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Re: The Goodbye Thread

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I am leaving, too.  It’s been great getting to know you all and chatting.  There’s been so much drama on the board lately and things aren’t right.  It’s not a happy place anymore.  People need to be able to ask questions and challenge the status quo.  That’s not happening anymore.  And, I do miss my “Sickie!”

God bless

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  1. Applause!

  2. PC said

    what is about the weekends? last weekend was a trainwreck at PT too….

  3. Did Tracy just combine a bunch of “goodbyes” and make The Goodbye Thread? Just wonderin because some of the goodbyes I THOUGHT had their own thread earlier….hmmmmm

  4. Not a Bee-liever said

    Yes, they are combined. Everyone, please take your trash out in the provided bin. Then it can be conveniently deleted a few days later.

  5. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Yippee eyesicle! Who’s next? Who’s it gonna be?

  6. Duped said

    Lordy, lordy. Every time I turn around, someone else is leaving. Mass exodus, much?

    Alas, they all do make good points. You work out your MK hangover somewhere and, indeed, the time comes to move on. Obsessing about it all the time is not healthy. Life is so short – best to get out and soak up the sunshine and enjoy yourself.

    And to read Duh’s site – gives me my daily dose of laughter. 😛

  7. Dear Duh Admin Staff
    Can you create a page with all of the banning/goodbye letters on it, maybe call it something like:
    Our PT Stories

    just for those newbies, so they won’t be confused?

  8. maggie said

    I’m starting to wonder if my post about banning two weeks ago lit a fire under these girls to take back their lives.

  9. tracysucks said

    Welcome, banned and happy ladies!

    Geesh, I leave for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose.

    Bitches and hos!

  10. High Hopes has left the Building said


    Hey Not-a-Bee,

    Did you just sign your death warrant on PT??????? You realize that by posting here you are now on the list of undesirables.


    I didn’t see your post a few weeks back, what ultimately did it for me was that I was simply getting tired of talking all that is MK. There is more to life and for me it has been coming since probably mid May or there abouts, when the paranoia/drama fest started and mole hunting. I think folks get tired of being consumed by it and the reality is once you work out your issues, you move on. For the record I was not a victim of MK, I made my own decisions and didn’t suffer, in fact, I learned a great deal. I am neither pro or anti MK, I just don’t give a rip.

    Tracy I am going to say this to you here, you create your own drama with mole/witch hunts. You fired everyone up to go ‘huntin’ the mole’, and then turn around and tell us you didn’t have any idea of who it was. It was good for a weekend of business on the blog. All you succeeded in doing was creating an air of suspicion, mistrust and paranoia. Who wants to play in an atmosphere like that? FOR ME THAT PRETTY MUCH ICED THE CAKE, CUT IT AND SERVED IT ON A PRETTY PLATE WITH A GLASS OF MILK. When there is truly not an exchange of ideas and you stop being yourself and watching your P’s and Q’s all the time its no fun. You call this stirring the pot and creating an air of drama, its not. Two of the issues were settled and fine, then another member totally unrelated to the incident on both occasions stuck her nose in PURely for the sole purpose of causing trouble. This interference created the rats nest that ultimately ended in a banning and the wake up call of many on the boards, who at one time were more than willing to support your mission.

    This member needs to be chilled as well, not all of us share that particular persons views and the last time I checked she didn’t have the same last name as me, she’s not my mother and I’m not 5. At times her attacks have been vicious, unrelenting and uncalled for, as a matter of fact to put it simply PURely none of her business. As for ethical blogging/gossip, doesn’t being kind, compassionate and accepting others opinions, even if you don’t agree enter into that?

    Now lets address your mission of ‘bringing down MK’. IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. The company like any other big corporation is diversifying and IMHO they are looking at the burgeoning economies of the nations that are growing. They will never ever abandon North America, but in reality it is only really a very small piece of the pie. I think you really need to look at what floats your boat and is driving you to do this, I honestly don’t think you are going to be the one to bring down the big Pink Machine. The only ones capable of that are the management of MKC and we have seen it before with other corporations that have sunk themselves, through bad decisions.

    As the old song says “for every season turn, turn, blah blah blah”.

    So at this point I am gently closing the lid on the bot-bee-que, turning it off and selling it to the scrap yard………

    And by the way for all those who lurk here and PT if you still need to get rid of your drek you can contact: sicknpink@hotmail.com She will tell you how to do it!!!!!

  11. tracysucks said

    Yeah, what she said!

  12. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    *****HUGE STANDING OVATION for HIGH HOPES!!!!!******

  13. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    High Hopes has left the Building-I was wondering the same thing about Not a Bee-liever-still listed as a Maven. Not a Bee-liever???

    “And by the way for all those who lurk here and PT if you still need to get rid of your drek you can contact: sicknpink@hotmail.com She will tell you how to do it!!!!!” HHHLTB

    Great post HHHLTB!! Beautiful!


  14. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    I’m confused of the different types of bannings or whatever. Some names are in black-some say member-mine is the same-but I can’t log in-tells me I am banned. HHHLTB-your post is gone-right?

  15. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Oh-if you could still post-this would be so good-it is magnificent!

  16. High Hopes has left the Building said

    My delightful Miss P.

    Those who need to see it will, and those hiding from it, will hear about it! If you believe some people “don’t read the trash blogs” then I have a GINORMOUS PINK PIG WITH PURPLE SPOTS AND WINGS I’d love to talk about selling to you!!!! LOL

    So I am raising my glass, clicking against Happy’s and all my other buds and saying “Up your face case!”

    WOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!!!! By they way I am sending you a kitten for your birthday!

  17. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Oh I dare one of you with privileges to post it over on PT, but you realize you will be banned. Then you have to tell us about it. ROFL

    Go ahead, make my day!

    Here evil animal, here evil animal, MEOW!!!!!


  18. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said


  19. Miss Periwinkle No More said


    HH-that kitten will be a nice tasty snackaroo for my Patchypoo. LMAO!
    So are your privileges poofed?

  20. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Tempting to do it. How much cyber $’s will ya pay if someone straps on a set of balls and posts the above letter? Hehehehehe

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    ::::::bowing down to HH for a brilliant post::::::::

    Very well said, very very VERY well said. I applaud you! Tracy is a stupid bitch.


  22. High Hopes has left the Building said

    My dear Miss P and all my other bloghag friends, ( I mean that in a friendly way)

    My privileges all poofed last night just as I expected. I was able to post a little right after my letter went up, but then I could only read my posts and I do appreciate her wishing me well and then the same old chant of we will not tolerate disruptive behaviour, drama, blah, blah, blah. Honestly I hope she does what makes her happy, but I do hope she learns from this experience. I would have emailed her privately and attempted to have an open minded discussion, but I thought what was the point. You are dealing with the three monkey’s here ~ Speak no evil, Hear No evil, See no Evil.

    By the way Peri hope your pupkins enjoys the cyber kitty chow mein.

    Come on there must be someone on here with big cyber kahunas to post it! We can have cyber tequila shooters and party and celebrate the lucky sacrificial lamb.

    WOOOOOOF! Dang I’ve got cyber fleas.

  23. Wow! I take the day off from the computer to clean my house and look at what all I miss! Lots of newbies brushing off the PT dandruff! Great!

  24. High Hopes has left the Building said

    No sweetie that would be PT flees ( Get it flees ~ as in leavin’)


  25. HH, your post was funny. I think the world of you!

  26. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    HH, don’t forget the fourth monkey: do no evil.

    Speak no evil, Hear No evil, See no Evil, and Do no Evil.

    My grandfather has figurines of these monkeys-one covering his mouth, one covering his ears, one covering his eyes, and one covering his goober-hehe.

  27. Not a Bee-liever said

    Okay, I didn’t see this until now. *thunks head*
    Well, yes, I am still a Maven. Nothing like a little inner turmoil with your coffee to start off a Sunday morning right.

  28. Not-a-bee,

    I hope you’re not in turmoil over PT. It’s not worth it. I was in enough turmoil over MK, and am glad to leave both behind.
    Glad you’re posting here!

  29. flycat said

    I thought it was:
    Speak no evil, Hear No evil, See no Evil, and Have no Fun.


  30. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Well fly in the case of PT that is pretty much it!

    Not-a-bee, Get while the going is good. You are now under the microscope for posting here. Sorry to have to say that!

    ScRatCh, sCrratTcccHHHH, scratch!!!! WOOOOOF, Dang fleas!

  31. Not a bee…just be who you are, babe….post wherever you like. Maybe you are under the microscope but who cares, really. Truly you have nothing to lose.

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hey fly…I like your avatar. Coo!


  33. Lola/eyesicle said

    Thanks everybody! You are awesome!

    I started lurking here almost from the beginning, but just started posting about a week ago. I was looking for Sickie…

    I knew there were some screwed up things going on, but kept out of the bruhahaha. I just decided it was all too much!

    I am so glad to see all my friends from PT and I am glad I was able to finally talk to the ladies here instead of lurk.

    Duh and Judy…sorry I called you trolls. I have been feeling bad about that.

    Ok, enough mushy stuff, bitches!!!! Let’s have some fun!

  34. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Lola, lalalalalala Lola, lalalalala LOLAAAAA!!!!!!!

  35. why? not said

    HH, PPPJ, Gothchiq, Sickie…I’m heeeeere…

    So this is where all the fun people went to…

  36. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Hey why? not! Drop me an e-mail. sicknpink@hotmail.com

  37. ScrewU said

    You can obviously see that they were tore up from that. How’s about you just cut them a check? That would really show them how sorry you are.

    I think I will make that the new standard for accepting apologies. How sorry are you?????

  38. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Why?not and semi~charmed you can drop me an email at high.hopes.01@hotmail.com

  39. flycat said

    Thanks, Dizzy.


  40. Spank My Fanny said

    Wah! The goodbye thread is locked. And so now no one else is allowed to say goodbye? I thought the discussion board was about me!

  41. NowIGetIt said

    Well did anyone post high hopes message on the pt board, yet? I may be game. I really don’t care to read/access it anymore….:)

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