I can smell Tracy’s hatred, can you?


Tracy posted an entry on her Sequence Inc. blog titled “Threats”.  Read it here:


“Those who have been involved in high-profile fraud investigations and general scam-busting are used to getting threats. The wackos typically like to threaten jobs, reputations, and families, and the levels to which they will stoop seem to have no lower limits. No lie or distortion is beneath those who want to silence the critics.”

Now, this story is about Barry Minkow who is the guy who’s “investigating” that USANA company (YAWN).  Somebody posted a made up obit on a yahoo board.  That is pretty threatening since they apparently included some very personal info.  IF it’s true.  Conveniently there is no copy of the threat or link to where it can be seen.  So we’ll just assume Tracy is telling the truth here.  *cough*

What I find interesting is the first paragraph I quoted above.  Paranoia cha cha cha.  I can feel how mad she is.  How UNFAIR she thinks the world is.  The wackos are all out to get her. 

I’d like to stop here and note to you less educated ladies (Bologna) that there is a little thing in psychology called “projection”.  It’s Freudian, and it doesn’t have anything to do with anal fixation.  Wikipedia, my favorite bad reference says this, “In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted subconscious impulses/desires without letting the ego recognize them. ”

Let’s examine this for a minute ladies.   Wackos like to threaten jobs and reputations according to Tracy.  OK.  Sounds reasonable.  So tell me, how many times did Tracy threaten to call, actually call, or encourage others to call the employers of MKer’s who were posting comments from work?  I believe at one time that threat was made specifically to Melissa, though you’d have to ask her if it was carried out.  So on this point, I’d have to agree with Tracy.  Wackos do like to threaten jobs and reputations.

Do wackos like to threaten families?  I’d have to say yes to that too.  Wackos probably would target family members.  I would venture to say that if someone I didn’t like and didn’t know well made it known that they had found out information on my children, I would feel threatened.  I would say that person is a “wacko”.  Isn’t it interesting that Tracy e-mailed someone with the name of Melissa’s daughter?  Again, you can ask Melissa, but I don’t think she volunteered that information to Tracy. 

“No lie of distortion is beneath those who want to silence the critics…Rest assured, the truth will not be silenced.”  Wise words from someone who knows first hand how a wacko’s mind works. 


  1. PC said

    I love you DUH.

  2. Mercedes said

    Good grief-First time I have been there-yuck-ewwwwww-my stomach doesn’t feel so well right now. Anywho-so much of her posts are public knowledge and on public news stations and newspapers…Oh well-I guess this isn’t a real website-just a blog page…correct? So basically she just blogs about stuff? Does she have her own business? Or is she full of it?

  3. Duh said

    It’s a blog site, a business site, a vehicle to promote/brag about herself. Check the main page:

  4. “I believe at one time that threat was made specifically to Melissa, though you’d have to ask her if it was carried out.”

    I believe PT people (I can’t remember who specifically) was posting Melissa’s work #, employer’s name and address on my blog. I didn’t allow it to stay up though.

  5. Mercedes said

    Just did a search of the business Sequence Inc at the BBB and the Chicago based business lists this business location as: Money Matters For Women of Color. The phone number listed is a cell phone…isn’t a land line/business line and isn’t answered naming the company either. Things that make you go hhhhmmmm.

    Is this old news? Am I behind the times? Who is the fraud? Ehhhh? Tracy?

  6. Mercedes said

    The address listed in Milwaukee-not a BBB company.
    The phone number for the Milwaukee address IS listed as Sequence Inc…So maybe this one is legit????

    OK-I am soooo confused. Wooooo-she does public speaking? Now that may be interesting…


  7. Duh said

    Hey FF, the office that Tracy has in Chicago is a virtual office which means they collect mail for her there and forward her phone calls to another number. It’s some kind of office service or something. PT Lies has a thread about it.

  8. Me said

    I have no idea if Tracy called my employer or not. But no one has mentioned a phone call to me and if some whacko called and started blathering about an employee and named me, I feel like they would have mentioned it to me.

    And I have never volunteered anything to Tracy, much less my personal info or that of my family.

    Mercedes, it’s old news. You have a lot of background reading to do!

    I saw this thing on TC’s site this morning and felt her eyes boring holes through all our heads. She really is so transparent once you figure her out. I have been waiting for someone to ask for the link to the site, but she has not allowed a comment to stay if a request was made. She won’t give that info because I am sure it does not exist!

  9. formerlyPLZ said

    In psych we have two diseases for Tracy, Schizophrenia Paranoia and Social Avoidance Disorder…


  10. Duh said

    OK PLZ, that’s ENOUGH. Can we all abstain from diagnosing people over the internet PLEASE? I mean, I’M not a doctor, YOU’RE not a doctor. And if you think that I’m being short with you or condescending you are just plain WRONG. I’m just telling you how I feel and what the RULES are, and I’m sorry if you take it the wrong way, but that’s not MY problem.

    OK, quick, who am I?

  11. Me said

    “Social Avoidance Disorder”

    Aw….that’s SAD isn’t it… 😦

  12. formerlyPLZ said


    I know who you are!! Do I get a prize?

  13. formerlyPLZ said

    I just realized why PUR jumped on me…I used big words!!

  14. PC said

    FormerlyPLZ – what does the psych textbooks say about Paranoid Personality disorder???

  15. PC said

    I cannot believe my horrid grammar in that sentence. That would be “what DO the psych textbooks” blah blah blah

  16. why? not said

    I thing the disease is called “Delusions of Grandeur”. or at least that’s what they called it 20 years ago…

  17. eyesicle said

    “Paranoia cha cha cha.”

    Duh, your sense of humor kills me. I laughed out loud and seriously almost choked on my pizza.

    I lurves duh.

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Duh did a fantastic job of pretending to be Tracy. A big butt like for you!


  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Make that butt LICK not butt LIKE. Damn I can’t type….

  20. Pix said

    Hey, if Tracy is so fucked up, maybe she IS PUR…maybe poor Tracy is schizophrenic, and she can’t HELP HERSELF!!! Ok, go ahead and throw rocks now… LOLOLOLOL Snoogans

  21. gothchiq said

    Oh, I fell afoul of that one too. Do you DARE to discuss your experiences with the doctor? Your medicines? Do you DARE to compare notes with other women? Then you are perpetrating INTERNET DIAGNOSIS and you must SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    I will admit, that pissed me off royally.

  22. ScrewU said

    Everything that PUR does irritates me and a lot of things piss me off royally. I really really don’t like her.

    Goth- how did the quitting smoking go? Did you make it? Day 10 for me

  23. Hagzilla said

    Its amazing that she thinks she is the self appointed guardian of the board. What in hell do you have to gain by brown nosing so much to TC. Its not like they are REAL friends. Real friends don’t turn on you like TC does. As for PUR it is going to be a real long hard fall to the bottom of the forum when she does fall. Where else is she going to get away with that paranoid behavior?

    As for diagnosing things and sharing, if you don’t want to post things other than anti-mlm, why let people create their own topics. I bet that is coming next controlled topics where PUR or TC will only create them and you can comment only on those, it would certainly save a lot of deleting. PUR is very rigid in her thought process ~ concrete almost.

  24. ScrewU,
    Congrat’s on it being day 10. Hooray for you!

    Gothie – how is it going for you?


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