Yo Tracy!

I can see why you kicked some of these bitches out.  Man, are they picky or what??


  1. ex-PTer said

    HAHA i was never kicked out, i just voluntarily kicked my ass out for being a dumbass and getting into another worship shitsession.

    i’m not an idolator anymore!


  2. I was never kicked out, I never joined! HA!

  3. DUH – your blog is rated R …


  4. Willie Lump Lump said

    yeah, what ex-pter said..

  5. Duped said

    Okay, how the fuck did Duh only get an R Rating when I got NC-17???????? Okay, I know I cuss lots but I thought Duh had me trumped in that category.

    Shit n’ shinola, I didn’t think my blog was worse off in language than yours Duh. Way to fucking go. 😛

  6. chineseambassador said

    aaaaahhh thank goodness. we’re back to readable format.

  7. We aren’t picky. We’re choosy. Choosy moms choose DUH.

  8. That’s right, Therapist. Choosy moms choose duh because it’s the pea-nuttiest!

  9. I don’t know where to put this but have you seen the new PT site? NOW you have to be logged in to comment on the blog. World dominion just around the corner for TC. The new layout is blah in my opinion.

  10. ex-PTer said

    just another way to control every aspect of the PT universe.

    and she has more junk to sell. annnnnnnnd did you see on support PT that some of the funds contribute to this:
    “The funds are used to pay for web hosting and design, software, technical support, legal consulting, and other miscellaneous costs related to the site. No one is profiting from Pink Truth, but we do use these earnings to offset the cost of running a high-traffic site.”

    legaaaaaaal consulting! yes, legal consulting. she admits it! somehow i don’t think that relates to the site WHATSOEVER.

  11. NowIGetIt said

    I do not like the new pt site (sucks total ass btw) and again it reminds of PLH so wow so original Tracy! I will not ever login to much of anything unless something juicy pops up here.

  12. My Cat Came Back said

    Well, I suspect by requiring a membership, I won’t be tempted to go there anymore either. And I thought it was going to be google ads which drove me away 🙂

    lmao @ this:
    “(New members may experience a delay in access to all features of the site.)”

    why you say??

    probably because you’re going to be moderated and your IP investigated lmfao. Oh the paranoia just gets deeper and deeper.

  13. My Cat Came Back said

    ah, she is a sneaky little one………right there. on the left hand side bar

    “Ads by Google”

    can you all say ka-chink, ka-chink for page views.

    that’s it…. She cured me of my obsession. Thank you dear Tracy. You have no idea how happy I am to not “view” your website anymore. I’ll view it here and not pad your pocket. 😉 Now on the other hand, if Duh wants to put some google ads here, you go for it Duh. I’ll bet the pro-PT’ers won’t come here either lol.

  14. Pineneedles said

    She gets $ just by looking at the page? I thought you had to click on the ad for her to get anything. If so, I’m done too. No need to give her any extra $.

    BTW, how much $ does Ads by Google pay? I can’t imagine it’s a lot.

  15. ex-PTer said

    wait, what? what if you block the ads? does it still give her money? ughh. greedy lil bitch

  16. Duh said

    What did the PTer’s say when the UnitNet sites were password protected? Something like, “What are you trying to hide?”

    All her paranoia just succeeds in making the site look shady.

  17. MKRealist said

    Duh, I was just thinking the same thing.

    Not only did they question if there was something to “hide” I believe TC herself scoffed at the concept that requiring membership or registration would protect them and keep undesireables out.

    Do you think she realizes she’s no more protected than the Unitnet people?

  18. My Cat Came Back said

    Google Ads – you get paid by “page impressions” You get a little bit more if the person actually clicks on the ad and you get some too if a person clicks on and signs up for Firefox. The website owner also gets a very very small percentage if they have a google search engine on their site and the internet user uses it.

    per Google:
    How do I get paid?
    You get paid whenever someone on your site clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Advertisers can also bid to appear on your site on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Both CPC and CPM bids compete in our AdWords program to ensure that you optimize your ad revenue.

    It’s a very small amount just for page impressions, but just imagine if thousands of people are reading and viewing and reading. It takes a long time to rack it up and on smaller sights, they might be lucky if they earn .01 per day on page impressions. You earn a bit more, but not really a whole lot more, when someone clicks on your actual google ad.

    also from Google……..
    How much do I get paid?
    How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site — you’ll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.

    AdSense for search allows website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

  19. snapya-fingers said

    “Too much time on my hands…”

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  21. My Cat Came Back said

    I know, TMI – but seriously cut n paste is really a breeze 😉 didn’t take much time at all 😉 of course, you all knew that already LMAO poor Tracy-cita… unable to control everyone. That’s the bitch about this whole mess, she’s outta control!! AHHH!!

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