No-PinkColored Glasses


Written By: ScrewU

  • Will ya look at that! said,

    August 24, 2007 @ 8:22 pm

    WOW. PPPJ leaving is huge!

    I left PT the day Miss P was spanked. My “goodbye cruel world” was tucked inside a thread of mine where I had asked for prayers…here it is,

    “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep loving and supporting each other, even when you disagree. I have met some wonderful, wise, and funny women (and men) here. I have really enjoyed interacting with so many of you.

    That is why it makes me so sad to leave.

    After I post this I will be PM-ing Tracy to delete my userprofile. Something just happened that finalized my decision that PT is not the best place for me (of course it was NOT this thread), but I wish you all well and good luck.

    I am not trying to stir the pot, just to say goodbye and thank you.

    No-PinkColored Glasses, signing off…


    1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Good God, another one bites the dust. Maybe that should be our new theme song???

      How ya like THEM apples Queen Bitch? Pretty soon you won’t have any supporters left. Anyone notice the posts don’t have many comments, and the comments that are there are from new peeps? I wonder how long before they TOO catch a fart in the wind from Tracy and high tail it outta Crazyland?

    2. Sage Cruise said

      Good job, NoPinkColoredGlasses. So sad it has to be this way – black or white – no in between.

    3. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

      Trust me dizzy – the fart word pic is just too much! rof

    4. Miss Periwinkle said

      Way to go No Pink Colored Glasses! ScrewU-Me lurves your pics!

    5. Left the Freakshow said

      fart in the wind … LMAO!!

    6. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      LOL it is kinda funny isn’t it? I lifted it from a movie.

      “He disappeard like a fart in the wind”.

      A hundred bucks to the person who knows what movie it’s from

    7. PC said

      well this really is sad.

      Think of the fun place PinkTruth could have been, if Tracy was a different kind of person. Such a shame.

      oh well. we got pinklighthouse. LOL And for those of us tired of Mary Kay in general, now we have DUH.

    8. Willie Lump Lump said

      Catch a fart in the wind Dizzy????


    9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Haven’t any of you hookers heard that quote? Don’t any of you watch movies? LOL

      That’s my new tagline…no more BITCHES

      It’s HOOKERS

    10. I'll have a Cosmo said

      GO DUH! GO DUH!

    11. I was NoPink said

      Thanks. Can’t think of anything else witty right now.

      Funny pic, but I can assure you I do NOT look like that.

      I would also like to say that, even though I am here tonight, I personally do not hate TC. I told her that I wish her well when I left and I meant it. I just disagree with her very strongly.

      You all have the right to feel however ya wanna feel, just wanted you to know where I was at.

    12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      I’ll drink to THAT! And not a fuckin virtual drink, but a REAL LIFE drink…where’s my captn?

    13. Miss Periwinkle said

      That is what I say to my friends when I depart from them-HOOKER!

    14. PC said


    15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      PC…i’m witchya gur, I’m fixin to git myself a drinky drink in a little bit!


    16. PC said

      “It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do!”

      crackin the bottle as we type…..

      SLUT #2

    17. PC said

      could DUH please flush the Mush Pot?

    18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    19. I was NoPink said

      hey, I though we we talking about me here…

    20. PC said

      Oh sorry – We WILL talk about you after we tie one on…..hee hee heeeee

    21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      suck it yo. go over to the mush pot hooker

    22. I was NoPink said

      Oh good, b/c as someone else on her said recently, it is ALL about me…

    23. I'll have a Cosmo said

      Hey, it’s me…..Cosmo….did someone mention a drink? Remember, plenty of lime.

    24. I was NoPink said

      Oh geez, I MEANT to say ON HERE! That was hilarious.

    25. I was NoPink said

      Mrs M, I can’t seem to use any profanity either…

    26. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    27. PC said

      dizzy you are a WHORE

      i’m going i’m going

    28. Miss Periwinkle said

      Uh-can’t get to the mush pot…trying again

    29. My Bologna Has A First Name said

      Fresh and clean 😀

    30. I'll have a Cosmo said

      I can’t get there either. Is the thread gone? Don’t matter, I am going to bed now for some Chantix induced whacked out dreams.

    31. Miss Periwinkle said

      I am taking chantix-for the second time-as i smoke a cig-hehe

    32. I know it Nopink…I keep trying….

      *poo poo*

      nope…no dice.

      Welcome, babe…I’m with you. I do not hate Tracy or PUR. I have one enemy and it’s not either of those two. I’m just all about justice at this point and the quest for the leader with a servant’s heart.

    33. I am glad that these ladies are seeing the real light of PT/TC and are leaving to express their own minds and opnions! Welcome to BFBF~

    34. I was NoPink said

      Thanks Semi, although I dunno why I even stopped in here…ya’ll, um, MEANIES, have made fun of my posts here TWICE now. But I am a big girl and I can take it.

    35. I was NoPink said

      Look, MRS! I said MEANIES!!! OOooohhh…

    36. I was NoPink, No worries. We make fun of each other here and it’s all in fun. And any “fun” we had with one of your posts was just because they were defensive of PT/TC and really, now you know why. Just come visit here and have a good laugh. Say what you mean when you want to. It’s liberating.

    37. mkrules said

      Dizzy/NPH: I was half way done monogramming you some towels that said BITCHES, then you go and change your word to HOOKERS. Geez, how inconsiderate! 😉

      You all know I am not one to TC bash or read PT (except what is posted here), but BFBF is like a soap to me. Who will be banned next? Tune in next week on Banned from the Bitchfest…*roll credits*.

      In all seriousness, control is a funny thing. You can control people to make yourself “happy”, but it is never enough. I think that is the cycle TC is in. The problem is it is never fulfilling because she is forcing her way. Only when one can let go of all the control can you be happy. Yeah, not everyone will like what you are all about. There are plenty of people who apparently want to vomit on me, my blog, and my “5 participants” (not accurate!). So what? At least I know those who DO like me, really do. I never have to worry that anyone on my blog is fake. So I will take that, pink puke and ALL!

      Keep it positive and keep it REAL. 🙂

    38. La la la la Lo-la said

      One of the mebers on PT wrote, “I wish you would stay!” to my PTocide note. So…I PM’d her your link, duh! LOL!

    39. La la la la Lo-la said

      Here is the PTocide note B4 TC takes it down!

      Trade Count: (0)

      Karma: 52

      Posts: 549

      Take Care and Good Luck!
      « on: Today at 07:56 PM » Quote

      I am leaving, too. It’s been great getting to know you all and chatting. There’s been so much drama on the board lately and things aren’t right. It’s not a happy place anymore. People need to be able to ask questions and challenge the status quo. That’s not happening anymore. And, I do miss my “Sickie!”

      God bless

    40. High Hopes has left the Building said

      Well Miss Eyesicle! Woo Hoo for you!!!!!! You are right it wasn’t fun anymore!

      If we can’t question and challenge the status quo that makes us blind followers ~ sheep if you will! Baaaaaaaa

    41. Miss Periwinkle said

      Yeah Miss Eyesicle-waiting for you here, girl!

    42. I was NoPink said

      Hi eyesicle! Good for you!

      and semi-charmed, i actually meant you all lifted two of my posts from PT and made fun of them HERE. But that STILL wasn’t enough to scare me away. and i am all for feeling liberated!!

    43. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

      mrs – u r right on / i feel the same way.

    44. Did you see that 2% left PT as well? WOW

    45. Nopink
      Well at least they didn’t put a picture up of a NUN on your post! LOL….

      I’ll tell you one thing…when the BF was slamming me the advice I got (and I understand why it was given) was to ignore it…to not engage. It went against every fiber of my being to just ignore something I knew was wrong. You guys were wrong about me and I was pissed! (well, you were right on a couple of things but that’s not my point…lol).

      So my BEST ADVICE to anyone who sees their name here with disparaging remarks is to come here and post. I’m not saying you need to defend yourself…I’m just saying that the minute you do that you will see that we’re all real people here and the people here will see that you are real as well.

      It helps if you can see the humor in things too…and apparently Dizzy likes it when you cuss…

      *clam chowder*


    46. I was NoPink said

      Oh by the way Mrs, one time when I was posting here anonymously and saying that not all PTers are evil Willie accused me of being you! lol. I guess we are a lot alike.

    47. FreeFromPT said

      *clam chowder* ROFL That one made me snort mrs! Darn it.

    48. FreeFromPT said

      Eyesicle – I miss you too.

    49. Not a Bee-liever said

      mrs. said, “the people here will see that you are real as well.”

      That’s not true since you can use any number of screen names. I AM NOT A SCREEN NAME YOU HOOKERS! Hi, nice to meet you. The suggestion of Not a Pee Tee-er was really funny. Thanks for hosting my PT funeral.

      tick tock tick tock. . . I haven’t gotten in trouble yet. My next screen name will be Spank My Fanny.

    50. FreeFromPT said

      *waving to not a bee!*

    51. I was NoPink said

      NOT A BEE!! HI! Thanks for the nice Pm and karma as I exited! UR good peeps in my book!

    52. SuperFreak said

      Hello dudettes. I am now going to out myself. I am Gothchiq. I’m through with PT. I don’t give a rip about being banned or whatever; everyone’s leaving anyway. I’ll just truck my buns on over to Pink Lighthouse instead.

      Bah, I don’t want to be a member of the cat haters’ club anyhow, now do I!

    53. I am still amused at the similarities between MK and PT:

      “I can’t log in to InTouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      “I can’t log in to PT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    54. throwinguppink said

      So now we have not a bee and gothie?? DAYUM.

      Welcome ladies… Although I think many of us were banned before y’all even came on board!

      And please do head over to PLH for some fun with us there too!

      Tracy, tracy, tracy… What is a girl to do??

    55. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Wassup SuperFreak-gothichiq!!! Let ‘er rip!

      Not a bee-liever-so glad you’re here! So glad lots of my buddies and I are in this together-or should I say out of this together-lol. PT funeral? When? CRAP-can’t go either-I’m dead too-LMAO! If I were alive-I would be there-we are together in spirit though. CRAZY!

      Hookers!! Love it!

    56. Shut up! Gothie you sneaky cat…

      I’m so freakin dense I never even TRY to figure out who is who.

      Nopink- I remember that…lol…I chimed in and said that Willie was wrong.

      Hey maybe Lazy Gardens will come on to make sure everyone knew that PC was not really Lazy Gardens….see? Then we’ll know she’s real….like the Velveteen Rabbit.

      (I’m going over to see your blog later today Gothie… speaking of velvet.)

    57. Dizzy – Nacho Libre (fart in the wind…)?

    58. FreeFromPT said

      Hey gothie! Miss ya!!!

    59. PC said

      Oh LOL

      can’t wait for Lazy Gardens to show up here. After that, when PUR finally gets banned, we’ll know that we’ve “arrived”.

      At the mental hospital doorstep. lol

    60. La la la la Lo-la/eyesicle said

      Gothchiq! Yay! We were looking for you in one of the threads earlier!!! I am SO GLAD you are here!!!!!!

    61. My Cat Came Back said

      YAY!!! gothie is in da house!! You are so down to earth and so glad you came to join us. I like your spunk girl!!

      Duh is definitely a place for all of us to hang and talk about life vs. just our horrific MK experience. It’s definitely, I would dare to say, our next step to moving on. I’ve said before (as a different poster) that sometimes I’ve felt like a slave to these blogs!! lol – now if I could just get away from the DUH addiction lolol oh, and I love you car commercial too DUH – I think of you every time I see it on TV. AHHHH!!! I can’t get DUH outta my head lmao

    62. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      La la la la Lo-la is eyesicle-too cool! Wassup?

      I’ve been posting here awhile too-can anyone guess who?

      Me lurves the word lurve (like some others do)-Yo MAMA! Whose Your Daddy?

    63. Willie Lump Lump said

      Aiiight?!?! I see we gotta a big ole ‘beat willie wit the wet noodle’ lovefest goin on in this bitch.

      K, bring it on you skanks. 😉

    64. Goth! Hooray you made it over! We’re getting all the fun ones over here! By the way, I need a new haircut and am considering your’s. I need a new do!

    65. I was NoPink said

      aww willie, Mrs M and I kin say you are wrong, but say it w Luuurve, right?

    66. I was NoPink said

      Gothie?! No way! Thanks for always being so fun and supportive!

      Is this to sappy for ya’ll?

    67. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Yeah for all the fun ones!
      Uh – huh-huh-she said do.

      Wassup Bugsy!-*waving to Bugsy*

    68. SuperFreak said

      Thanks for the warm welcome, chicklettes! XD

      Cedric the fuzzy Himalayan says MEOW and HI! It’s Caturday!

    69. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Aaaachoooooo! WOOF!

    70. SuperFreak said

      allergic, are you? lol

    71. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Yep-just picked up my doggy from his bath. Used to have cats-but not anymore-plus my dog doesn’t like cats too much.

      SuperFreak-so glad to be talking with you here!!!!

    72. throwinguppink said

      Hiya, eyesicle! Y’all are dropping like flies on a hot summer day…

      I also lurve the word lurve…

      And all the kitties here join in with the big MEOW welcome!

    73. I was NoPink said

      What is UP with this? My post didn’t go up. What IS this, PT?

      Awww Willie, just remember, when MrsM and I tell you that you are wrong, it is with LUUUuuurve. And I am sure you are not always wrong.

      Shout out to gothie! Hey gurrrl!

    74. Kit said

      “Caturday” — **snort**

    75. I was NoPink said

      What IS this, PT? My posts aren’t going up!

    76. I used to like Cats best…then I had a major psycho cat…then I was without animals…now I have a dog and the thought of MURDER comes to mind more often than I can convey. How I wish DH was NOT allergic to cats…I’d have gotten a cat instead.

    77. throwinguppink said

      I have both and they live together in peace and harmony.

      They do NOT blog.

    78. I was NoPink said


    79. I was NoPink said

      OH, NOW my posts go up…i was starting to think this was PT!

      Aww Willie, remember that when MrsM and I tell you that you are wrong, it is with LUUUuuurve…and I am sure you are not always wrong. =)

      Shout out to gothie!

    80. PC said

      sorry to the dog lovers here, but they STINK, they are MESSY, they require lots of WALKING, and when they jump on you they get their drool all over your clothes…..and they are LOUD.

      cats rule.

    81. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      PC-i understand if you don’t like dogs. I loke cats-just allergic. My dog doesn’t stink. He isn’t messy-except for shedding. Pretty lazy-he actually requires lots of rides-hehe. He even has his own car. We call it the Patchmobile. He doesn’t jump on anyone. He never drools-except one time, and that was because something was wrong with his tooth/gum. He has nice manners. He can be loud-because he is a talker. Of course I am partial to him because we have been together for 10 and a half years. We’ve been through a lot together. He’s been through a lot. It’s been the two of us-with people in and out of our lives. I acquired him when I was with my ex-bf and his full-blooded dalmation disappeared. I was looking for him and someone thought Patch was him. I said nope-not him. Then the lady called back a week or so later and said-I’m gonna have to take this dog to the pound…I said-I’ll be right over. We’ve been together ever since. Me lurves my Patch.

      Oh-sorry-didn’t know I was writing a book.

    82. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Uh-huh huh. I said loke.

    83. I love cats. Unfortunately a couple of years ago we determined that I had developed some severe allergies, including to cats. I had to give away my beloved baby. Sniff. The good side though -apparently my son was allergic too, because he has spent the entire past year sniffle free. Ah such is life.

    84. flycat said

      CATURDAY!!!!! I LUUURRRRRVE that. Goth, you have just got in good with me. LOLLLLLLL Welcome to you and also Miss P, eyesicle, pppj, HH, mrs M and anyone I missed. It’s a fun buncha cats here.


    85. Duped said

      Wow! Not a Bee and Gothie! Wow. Welcome to the bitchfest – gotta say, I am really happy to have you both here! 🙂

      Now, enough of the “love-in” bitches…I am not seeing any cussin’ going on here. If Dizzy comes back and there isn’t at least ONE reference to someone being a hooker or a bitch, she’s going to fucking lose it. 😛

      Fart knockers.

    86. Miss Periwinkle No More said


    87. Skanks

    88. Miss Periwinkle No More said


    89. flycat said

      Cat loving HOs!


    90. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

      Proud, cat-loving WENCH here.

    91. Licious said

      What’s up Gothie! It’s a partaaay up in heerrr now! I’m bout ta get crunk’d up in this bitch!

    92. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Shout out to my gurl DUPED! Good lookin’ out you bitch! My ever fucking loving cussing friends. *shedding a tear*


    93. NorthCarolinaNewbie said


    94. Miss Periwinkle No More said

      Strumpets! Love it!

    95. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

      My mommie used to say that. God rest her.

    96. *snot nose!*


    97. Mercedes said

      You Go Mrs! Tell ’em Sista! I think of Drop Dead Fred-snot nose

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