Aww. It costs so much to run a blog.

It hasn’t cost me anything yet.  Nothing but time.  A lot of time.  But I always thought that was my problem.

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Author Topic: Ads by Google on Main Page (Read 23 times)

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Ads by Google on Main Page
« on: Today at 11:37 AM » Quote

The irony of these Ads has always made me laugh. Today one of them was directly for, and another said \”searching for bankrupcy\”

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Si tienes preguntas en español, puedo ayudarte.

Re: Ads by Google on Main Page
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Yes, the google ads are very \”out of place\” on an anti-mlm site. It\’s based on key words though.

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You best get off the internet and work yo\’ bidness girlfriend!

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Re: Ads by Google on Main Page
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Quote from: FREEDOM on Today at 11:37 AM
The irony of these Ads has always made me laugh. Today one of them was directly for, and another said \”searching for bankrupcy\”

Don\’t you think it is appropriate that Mary kay and bankruptcy appear together


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To be able to laugh at oneself is to know the joy of life

No one wins in DS/MLM\’s, they are just soul sucking money machines…….

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Re: Ads by Google on Main Page
« Reply #3 on: Today at 12:24 PM » Quote

Unfortunately, there is only so much control I have over the ads that are showing. I can restrict certain domain names from showing up, but there is a limit to how many I can restrict. Plus, most of the people selling MLM-related stuff have multiple domains set up in Google, so I can block one, and they\’ll show up the next day with another domain.

If anyone has a better idea how I can try to cover the cost of the site, I\’m happy to hear it. Unfortunately, the shopping links have brought in very little money. The Google ads still haven\’t even come close to covering the hard costs of running PT, but they\’ve done better than the shopping links. I am open to suggestions.

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The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

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Re: Ads by Google on Main Page
« Reply #4 on: Today at 12:35 PM » Quote

Well, I don\’t know how much is costs to run a website, but I have a couple thoughts.
Is there a way to get companies to sponsor the site? Like the google ads that come up are from specific sites or something. I know at another board I go to every time we click on an ad it generates a tiny bit of revenue.
Or, possibly having a donation campaign? The same board mentioned above has the moderators put an unobtrusive link in their signatures to donate. Its not mandatory by any means, but it served as a reminder to everyone there that there is a cost to running the site.
Maybe if there was a reminder somewhere it would help?
I know I am still a newbie, but I do appreciate all of your effort and hard work with this site.

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I know Tracy says that it costs money to run a “high traffic blog,” but she won’t prove how much traffic she gets.  I assume she gets more than me, but come on!  This last week I’ve average around 3,000 page hits a day, and my site costs NOTHING.  I wouldn’t even think of paying for a site unless I was getting 10,000 or more and those sites start at like $7 a month. 

Tattoogirlie says,”I don’t know how much it cost to run a website…”  Yes, and neither do most PTer’s which is why Tracy can pretend it costs so very much. 

Here’s a challenge to all PTer’s:

Ask Tracy how much it has cost her total since she opened Pink Truth last year (minus her time because you KNOW she’s going to over estimate how much that is worth.)  Oh, and ask her to prove it.

How about this….

Would you guys be willing to chip in if Tracy can prove how much Pink Truth is costing her?  Maybe if we can see receipts for how much she’s paying and proof that she actually needs the bandwidth she’s paying for, we’ll pay ONE MONTH of Pink Truth’s maintenance costs.  I’ve got $5 toward the pot (which, truth be told, probably IS one month of maintenance).  What do ya say?


  1. I have my own website (Fighting Fatigue). Now, I’m not sure what for design she uses, but I have my own domain, but a WordPress design. The WordPress design was FREE.

    I do get a good many visitors on that site per day and it has increased over the past few months. I haven’t had to pay anything extra for that.

    Start up expenses are registering/purchasing a domain name and finding a web hosting company (for example: Blue Host). I believe it cost me a little over $100 to do all of that.

    I also have a forum, although I admit I have not been actively promoting or working on it, but that too was FREE. All I had to do was add it to my domain. It is the same forum company as PL and PT.

  2. I have a website. The traffic is nowhere near the number of hits that Tracy gets I’m sure. I have my own domain name, a forum, the ability to do chat and a blog. I am hosted by

    My package is the intermediate package. I just upgraded because of my added hits the last few months (still, not a ton, but more than I had previously.) I pay $30 a month. That gives me a lot. I admit, probably it costs Tracy more. I do my own webdesign, although, I too use a template…like Pinktruth. I write the html myself to customize it which takes a lot of time so she may have web design/programming costs to shell out.

    My domain costs me $12 a year. You can get them cheaper if you shop around but I think that’s pretty standard.

    It’s not a ton but it comes out of my pocket but I think it’s worthwhile so I don’t sweat it.

  3. PC said

    puh-leaze. whatever it costs her, she should just eat it. If she’s really such an uber-successful fraud examiner, than she should be able to afford a website that she uses for her OWN PUBLICITY. PT is all about advertising for Tracy. If she can’t afford it, she shouldn’t be doing it.
    What a jerk.

  4. I manage several blogs (not all mine) and a forum on my hosting service. It costs me $4.95 per month, plus $10.00 per year for each domain’s address. We haven’t even come close to scratching the bandwidth (we use less than .0.2% of our capacity with around 1000 hits a day). Of course if I ever went over capacity, the next level up is around $9.95 per month.

  5. Tracy-

    Hobbies (PT) are things you do because you like them, and you do them for your own purposes. Hobbies cost money. I like to scrapbook. The money I make from scrapbooking ($0) nowhere near covers what I spend on pretty paper and stickers (don’t ask, and I’m not telling – DH may read here someday!).

    People’s private missions (PT) also cost money. I’m on a private mission to accurately and attractively document my family’s history. It costs me a lot of money.

    Care to donate to my cause?


  6. Oh, I should make it clear that this is my real life website…not

    The mrsmetaphor site is free through wordpress although I do own the actual domain myself.

  7. Dana said

    The biggest expense is probably the salary she pays herself….. she probably counts that.

  8. PC said

    well she claims to get “hundreds of thousands of hits ” per day. I think we all know that’s boloney. (bologna?)

    let’s say she did get that much traffic – how much would it cost then? lol

  9. Willie Lump Lump said

    “well she claims to get “hundreds of thousands of hits ” per day.”

    Oh, there’s been a revision to that count. The ‘thousand’ part was just me clicking ‘refresh’.


  10. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Maybe you techies can help me out on this. Tracy uses for her chatroom. There is one for free (but it doesn’t give transcripts or let her secretly lurk so we know she doesn’t use that one).

    She said that she paid $20 a month + $3.50 for the avatars each month. I can’t figure out where she got that $$$ when I look here: at the different choices.

    From those of you who have been on the chat – can you weigh in? To me it looks like she uses the “professional plus” and that’s $125 – is there more that is needed for that particular “professional plus”? Cuz the free one is REALLY free.

  11. Is that $125 a month? ach du lieber….if it was me I’d go with the freebie and let my paranoia get a job if it wants to see IPs.

  12. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    I think TOTAL. Not a month.

  13. hey, you know BARF is onomatopoeia….totally random english lesson for the day.

  14. PC said

    onomatopoeia… that like “ACK”, “GAH”, “SLURP” and “HICCUP”


    oh and this cracked me up: “…and let my paranoia get a job if it wants to see IPs”

  15. PrincessSnore said

    Someone just said (on the PT blog) that the blog is secondary.

    xyb said:
    How do we see previous posts? I kinda feel like I lost a lot of the blog functionality…

    Otherwise, I *** LOVE *** how you get basic information out there *first*, especially for first-time visitors. All the numbers, research, stories, and facts that more quickly speak the truth than relying simply on the blog posts. I like that the blog is secondary, but still accessible to those of us who are addicted to reading it daily.

    thanks, Tracy!!

  16. angelicadivine said

    Help! I’m confused. I checked out the new PT site.
    Am I missing something?
    It does not seem to be a blog anymore.

    Has anyone found a blog there? Maybe I’m tired.

  17. PC said

    i think it’s still a blog, it just doesn’t have the traditional layout…?

  18. FollowOurFlip said

    About website costs, I run 3 websites (2 for business, 1 for a 5k), along with my flip blog (which is sorely neglected) a second blog (for something that would totally give me away if I filled you in). I also have my own personal domain. My point is that I do a lot of shit online. For the three sites above I use 1and1 and I pay 15.00 per month for the domain, and the website builder feature (with all of the add ons). She is so full of shit. I can see that her little clicky adds don’t bring in 15.00 per month, but don’t bull shit everyone into thinking you pay SOOOOOO much for the site. Twat-ever.

  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL Flip…TWAT ever. Hahahahaah. I gotta remember that one.

    Once again Tracy exaggerating? Say it aint SO!


  20. There are way too many free blog sites to need to pay for one. Maybe she pays for her domain name, but that is nominal and if she can’t afford it with her fraud investigation monies than maybe she should close it down. PT closed down would be the best benefit to those in YTC fog.

    Knowing Tracy she is lumping her Sequence Blog costs in with PT and just blowing up the numbers with a friggin pump!

  21. ex-PTer said

    fuck she’s lying. she’s lying where she says that the contributions cover “SOFTWARE”

    ok so the layout itself on the main page has this user profile crap/profile blog.
    and on that page it saaaaaaays:

    This site’s community features are powered by Joomla Community Builder

    Copyright 2004 – 2006 MamboJoe/JoomlaJoe, Beat and CB team. This component is released under the GNU/GPL License and a free Community Builder License. All copyright statements must be kept. Derivate work must prominently duly acknowledge original work and include visible online links. Official site:

    Nick A.
    Documentation and Public Relations
    If you like the services provided by this free component, please consider making a small donation to support the team behind it”

    so that’s free. the forum is free. apparently nick made this website so that’s free.

    oh and by the way, the credits flash showing different people at different times, i just thought it was funny that it said nick. SAME NICK?

  22. ex-PTer said

    oh and i love the internet
    why? because you can find out practically anything.

    here’s who she registered with:

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: PINKTRUTH.COM
    Created on: 24-Oct-06
    Expires on: 24-Oct-09
    Last Updated on: 09-Aug-07

    and how much does it cost?
    a year?

    that’s just to register the domain. then she needs to host it.

    and she gets it from here:

    there ya go.

  23. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ok, i’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say that maybe the reason why it costs so much for her to run PT is because of all the moolah she pays her blog writers…? 😛

  24. Where is the credits flash? I don’t see it.

  25. ex-PTer said

    therapist – log in on the home page, it should come up below the sidebar on the left saying “User Menu”

    click on “my profile” then hover over “community” till you get the option for “about community builder”

    then viola, you should have the credits

  26. ah. login. I had to login. I should have thought about that. ha ha . i am tired.

  27. because, God forbid that anyone who is NOT logged in should see who designed a website.

  28. Tracy pay a blog writer??? I find that hard to fathom. Some of you here used to write for her. Did she pay you???? I bet not. 🙂

  29. FollowOurFlip said

    TC pays no one, she mooches off of all…..

  30. Willie Lump Lump said

    You mean none of you former PT authors wanna BRAG about the shitload of mullah tracy paid you? That’s fucked up that ya’ll would make her look like a cheap ass!

    Bitches and Ho’s, yo!

  31. Not a dime paid to me. I used to write as Alethes, by the way.

  32. FreeFromPT said

    I got paid in hell $$$.

  33. Gosh Willie, you have some real anger issues here…do you need a group hug?

  34. flycat said

    It seems more likely the authors would have the privelege of extra things to click on to generate some more revenue. Sort of like a negative paycheck.

    Not sure I have anger issues, I might in be in heat. ;P


  35. PrincessSnore said

    No wonder she is asking for donations. Her Sequence, Inc blog isn’t even in the top 10 anymore.

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