We are not amused

Tracy has a habit of referring to herself as “we”.  Maybe she really thinks she is a Queen?  More likely though, it lends credibility to what she’s saying.  Consider this statement on the “Support Pink Truth” page:

 “No one is profiting from Pink Truth, but we do use these earnings to offset the cost of running a high-traffic site.”

See how the “we” makes it sound like there is some checks and balances.  If she had said “I use these earnings to offset the cost of running a high-traffic site,” questions come up like, “How do we know you are using the money solely for Pink Truth?” and “Who’s making sure you are using the money only for PT?”  Even “Who says you are a high traffic site?”  Questions…bad.

Tracy has done this before.  On her Sequence Inc. site Tracy says, ” Our work includes evidence analysis, document management, damage calculations, and expert witness testimony. ”  Also, “We have successfully completed financial investigations in a wide variety of industries, and are experienced in presenting our findings to counsel, clients, and courts.” 

Ours?  We?  Who are these phantom people working with Tracy.  She admitted in this article, http://sequence-inc.com/press2007/findingfraud.htm, that “She has no employees, and plans to keep it that way. She had hired several administrative personnel early on, but realized she didn’t want the responsibility of having employees.”

You see, from her perspective, it makes Tracy seem more legitimate if she refers to herself as “we” because then she’s not just some chick with a computer and a virtual office.  From my perspective, and I don’t want to assume anything but I’m pretty sure others see it this way too, it makes her look like she’s delusional.  Instead of highlighting the good things she has going for her she has decided to hide behind semantics. 

For instance, with little overhead and only one employee, she could say that she is a discount fraud examiner and accountant.  “Why pay more?”  Or she could emphasize the fact that she works alone and can give the clients one on one attention that a larger firm can’t.  But I don’t think Tracy knows how to look at her self objectively, so she has to make it seem like her company is something it’s not. 

It’s kind of sad that Tracy can’t be proud of her true accomplishments.  She’s constantly over inflating who she is and what she does.  Maybe one day she’ll value herself.   


  1. La la la la Lo-la said

    The Royal “We wee.”

  2. Yardworker said

    Maybe by “we” she is including what’s his name, Nick. ROTFL

  3. Duh said

    Does he work with her at Sequence Inc too?

    So what if somebody thinks that Pink Truth is some kind of charity or something, and being generous donates $1000 to PT. After Tracy pays her site fees for the next 10 years, what does she do with the rest of the money? She’s an accountant, so she knows she can’t screw the government (I hope). Would she claim it as personal income?

    WARNING: If any of you morons out there have given/give money to PT, I reserve the right to call you out publically and ridicule you.

  4. PC said

    ok well thankfully I never gave money to Tracy, although one time she demanded $20 from me because I called her and woke her up early, which caused her to get a migraine, and her migraine medication is supposedly $20 per pill.

    (this happened 18 months ago, back when I thought she was , like, normal and stuff.)

  5. Duh said

    I’ll pay you $20 to do it again.

    Wait, is that considered a threat? I threatened to pay someone to give Tracy a headache.

  6. Me said

    $20 per pill? Only if you don’t have insurance. Does that mean that Tracy, BEING SELF EMPLOYED AND RESPONSIBLE FOR HER OWN INSURANCE, doesn’t have it? Anyone see the irony in that since all the PTers complain about Mary Kay not offering it?

  7. MKRealist said

    And wasn’t she the one claiming that people needed to be responsible with their use of medication and doctors, and not go to them for everything because that drives the costs up for everyone else?

    Some simple stress-relieving activities (which are FREE) might relieve her need to expensive migraine medication!

    …and she could turn off the ringer…

  8. HumpDay said

    Duh, she would probably put the extra money in petty cash. No wait, that’s what you do with expenses. Hell, now you know why I failed accounting 101 in college.

  9. La la la la Lo-la said

    I can tell you that when I have a migraine simple, stress-relieving activities don’t cut it! Not being nasty…

    Was she serious about the $20 or joking?

  10. Duh said

    Ya know what gives me a migraine? Those little after dinner mints you get at showers. You know those soft ones with the non pareils on top? Everytime I eat those I see stars and get a massive, throbbing headache. Isn’t that weird?

  11. Me said

    I have migraine medication that costs about $10/pill. But since I have insurance, I only pay a copay. Since Tracy naturally inflates numbers, I imagine hers is the same as mine, which is Imtrex. And apparently she has no insurance coverage, for prescriptions at least.

  12. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Dark chocolate makes me have a migraine and I see those same stars. Are we from the same galaxy duh? Lately, I’ve been barfing with migraines too. I’ve gotten those shots in the bee-hind for them and those just make me tired. Imitrex doesn’t make me tired, but the back of my head feels like it weighs 60 pounds (which is an odd view of me trying to walk – you get the picture).

  13. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I think she has migraines from all the multiple personalities she has to deal with in her head. Really.

  14. FollowOurFlip said

    I get migraines when I try to read through all of these posts that I missed.

    And when I am looking for a house. That one is under contract now….so much for that….

  15. chineseambassador said

    ok well I don’t know if Tracy was joking when she asked me for the money. At the time I felt that she wasn’t joking, because I tried to laugh it off, and she kept insisting. So yes, I felt she was really asking me for money because I called her in the morning. Just one of many awkward moments I had with Big Ole TC.

    Now, I’m sure if she read this, she would say “of COURSE I was joking”….but who knows? maybe not. there’s just no telling. all I can say is how it felt at the time. She likes to take the mean stuff she does to people and call it a “joke” later – probably to cover her own evil ass.

  16. PC said

    oh sorry, that was me above, i forgot to log out of our other blog.

  17. FollowOurFlip said

    “We” think Tracy is a fucking moron. (But I really do mean we, as in all of us).

  18. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    FOF, Miss Chinese and I have been giving great decorating advice on your blog and where are you? Slacking off on duh’s blog. Sheesh!

  19. MKRealist said

    I didn’t mean to imply that migraines can be so simply solved. It was a sarcastic comment, given in light of the fact that she chastised someone on PT for complaining about the high cost of health insurance.

    Kind of hypocritical for her to complain about the cost of a pill.

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I got ya MKR. 😉

  21. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    I got ya too. I just got off in left field there in the same galaxy as duh and all. 😉 I remember reading that comment on the PT blog by Tracy too and thought, what a slam to people who have any kind of illness, as if you can prevent all types of cancer or being born with a birth defect.

  22. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ok, first the Naw’lin’s article and now people need to be “responsible with their use of medication and doctors, and not go to them for everything because that drives the costs up for everyone else”???

    What’s next, The VIC-tim in Michael Vick??

  23. Willie Lump Lump said

    oh, forgot to add…..


  24. I am pretty sure if you ask Tracy who ‘we’ is, she’ll say ‘Me, myself and I.’

  25. flycat said

    I though maybe she had a goldfish.


  26. Maybe it’s ‘Me and my eyelash mites…’

  27. I had a migraine or something very like last week from what I can tell. Never had that before and in fact, really never used to get headaches that much. Now I’ve had that and the residual pain for about 6 days. I wonder if someone is putting pins in their mrsmetaphor voodoo doll.

    Regarding the royal “we.” I do that in my newsletter for DoxaSoma. The thing is…that it’s a non profit organization so I do have a board of directors. I also have a small group of “teacher mentors” that advise me, so I guess it’s more than just me…

    I still say that she ought to make Pinktruth a non profit org….

    My DH has a virtual office in Chicago, just to put this into the ring too. It’s pretty common these days. Some of his clients know he lives out of town, others don’t know and don’t care. It’s a clearing house for his mail and phonecalls. I don’t know that it’s all that big o deal about the virtual office…that’s just my 2 cents.

  28. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    Mrsmetaphor, I don’t think the virtual office is a big deal either. It’s good/smart business. TC implying that she has an actual, full time office and staff when, it would seem she does not, is the big deal.

    Your DH sounds like a savvy businessman.

    I used to use the royal “we” when I was giving instruction to staff. Of course I would always add the clarification that when I say “we”, I mean “you”. 😉

  29. FollowOurFlip said

    Barf, B.I., LLC, Thanks yo! I HAVE been slacking. That creepy house is under contract now, so fuck that. Back to house hunting…..

  30. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Someone else bought it first? 😦 Where will FOF live…the saga continues.

  31. Duh said

    Hey Mrs., is your husband’s virtual office next door to Tracy’s?

    The whole point of this post is that there is NOTHING wrong with having a virtual office. There’s nothing wrong with owning your own business and working for yourself. Apparently, Tracy thinks that there is something wrong with that since she tries to gloss over those facts.

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracy LOVES to exaggerate, gloss over facts, not answer questions, give one liner answers, gossip, harrass, ban, cyber sex and who knows what else. Her world revolves around making others miserable. Who would WANT that kind of life? I know I sure wouldn’t. Takes WAY too much effort to be a bitch. Much less to be nice. 🙂


  33. La la la la Lo-la said

    “didn’t mean to imply that migraines can be so simply solved. It was a sarcastic comment, given in light of the fact that she chastised someone on PT for complaining about the high cost of health insurance.

    Kind of hypocritical for her to complain about the cost of a pill.”

    I figured ya didn’t, MKR. I was just being stupid b/c I had one last night and I had to take Imitrex, Tylenol and Phenergan b/c it was making me sick. Then I slept for 3 hours and it blew my night. It came out pissy and I didn’t mean it to be. =)

    Now, let’s go back to being bitches.

  34. If Tracy can try and charge $20 for her migraine pill, I wonder if I can charge my hubby and children for my paxil???? Things that make you go hhhmmmm.

  35. You know what’s funny…it’s pretty close to his virtual office….they could take the virtual train together sometime, maybe share a newspaper or something.

  36. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  37. FollowOurFlip said

    Barf, B.I., LLC- I KNOW! Where WILL I live?? I lurve you Barf, B.I., LLC, you are the ONLY one that cares about my homless-ass……

  38. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    I lurve you too FOF. We’ll find you a house. You keep updating your blog. I’ll come visit often. Maybe you can live in your blog? LOL

  39. FollowOurFlip said

    Might end up that way barf…..

  40. FollowOurFlip said

    Hey Barf, B.I., LLC, Deleting the Blog. Holla.

  41. La la la la Lo-la said

    “If Tracy can try and charge $20 for her migraine pill, I wonder if I can charge my hubby and children for my paxil???? Things that make you go hhhmmmm”

    LOL! You should look into it.

  42. Huh….well, I guess I have been banned.
    either that or I got lost in the database.

    Wow, I’m really suprised. I really am. That’s very disappointing.

  43. Hey Willie Lump Lump, what’s this about N’awlins? TC didn’t diss my homies did she???

    And I think I’ve started having some form of migraine as I get older. Does that happen? I hope not!

  44. La la la la Lo-la said

    Sometimes, migraines are hormonal, Therapist. I hope you don’t have them, either!

  45. ex-PTer said

    mrs – you still are viewable, profilewise.

    and it looks like someone has logged in for you this morning:

    Name: mrsmetaphor
    Posts: 276 (1.117 per day)
    Position: Baroness
    Karma: 39
    Who changed my karma Whose karma have I changed
    Date Registered: Dec 18, 11:26 AM
    Last Active: Today at 09:07 AM

  46. My Cat Came Back said

    yeah, the one line answers is what used to drive me crazy. You might pour your heart and soul out and you’d get a very short reply back with absolutely no substance at all. I’d be like WTF?? Doesn’t she know that I worship the ground she walks on and all she can do is give me a one liner!! ROFLMFAO!!

    She’s done so much damage to herself she doesn’t dare to type too much, that which could and probably would be used against her. Dang woman can’t win for losin’. I suspect, based on her actions, that she believes the rest of us peons/suckers/whiners are beneath her. *eye roll* LOL

  47. Yeah that is actually me. I logged in through a memorized link on my browser and it worked. It was the old board link. So, maybe it’s just the database thing. That’s what I”m going to assume. Although, when I try to get in through the front page I get this error:

    Your login has been blocked. Please contact the administrator.

    So, that seems sort of odd. Anyone else (not banned people) get that message? There were 88 guests this morning which makes me think that truly, there is a problem with the database. I doubt she banned 88 people overnight and I HIGHLY doubt there are 88 guests…lol…

  48. My Cat Came Back said

    “88 guests”

    lmao – it’s all part of “The Big Lie” 😉

  49. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    FOF, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sob* Now where will you live?

  50. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    The Therapist…do I know you from PT???? You keep saying N’awlins….and we used to talk about that in chat…hmmm…..

  51. Uh, I don’t think so. I never chatted on PT. I don’t remember. But I lived in N’awlins for years.

  52. FollowOurFlip said

    I don’t know Chuck (that is your new nick-name Barf, B.I., LLC, in honor of “up-chuck”). I don’t know WHERE I will live!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see the new post, LOL, fuck houses….

  53. Chuck said

    I like that name. I thought you deleted your blog. Damn, I’m always behind.

  54. Chuck said

    I found it! Don’t quit the blog until you find a house. Chinese lady and I want to help you decorate. 😉

  55. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I lurved me some N’awlins when I visited the year before Katrina. We had SO much fun and everyone was so nice, even the drunks down on Bourbon Street!

  56. FollowOurFlip said

    I AM deleting it. Just waiting for the mad rush of people here to leave me comments there and make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    (I my best myspace voice) “Comment Damnit!”

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