PT’s Rules

I guess I’m still not welcome on the new Pink Truth.  I know all of you guys are just rushing over there to sign up, but just keep this in mind:

“Promoting websites contrary to our mission is not permitted. We are here for a common purpose (see above) and that does not include promoting or linking to sites that ridicule Pink Truth or our mission, purpose, or people.”

Haha!  But you know, by posting that I’ve just broken this rule:

“Copying of posts or messages on Pink Truth is strictly forbidden without the consent of the site owner. This includes copying for the purpose of emailing or reposting on another site. If you wish to share information from Pink Truth with someone else or with another site, please request permission from the site owner first. There is an “email to a friend” feature on most pages which may be utilized by members without permission, although neither the sender nor the recipient of the email is permitted to repost the information on any site without prior consent from the owner of Pink Truth. ”

Dear Tracy,

This is my official request for permission to copy posts and messages from Pink Truth.  Mother, may I?


  1. PC said


    let the copying and pasting begin! I love defying Evil Queens!!!!

    seriously. this cracks me up. I hope everyone runs over to google to find us, after that hilarious post.

  2. NowIGetIt said

    So is she spending the time to copyright her discussion board every day? Otherwise what can she do to stop that? Heh let’s drive her totally crazy!

  3. Dana said

    I read the rules a little too close to lunchtime…… no appetite for me today! 🙂

  4. “Promoting websites contrary to our mission is not permitted. We are here for a common purpose (see above) and that does not include promoting or linking to sites that ridicule Pink Truth or our mission, purpose, or people.”

    This still does not say that it is a “ban-able” offense to POST on Duh, Ptlies or ANYWHERE ELSE that disagrees with PT. What this says is that if you go to the PT board and post a link to one of these sites that is verboten. I can understand that and I agree, fully. This, however, ought to go both ways since it is encouraged to post the link to PT on Intouch sites. I’m not saying that women do not need to hear about PT who are deep in the pinkfog, I’m just saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Integrity means being able to not just dish it out but also to take it.

    To PROMOTE a website, in my reading of this means that you are on the Pinktruth boards saying things which lead people directly to another board. yes?

    I will say this again…PT PEOPLE POST WHEREVER YOU WISH TO POST! You will not and ought not be banned for posting on another site. That would be “just silly.”

  5. Licious said

    So no one is allowed to steal posts from her site, but she can steal other people’s videos and such to post on her site? Yeah, sure, that seem’s fair.

  6. My Cat Came Back said

    lol – TC is sayin’ “that will fix em” Wonder how much she paid her lawyer to come up with that verbage. I’m sure Mr. Lawyer approved and guided her. What she should do is just put a picture of a gun on her web page.

  7. NowIGetIt said

    Why does she even care? Oh by the way where is the one chick that answered TC/PT questions for us? She needs to come back!

  8. Willie Lump Lump said

    “We are here for a common purpose (see above) and that does not include promoting or linking to sites that ridicule Pink Truth or our mission, purpose, or people.”

    Bitch, you didn’t link sites that DID support “Pink Truth’s mission, purpose, or people” and the couple of sites that you DID link, you removed once you got a bug up yo’ ass just because people didn’t agree with your psycho antics….. so why would anyone expect anything different now?

    Nice to see you finally admit how money goes to ‘legal consulting’ tho. ‘Bout TIME you tell the fuckin’ truth.

  9. Duh said

    Do you think that Tracy would consider suing people for defamation of character a Pink Truth expense?

  10. ex-PTer said

    of course, i wouldn’t expect anything less of her. she’s an enigma.

  11. Bah. You are allowed to copy content (up to a page or two) from copyrighted materials for the purpose of study, exposition etc. Otherwise professors could not copy a few paragraphs from an article or speech to dissect in class. All you need to do is attribute the site, only copy bits at a time.

    NOW WE ARE IN CLASS. This is so elite and educational.

  12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Here is the best rule I read, and made me laugh out loud regarding advertising:

    “However, blatant advertising will not be tolerated either on the public pages of the site, or via private messaging.”

    So how in fucks sake would Tracy know someone PMd (As in PRIVATE) someone else about their business unless Tracy is reading people’s PMs?? Didn’t she recently deny that she does that? UM, retard. You just admited it.

    Why would anyone want to participate in that site with all those “rules”. If I was a newcomer to that site, I’d be like WTF?

    The only reason she only allows one name per member is so it’s easier for her to keep track of you and harrass you.

    I can’t believe so many people even want a part of that bullshit. So sad.

  13. Me said

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t requiring people to log in so they can comment, adding to the control feature for her? Is it more proof of just how paranoid she really is?

  14. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    ME I think you are right on with that. There is absolutely NO reason for people to log in unless it’s one other way for her to keep track. Did she not realize, or forget, that people still in MK over there snooping on PT might be a little, or a lot scared, to create a log in? Doesn’t that completely scare away potentially new PT members? I know when I was still in MK and snooping, there was no way in HELL I would have created a log in.

    What a fucktard.


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