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Re: The Goodbye Thread

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It is with a sincere heart that I say a fond “farewell” to the PT community. I have not been actively posting for several weeks now, as I have been contemplating the right avenue and timing to say good-bye. I do believe that the time is now, and I can only hope that the avenue I have chosen will be seen by at least a few of the women who have been so instrumental in my post-MK recovery. Words cannot express the depth of appreciation I feel for the love, support, and acceptance I have found from the awesome women on this site; I have weathered many a personal storm with the help of many of you, in addition to the MK related issues, and for that especially, I am eternally grateful. In particular, the support and love shown to me in regards to my daughter’s final reconstructive surgery was a true gift, and I can only hope that I can “pay it forward” in some way, some how.

I know now that I am ready, yes finally ready, to truly “move on”; I am ready to enjoy myself, enjoy life, enjoy…everything! I am ready to take myself a little less seriously, to lighten up a bit, to say once and for all…”that was then, this is now”…and for me to do that, I must close the PT chapter on my life.

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  1. First of all – love the picture! Second, very nice letter 2%

  2. Hazedbypink seems kind of ticked off by the goodbye threads…I wonder why Hazed isn’t a Maven…was Hazed a maven at one time? Hazed…were you a maven?

  3. flycat said

    heh heh every time I see that name, I think

    Purple haze all in my brain
    Lately things just don’t seen the same


  4. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Woohoo 2%! You go girl!

  5. HighMaintenance said

    The former 2% Refugee is here!!! Waving to Miss P, freefromPT, eyesicle, Mrs M, HH, not a bee-liever, dizzy…dang, I’ll wave to everybody whether I know you are not…been lurking for a very long time, but since I “made the news” figured it was time to jump in the sandbox…

  6. FreeFromPT said

    Hey 2% you know I lurve ya girl!

    Does anyone have hazed’s comments? Why is she so ticked?

  7. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    *waving back*

  8. HighMaintenance said

    should have said “whether I know you OR not”….ya’ll will probably figure that out, but so used to the grammar police I’m a bit nervous…

  9. throwinguppink said

    No grammar police here…

    You can even make up words if you want!

  10. *snarkalicious*

    Mkdebt24 is kind of ticked off by the goodbye thread too…it’s confusing to newbies…all the drama. It’s me, it’s ALL ME…I am the puppet master of you ALL….bwahahahahahaha….Call me, THE DRAMAQUEEN and bow at my patchouli smelling feet…

  11. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Run 2%! Run! You can make it to the border before dawn!

  12. HighMaintenance said

    *Running towards the border*

  13. 2% – Welcome to the fun place! I noticed you weren’t around much on PT anymore, and was happy to read your goodbye letter. Congratulations and welcome to the fun party.

  14. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    U go, girl! 😉

  15. Kit said

    Welcome, 2%, I lurves you!! And all you other ex-PTrs. You’ve earned your wings, now fly, cats. And since I like this word, my tagline will be for now:


  16. Dominatrix (formerly Kit) said

    I thought I’d change my name before somebody else stole it.

  17. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Hmm. Do you think someone would try to steal mine? laughing

  18. Licious said

    snarkilicious. I like that word. It has a nice ring to it.

  19. Lola/eyesicle said

    Hugs to Kit and 2% and…Domantrix is a goooood name…

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