Super Smart

It’s been brought to my attention that Tracy has accused another person of copying and pasting for me.  I don’t have a copy of the actual post yet, but here’s the partial e-mail:

“on the discussion about the “rules” on the board this is tracy’s response to Miss Peri when she asks if something has changed…

“Yes, Miss Peri. the rules have been revised.

Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance.”


Jeez Tracy you’re WRONG AGAIN!!  I have had no contact with Miss Periwinkle.  She may or may not post on my blog (I have no idea since I don’t stalk people like that), but as far as receiving posts from her, that’s a negative Big Tracy! 

BTW, people PAY you to investigate for them?  Wow.

So Tracy continues to alienate her readers.  She just makes my job so easy!

UPDATE:  Oh, just wanted to add that the reason Tracy thinks Miss Periwinkle sends to me is because her IP address showed up on one of the copy/pastes which means she DID actually copy that from the discussion board.  She then sent it to someone else, who was nice enough to send it to me.  Chances are, Miss Periwinkle has no idea that I used her posts. 

You see Tracy, when you ban people right and left, the banned are still friends with the unbanned.  They still communicate with each other without your permission.  If you fuck with enough people, your delusional paranoia becomes justified because you have created a web of people that can’t stand you.  I’m getting stuff third and fourth hand now, my dear.  And from the most unlikely of sources (you may want to have a sit down with some of your current Mavens). 



  1. LoL. This gets funnier and funnier. I wish I didn’t have to work!

  2. NowIGetIt said

    Heh I can copy and paste for you all you want! I just don’t have access to the super secret place. Hmmm now Tracy has to sort through 2,400 members to figure me out. Should be real simple!

  3. snapya-fingers said

    How does an IP address show up on a copy/paste? How does that really work? Rumor has it that Miss Periwinkle’s privileges’s have been taken away too.

  4. NowIGetIt said

    Seriously though – how the hell is she going to enforce that? Truly and why isn’t anybody asking her about that? SFB that she is.

  5. Duh said

    At the bottom of the post of the person that copied, their IP address shows. All the other posters have “logged” or something like that. So Tracy could see who had copied the thread by looking at who’s IP was showing.

    Problem is, Miss P is not the person that sent it to me. As far as I know, she had sent it to a friend who was banned and they were discussing it. Her friend sent it to me. I have no idea if Miss P even knew it was sent to me.

  6. Maggie said

    She became a target of Tracy’s when she first posted here a few weeks ago. Someone mentioned her name in a comment about banning (or something) and Tracy’s butt kissers must have picked up on it.

  7. Duh said

    She can’t enforce it. All she can do is guess and ban. Guess and ban.

    It’s worked for her so far…

  8. NowIGetIt said

    Looks like TC reads this site more and more. She edited her post to Miss P indicating maybe Miss P did or didn’t do it. Backtracking.

  9. ex-PTer said

    poor Miss P. The mole still lives on, tracy, and it seems that there are more moles popping up!

  10. yikes! said

    NowIGetIT, can you tell us EXACTLY what the edited post says now? The 1st was very harsh to Miss P. I can’t believe she did that on a post instead of by PM. She has wounded herself yet again.

  11. NowIGetIt said

    Someone’s Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect someone you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance.

    Except where the “Your” and “you” have marks through them.

  12. Duh said

    Miss P could sue Tracy for liable. LOL

  13. NowIGetIt said

    Find me Tracy I triple dog dare you. Send me a PM telling me you found me out! I’ll be here holding my breath….NOT.

  14. La la la la Lo-la said

    Geez, Duh, how many MOLES do you have???

  15. Duh said

    Lots. And I guess Tracy is busted. Now we know she reads my site. So now she has to go back and re-edit that post to make it look like she doesn’t. Dumbass.

  16. PC said

    Tracy. Poor poor dummy. She just never learns.

  17. Dana said

    Yeah, Duh, because before we thought she had never heard of your site…… 😉

  18. PC said

    oh and Therapist – do you think Tracy actually has time to do any work, when she spends all day banning, snooping, and stalking her board members? And she’s going crazy trying to figure out which of her Mavens are BACKSTABBERS

    LOL god this shit is sooo much better than the daily soaps. Plus the kids can watch their cartoons while I read here. It’s the best. Thanks DUH.

  19. You know what’s hot about y’all? You know the difference between libel and slander. That’s hot.

    (Oh, shit. Is Paris Hilton going to sue me for copyright infringement now?)

  20. ex-PTer said

    Tracy’s starting to remind me of Dolores Umbridge from the new Harry Potter movie.

    imdb has a fantastic image that reminds me of tracy’s antics lately:,%20Imelda

  21. NowIGetIt said

    But Tracy is fatter than her. Oh my did I say that? Oh no, no PM from her still holding breath. Find me bitch! A smidgen of hositility never hurt anybody…

  22. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    DAng….all this good information and I have to work….lots of reading to catch up on tonight!

  23. ex-PTer said

    NowIGetIt – haha, ok, so how about this one [same actress]:

    and this is tracy in her office, surrounded by cats, because she secretly loves them [the decor is provided and sponsored by member contributions to the pink truth website]:

  24. NowIGetIt said

    Because I have nothing better to do at the moment I found this really interesting. High hopes karmas the shit out of people. Damn 843 that’s a freakin’ lot. She’s also the most generous in the “smiting” department as well. PUR must be envious. And those who are the top 5 smited, I have never come across a post of theirs to even get what’s going on there.

    Karma Statistic
    General Statistics
    User MAX applauding other users high hopes + [843]
    User MAX smiting other users high hopes – [16]
    Karma points today 19
    Today “+” 19
    Today “-” 0

    Top 5 applauded users
    high hopes + 423
    The Scribbler + 273
    TRACY + 271
    Baroness von SügarScrüb + 249
    Personal Use Recruiter + 231

    Top 5 smited users
    jennyflorida – 12
    chjj04 – 12
    x-director – 11
    ophelia – 10
    mksales2 – 8

  25. La la la la Lo-la said

    Duh used to be one of the top smited users…you’re slipping in the rankings, duh…

    Sickie used to be one if not THE most applauded user. Until she “vanished.”

  26. PC said

    ophelia was one of Judi’s names, right? LOL I have no idea who the rest are. Maybe rabid Mary kay ladies. who knows.

  27. La la la la Lo-la said

    Do rabid MK ladies foam pink foam? I am getting a hilarious mental picture, especially in conjunction with the Barney Director Suit! LOL!

  28. Judi said

    OMG! Why was Ophelia smited?? I think I was able to post one time and then the whore zapped me!

    Therapist: I can’t read any of your posts without thinking of the Sean Connery SNL skit where he was playing jeopardy and kept pronouncing the word “The Rapist”. Cracks my ass up every time.

  29. Willie Lump Lump said

    “Tracy could see who had copied the thread by looking at who’s IP was showing.”

    so basically what you’re sayin’ is Tracy LIVES on this blog! 😛 ^waving to the queen^

    “She became a target of Tracy’s when she first posted here a few weeks ago. Someone mentioned her name in a comment about banning (or something) and Tracy’s butt kissers must have picked up on it.”

    Damn, but Miss Peritinkle posted over here in TRACY’S DEFENSE so why……oh never mind, i forgot….it doesn’t matter. She spoke without permission. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  30. My favorite “therapist” joke – on Arrested Development when Tobias becomes and analyst/therapist, and goes by the catchy titla “AnalRapist.”

    And as far as dolores Umbridge is concerned, don’t insult poor Dolores! J/K If you aren’t up on your Wizard Rock, check out Harry and the Potters’ song about Dolores Umbridge on their album “Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock”, track 8 I think. “Oh my God you look like a frog.” Now, when my 2.75 y/o old starts singing that in the back seat, I will think of none other than our dear TC.

  31. Judi, thanks for that! It will forever be in my head. Oh, and now, on this site, I must be heard with a deep scottish accent.

  32. My avatar looks a little fried! LOL. I just saw how frazzled it looks on the black background that wordpress inserts. Whatever. I Do sorta know what I am doing, but whatever.

  33. flycat said

    “Lots. And I guess Tracy is busted. Now we know she reads my site. So now she has to go back and re-edit that post to make it look like she doesn’t. Dumbass.”

    Duh, that is funnier than shit. That is worse than having an argument with yourself and losing.

    I love my blog ninety nine degrees,
    But that cat got banned, laid it down on me.
    Stop breaking down, baby, please, stop breaking down.
    Shit is gonna bust you brains out, baby,
    Yeah, gonna make you lose your mind.


  34. OK the Umbridge parallel is a good one, except for one BIG exception which I find highly ironic.

    Umbridge LOVES cats!!

    Oh, and she’s a death eater. In case you didn’t know.

    On second thought, Tracy is also like Voldemort. She trusts no one, in spite of the illusion of an inner circle of friends. She seeks to have total power and control, but uses others to do her bidding.

    If we found out that Tracy was the orphan of a witch who tricked the hot guy in town to marry her, that would just seal the deal right there.

  35. She is a total death eater. Far crazier than Bellatrix. And we all know what happened to her…

    NOT MY IBC YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. FreeFromMK said

    Late to the party, but I was pleased to see that I was the top smited user! LOL Jennyflorida had a short life on PT. Bah!

  37. NowIGetIt said

    Duh when you get a chance I sent you post a copied and pasted from PT. Hear that Tracy just for the hearing impaired (SNL ref) “I COPIED AND PASTED A POST FROM PT DISCUSSION BOARD WITHOUT YOUR PETTY PERMISSION”. Find me find me find me if you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man. 🙂 ok woman but still.

  38. Duh said

    I know the difference between libel and slander, but I don’t know the difference between libel and liable.

    I’ll use it in a sentence:

    Tracy is LIABLE to sue me for LIBEL because she’s a monkey butt.

  39. Me said

    You could be held liable for damages if libel is proven.

  40. Willie Lump Lump said

    Does anyone have access to karma comments? I would love to see the comments for the top smited. LOL

  41. throwinguppink said

    Free and Judi, both highly AGAINST scary kay and MLMs are on the top smited list on an anti-MLM site???

    Brilliant, PT ladies. You really rock. Hatin’ on two of the good ones… Glad you are cuz we enjoy them at PLH — ya know, the “real” site for info on this scam?


  42. I think “smiting” is a horrid practice. I was shocked with PUR “smited” someone on the boards once. I think it was Anneszoo…is that right? can’t remember.

  43. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Even using the word “smited” and letting others use it just shows the maturity of the site owner. Yep, that’s right. She got marks on her report card when she was a kid for not playing nice with others….


  44. La la la la Lo-la said

    Anneszoo was SMITED?!!! WTF???

  45. Dana said

    I can access the smited to see their comments. But if I do it and immediately post them, I’ll get banned. 🙂 So I’ll be sneaky and e-mail them to duh! 😉

    Tracy, don’t you wish you knew who I am……………

  46. 99 friggen moles on PT, 99 friggen moles…
    Ban on down, spin around, 98 friggen moles on PT….

    Better start digging Tracy. There are more moles than you know!

  47. yep…PUR smited Anne twice in one day.

  48. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That word smite is just gay

  49. PUR is getting a bigger head by the minute. Only a matter of time before she blows. QUICK!! Duck & run for cover!!!

  50. FollowOurFlip said

    Movie Quote! “I smite you oh great smiter”

  51. ex-PTer said

    will candy fall out of PUR’s head like a piñata?

  52. Duped said

    Wow – so little time has passed and so many new changes. I feel for Miss Periwinkle though. Hope we see you around again. I have a distinct feeling we will soon.

    As for all the moles you have, TC, you have a lot of work left to do. Publicly humiliating someone on your board that you merely *suspect* of being a mole is behaviour very unbecoming of a “professional” such as yourself. Tsk tsk.

  53. Kit said

    ex-PT: “will candy fall out of PUR’s head like a piñata?” ROFL!!!!

    Miss Periwinkle is cool peeps. Me likey.

  54. La la la la Lo-la said

    Come to the dark side, Miss P….

  55. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I felt bad for Anneszoo when PUR smited here. Both Tracy and PUR tagged teamed beating her up on a thread and then Tracy made a sticky of it so that others could see what a bad girl Anneszoo had been. I still feel bad for her.

    PUR smited her 2 times and her comments sounded like a 7yr. PUR is really mean.

    I thought it showed a lot of class when Anneszoo gave PUR karma and left the comment
    ‘even though you smited me twice’.

  56. GreenGrass said

    What did Anneszoo do that Tracy and PUR tagged teamed her? I don’t recall seeing Anneszoo doing anything bad. I thought she was nice.

    Hi Miss Periwinkle, hope to see you soon over here.

  57. FreeFromPT said

    Bologna, that made me so mad. PUR acted like a cat who has poo’d in her litter after she gave Anneszoo bad karma. PUR went around and gave EVERYBODY good karma (covering up the poo) after that to cover her tracks on the karma board.

  58. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    That is all.

  59. Left the Freakshow said

    hey, FOF … “Bruce Almighty” … exactly where my brain goes when i hear/see the word “smite” … 2 funny

  60. […] […]

  61. Left the Freakshow said

    green grass … if memory serves me correctly, anneszoo asked (on the trading board) if anyone was placing an order soon (of the MK variety) b/c she would like to order some product. pur and tracy proceeded to humiliate her publicly … that’s when a lot of peeps started to take note of their behavior … i mean, really, who the hell can yell at anne, she’s too nice and everything!

  62. LOL at the smiting smiter comment…

    See, the thing is…that technically in the concept of karma, people do not and can not GIVE you karma…you know what I mean? It’s a sort of off thinking that someone grants that to you. The idea of Karma in real life is that your actions show your character and that you are rewarded or punished according to this. I could have this wrong, I suppose. It’s not really my narrative so someone speak up if I’m off.

  63. Duh said

    No, I think you’re right Mrs. That’s how I understand the meaning of karma too. At least, that’s what Earl says it is which is the extent of my knowledge on the subject.

  64. PC said

    ok i missed the anneszoo stuff – wow. they even made a stickie out of it? What a couple of two-ton bitches. just wow.

  65. GreenGrass said

    I never looked at the trading board so that’s why I missed the Anneszoo episode. How childish! I’m sorry that happened to Anneszoo.

  66. FreeFromPT said

    Yeah Tracy made a stickie out of it. Duh posted the thread on here.

  67. FreeFromPT said

    Here’s the thread.

  68. Will ya look at that! said

    I read the thread and just LOVE it. Tracy called MK a predator. Pot, meet kettle.

  69. La la la la Lo-la said

    I remember that…I felt so bad for anneszoo at the time.

  70. FreeFromPT said

    I love that phrase – pot, meet kettle. Cracks me up every time.

  71. ScrewU said

    I don’t know why I even post things… I really don’t.

    ScrewU posted that thread. Not Duh. Duh was chained in my basement back then so she couldn’t post anything. And if you wonder who posted things, you can just look under the title. It tells you.

    Damn, whats a girl gotta do to get some props around here? Do I have to start banning some of you bitches?!?

  72. FreeFromPT said

    ScrewU I’m getting really worried about WHO is behind that mask. It’s sounding eerily familiar. *shudder*

  73. FollowOurFlip said

    Left the Freak Show- Props to you chick!

    ScrewU- screw you.

  74. FollowOurFlip said

    (Just kidding screwu, please don’t ban me. I am having a hard time right now with my kids/husband/job/etc and can’t control my thought/emotions/actions. I apologize and promise to lick your butt as your command)

  75. Oh, ScrewU, you know that I *always* pay attention to who posts thing here…


  76. DUH's the Best said

    What I saw later was when PUR got booed, she quickly called out to people on the post for some positive karma.

    Then when the person who booed her got banned the “bad Karma” disappeared. OOOH HOUDINI!

    Anneszoo should get her Smites removed (DO YOU HEAR ME TRACY)

    She was just sticking up for personal use consultants and is not even one, and she got bashed.
    She even took the thread down after Tracy scolded her, but Tracy put it back up to make an example of her. How rude!
    She is one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve gotten to do business with!

  77. Miss Periwinkle said

    I’m here. I figured since TC wouldn’t leave-hehe…I would!

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