Banana Smoothie

Leave your comments here to vote for this layout. 

Sexy black layout coming tomorrow…


  1. Judi said

    Hate. It.

  2. Willie Lump Lump said

    500 thumbs DOWN


  3. Nope, try again…

  4. Judi said

    Seriously, fix it. Now. I can’t stand it.

    It makes me hungry and I’m dieting.

    It also is just annoying with the comment first and the poster’s name below. I hate the layout’s guts.

  5. Seriously, DUH, you know, you SHOULD have talked about your new site for, oh, say about SIX MONTHS, but only with your ELITE SUPER INNER circle of TRUST… and then post a TEASER LINK to the NEW SITE …

    … just to take it down again…

    10 minutes! 10 minutes!

  6. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    This layout got me so confused I posted my vote on the wrong topic. That is not acceptable to me. I don’t make mistakes, ergo the layout is to blame and must go.

    It’s kind of funny that you drew a line through the PTlies link. kind of

  7. 10 minutes. Has it been 10 minutes already? And does anyone else see that tiny little happy face on the very left edge about half way down? God I think my browser may be possessed or infected or something

  8. The line is only there if you have visited it…

    … B U S T E D !

  9. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    That’s hilarious SWMNBN. I love it.

    I thought it was just part of the war games.

  10. PC said

    therapist! I see the little happy face! LOL

    this one sux

  11. ex-PTer said

    eh, it’s okaaaaaaay.

  12. FreeFromPT said

    Ummmm…..NOOOOO! Please change it. It makes my eyes hurt. The print is so small. Help an old lady out. 😛

  13. Control plus, control plus…

  14. Yeah, that little smilie guy is going to haunt my dreams tonight. Shudder

  15. ew.

  16. ex-PTer said

    you can also change the font size by pressing ctrl and scroll with your mouse’s scrollythingy

  17. Be careful with mice’s scrollythingys. They are tiny and delicate.

    Can we get some beer in here? That banana smoothie thing is too fru-fru.

  18. Can “tomorrow” start like “now?” This layout sucks rocks.

  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    This layout SUCKS DUH!

  20. In 30 minutes it will be tomorrow here on the east coast, does that count?

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Geez for real. This shit needs to change like YESTERDAY

  22. prdiva4 said

    YUCK! I would never look at a banana smoothie the same way 😛

  23. Come on, people…we shouldn’t WHINE…we should SHINE…

    sorry, Me…I couldn’t help myself.

  24. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MRs…you’re officially in time out. Go.

  25. PC said

    guys is it just me, or is the blog title written right over top of the page tabs at the top???

  26. FreeFromPT said

    Mrs! Honestly.

    Okay, this layout is like watching a movie. It’s too dark.

  27. FreeFromPT said

    Yes, PC.

    Duh, this is worse than bananas (if that’s possible).

  28. Duh said

    No way. It’s edgy. Just give it a second.


    What do you think?

  29. FreeFromPT said

    Same. Name at the top is all messed up.

    And duh, your mug is HUGE on here. ACK.

  30. ex-PTer said

    title at top is too big, but it’s much better than bananas.

  31. Willie Lump Lump said

    Heyyy what happened? That shit was cool man! 😛

  32. Duped said

    This sucks my left tit…and it reminds me of PTLies’ web page…dark and, well, dark. It’s better than Banana Smoothie, but not by much.

  33. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ok, so the title was fucked up. big whoop.

  34. Duped said

    Ahhh…and in the time it takes to post my post…it’s back to normal. LOL 🙂 Groovalicious.

  35. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    She’s just fuckin with us now. What a whore.

  36. Willie Lump Lump said

    pters are walking over to the dark side by coming here riiiight? so black is perfect.


  37. ex-PTer said

    agreed willie. i liked the black one, the title only hid the other pages on this blog, which is why i said it was too big

  38. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I don’t think DUH knows what she wants. Owell, it’s a woman’s perogitive (sp?)

  39. Willie Lump Lump said

    Duh needs to stop being so Tracyish.

  40. FreeFromPT said

    Duped, I left a message for you on your blog. I got the question answered. No need to e-mail me. Thanks! 🙂

  41. I like the colors at MY blog… 😀

  42. Duped said

    Oh, riiiight. I have a blog to check of my own…hahaha. Guess I better go pay attention to it. My multiple personalities and imaginary friends get violent when I don’t answer their comments. 😛

  43. FollowOurFlip said

    What the FUCK am I missing???????????

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