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Almost Free

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To all of my PT friends:  I’ve only been here about a month and a half and I’ve made quite a few good friends. I’ve really enjoyed my time here with everyone, especially my new friends—until the latest incidents that have occurred in the last few weeks-the bannings, people leaving, the public humiliations…then the way I was treated.  I just want my peeps to know that I will miss you and you know how to reach me, of course:


First of all-I never wanted to cause any trouble here on PT.  I came here to seek the truth, get answers, make friends, and speak my opinion.  Obviously speaking my opinion isn’t allowed here on PT.  The last few posts I have made I have been misunderstood, publicly mocked, or falsely accused.  I did nothing to deserve this. 
My last post on the thread about “Please read the Rules”, I asked a simple question about the rules being edited thinking Tracy might want to put the new last edited date on the rules.  I had just read the rules with a last edited date of May 2007 a few days before Tracy posted this thread. I did not appreciate her comment directed to me saying:

“Yes, Miss Peri. the rules have been revised.
Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance”

This is libel.  I never copied and pasted a thread on another site.  The only thing I have done is emailed a thread to a friend.  What she did with it – I don’t know.  Haven’t many of us here at PT copied and pasted info from UnitNet and other websites?  What about the pictures that are posted from Seminar?  Aren’t those copyrighted?   IMO-I thought that once something was on the internet it was free game. 

I feel that when someone asks a question that challenges Tracy, she deletes the thread.  She can’t handle the challenge so she deletes the thread.  Then she starts taking away privileges…If I don’t have any privileges, then why am I here?  This is how a bully works-someone challenges a bully and the bully can’t take the heat so he/she does whatever else he/she can do…in her case- deletes threads/posts and take away privileges.
I thought Tracy always said that we could ask her anything.  The last few times I have asked her anything I have been jumped on, ousted, deleted, publicly ridiculed and “grounded” (privileges taken away).  This doesn’t sound quite right to me. It actually sounds immature, silly, and downright childish to me.

Another good question I have wondered about -If certain people have been banned or deleted, then why does it still say “member”? LIES-LIES-LIES.  I came here for the truth and all I ended up with was a lot more childish-immature behavior, deceit and lies.  I didn’t ask for this-I am not a trouble maker.  I could understand this if I was trying to cause trouble.  But I don’t have time for trouble.

Because of these recent incidents that have occurred-that I sure did not see coming-I am requesting that my banning process be completed.  If I do not have regular privileges like everyone else-why am I here? Why start something and not finish it-let the banning finish-please. Tracy, please delete my account.

Miss Periwinkle  Purple

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  1. Miss Periwinkle said

    It’s official:

    Sorry Miss Periwinkle, you are banned from using this forum!
    At your request, you have been removed from Pink Truth.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Welcome to the BFBF Periwinkle. But be forewarned, Tracy will only ban you and change your password. She will not delete your account because she keeps it to inflate her member numbers. But you don’t really give a shit righ? What she does now, you don’t have to be a part of!


  3. FreeFromPT said

    dizzy – do you have that typed in a marco somewhere? ROFL

  4. Miss Periwinkle said

    Well Dizzy-actually I do give a shit-not really-but this is a pet peave of mine-people that are banned but it still says they are a member-MORE LIES FROM TRACY!

    changing subject-I am so good at-IT IS FINALLY RAINING!!!!!!!

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Free…I really should make one eh? Looks like I’m gonna be sayin it a lot the way they’re droppin like flies over in Crazyland.

    Peri…I know what you mean, which is why we call Tracy out on her discrepancies. (sp?)

    I wonder if HH and Miss P’s posts have been deleted off of PT yet. Someone go infiltrate and check!

  6. throwinguppink said

    Welcome, Periwinkle… Although I am pretty sure one of my “other” names told you to go to hell or something a few weeks ago during the defending the devil AKA tracy thread…

    Glad you have gotten out of that second fog!

  7. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Miss Periwinkle, loved your post. Wish I had the guts to say something like that.

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MIssP, your post has been removed. Gotta love how quick the Queen Bitch is.

  9. ScrewU said

    Uh Oh…. looks like the Queen didn’t like your comments Peri. So she flushed them. Good thing we have them archived here for all the PTers to see the real truth

  10. Miss Periwinkle said

    ScrewU-You know I have it saved too. Throwinguppink-right after I posted here back then is when I really began to see how things worked at PT. That is when I began to observe more and post on here more. I’ve wanted to reveal myself-but didn’t want to bring that stupid post up again-but if we have to-so be it. I didn’t want to reveal myself until I did post my goodbye letter-and Walla-here I am!

  11. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    Hi BFBF. I’ve been posting here for a while. Reading for almost as long as I’ve been on PT, which was in April or May.

    You may also know me as SAM.

  12. FreeFromPT said

    Wahooo Miss Daisy!

  13. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    OK…what were your screennames?? I’m dying to know who Miss P and HH were posting as all this time. giggles….

  14. Willie Lump Lump said

    Aww, this is soo cute and touching. All these Willie Lump Lump Jr’s around here brings a tear to my eye. ^sniff^

    Anyone wanna use my other screen name ‘Boo Boo the Fool’? It’s up for grabs….

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Isn’t boo boo another name for SHIT?

  16. Willie Lump Lump said

    used in proper form, yes. But ‘Boo Boo the Fool’ bascially means the same thing as Willie Lump Lump…..A sucker who fell for tracy’s shit.

  17. Willie Lump Lump said

    “MIssP, your post has been removed. Gotta love how quick the Queen Bitch is.”

    Ok, for real! Does Queen Bitch EVER step away from the keyboard to at least take a SHIT? Damn!

  18. Miss Periwinkle said

    Daddy? Is that you?

  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    OMG…I have told you all before, TRacy must wear DEPENDS undergarments because she refuses to take time out for bathroom breaks. Keep UP bitches.

  20. Miss Periwinkle said

    Actually-it was up longer than I thought it would be-she must have been actually taking her once a day shit.

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Maybe she does her own colonics so she can go a few days w/out shitting?

  22. Miss Periwinkle said

    Dizzy-good one-LMAO!!!

  23. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I can’t believe people PAY someone to basically give themselves diarreah, all to loose what, 5 pounds, of fucking WATER? STUPID people. stupid stupid stupid.

  24. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh shit, Dizzy’s outta control!


  25. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I”m trying to be as crazy and sarcastic as I can. It’s Friday damnit, I’m allowed! Is it workin?

  26. I'll have a Cosmo said

    I love me some sarcasm! Keep it up and I’ll try to keep up and bounce some off ya!

  27. I wonder if anyone who is still in the good on PT will go to chat tonight and ask what the heck is going on….I think, and maybe it’s JUST me…that is someone wants to KNOW what is going on she ought to ASK and do it publicly.

  28. Duped said

    Welcome to you too, Miss Periwinkle. I don’t recall reading many of your posts on my short time on PT, but am happy you are here.

    Okay, I have been FAR too fucking nice tonight. All this nicey-nice shit is going to give me a haemmoroid. 😛

  29. Glad to see Miss Periwinkle has decided enough was enough. You are welcome here. 🙂

  30. La la la la Lo-la said

    Hi Miss P!

  31. SuperFreak said

    Pretty soon PT will have nobody left. I stuck in there for a long time, but you know… it’s getting ridiculous. If you ask questions about certain books, their names get starred out, you’re told the author is a troll, all sorts of stuff, and HUSH HUSH HUSH. God damn it, I am an adult. I can ask some fucking questions. I don’t like being treated like a mushroom (keep em in the dark and feed em shit.) I’ve had about enough!

  32. Miss Periwinkle said

    Thank you Semi~Charmed! Much appreciated! Been here awhile though-hehe.

    Superfreak-YOU GO! Tell ’em!

  33. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    WOW. I thought I was the only one that had problems over there and that was several months ago.

  34. Miss Periwinkle said

    NCN-are you still there? I was in and out-signed up on July 8-gone officially yesterday-yippee!

  35. I was NoPink said

    Duped, would it make you feel better if I made fun of you? It’s not normally in my nature, but for you, I can try…

  36. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Haha=I was NoPink

  37. Mis P – thanks for coming, I think you earned me some virtual dollars on the Out Wit Out Play Out Last board. I think I’ll use them to buy some BFBF business cards to leave in the bathrooms around TCs virtual office, for when she takes her virtual shit…

  38. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Congratulations pd-was that the contest where you guys were guessing who would leave next?? And you got that right-she only takes VIRTUAL shits-LMAO!

  39. throwinguppink said

    Miss P: Yep, we all know what it is like to defend the big old mean tracy!

    God, if you saw some of my posts from last year to her on PLH you would VOMIT… Probably much worse than what you posted…

    Live and learn, and run from the lunatics!

  40. Yup, Miss PNM, that’s the one! Better than the Ghoul Pool – no one dies! After you got bitch slapped by TC, I thought that no one could stand for that… And I had never even seen you on PT – when did you start there?

  41. PC said

    “If you ask questions about certain books, their names get starred out, you’re told the author is a troll, all sorts of stuff, and HUSH HUSH HUSH.” – gothchiq

    ooooooh I bet I know who you’re referencing….lol the authors are “trolls” eh? Well if you have any questions, ask away.


  42. La la la la Lo-la/eyesicle said

    What books, Gothie? I must have missed that thread!

  43. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Gothchic? Did I miss something? Are you here too?

  44. I'll have a Cosmo said

    I guess expressing your thoughts and opinions constitutes creating drama?
    You can’t publish a goodbye letter on the board stating why you chose to leave because it is drama? Puleeeeeeese

    Save the drama for your mama thread….
    « on: Today at 11:16 AM » Quote

    At the risk of being shot in the name of Pink Truth (I actually thought this guy was being shot at – not tomatoed)….

    I am declaring a drama free board!
    I have been on this board long enough to see what has gone down. Do I miss HER too? Of course – but you don’t see me all protesting the site. We are all here on a mission – to save those from MK and the fog.

    By creating disruption YOU ARE LETTING MKC WIN!!!!!!!!!! They are probably waiting for this kind of thing to happen! Your aren’t hurting Tracy – you are hurting those who haven’t even discovered PT yet.

    I am requesting those with beefs go to Tracy directly, PM all your girls friends till your fingers bleed – but PLEASE stop wrecking it for the rest of us!!

  45. throwinguppink said

    Cosmo, who wrote that one??

  46. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Miss P. I go over occasionally and read the board at PT. But that’s about it.

  47. I'll have a Cosmo said

    The author is MKDebtvictim24. Are you surprised?

  48. FreeFromPT said

    Really? So MKDebtvictim24 feels that way huh? Wait til it’s her turn. It won’t be long and she’ll change her tune.

  49. PC said

    well she’s not going to be banned yet – that post won her some brownie points with the Ole Queen.

    But it never lasts, yo…

  50. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    PD-I started on PT July 8 this year-not there long at all-in and out. Now trying to work out who’s who over here-hehe.

    Cosmo-?? Can’t remember if I know you or not-too many names and places-LOL

  51. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    MKDebtvictim24-she’s the one with the brown nose-right?


  52. My Cat Came Back said

    dang, I think we need a cast list here to keep up with all the different screen names.

    Hey author’s – how about a post dedicated just to outing ourselves 😉 and a place to put all of our different screen names we’ve used in the past. I’m sure many would be amazed at how many each of us know or who have been reading each others messages over the past few months/years. Might be kinda fun and it might push me to finally “out” myself lol

  53. Yeah, Peri, you came on after my banning. I bet I missed some great shit, yo…

  54. I’d love an “outing” post for those who are willing to out themselves!

  55. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    I have been posting here since I posted my stupid post. Waiting on anyone to guess who I am-that doesn’t already know what name I have been using.
    Any guesses?

    I am all for the post dedicated to outing ourselves-but some might not want some of the rest of the cyberworld to know-I don’t care who knows now.

  56. My Cat Came Back said

    you know….for me. Pink Truth has served it’s purpose and definitely time to move on. Oh, just another out loud thought comin’ at ya 😉

  57. Miss Periwinkle No More said


  58. It is so good to read all of this!

  59. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Cat came back…you’ve been posting ’round these parts quite a while. You ever gunna think out loud that PT name of yours? 😉

  60. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    My Cat Came Back wants a list of the players and names-and we don’t know her pt name? WOW!

  61. Another way PT is like MKC…nobody wants to rock the boat and when someone does it kind of doesn’t matter because it’s hushed up and the revolving door opens to bring in the next batch.

    So, if you’re content on PT, lurking readers…that is where you are at…and I get that, I really do. We ALL get that. At some point you have to ask yourselves though…what is the deal with all these disgruntled former IBC’s (independant blogging criticizers).

    I say that as long as MKC keeps chewing up and spitting out recruits then so will PT.

  62. SuperFreak said

    Eyesicle, I wish I could remember the name. Someone was getting ready to publish a book about the inside story on MK. I need to see if I can find it again. I want to read it. Yes, this is gothchiq.

  63. throwinguppink said

    Hmmmmm… Could that have been PC’s book???????

  64. I think that was PC’s book…is it Mary Kay Unmasked, PC? There is a link to that here….

  65. SuperFreak said

    Yes!!! I want that book!

  66. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Everytime I see your name, I start singing…

    She’s a Superfreak-Superfreak…She’s superfreakeeee…yow!

  67. PC said

    Oh jeez

    well my book website is a total mess right now because I’m trying to redesign it. LOL

    it’s a long story. We have spent the last 7 months trying to get published, but our first agent fell down on the job so we had to fire him. That was in May. Now we are trying to get a new agent. There are several people interested in our book, but the roadblocks are that 1. we’re not famous, and it’s very very hard to get nonfiction published if you are a nobody, and 2. we’re writing on a touchy subject.

    Which is why we are revamping the angle we’re taking, etc. It’s been a tough year, we’ve worked really hard, and we’re NOT giving up.

    thanks to everyone who’s been supportive of us!!!! (that would not include Tracy of course.)

  68. Send the publishers here and there, YOU ARE FAMOUS PC. LOL!

  69. I wonder if Tracy is hoping that she’ll be the one to write that book instead of you guys….I know, that’s kind of an “out there” theory. (sorry…in a snarky mood today…need more advil)

  70. PC said

    well if we can’t find a publisher willing to take a chance on us, the backup plan has always been self-publishing, or posting it as a free download, like Eric Scheibler did with his Amway book.

    So it’s going to see the light of day eventually. We’re just not ready to give up on the traditional publishing route yet, because we’ve had too much encouragement from agents.

    Tracy said she wouldn’t promote our book because I was “backstabbing” her back in December. Which was horse pucky, of course. It stemmed from the Sickie incident in the chat room. She read all of the chat transcripts – Sickie’s bawling about her, and my responses, and decided I was “talking about her behind her back”.

    Whatever. I think it was just an excuse so that she could ignore us.

  71. Duped said

    I really do hope you get your book published, PC. It would be an interesting read and a definite addition to my coffee table books. 🙂

    As for making fun of me, NoPink, I would luuurrrrve that. You all know I thrive on that kind of stuff. 😛

  72. PC said

    well i always thought it would be perfect for a coffee table, especially if you agree to host a party for someone, and then accidentally leave it out………………

  73. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Coffe table book-great idea!
    Where’s Dizzy?

  74. PC said

    lol who knows

    maybe she actually has a life and Saturday afternoon is busy? 😉

    does anybody else on here twitter??? http://www.twitter.com

  75. I was NoPink said

    Okay, Duped, whatever you say, just give me a minute to work up the nerve…

  76. Soooo interesting said

    Wow, a lot of “stuff” goes on in this internet world doesn’t it. Just following links and ended up here, then started reading. Gothchiq? Does this mean you will be banned from PT now since you have told your PT name? Say it isn’t so!

  77. Snapya-fingers said

    Wassup Hoochies! Miss Periwinkle No More in the House!

  78. I dunno, So. it seems that there is some sort of strange logic to it. If you ASK to be banned or deleted then she will do it…if you just post here and don’t out yourself but she THINKS it’s you…she’ll do it…if you post an inflammatory post on PT and add a link to DUH then she’ll do it…

    I don’t remember Gothie asking to be deleted, so I”m thinking she’ll keep her right to post and read there.

    I did not ask to be deleted. I merely spoke my mind and said that I wanted a public witness to it. I also said that I chose to not engage on PT anymore. I did NOT say that I would not read and so I have been doing so. I have not been banned yet, although when I go in through the new site link I get an error message that I have been banned.

  79. Dominatrix said

    Miss P. — you’re “Snapya”?? Cool.

  80. Mercedes said

    Yeah-it’s me! But I believe I am gonna go to one new name all together-too many names
    Forget Miss Periwinkle…she died
    Forget Miss Periwinkle No More…That gets old and Miss Periwinkle is dead anywho-even though I so loved that name
    Forget Snapya-fingers…that was my Miss Periwinkle incognito days

    WELCOME: Mercedes.Rules—Mercedes is the new name

    Mercedes is in the house!!!


  81. gothchiq said

    ok, no need for multiple names any more; I’m out. lol

    I do not know if I will be banned. I was kind of surprised to not already be banned since I am obviously on here! *shakes head* no rhyme or reason to it that I can fathom.

  82. Mercedes said

    I am one-Mercedes.

    Or maybe I should just go back to Miss Periwinkle-hhhhmmmmm.
    Darnit! So confused.
    Wassup gothie! How’s it goin’?

  83. Not a Bee-liever said

    Aw man. I liked the way Snapya-fingers sounded. 😦
    The new site login error doesn’t have a thing to do with being banned as far as I know.

  84. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Hey gothie, Mercedes and Not-a-bee! Top if the mornin to ya!

  85. Not a Bee-liever said

    This is like Instant Messenger. Only, not so “instant”. LOL!

  86. Hey NAB…no, it’s convenient though for Tracy. Purely coincidence that I’d be one of the people who would have to email her and have her reset my password. It’s interesting though, that the message, instead of saying, “your login has failed…contact admin” or “there is an error with your login…blah blah blah” says “Your login is BANNED on this forum.” BANNED??? BANNNED? how freakin offputting is THAT? hm….

    So, in esssence…if I want to keep reading on the boards after the loophole backdoor to get in is bricked up I’ll have to email Tracy for it. You see?

    Maybe this will suffice….Tracy, my login is Banned…can you fix that for me? thanks.

  87. Mercedes said

    Wassup FreeFrom PT! sent you a message…

  88. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Mrs….there’s not reason to go back to the PT boards anyway is there? I mean, aren’t you fullfilled here, on this wonderful blog? 😉


  89. NoNoNoNoIDontSmokeItNoMore said

    Does Tracy post here? We know she lurks…..

  90. Dizzy, you will always be enough for me, babe.

  91. Mercedes said

    Just had to come back here for the memories-hehe! I also posted this on my blog so I can have it archived myself!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone here! And to all of my peeps that are here instead of “there”!


  92. ecopeeartha said

    you must read suprisely for less

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