOT HARD! Take a look at Ralph Nader. He will never be President, no matter how often he runs, but he is well-respected and the Go-To-Man when it comes to nearly any and all things consumer-protection-related. He is a man who is about “the people.”

    LOL for some reason I doubt Tracy will appreciate that analogy. But it’s true – she wants to be CNN-famous, and she can’t accept that this PT thing was never going to get her there. She just can’t be content to have a forum, and not control others. Everything she does is geared toward making herself more important.
    I wasn’t just blowing smoke when I said I was scared of her going postal. What if she loses her CFE certificate???

  67. MKRealist said

    Machiavellian thought, most notably and familiarly connected with the philosophy that the “ends justifies the means” does not work in an community setting where leadership of people is key to your success.

    While it may serve a more immediate purpose to be feared rather than loved, there is no long term POSITIVE legacy that is left once you leave this mortal plane. Think of Hitler. Certainly feared. Few remember the GOOD things he did for Germany and it’s economy prior to the maniacal decision to eliminate all Jews. You can barely find his TOTAL history in a history book.

    And there is a profound difference in being feared rather than loved (ie: a community doesn’t have to like you, they just have to respect you), or to believe you are are truly loved when in fact, it’s fear MASKED as love. All that does is feed your already deep-rooted insecurity and uber-sensitivity to your own self-imagined and/or real shortcomings.

    If Tracy were a true Machiavellian, this would fit. She is not. She is not anything except a cyber-bully with a fading captive audience.

    Also much of Machiavelli’s “wisdom” was for governments, (groups of) individuals with some legitimate rule/responsibility/authority over others. I do not believe it should be extrapolated to apply to how we should behave as one amongst a community of others, brought together for same/similar cause. TC is self-appointed and only has as much “power” as people GIVE her. Which also feeds her insecurity/paranoia.

    From —>

    “Niccolo Machiavelli wrote that “the ends justify the means”. Typically, this quote is misinterpreted as any action, no matter how unethical or immoral, can be justified for the purpose of any reasonable or needed outcome. However, Machiavelli suggested and supported this pragmatic philosophy only for the purpose of stabilizing and improving governments. Machiavelli specifically stated that this philosophy could not be ethically used by individuals for personal greed, profit, or self improvement. Furthermore, Machiavelli believed that any possibly “cruel actions” by governments should be “swift, effective, and short-lived” to decrease the harmful impact on their citizens and to minimize the probability of rebellion.”

  68. snapya-fingers said

    So is this the big surprise? Or is it somewhere else? Just curious-I’m sneaking on at work-hehe.

  69. Duh said

    Yeah. What she said.

    I loved that part of the Prince. Go in and kill everyone that may be your enemy later. Everybody. Because if you kill them in the beginning, you won’t have to go on and on killing people, and pretty soon, people will forget that you mercilessly attacked your foes.

    I use that bit of advice just about every day…

  70. MKRealist said

    And in my best Dr. Phil voice, “So how’s that werkin’ fer ya Duh?”

  71. I lurve me some dr. phil!

  72. I’ve been following along here, trying to figure this Tracy chick out, since I haven’t really paid all that much attention to her. She wants fame over this PT vs. Mk thing? What for? Who cares? Will it help her career in some way? Or does she just crave attention. Will she get invited to the white house? Stop global warming? Feed the children?

    I think forums like the pink lighthouse are wonderful because they give people who need information and/or warnings a safe place to go chit chat and talk these things over. But that’s a big leap to Supreme Ruler of the Internet, or whatever.

  73. MKRealist said

    Not Supreme Ruler of the Internet.

    NSD of the Anti-MK Movement, with all the praise/recognition and financial security that supposedly comes with it.

  74. PC said

    Therapist – she’s a “certified fraid examiner”. Basically she’s an accountant that looks for discrepencies/fraud, etc.

    She thought that if she became Queen of the “EXPOSING FRAUD IN MARY KAY” parade, she’d get famous, go on CNN, etc.

    That’s what she’s told people, at least. She told me she was motivated by getting famous and helping her career.

  75. Ah ok. fame and fortune and all that. From an anti MK blog. Man, DUH, when you are rich and famous can we party?

  76. Duped said

    Wow – so much reading to do…so little time. Naps only last so long, bitches! 🙂 LOL

    Anyway, I am proud of you Mrs for posting what you did and behaving the way that you did. Very commendable. I am glad you are here and I am hoping that others will follow your lead.

    Alas, I really don’t think a mass exodus spells the end for PT. She will always have newbies coming along and towing her line to replace those that have left. It is quite cyclical it seems for PT and TC.

  77. PrincessSnore said

    mrsmetaphor, your thread on PT was deleted earlier this morning.

  78. throwinguppink said

    Mrs. M, you rock! What an incredible post…

    And PC and MKRealist — yep, some of us were way too smart for her so she had to let us go!

  79. snapya-fingers said

    Darnit-the thread was deleted-and my lovely posts deleted. At least I saved them-hehe. Duh-you should have the whole thread-right?

  80. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I’m surprised Tracy left the thread up as long as she did. But since we had a copy of it posted on this blog, it doesn’t really matter huh?

  81. snapya-fingers said

    Hey dizzy! Where is a copy of the whole thread? I couldn’t find it.

  82. ScrewU said

    Did you get banned yet?

  83. snapya-fingers said

    Not that I know of. Didn’t have time to reply to two posts on this thread-darnit. That might of helped. She is unbelievable deleting the threads-can’t people over there see what is going on?

  84. Love Friends said

    No they have to come to duh’s blog to see what is going on on PT. How ridiculous is that? (no offense duh, but if she would just allow people to see what took place there would be no need to come to here).

  85. Willie Lump Lump said

    What a fucked up idiot that there Tracy is!

  86. snapya-fingers said

    Yeah there would-because we would all see the true colors of the royal witch-which (hehe-no pun intended) alot of us already have seen. That’s why we are here.

  87. Yes….but it seems that people were rather uncomfortable with what went down on that post. They were pretty ready for it to go so I don’t know, maybe the people who feel uncomfortable about the practice of deleting posts such as this should speak up.

  88. snapya-fingers said

    I spoke up. I guess not enough. Delete-delete-delete…

  89. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Snap, you spoke up enough, that’s why she deleted it. Too many people speaking their minds, she couldn’t handle it.

  90. snapya-fingers said

    Poor baby.

  91. thanks for speaking up, Snapya…you may be labeled an undesirable yet…keep working on it.

  92. FreeFromPT said

    mrs that wicked sense of humor is coming out tonight. ROFL

  93. snapya-fingers said

    Thank you-thank you very much. Mrs I just posted on your blog-One single place…

  94. thanks babe! I need to get writing on mrsmetaphor this week. It’ll just never be a interesting as Duh though. wah.

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