Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama


Written By: ScrewU 

Wow… I thought PUR and Tracy are bitches but this morning mkdebtvictim24 has given them a run for their money.  Instead of saying what she watned to say which is ‘shut up, bitches’, she opted to call it ‘Save the drama for your mama’.  When I read that, I thought maybe she was goingto make a reference to the Hoochie Mama song.  You know… save the drama for your mama, all I want is my hotchie mama… you ain’t nothin but a hoochie mama…hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama. 

Oh yeah, back to this post.  I guess Tracy thought it was too bitchy of mkdebt too because *poof* it’s gone.  At least we know the real mkdebtvictim24 now


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debt = time wasted + money lost

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Save the drama for your mama thread….

« on: Today at 06:16 AM »

At the risk of being shot in the name of Pink Truth   Tomato  (I actually thought this guy was being shot at – not tomatoed)….

I am declaring a drama free board!
I have been on this board long enough to see what has gone down.  Do I miss HER too?  Of course – but you don’t see me all  Girlfriend  protesting the site.  We are all here on a mission – to save those from MK and the fog.

By creating disruption YOU ARE LETTING MKC WIN!!!!!!!!!!  They are probably waiting for this kind of thing to happen!  Your aren’t hurting Tracy – you are hurting those who haven’t even discovered PT yet.

I am requesting those with beefs go to Tracy directly,  PM all your girlfriends till your fingers bleed – but PLEASE stop wrecking it for the rest of us!!


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Re: Save the drama for your mama thread….

« Reply #1 on: Today at 06:18 AM »

No tomatoes here!  Star Just a little karma . . .

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Re: Save the drama for your mama thread….

« Reply #2 on: Today at 07:00 AM »

Since I am kinda new I have no idea of what the drama is — just that there was a disagreement of some sort.

Perhaps we should take a page out of an AA meeting which is something I know lots about.  I have seen folks cause disruptions that have hurt meetings.  It is clear when they do this sort of thing it has become “all about me” when the focus should be on the healing and help of another.

PT is, first and formost, for the newbie.  If I was brand spank’n new I would be repulssed by what is going on.  It reminds me of the cat fights I saw the SD engage in on a regular basis.

Let’s all remember what our mission really is – to share our strength and hope with the newcomer.

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Re: Save the drama for your mama thread….

« Reply #3 on: Today at 07:05 AM »

This thread is counter productive and unnecessary.  This type of thread needs to stop.  We are here to help newbies and bid those helped goodbye.

Everyone – Please stop creating this type of thread.

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Truth Not Tears

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Re: Save the drama for your mama thread….

« Reply #4 on: Today at 07:08 AM »

In college I started as a theatre and drama major.  I changed my major since I didn’t like the prospect of making “drama” the focus of my life!  Guess that’s why I do well staying in my own little corner of the world. Even during all my years in MK, I tried to stay away from the drama which made me a bit of a loner.   I love positive interaction and relationships with other women.  I hate gossip. I came to PT for a positive experience and for help to escape the negative world of MK.   This whole thing is unfortunate but I will continue to come to PT and I hope to remain friends with those who have decided to leave.   I will miss them.  What I must remember is that is has been the  PT community, not one or two people, who have made a huge difference in my life as I work to leave MK.  I hope that we can continue to help others as they see through the pink fog and make all feel welcome.  To those who have gone, I am so thankful and appreciative for all you have done for me.  You have shared, supported and encouraged me along with so many others on PT.  Please stay in touch.

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Re: Save the drama for your mama thread….

« Reply #5 on: Today at 07:20 AM »

I agree that this can be a definite “turn-off” to newbies.  This really can contradict the mission off the site. The mention of disagreements are very mysterious to me, since I haven’t the foggiest notion of what happened.  To keep bringing up this subject just makes more ????’s crop up in my mind.  I come to PT for information, support, and advice.  I try to reciprocate with  balanced, non-offensive, and diplomatic opinions of my own.
I believe it is ok to say goodbye, but just say that your have reached your own personal fullfillment  through this site and you are now moving on with your life.  I hope and pray that eventually we all reach that stage.  For those who remain and take the time to help others, I extend my sincere gratitude and admiration.

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  1. Duh said

    First!! Dang it’s been awhile since I was the first to comment on my own blog!

  2. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    MKDebtVictim’s MAVEN head went right to her ASS from the looks of it.

  3. Duh said

    I like how director no more tells people what they should say in their good byes. That’s nice of her. Maybe she could come up with a fill in the blank form letter.

  4. Duped said

    A thread for goodbyes and airing of hurt feelings is counter-productive, yet when an MK lady pops up, you are all over her with insults and degradation and you don’t find *that* counter-productive?

    I have yet to understand your rationale, Chaos Tamer.

  5. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    I think chaos tamer meant to stop telling people how to feel. That newbies need to be helped and the ones leaving needed to say goodbye. Starting a thread about it does nothing more than cause more drama.

  6. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    I love that song! Ain’t nothin’ but a Hoochie Mama…
    Anywho-need to clarify which mkdebt this is. This isn’t mkdebt. This is mkdebtvictim24. Yeah-that’s the Maven I wanna go to for help. And she has a really brown nose-with 147 posts.

    Wassup Barfy? Should we tell them? hehe-jk

  7. Give ’em time…

    MKDebtVictim24…your passion for the mission is awesome. I hope that it does not cloud your judgement. Trust your instincts…even the instinct that says right now that we are a bunch of *insert vulgarity of your choice here*

    It’s alright. If you never experience the dark side of PT the count yourself lucky.

  8. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Ya. Chaos Tamer is trying to reign the control freaks in. Maybe she should be the maven? Just sayin’

  9. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Cool-just watched the video-69 Boys-Tootsie Roll-Sweeeet!
    Blast from the past.
    Now I gotta hear me some 2 Live Crew-
    Looking for a Hood Rat-Hood Rat-Hoochie Mama.

    Hoochie Mamas!

  10. What I understood by Chaostamer’s response was that to start a thread BERATING people who want to say goodbye was counterproductive. To call names of ANYONE on that board is counterproductive.

    I think Chaos is a good egg. I don’t know everyone on this thread, it looks like a lot of new people (revolving door imagery here) but Chaos has always had good thoughts as far as I can remember.

  11. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    mrs said: What I understood by Chaostamer’s response was that to start a thread BERATING people who want to say goodbye was counterproductive.

    Yes, that’s how I read it too. I’m not as prolific as you. 😉

  12. Duh said

    OK guys, the CORRECT song has been put up. Check it.

  13. Duped said

    Hm, perhaps I read it differently. Though I must say, after Chaos’ antics on another site, I have a bit of a biased view of her, so I usually take what she writes with a bit more vitriol than I probably should.

    Of course, it could just be that I haven’t finished my coffee yet. 😛

  14. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Chaos is great! That’s exactly what she meant-what Barf and Mr. said. She says they are there to help newbies and to say farewell to the ones who are leaving (that have been helped). They aren’t there to start new thread about the threads… Did that sound right?

  15. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Uh oh-Duh-the real song? Rated R version?


  16. tracysucks said

    Chaos can be a real bitch. I also dealt with her elsewhere, and she is quite the little snarky, self-righteous one.

  17. ScrewU said

    Wow TS
    You gonna send her a valentine’s day card? It’s good that you can get it all out here.

  18. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    snarky-i just love that word-snarky

  19. tracysucks said

    Thanks, screwu! She just thinks she knows everything. And always telling people what to do, how to do it, what is right, blah, blah, blah.

    And the ass kissing is always unattractive.

  20. *snarkilicious*

    Is Chaos still a maven? She used to be I think…garsh, I can’t keep track.

  21. Duped said

    I have to say, Mrs., I lurve that word. Snarkilicious. Hella-kewl. 😛

  22. FreeFromPT said

    Chaos was never a maven.

  23. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    snarkilicious-Me lurves it Mrs!
    Ok-I can’t stand it anymore-about to reveal myself here-since no one will guess. I bet Dizzy could guess it. Where is Dizzy?


  24. Duped said

    Yeah, were is Dizzy anyway? Lazy ass…she’s probably working or some lame ass thing like that. 😛

  25. I liked Chaos. She was funny, and I’m glad she wrote what she did.

  26. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    When I read the title of mkdt24’s thread, I thought of: Your Mama’s a Llama-LMAO!

  27. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Oh-and who is she talking about missing?

  28. I don’t get it – it isn’t newbies leaving. They aren’t saying goodbye to those who have been helped and now choose to move on. That isn’t who is leavng.

    The are saying goodbye to people who have tired of PT becoming, well, a bitchfest and forum for TC to exert control over the pixels she thought were her peeps.

  29. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    Miss P– I LOVE that book!

  30. Miss Periwinkle No More said

    Hehe-Is your mama a Llama? Poor Lloyd

  31. colleen said

    Dont ruin it for them she says?….LOL This is hilarious they ruined themselves in that drama mama pit….

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dizzy is here, but only for a little bit. I’m going to be engaging in some REAL LIFE fun. Can you dig it?

    Miss P – I don’t have a fuckin clue who you are. All you crazy hussies keep changin up your names and confusing an already dizzy like Dizzy.

    So give it up bitch, who ARE you Miss P????!!!!! 😉


  33. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I thought ChaosTamer left the board last weekend in the thread about Happy2BMe being banned?

  34. Chaos Tamer said

    Well goes to show how much you people know about me! NOTHING! Tracysucks – you are one piece of work. The ladies on here that know me understand me and the posts I put up. The sewer mouths here well you are just that sewage. None of you are happy unless you are trashing someone. You trash people one day and a few days later you want to make nice. Well, you can all take a flying leap straight to hell!

  35. Chaos
    Thanks for coming in here and speaking up for yourself. I think this is a good thing.

    Let me ask you this though…how is your statement here, unlike statements we hear on PT from MK people?

    “The sewer mouths here well you are just that sewage. None of you are happy unless you are trashing someone. You trash people one day and a few days later you want to make nice. Well, you can all take a flying leap straight to hell!”

    I know this stirs you up, believe me, I get it…I do. I’m not asking you to not be upset, just asking for time and some patience in a situation that does not afford much on either side.

    Engage the people here if that’s what you need to do but be the person you are when you are your best…the very best version of you…you know?

  36. catarata said

    I thought the flying leap straight to hell comment was hilarious! I actually laughed out loud. Go Chaos! Give em (us) hell!

  37. PC said

    Chaos – I’m sorry, are you defending Tracy, or just trashing the people here? I’m kinda confused! Since Tracy trashed me long before I ever opened my mouth over here (or anywhere else!) I’m feeling just a teensy bit insulted….

    course, I *am* a dirty rotten slut, so I guess you’re right…I’m going to hell.

    SLUT #2

  38. catarata said

    both, I think, PC

  39. PC said

    well shoot! Guess Chaos isn’t going to hang out with me & Duh next time she’s in SA.

    It’s gonna be alright. You can talk dirty to me anytime, and I’ll still be your friend Chaos! 🙂

  40. Duped said

    You know what, I could really care less what you think of me Chaos. Anyone who thinks that another person is less than intelligent merely by the fact that they “spew” curse words is astounding. Some of the most intelligent, caring and thoughtful individuals I have ever met have had their share of “potty mouth”.

    You talked the same talk on PT Lies, and frankly, I am not buying it. I do not know you, nor do I care to know you, but the fact of the matter is you put forth a very weak argument.

    I know there are ladies on here that do know you better, but the side you have shown others is not the side that is immediately endearing.

    Go back to PT and sort it out for yourself. However, do us all a favour and quit this nonsense of judging a persons intellect and heart merely by the words they chose to use. As for being sewage in your eyes, frankly madam, I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut what you think. Me thinks the lady has to learn how to take a joke and get a sense of humour.

    Sorry, Mrs. and the others that defend her – I really am not trying to start a “her side-my side” argument. I respect the fact you are friends with her and that you have seen a better part of her, however her actions that I have seen have not been the “kind hearted” type. My opinion of you is probably never going to change, Chaos.

  41. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Duped… I lurve you, you fucking bitch. 😉


  42. FollowOurFlip said

    So, do we have to all play nice now? Cause what if I don’t WANT to get along with someone??

  43. CooCoo4CoCoPuffs said

    Ya’ll leave Chaos alone!! She obviously lurves her massah. Stop hatin’.:P

    Oh wait, let me revise…

    Ya’ll need to leave Chaos the FUCK alone BITCHES! Obviously, she lurves her FUCKIN’ FUCKED UP BITCH ASS LYIN ASS HOOTCHIE ASS MASSAH. Stop FUCKIN’ HATIN’ YOU FUCKIN’ DUMB ASS HO’s!

    There. Was that sewage-y enough for ya Chaos?

  44. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Y’all a bunch of STRUMPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snickers

  45. Strumpets….that’s a funny word.

    Duped…you don’t need to apologize to me, babe. You feel the way you want and need to feel. If you feel insulted by what Chaos says then say so…remember, in THIS PLACE you say what’s on your mind. It’s your sandbox. If someone wants to come here and be HEARD from another such sandbox however, I just think they ought to approach it differently. I just think that coming here to make a point in favor of PT would go over with a little more authority if it did not include insulting the people here…you know?

  46. mkrealist said

    The blazing hypocrisy of PTrs never ceases to amaze me.

    They INSIST with rabid intensity that “Kaybots” treat them with respect when trying to communicate in THEIR house, yet wreak HAVOC when visiting the houses of others.

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS…starting with the behavior of some of Survivor’s folks on boards like (now defunct) Consultant Companion and various pro-MK YahooGroups Forums. My most stringent argument came at the levels of disrespect and straight-up hijacking we experienced on MKV.

    TC’s “support” of them as footsoldiers for her message is insincere and short-lived as many now here realize. Making asses of themselves in her name is hardly a way to heal from MK and/or save others from the clutches of MLM.

  47. Dominatrix said

    Mrs. M., you were that little kid on the playground trying to break up the fight by saying, “can’t we all just get along and play nice?”. I lurves you.

  48. Chaos Tamer said

    Duped you would be served well to take some of your own advice. On PTlies I was stirring the pot, like what you do everyday. I do not “suck up” to Tracy because I do not care for her. However, on PT there are people that come there for help recovering from MK trauma. I do think that anyone, not just women, who find it necessary to use foul language to speak or write are small minded and lacking, but not stupid. You are welcome to trash me as I know you will because that is the whole purpose of this blog is hate. I only came here because my friends made reference to some of the things posted here. Good day “ladies”!

  49. gothchiq said

    *points up*

  50. Not a Bee-liever said

    Hi Chaos, see I told you that you were an enigma!

    mkrealist, I completely agree with you!!!!!!!! See my “Anything you can do I can do better” post asking for a little reality check. You have to be able to abide by your own rules. Accountability much? No, not so much.

  51. No, Dom, actually I was the kid on the playground who was taunted, teased and had the crap kicked out of her for no reason whatsoever. What the heck you think led me to hard core punk rock in High School?

    Singing “Bodies” by the Sex Pistols at the top of my lungs in the lunchroom is enough to scare the biggest bully lemme tell ya.

    I like to think I’ve gained some ahem, refinement in the meantime…but I still like that inner anarchist…lol

  52. Mercedes said

    Whew! I took me a few days to realize what this place was about-but I know now. It’s about having fun, poking fun, trashing others, bad language-for those who need to express themselves in that way, being open, coming out of PT…
    mkrealist-you made some great points. PTer’s trash kaybots-same thing.

    Mrs is so fun-Me lurves Mrs. Of course Mrs and I share something too.

    Chaos-still love ya!

    Hope that made sense-HOOKERS!

    If you can’t hang with the BIG DOGS-WOOF! Stay on the front porch-LOL!

  53. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Hi Chaos! I don’t hate you (but you know that).

    (Not to say this to you chaos – just making a point in generl) I also don’t hate MK. There’s a fine line between love and hate. The oppositive of love is really indifference. I’m completely indifferent to MK at this point (I USED to hate them). I believe that MK has the potential to be a lethal weapon when lead by the hands of a monster (s). I also believe the same thing about PT.

    I thank you for giving people the benefit of the doubt that if they swear it doesn’t mean that they are stupid (altho I DID eat the stupid pill for quite a while when it came to Tracy).

    I’m glad you can see Tracy for what she is.

    I’ve always said you were a class act and I mean it. I do believe God puts people in our paths to make us better and think about our actions. I believe he put you in my path for a reason as well.

    I don’t care if I get scorned on here by other’s (I have been b4 and I’m sure I will be again). I’m not looking for friends on here – I’m taking a stand for what I feel is right and just. — That being said, Chaos, YOU ROCK!!! Love ya girlfriend!

  54. Mercedes said

    What she said *points up*

    and I just had to say the dog thing because HH and I brought our dogs here to the cat hang out-hehe.

    I only went to PT to find out info since MK was slow on giving it out. Made friends along the way-then got out and kept the friends-Yeehaw Cowboy!

  55. Well, here is an EXCELLENT opportunity for me to point somethin out…Chaos and Duped have some “history” and some of us (read: me) have no clue what that about. They disagree and it seems have some stuff between them…or they just don’t like one another, who knows.

    I happen to like them both and have no issues with them…(Chaos, you didn’t call me names on my dramaqueen thread did ya? Well, you are forgiven if so…seriously)

    This is a high conflict zone here, girls…Chaos, you’re welcome to post here as far as I’m concerned and say whatever’s on your mind. You won’t get banned.


    (sorry, Duh and company…I wouldn’t want to speak without permission…I’m right about this policy right?)

  56. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    *pointing up*

    I don’t know what the history is with MOST of you hussie bitches. The only history *I* know is what *I* have experienced.

    If Chaos wants to call us small minded or whatever the fuck she said, I can dig it. I am not embarassed, or stupid, OR small minded for that matter just because I like to cuss. It IS America, and the last time I checked we had this little thing we call FREEDOM OF SPEECH bitches!

    This blog is the only blog I’ve come accross where I can actually say what’s on my mind, and frankly don’t give a flying fuck what someone thinks about me because I use some cuss words. If you don’t like the fucking language, get the fuck out. Ya feel me?

    Fucking HOOKERS!

  57. Willie Lump Lump said

    Willie lurves her some Dizzy. She writes Willie’s thoughts so fuckin’ eloquently!

    Bitches and Ho’s, yo!

  58. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I lurves me some Willie too…..it’s a big fuckin lurve fest up in here isn’t it?


  59. Duped said

    Nah, Mrs., me and Chaos don’t have “history”, so to speak. I just saw her pull the same “holier than thou” shit on PT Lies’ blog, and frankly, people who live their lives thinking those who use curse words are “small minded” are really quite annoying. But whatever, she choses to live her life like that, which is a shame; frankly, I just don’t give a fuck.

    I just plain don’t like her. LOL Which is cool – not everyone gets along, and that’s totally groovy baby, yeah! 😛

    Precisely – if you don’t like the language, why do you come here and post? I believe she is just trolling around and loving the responses she gets. Maybe a small, tiny part of her actually DOES like the language but is scared to admit it for then she is “small minded” like the rest of us? Hmm…perhaps this could be correct. 🙂 C’mon CT, you KNOW you want to cuss like a truck driver – let it out!!! Feels good.

    Fart Knockers 😛

  60. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    hehehe *fart knockers*. that’s some funny shit yo

  61. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    “If you don’t like the fucking language, get the fuck out. Ya feel me?”

    Exactly. I don’t usually use much profanity, but when I want to…..I want to. You know? That’s how it is here. Say what you want, when you want, to whom you want. It’s all good.

    This is one of the last bastions of actual free speech, other than our private residences. Seriously, it rocks.

  62. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I’m small minded. People tell me that all the time. I think it’s better that way. Then I don’t have to spend so much time thinking. I can just let other people think for me and I can do other things. Like teaching my cat to paint. Or making oregame out of toilet paper. I saw that on a commercial and it looked like super fun.

  63. Mercedes said

    Me lurves Dizzy too.



  64. Lola/eyesicle said

    I lurrves me some Chaos, Mrs, Duh, Duped, FFPT….Damn it, I lurves all of you bitches.

  65. FollowOurFlip said

    Well, I love PC, Willie, Dizzy, ScrewU, Mrs, Duped, and on and on, so I WIN.

    I win.

  66. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    EFF you FOF you hooker. I lurve EVERYONE more than you, even Chaos who doesn’t like my fucking language!


  67. Yo fuckity.
    Just felt like sayin that


  68. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Thanks a LOT FOF. You just dissed barfy.

  69. Duped said

    I feel so lurved. 🙂 I lurves me all you hookers.

    Listen, listen, listen: can I be your pimp? Seriously… 😛

  70. FollowOurFlip said

    (Barf, B.I., LLC, you are in my special stash, I didn’t forget you, just keeping you “my dirty little secret”)

  71. Duh said

    Hey Chaos Tamer, I think you’re under the impression that everyone on this here blog have the same opinions about things. That’s not how it is here sista! Not everyone here curses. We’re not all small minded like Dizzy, so don’t lump us all together, yo!

    And I don’t hate anything. If this blog is all about hate (I assume geared toward Tracy and PT) then Pink Truth is all about hate as well, right? Hate of Mary Kay? I don’t think that’s correct. Pink Truth is all about facist control, but certainly not hate…

  72. Duped said

    Good point, Duh.

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    Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama | Banned from the Bitchfest: Pink Truth Can Bite My Ass

  75. true babe said

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    Hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama | Banned from the Bitchfest: Pink Truth Can Bite My Ass

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