Space Log

At 11:05 this morning I signed up for the Pink Truth discussion board.  User name: Duh

At 11:12 AM as I was surfing the board, the screen came up with this message.  “Sorry Duh but you are banned from using this forum.”

At least Tracy apologizes for being a lunatic.  That’s sweet.

At 11:16 AM I received an e-mail message from the Pink Truth discussion board that my password had been changed.  I had to log in with the new password assigned to me to access my account.  I tried, and of course, I’m still banned.  That’s odd.  Why change my password and ask me to log in again when I’m banned?  Hmmm….


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    She changes your password so she can keep you in the system, you know, boost her numbers. Does she forget that you get an automated message about that? She probably also does that to see if you’ll reply to her.

    She’s nuts. But then, we’ve already established that, and more!


  2. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Time to access it at a public portal [library, computer lab, university, etc]

    that way, it’s highly unlikely she’ll find out it’s you.

  3. NowIGetIt said

    Needing anything particular from the board? 🙂 She still hasn’t found me. Guess it’s harder than she thought being all investigator and everything.

  4. Aw, NIGI…I think Duh is just messing with Tracy at this point. You goof ball, Duh.

  5. NowIGetIt said

    You know that thing that is scary about her board, unless people KNOW high hopes is gone – TC can read and type answers from any PMs sent to high. She’s still in the karma stats. And really how many hidden users does one need on a discussion board. A discussion board my ass and if you didn’t want particular opinions/posts why have a discussion board…Seriously though. And the good-bye thread is locked – SHOCKING

  6. NowIGetIt said

    Duh I sent you an email where I copied and pasted a post from the PT discussion board. Oh no the TC police might get me. Find me bitch. Anyways, it’s only a portion of the post mainly focusing on what Tracy posted.

  7. freefrompt said

    NIGI – how true. She can answer PMs as if she were high hopes. How scarey is that?

    Thank goodness I am “black” and she can’t run around answering my PMs.

  8. High Hopes has left the Building said


    I never really truly believed that anything was private, the chat room certainly isn’t, for those who did know there are transcripts of everything you type, so consider that when you in are in there Friday-Sunday. If you want to chat why not just use MSN, there is NO TC POLICE/super spy/secret sam stuff going on.

  9. eyesicle said

    Hmmmm…last time I logged into PT I wasn’t banned. Maybe I have reading and no posting privileges? Or, maybe she missed me. =)

    Can you see my avatar yet?

  10. eyesicle said

    D’oh! No avatar!!!

  11. Nope, I’m not banned either. I don’t think Tracy has the nerve to ban me at this point. Since I have not “asked” to be banned and since the minute she does ban someone it goes up on DUH.

    The number of really good people who have left PT this month is shocking. It’s really a shame.

  12. gothchiq said

    aah! I hope no one is posing as me with PMs!

  13. eyesicle said

    Hey…whatever happened to Jypsi and Isabelle on PT? Anyone know? (Or, maybe they just got a life. Maybe I could try that.) Still no avatar.

  14. Well, if someone who frequents PT and lurks here ever gets a PM from someone, well, anyone I guess that says something like, “Do you know who the mole is?” or “I never visit that Duh site, do you?” then they should be

    One thing I never could figure out is why PUR always PMs me instead of emailing me. PUR, why don’t you just email me? You have my email.

  15. Eyesicle..wordpress did some maintenance this weekend…you might need to re-upload it.

  16. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL MRS!

    Hilarious. Anyone who reads here should know that’s absolutely nonchalant and abrupt.

  17. eyesicle said

    I just did today…one picture 2x and another (in case they were anti-THAT PICTURE) 1x. Thanks for the tip, though. Will try again.

  18. Eyesicle-

    Maybe you should stop trying to upload porn and WMBs as your avvie – perhaps a nice picture of a cat?

  19. eyesicle said

    OK, I give up for today. I feel like that jackass in “The Full Monty” that keeps trying to run up the wall. Sometimes, you just gotta back away from the avatar…..

  20. eyesicle said

    P-dam–HOW DID YOU KNOW?????

  21. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    I don’t think my username is appropriate for wordpress. Anyone want to give me suggestions?

    I have an avatar idea for myself: John Cleese doing Silly walks. And yes, I will do it animated [hopefully wordpress allows that].

  22. gothchiq said

    You can always put f*cked, f@cked, fux0red, or some such alternative.

  23. I know all things, Eyesicle…all things…


  24. mkrealist said

    FreeFromPT says ~ Thank goodness I am “black”

    Yeah, me too…LOL!!!

  25. MKR…when I read that from Free I had to think ’bout it for a second…LOL…

  26. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    LOL Mrs. and MKR. I’m a white black girl. 😉

  27. flycat said


    Free, does that mean you are a guest or is that how you can tell if your account has really been deleted? ~weirdness~


  28. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Naw Tracy is just leaving her a guest cuz her account is deleted, but this way she can keep her in the numbers. Also it takes Happy/Sickie off all of her posts and won’t get the newbies wonderin’ where she went and who is this brilliant person who helped sooooo many women.

  29. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I’m a banned guest.

  30. flycat said

    Now that’s funny if she thinks just making her a guest will erase her. LOL imagine all the threads where she is replied to, quoted or mentioned by name. BAAHAHAHAHAH


  31. High Hopes has left the Building said


    I believe when you type in Sickie or Happy you see **********. One day Tracy will be referred to as ******** or there may not be a pink truth at all, you never know what the big machine has planned and they just be waiting until the time is right to settle the score. IMHO I think they are doing just that, you watch what goes around comes around to bite you on the ass.

    Bwahhhhhahhh Banned Guest ~ Now that is funny and extremely ironic, its like the weird cousin that comes to christmas dinner every couple of years and sits at the table picking his nose…….


  32. flycat said

    Snort. I wonder how big the list of banned words is now? Soon we won’t be able to tell people apart. They will all be ******** LOL. Except for me, I’ll the distinction of being fly*evil animal* LMAO


  33. eyesicle said

    Oh, sure. I upload the frickin’ CAT and you can see it! Unbelievable.

  34. flycat said

    heh heh It seems like a big feline conspiracy sometimes doesn’t it? 😉


  35. eyesicle said

    Not that that is a bad thing…I lurrves me some Walter. (My kitty)

  36. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Eyesicles – weezzz cat friendly round these parts, remember? 😉

  37. Mercedes said

    What I think would be hilarious is if all of the people that left or were banned were really deleted-names, threads, posts….Then there wouldn’t be anything there-just big, huge holes.! Hehehehehe

  38. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Hug holes on her blog, considering I had 2,130 some odd posts…PT is a black hole. NOT going there anymore because of what this could result in here.

    BTW Eyesicle who names their cat Walter…….

  39. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Crap, I had that you can’t edit these posts. That should have been HUGE, thats what happens when you type without your glasses and your tired…….


  40. HH- Thats what happenes with you are mentally fucked by Tracy, (sorry MFBT, you weren’t here to say it…..)

  41. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    No worries FOF, glad my name could be of service! 🙂

  42. gothchiq said

    My cat is Cedric. I did not name him though. I adopted him from my mom, who didn’t appreciate him, and he was already named.

    Let me see if I can get an image in here.

  43. gothchiq said

    shit. image no worky. Let’s try a link.


  44. I had a friend named Cedric who played the cello. He was a cool dude…and a great cellist. I like that name for a cat. Walter is good too! My cat was name Kamir…because that’s all I said to him all day….(come here). Sadly, he stayed with the ex booyfriend when I left.

  45. NoNoNoNoIDontSmokeItNoMore said

    Did you know that there is a group of wayward cats who have opposable thumbs and are trying to take over the world? Evil little bastards!

  46. High Hopes has left the Building said

    MEOW!!!!!!!!! Me likes being Evil!!!!

  47. flycat said

    I have heard those cats. The opposable thumbs let them play the guitar and the drums. They may be just a little evil but I lluuuuurrrrvve em so.


  48. Duped said

    All this talk about cats is making me itchy. 🙂 Cats are great but they give me a rash…fur buckets. 😛

  49. NoNoNoNoIDontSmokeItNoMore said

    Doesn’t MK have a cream for that? Have you thought about a new career? *snicker*

  50. I Love Retards said

    Hey, duh, write a new frickin post already. I’m bored. And where’s Robin? She used to be my main bitch.


  51. Don’t play in front of the kids, but if you want to smile, this should clear your boredom. This cracks me up.

  52. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo I love Retards…tis me, Robin Loves Batman aka Dizzy,. Can ya dig it?

  53. eyesicle said

    Cedric is an awesome name. HH, he loooks like a Walter. I had a female dog named Ralph once.

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