The Cruelest of All


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

I was sitting around last night thinking how Tracy has become so predictable.  We all know what she is going to do before she even does it.  Her banishments and snipes at people have become so boring.  So I thought she could add a new twist to her banning.  We know that Tracy has ‘levels’ of banning.  Sometimes, people don’t have karma priveleges, PM priveleges, posting priveleges or reading priveleges.  But what if she banned people from READING her discussion board but not POSTING on it?  Wouldn’t that be fabulous?  I can just see it now…

You post:

Hi everybody!  How are you guys all doing?  MLM sucks and so do those trash blogs.  I hate all those people that come on Pink Truth and try to make us see the truth.  Tracy rules!!!!

 And then nothing…. you have no idea what happened.  So you write this:

Hi all of my very real friends on Pink Truth!  I wish I could see all the emoticons that you all are posting but I can’t see it.  I miss my emoticon ice cream and emoticon cake.  I’m starting to lose weight from not eating and drinking so much cyber food/drinks.

Can you imagine how bad someone would feel if they had to do that?  Man, it’s almost way too harsh for even Tracy to do.  I hope she doesn’t read this blog and see my idea.  That would be the meanest.


  1. PC said

    this reminds me of another stupid copy-cat thing Tracy did.

    back in the day, she told LJ she was going to start a competing forum because “my members asked for it”. She also told everyone privately that LJ’s forum was stupid and childish because of all the avatars and emoticons. As we all know, LJ has a fabulous smiley collection. LOL

    but then after she left PLH, she just went right ahead and copied PLH all the way – right down to the smileys and emoticons, etc.

  2. What What said

    LOL – you can post and not read! And PLH is way cooler than PT any day!

  3. throwinguppink said

    I do not know the depth of my banning. If I log onto the discussion board, I get this message:

    “Sorry, throwinguppink, you are banned from using this forum!”

    Don’t know if I am still a member, still have a profile, still get PMs, still have a screen name or what… I may be the infamous “guest” by now.

    And PLH is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler!

  4. Kit said

    Awww, Tracy’s rolling out the “new Pink Truth” tonight, so if the site is down for a little while, nobody panic!!!

  5. flycat said

    If the new site is a copy of this (Duh’s) site, I am going to laugh so hard.


  6. PC said

    why does she keep rolling out new sites? I mean, what difference does it make?
    anyhoo. she’s crazy zee.

    SLUT #2

  7. La la la la Lo-la said

    Actually, I am glad you told us, Kit, because I was going to panic.

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Bologna is a nut.

  9. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    You guys know it’s a great idea. You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it

  10. colleen said

    One thing about Pink Lighthouse their goal was NEVER to have the most traffic it was to inform people.

  11. FollowOurFlip said

    HAHA LALALA!!! I WAS going to panic too!!!

  12. Kit said

    TUP, so far, you are not a “Guest”, and your posts are still up.

  13. PrincessSnore said

    The “changes” thread is gone on PT.

  14. snapya-fingers said

    hey princesssnore-like your avatar-i need one. it’s gone? amazing-imagine that! need to go check out what’s going on with me…

  15. flycat said

    There is still no new site. What a dillhole.

  16. Love Friends said

    Oh is it the end of May, 2007 already? That’s when she said the site would be up and running. My how time flies. *evil cackle*

  17. snapya-fingers said


  18. Kit said

    Oh, but remember, the standard answer for when the new PT would be ready was when Nick gets around to it — but “it will be worth it”. Whatevah.

  19. PC said

    the only way it’s gonna be worth it is if she’s giving away free dishwashers.

  20. PC said

    WAIT – is this Nick the one she said was her boyfriend?

    and was this before or after she giving SuzyQ’s son a rub-down in the chat room?

    This is worse than Days of Our Lives. Thank God I have better things to do with my time than watch soap operas….er……ah….

  21. ex-PTer said


    totally freaking out. really. [/sarcasm]

  22. Kit said

    I just know that he’s supposed to be her “tech” person.

    Yeah, I’ve got laundry to fold. I’m going …. going … yep, I’m leaving …

  23. snapya-fingers said

    Tracy left a comment at 10:18 CST:

    “There’s no secret about how I’m going to do this. It’s all about waiting for Nick to do his thing, and there is no one more impatient right now than me. Methinks he may have forgotten.”


  24. FreeFromPT said

    Is Nick dissing her? Maybe Nick is too busy posting on duh and forgot about her. 😉 Nick? Is that you? Bwahahahahahahaha

  25. snapya-fingers said

    What will happen is she will “change” PT and then certain people will be deleted or wiped clean and she will say: “I don’t know what happened, it must be some technical problem…”. She will blame it on the PT change-betcha!

  26. ex-PTer said

    threads will disappear!

  27. Kit said

    **waving to Nick** If there really is a Nick. **waving to Tracy**

  28. My Cat Came Back said

    I wonder how many google ads she’s gonna have tucked in at the bottom of the page so she can ka-ching on the page views? 😉

  29. snapya-fingers said

    Well-I don’t see anything new about it.

  30. La la la la Lo-la said

    Heh, heh, she said Dillhole….

  31. I don’t think it would matter if they could post but not read. Example: Hatemail Day. No matter what the “hatemail” said, all you would need to post is the following:

    “Learn some grammer and how to sepll”
    “We worked our business your jsut lame.”

  32. PrincessSnore said

    Ginger is no longer a maven.

  33. flycat said

    There is still no new site.
    I repeat: what a dillhole.
    heh heh heh


  34. Love Friends said

    Oh yeah! LOL I forgot about the “new” site.

    *serving up yet another piece of humble pie to the Queen*

  35. flycat said

    Would you like an order of crow with that?

  36. throwinguppink said

    Kit, thanks for the update! She banned me months ago but I am still a member. How special.

    Yeah for Ginger!! I just love that woman — she is so much fun and she is the one who told me about Paula’s Choice and now my skin is fabulous!!

    Come join us for fun, Ginger!

  37. Kit said

    You’re welcome, TUP! Your name doesn’t even show up in black letters. Interesting.

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